Xiaomi Mijia Pro Electric Scooter Review

Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter-easily portable/ folding design

The Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter is an electric scooter that is gaining immense popularity. Electric scooters have been around for a while but are only recently earning the brownie points they deserve. The petroleum/diesel-free range of transport offers an increased amount of convenience and affordability. Electric scooters can reach high speeds, with some even touching 60km/hr. Not to mention it is a blessing to the environment and those people living in urban areas.

Let’s look at some of the advantages an electric scooter offers you.

Apart from the obvious skipping tons of traffic and reducing your carbon footprint electric scooters offer a range of benefits. An electric scooter helps you save on fuel. If you live close by to work, need to hop down to your local convenience store, or even grab some air, an electric scooter is your best friend. Electric scooters come with some degree of storage space so you can place your backpack or shopping comfortably.

What are the other benefits of the Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter?

When it comes to a reduction not only do we reduce the acoustic impact that plagues most urban cities but, also directly reduces the amount of strain on our pockets. This is due to the fact that electric scooters require far less maintenance than regular cars, bikes, and mopeds. As for noise, electric scooters make far less noise than motorcycles and super-bikes, but of course, they don’t go as fast either.

An electric scooter can help you skip past morning rush-hours and even beat the mid-day traffic. Since many are portable you can fold them up and even walk into the nearest mall or shopping complex. Big bonus? You don’t have to remember where you parked your vehicle.

Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter- breaks and 6 way control panel

Which electric scooter should I buy?

Selecting a scooter does not need to become a cumbersome ordeal. The talk of the town for a while now is the Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter. Here is a breakdown of what the scooter offers you. With the information, you can take a call if an electric scooter gives you a bang for your buck!

  • Distance:
    The electric scooter features two modes namely, normal and economy. On the economy setting you can travel about 40km on a single charge. The economy mode cuts back on acceleration and top speed to provide you room to travel an additional 6km. The additional distance is thanks to the larger battery capacity, which in turn makes the scooter 1.5kg heavier than its predecessor.
  • Top speed:
    If you rev it up, the Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter can reach speeds of 25km/hr. You can comfortably cover 7-8 km in 15 minutes. The electric scooter even features a cruise control setting. Pretty nifty right? Once you’ve reached a decent speed you can let go of the throttle and cruise comfortably. However, we wouldn’t recommend this on a busy street where you need to weave your way through traffic.
  • Safety:
    Xiaomi offers multiple safety features including 8.5-inch pneumatic tires with responsive ABS braking systems. The scooter features tubular instead of the commonly seen solid rubber. Unlike most electric scooters, the Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter sports ultra-powerful headlights. As a result, it increases rider safety, especially during twilight hours. Not to mention, the front tires come equipped with eABS. Upon releasing the throttle the front wheels brake slowly (unless put on cruise control) which is how kinetic energy is fed into the battery.
  • Charging time:
    The Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter takes 6 to 8 hours to charge. On this, you can travel up to 45km with the 474Wh 18650 power lithium smart cell battery that comes with six levels of protection. This encompasses short circuit protection, over current protection, double protection from overcharging, under-voltage auto-sleep protection, temperature resistance and double protection from over-discharging. Xiaomi went over and above to ensure rider safety and prolonged usage of the scooter. Batteries discharge quickly in colder climates, luckily that is not something you living in UAE need to worry about. To make things better, the scooter features an energy recovery system. The system allows the scooter to use it’s own kinetic energy and converts it into battery power as you ride.
  • Styles:
    The company has been awarded the Good Design Award” in 2017, RedDot award in 2017 and the “Design Award” in 2017 as well. You can buy it in a white or black colour according to your preference.
  • Folding design:
    Barely touching 14kg (27 pounds) on the scale, the light-weighted portable electric scooter is easy to carry about and store. It takes less than 5 seconds to bundle up your scooter. This making storing it in your garage, or in the loft of your room based on available space, simple. You do not need to worry about damaging the body as it is constructed of aerospace-grade aluminium. Further, it features a control panel displaying 6 types of data including real-time battery consumption. From here you can select various functions and control the ride mode.
  • App integrated:
    If you are tech-savvy and enjoy analyzing and maintaining advanced statistics and ride information, you can download the Mi Home app. The app allows you to monitor important data such as current speed, remaining mileage, and other trip statistics. By syncing up you can discard all the guesswork involved when it comes to how fast you travel and how long the battery lasts before it runs out. Further, using the app allows you to analyze the data and workout precise averages instead of taking the companies word for it.

How to maintain your Xiaomi Mijia Pro?

Sure electric scooters have a lower maintenance cost but you still need to pay attention to them. By using your scooter smartly and taking care of it about once a week you can drastically increase its lifespan. The most important part is to remember not to ride it in the rain. It also means that you shouldn’t clean the scooter with a water hose. In essence, do not allow the Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter to get wet. To preserve the tubular tires, try and ride on concrete surfaces as a first choice. Doing so will also avoid a bumpy experience as there is no shock absorbers built-in.

The next maintenance tip is based out of common sense avoid bumping the front wheel and ride at a reasonable speed. Lastly, avoid performing any scooter tricks, despite the temptation. This can damage internal components. Yes, that means no backflips at the local park as well.

The neck of the Mijia Pro can get loose when you ride over uneven terrains. Check for loose screws and bolts along with the steering and tires regularly and tighten them. Doing so won’t take more than a couple of minutes, which you should be able to spare each week. It will help prevent your Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter from falling apart.

Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter-full view

Reasons to buy a Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter

If you’re not yet sold on the idea here is a list of why buying an electric scooter is probably a good idea.

  • It’s affordable and fun! An electric scooter is a fresh and unique way to get outdoors and breathe some fresh air without spending money or energy. Plus they are much cheaper than most two-wheelers.
  • Xiaomi is a trusted brand. Well, I’m not running Xiaomi’s marketing campaign but the company does produce quality products. From smartphones and smart appliances to electric scooters and camera’s (Yi Cam) the company makes it all. They have grown rather popular in the Chinese and Indian markets and now begin to leave a global impression.
  • The Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter is a great upgrade from its predecessor with increased battery size, more distance covered, and added safety features.
  • Don’t forget that the scooter stores kinetic energy during acceleration and even hosts a regenerative braking system. Efficiency and safety are well thought in this model.
  • Lastly, an electric scooter is a convenient way to get around, keeping in mind all the environmental benefits. Skipping traffic jams, saving on parking chargers, lowering the carbon footprint, and not causing noise pollution.

Gear up, charge and go

If you have a teenager at home an electric scooter may be ideal for them! They don’t require a license and do not move at life-threatening speeds. That isn’t an excuse to not wear a helmet and guards. Safety is paramount when stepping on to the street. The economical Xiaomi Mijia Pro electric scooter is definitely worth investing in if your place of work/school, or regularly accessed areas are within a 40km radius.

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