Which is the Best Steam Iron in UAE?

When it comes to looking sharp it is imperative that your clothes fit well and are crisply ironed, this is possible by owning the best steam iron in UAE. Be it wearing a shirt to a casual dinner party or a bespoke suit from your collection you only get one chance to make a first impression. You choose to send your clothes to a laundry service spending your valuable time and money in the ordeal. On the other hand, invest in an affordable steam iron and save yourself many hours over the due course of time.

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How Do I Choose an Iron?

When it comes down to selecting an iron right for you, base your decision on several points such as:

Conventional vs Advanced

Steam irons have become increasingly popular allowing for the steam application while ironing- courtesy of the water tank on the iron. The steam is spread evenly across the surface of clothing material through the vents located on the sole plate. They consume less physical energy and produce results more quicker.

On the other hand, conventional irons transfer heat from their flat surface to the piece of clothing. They do not have steam vents at the bottom of the sole plate. Conventional irons take a longer period to smooth out creases. However, they do give you more control over the pressure exerted while ironing clothes.

Non-Stick Soleplate

Commonly, sole plates are made of ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminium. These are then covered with a non-stick material that resists the starch build-up to protect the fabric. This means embroidery and sequence work need not get damaged even if your hand slips.

It is advisable to steer clear of aluminium sole plates as they scratch easily, produce slight friction, and cause maintenance issues.

Conventional irons tend to be made of ceramic plates. The surface erodes relatively quickly and can cause the burning of clothes. However, the results of conventional irons speak for themselves, especially around tricky areas such as cuffs and collars.

Steam pressers offer powerful and regular sprays of fine mist and adjustable steam functions. This helps you iron on a variety of different fabrics.

Temperature Control

Not everyone can use a conventional iron and gauge different pressure applications on a few material surfaces. Setting the right temperature on your steam iron is essential to ensure your clothes do not burn or stick to the sole plate. The market offers you a number of irons that come with temperature control functions and settings that are ideal for materials such as cotton, silk, linen, etc.

A higher Wattage provides increasingly effective steaming to combat wrinkles and smoothes out clothes. When it comes to choosing which heat setting, wardrobes that include a lot of acetates, rayon, silk, and woollen clothing articles should use lower heat settings. Medium heat is great for polyester articles. High heat works best for cotton products, bear in mind the material should be slightly damp to avoid any damage.

Weight of the Iron

You may not stuff your iron into your backpack every time you travel but that is no reason to not buy one that is light weighted. Depending on the available space in your home (including its storage) you should consider which iron to get. Conventional irons are larger and require a dedicated ironing board. Steam pressers, on the other hand, are compact, easy to store, and can be used on table tops.

Size of Water Tank

If you have narrowed down on a steam iron (which I highly recommend) the size of the water tank determines the number of clothes you can press. Cold water fills up the tank, while ironing with the simple press of a button, or automatically on certain irons, steam pressure is released on clothing. A larger tank allows the ironing of larger batches.

Search for an iron that includes an anti-drip feature that prevents leakage of water on lower heat settings.

Number of Steam Vents

The number of steam vents can be a criterion prioritized when choosing the best steam iron in UAE. The number of vents directly affects the even application of steam across the surface area giving you a smoother finish. Not only does this save time but also energy by reducing the amount of sliding back and forth.

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the best steam irons in UAE that you can get at an economical price.

Rank 1: Black&Decker Vertical Steam Iron in UAE

This Black&Decker steam iron definitely stands out as a candidate for the best steam iron in the UAE. The 1700W powerhouse not only allows you to press clothes with great ease but comes with dry, spray, steam, and burst steam modes. Making this model capable of functioning both as a conventional iron and steam presser. Granting you the flexibility to iron a variety of materials in a hassle-free manner. Further, equipped with overheating protection function, your clothes will not burn even if you forget about the iron for a few extra seconds. The self-cleaning function removes lint and minerals that find their way to steam holes. This happens by ejecting all the steam and hot water along with the impurities present.

Rank 2: Saachi Handheld Steam Iron in UAE

This extremely economical iron comes in an unconventional design. The pod-resembling iron possesses most of the features of higher-priced variants such as overheat protection, temperature control dials, and steam burst functions. The 1.7kg iron accommodates 1000W of power allowing you to iron a variety of materials. What’s more, the iron comes with a base stand protecting the table when you iron. A separate brush for upholstery comes included for thicker surfaces such as sofas and curtains. It also has a designated flat brush attachment for regular clothing making it unique. Certainly, add it to your list of best iron in the UAE.

Look Sharp Always!

To keep it simple, choose an iron in UAE according to your specific needs so that you always look your best. This includes types of clothing materials in your wardrobe to determine the Wattage needed. The thickness of fabric plays a major role, people who wear jeans and jackets should avoid dry/conventional ironing methods. Lastly, buy one according to the available space in your home or according to your travel needs. Bear in mind over time the sole plate wears out, buy a new iron then to avoid damaging your favourite clothes. You can also buy a garment steamer for your lighter fabrics if you run the risk of burning them!

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