Best Cooking Range Hood (Electric Chimney) in UAE?

Bringing home the best range hood in UAE can save you considerable time and effort in the kitchen. This is also known as the electric chimney in some countries. In essence, a range hood covers an area over your stove or hob. With its fan or blower, the range hood makes quick work of any air pollution caused during cooking.

This reduces the collected layers of stick film that cover your kitchen cabinets and counters. You can save your self hours of cleaning up grease with the simple press of a button.

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Along with this, having a range hood saves you the burden of applying harsh chemicals on surfaces are you clean up grime. Removing odours is simple and easy with this nifty appliance. So, consider buying the best range hood in UAE and experiment with your cooking. It is no secret that a range hood improves the overall air quality and ventilation in your kitchen.

Types of Range Hoods or Electric Chimneys

There are three types of range hoods that you can buy. Carefully read through the description and see which one best suits your needs.

Island or ceiling

Naturally, as the name implies these range hoods are attached to the ceiling. Usually installed in homes where the cooking range rests in the center of the kitchen. If you have a spacious kitchen the right one can add to its aesthetic appeal. However, they usually do require a contractor to install them as the process is tedious.

Wall mounted

Ideal for smaller kitchen spaces, wall mounted hoods take up less space. While the design may not vary a lot in size due to its placement your kitchen appears to have more free space. It is important to account for the clearance space between kitchen cabinets when considering a wall mounted hood.

Undercabinet and microwave

Serves a multi-purpose function allowing you to keep a microwave over or give you storage space. This inexpensive solution, however, cannot deliver the same performance. Smaller size means limited power of the fan and they do not have the suction power of full-sized ranges.

Straight line

Straight line hoods should be your choice if you do not wish to showcase a chimney in your kitchen. The kitchen appliance blends in with the surroundings and uses space smartly. They perform the same function as other range hoods fitted with superior technology.


These chimneys come fitted with the most cutting-edge technology. The auto-clean feature solves the issue of getting rid of the oil particles from the chimney of the kitchen. The range hood takes responsibility for removing any residue collected on the motor. Traditionally, cleaning a chimney meant getting your hands dirty regularly. Now you can sit back and get rid of dirt and grease by pressing a button.

Things to Consider When Buying a Range Hood

When it comes to selecting the best range hood in UAE there are a few things you need to take into account.


It is important to account for the space available in your kitchen. This should serve as the basis for choosing the size of your hood range. After that, you can account for personal taste and preference. Would you like to showcase your range hood as part of your kitchens interior design or keep it in the shadows?

Filter types

The venting type determines whether range hoods either extract air outside the house or recirculate it back to the room. Despite the purification and recirculation, you should choose one that extracts the air outside. The reason? They perform better, make less noise, and need replacement less often. Recirculation ranges usually use activated-charcoal filters while outside duct ranges have an extra metal filter.

Suction power

The speed is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) this determines how quickly air is replaced. The higher the number, the more air moves per hour but it comes at the price of increased noise volume. In most cases, the range hood should be between 400 m3/hr to 1000m3/hr depending on the size of your kitchen. Consider the number of burners you have when buying the best range hood in the UAE.

Maintenance & cleaning

When it comes to taking care of your range hood ensure you spend time to diagnose the problem. Is the motor too loud? Is smoke not clearing up? Next, if your filter needs cleaning remove it and do the needful. For metal filters, place in a container and add degreasing solution then wash in warm soapy water. However, charcoal filters cannot be cleaned and you should replace them annually for best results.

Finding the Best Range Hood in UAE

Now that you have a good idea what to look for here are a few options to choose from. Select the best range hood in UAE based on your budget, lifestyle, and kitchen decor.

Rank 1: Bosch Under Cabinet Range Hood

Bosch Under Cabinet Range Hood in UAE
  • Material and Price: Made of stainless steel the range is durable and lasts many years. Giving you the worth of your money. The appliance is priced at AED 944.
  • Motor Type and Extraction Rate: The built-in under cooker hood is quick and efficient, cleaning up polluted air spaces in a jiffy. Thanks to the twin motor giving you an extraction rate of 350m3/h. The product features an adjustable glass visor for convenience.
  • Weight: The compact appliance weighs only 10kg making it easy to install.

Rank 2: Milton Range Hood

Milton Range Hood in UAE
  • Wall Mount: This range hood features a wall mount. Ideal for a smaller kitchen it consumes less space.
  • Size: The size of this appliance is 30-inches. Ensuring that it covers a large area and ventilates air with ease. The panel also comes with LED lights and push-button control.
  • Vent Style: Recirculating and external vents ensure your kitchen and home are filled with clean and fresh air. The fan capacity provides an airflow rate of 180m3/h.
  • Weight and Price: The product weighs on a mere 8.9kg making it easy to mount and install. It costs roughly AED 350 making it an affordable option.

Rank 3: Bosch Pyramidal Range Hood

Bosch Range Hood in UAE
  • Filter: The hood comes with a metal grease filter that is dishwasher safe. This means you do not have to worry about cleaning your filter by hand after degreasing it.
  • Motor Type: The wall mounted range comes with a twin channel high-performance motor. The extraction rate measures 380 m3/h, giving you clean air all across your kitchen and home.
  • Quiet Operation: The appliance operates at a high-performance level at just 54dB.
  • Weight and Price: The Bosch wall mounted range hood weighs only 9kg and is available at approximately AED 1,160.

Rank 4: FAGOR Range Hood

FAGOR Range Hood in UAE
  • Extraction Power: With an extraction power of 600 m3/h your kitchen air remains fresh and odour-free.
  • Vent Style: The external vent ensures smoother operation and performance, along with lower less noise pollution. The appliance functions at 60 Db.
  • Weight and Price: Due to its ceiling mount the hood is a lot heavier and weighs 34kg. The hood is priced at approximately AED 1,900.
  • Mount Type: The ceiling mount hood makes for an ideal centerpiece in your kitchen.

Rank 5: Turbo Line Range Hood

Turbo Line Range Hood
  • Extraction Power: This power-packed hood gives you a high extraction rate of 700 M3/h.
  • Mount Type: This is a wall mounted range hood. So, consider the available space and clearance between cabinets in your home.
  • Filter Type: Although not cleanable the turbo line range hood comes with 2 carbon filters to purify the air. Additionally, there are 3 filters to block fats and fumes out.
  • Material: Built from stainless steel the appliance is durable and easy to clean.
  • Weight and price: The appliance weighs 12kg and is easy to mount. You can buy this product for approximately AED 999.
  • Vent Style: The turbo line range hood comes with an external vent. This pushes all the polluted air and particles outside your home. And, replacing your kitchen and home with fresh air.

Breathe Clean, Cook Fresh!

With the best range hood in UAE, you can try a new oriental recipe or fry some Bombay ducks without worrying about the smell. Further, range hoods of larger capacities can provide fresh clean air to more than just your kitchen. If you have an open kitchen your entire home gets ventilated with an external vent. If you are looking to buy the best new cooking range as well here are some options to scout through.

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