Which is the Best Garment Steamer in UAE?

A garment steamer can change the way you get rid of wrinkles on your clothes in a matter of seconds. You need not be scared of burning your printed t-shirts nor will you ruin your silk shirt with a little pressure. Garment steamers do not touch the surface of your fabric, unlike irons. Instead, a jet of steam gets directed to the garment that is suspended on a hanger. Making it perfect for a morning with a bit of a rush. They are faster than a traditional handheld iron and take far less space, meaning you won’t trip over an ironing board in the middle of the bustle.

A garment steamer can change the way you get rid of wrinkles on your clothes in a matter of seconds. A drawback of steamers is that they cannot be pressed into fabrics. This means garment steamers cannot achieve that crisp finish on your dress shirts and formal attire. On the flip side, steamers give life to sweaters and prevent stenches that irons cause.

Ironed Sweaters

Which Fabrics Are Garment Steamers Better Than Irons For?

Steamers work better on clothing articles whose shape can be easily distorted or damaged. This includes pieces of clothing such as suits, delicate fabrics, jackets, screen printed shirts, or clothes made of silk, satin, polyester, etc. Irons work better on heavy and thicker clothing items like jeans and those that do not disfigure easily. Garments that burn easy benefit from steamers due to the lack of contact.

Steamed Bespoke Suit

Garments difficult to iron like blazers and jackets respond well to steamers. Save yourself the troublesome laborious ordeal of constantly rotating the fabric pressing down. With a steamer, you can hang up a suit coat or jacket, grab the sleeve and watch the creases disappear effortlessly. Dressing up tidy and neat becomes effortless. After all, the last thing you want on a wrinkle-free shirt is a sweat-patch.

Steamer and T-shirt

Garment steamers are a nifty addition if your wardrobe clothing comprises intricate folding patterns. Or if you work in an environment where dresses are constantly changing eg. costume/fashion designer, photographer, model. Perhaps you don’t care about being ultra-crisp with your dressing and just want to look presentable.

Decided to buy a garment steamer? Great! Now begs the eternal question.

Which Garment Steamer Do I Buy?

To help you make a decision, below are 5 steamers that take care of your everyday ironing needs.

Rank 1: Philips Steam & Go Garment Steamer

Philips Steam & Go Garment Steamer in UAE
  • Capacity to Steam Many Clothes: This handheld steamer by Philips allows for horizontal as well as vertical steaming. This allows you to shift into a comfortable spot if you have a number of clothes to steam.
  • Brush Accessories: Along with its smart flow heated plate, the gadget comes with brush accessories for thicker fabrics. You can use this steamer on both your delicate articles and washed curtains.
  • Suitable for Silk and Satin: What’s more, you can press the steam plate against clothing without running the risk of any burning. Handy when steaming materials like silk and satin

Rank 2: Black+Decker Garment Steamer

  • High-Power: This 1500W power-packed steamer comes along with a universal bottle adapter making it an ideal travel partner.
  • Light-Weight: Weighing just 1.1kg the steamer can fit in your utility bag with great ease.
  • Great Capacity: The water tank capacity allows the steamer to hold up to 260ml.
  • Get Rid of Wrinkles Easily: Even with its small size the steamer embodies dry, continuous steam, and burst steam features that help you get rid of those tricky wrinkles.
  • No Overheating: To protect your steamer and clothes Black+Decker installed an overheating safety feature in addition to giving it a robust design.
  • Comfortable to Hold: The ergonomic handle ensures you can operate the gadget with great ease and precision.

Rank 3: Philips ComfortTouch Plus Garment Steamer

  • Flexible: The ComfortTouch Plus comes with a FlexHead to easily reach the bottom of garments and 5 different settings for fabrics.
  • Leaves your garments Bacteria-Free: The continuous steam ability removes not only unwanted creases but odor and kills 99.9% bacteria.
  • Fragrance Infuser: What really puts this garment steamer in the limelight is the MyEssence fragrance infuser. Allowing you to add scents of your choice to your clothing.
  • Extra Long Style Board: This board provides you with added support for easy steaming.
  • Easy Rinse Function: Taking care of your appliance is simple and easy, use the Easy Rinse descaling function and add years to the steamers life.

Rank 4: Tefal Pro-Style Garment Steamer

  • Uninterrupted Cleaning: This Tefal steamer provides a continuous steam output of 30g/minute. Thus, it offers you efficient steaming sessions without any intervals.
  • Large Metal Head: There’s no need for an ironing board since this garment steamer has an extra-large metal head offering high precision. Moreover, it is a highly convenient upright steamer.
  • Power: Since it is equipped with 1700W of power it is perfect for daily steaming needs. Additionally, it’s also perfect for last-minute touch-ups and suitable for garments of several types.
  • Automatic Shut Down Feature: The appliance intuitively shuts down in cases of overheating or water shortage.
  • Levels of Steam: With 3 levels of steam, it can handle all types of fabrics. Right from the most delicate to the thickest.
  • Heat-up Time: It takes not more than 45 seconds to heat up and features a removable 1.5L water tank.
  • Accessory: It comes with a fabric brush to use on heavier fabrics. And it also has the de-calc solution for long-lasting performance.
  • Cool-Touch Function: This Cool-Touch function ensures that your clothes do not burn, is an economical option and is value for money.
  • Light Weight: The body comprises plastic and weighs only 4.7 kgs.
  • Attractive Colours: The steamer comes in a combination of black and gold colours.
  • Price: Bring this Tefal Pro-Style Garment Steamer home for an approximate price of AED 320.

Rank 5: Black+Decker Digital Garment Steamer

  • Higher Quality and Great Capacity: If you do not mind spending on quality then this Black+Decker offering may be the ideal choice. The water tank comprises a capacity of 2.4L.
  • Long Flexible Hose: With a 1.4M flexible hose, the steamer head can reach every nook and cranny of your garment.
  • Stain-Free Garments: Remove stains rapidly from clothing with the help of 3 levels of continuous steaming.
  • Aluminium Poles for Increased Flexibility: Double adjustable aluminium poles give more flexibility and freedom to iron at your convenience.
  • Easy Portability: The auto cord rewinding mechanism means no tangled wires getting stuck in the wheels as you move the steamer about.

Happy and Safe Ironing!

With the availability of handheld and stand steamers choose one that best suits your needs. A hand-held steamer can be tedious to use for large batches of clothes without resting space. However, a handheld steamer is ideal for traveling as it is light, has a smaller tank size and can fit in your luggage. Choose a large steamer with a stand for the convenience of usage and if your steamer stays within the confinements of your home and workplace.

It is important to note that if you need creases down the sleeves of your shirt or pant a steam iron works better. Bearing that in mind some steamers do provide fairly simple-to-use creasing attachments. However, due to the lack of weight and pressure, the creases do not last very long. Be careful to not over steam your clothes as it can damage the seams in jackets and coats.

You can also browse through more steamers here.

It is beneficial to own both a steamer and a steam iron to ensure your fabrics are protected and you get crisp edges on clothes that require creases. Be sure to check out the best steam iron in UAE according to your unique requirement.

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