Washing Machine Price in UAE – Comprehensive Guide

Automatic Washing Machines have become a staple in most homes. But, there are different capacities available and their prices vary. Moreover, prices vary with the kind of brands you go in for – value, popular or premium. I went through the same confusion, so the geek I am, I did complete research of 200+ washing machines available in UAE and come up with this pricing guide.

Here’s a quick summary of washing machine prices in UAE

  • 6kg Automatic washing machines – Value brands available from 600 to 1000 AED. Popular brands from 1000 to 1400 AED. This is a great option for couples or bachelors.
  • 7-8Kg Automatic washing machines – Value brands available from 800 to 1400 AED and popular brands from 1200 to 2200 AED. This is great for mid-size family with kids.
  • 9-10kg Automatic washing machines – Value brands are from 1400 to 2400 AED and popular brands from 2200 to 3600 AED. These are great for larger families.

What Washing Machine Capacity is Right for you?

Above was a very simplified picture of the various capacities and price available. Before we delve deeper, you should decide what capacity of washing machine you wish to buy. This generally depends on the number of people in the house-hold, but could also depend on how often you do you laundry. If you are a bachelor, but you do you laundry once a month, you will need a pretty large washing machines for your month-old loads. You get the point.

Generally speaking, here is your capacity requirement by family size.

Washing Machine Pricing Guide for UAE

We have pictorially represented the price-ranges for all automatic washing machine capacities and various kinds of brands.

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washing machine price guide for UAE 2019

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Happy buying

Hope this helps your washing machine purchase process. You may also want to read our buying guide for washing machines in UAE.

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