Top 20 dishwasher Features Listed and Explained

We all know that using a dishwasher at home can save us from washing and cleaning our dishes manually. But is that the only benefit of owning a dishwasher? NO! There is much more for you to know, especially which cycle to select for which type of dishes and also understand the purpose of these dishwasher features. We have listed and explained the top 20 dishwasher features that will help you know how each feature can benefit you and when you should use that particular feature. So, if you are looking to buy a new dishwasher or already have one, then read through these dishwasher features as they have helped thousands of people worldwide, thus saving their time and effort.

Top 20 dishwasher Features Listed and Explained

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Top 20 Dishwasher Features

Let’s begin reading through these top 20 dishwasher features that we have explained and understand their purpose.

1. Turbo Wash

Turbo wash is nothing but a great feature that cleans your dishes in less time without compromising on performance. By increasing the temperature and water pressure, the turbo wash feature speeds up the wash cycle. This feature is best for the working crowd and those who need sparkling dishes quickly.

2. Quiet Operation

The term “Quiet Operation” means that the dishwasher is silent or produces extremely less noise while operating. They perform their job of cleaning your dishes efficiently without disturbing you or your family members. Generally, the noise level is mentioned in decibels (dB) which is why it is also referred to as decibel level. While purchasing the right dishwasher that operates quietly, look for the noise level. Note that its noise level should be 44 dBA or lower. Decibel (noise) levels ranging between 45 and 50 sound similar to that of rainfall. Anything more than 50 dBA is considered noisy. Some top-notch dishwashers are ultra-quiet due to the multiple sound-absorbing insulation layers that they are designed with.

3. Hard Food Disposer

Among the top 20 dishwasher features explained this feature is a very interesting one. The hard food disposer is a device that will crush and grind any food particles in your dishwasher during the wash cycle. Next, it will dispose of these particles, thereby making them easier to handle and also reducing the need for pre-rinsing. To ensure that it is absolutely clean, these food particles are removed from the water before it’s circulated back into the dishwasher.

4. Self-Cleaning Filter

As the name says, a self-cleaning filter cleans itself automatically during the wash cycle. Dishwashers that are equipped with a self-cleaning filter minimise the need for manual cleaning and maintenance thereby offering an effortless cleaning cycle since there is no routine buildup. They are designed to prevent clogging your drain which saves the pump from breaking and prevents food debris from recirculating. Additionally, they also separate oversize particles from liquids.

5. Energy Star Rating

The Energy Star rating is given to appliances that have met strict energy efficiency standards set by a government-backed program that certifies appliances. On average, an ENERGY STAR-certified dishwasher uses 12% less energy and 30% less water compared to a non-certified dishwasher model. Energy Star dishwashers are the best option when it comes to saving energy.

6. Smart Connectivity

The term Smart connectivity refers to a dishwasher that is able to connect to WiFi. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection/WiFi. This enables the user to monitor and control the dishwasher by downloading and using an app on his/her smartphone. The smartphone app helps you to monitor performance, start wash cycles, and check the wash cycle status anytime from your smartphone even when you are away from home. Additionally, smart connectivity also allows you to unlock or lock the door of the dishwasher, anytime and anywhere. When the wash cycle is complete, you receive a notification on your smartphone.

7. Child Lock

Children tend to play around with appliances, pressing buttons, accessing the control panel, and experimenting with stuff. This can lead to accidents or it may damage the appliance. Child lock is a safety feature that is creatively designed for those who have kids. When the child lock feature is activated, it makes the dishwasher door difficult to open, thus, preventing the kids from opening it. Plus, it also prevents kids from starting or stopping the dishwasher. After activating the Child lock feature, the dishwasher becomes unresponsive. Only once you deactivate the child lock feature, your dishwasher will be responsive again and you will be able to open the door easily.

8. Bottle Wash Jets

Bottle wash jets also known as tines are equipped in the dishwasher and are perfect for washing and cleaning tall and slim items with narrow openings such as champagne/wine flutes, baby bottles, sports bottles, and more. To be precise, the bottle wash jets are built into the upper rack of the dishwasher. From there, these jets shoot water and detergent directly into the utensils for more effective cleaning. Bottle wash jets are specially designed to clean hard-to-reach areas.

9. Sanitize Cycle

The sanitize cycle in a dishwasher is a high-temperature wash cycle that uses hot water or steam and a longer wash duration to eliminate 99.999% of food debris, food soil bacteria, and germs present on your utensils. Once you press the button to begin the wash, an electrical heating element performs most of the heavy lifting. This step makes it possible for the internal compartment of the dishwasher to increase the temperature rapidly and resist the concentration of heat.

10. Third Rack

The third rack is an additional sliding rack designed for the dishwasher that makes good use of the available space. It is generally located at the top of the dishwasher, thus making it more versatile. This provides additional space and more flexibility to load your dishes especially smaller items like mugs, flatware, measuring cups, silverware, and more similar items.

11. Delay Start

The delay start feature enables you to set a specific time to start the wash cycle on your dishwasher. In other words, it delays the start of a selected wash cycle. This feature provides convenience and is often used to run during off-peak energy hours. Some dishwashers allow you to delay a wash cycle’s start time by 8 hours. While some dishwashers enable you to delay it by 12 hours and so on. This differs from brand to brand and from model to model. During the delay countdown, you can add your utensils and items to the load anytime. Ensure you close the door firmly. Note that most of the latest dishwashers refer to the Delay Start feature as Delay Hours.

12. Soil Sensor

By detecting how dirty the dishes are, the soil sensor feature automatically helps the dishwasher to adjust the wash cycle on it accordingly. This feature helps the dishwasher to analyze how much energy (how long to run the cycle) and water will be needed to clean the dishes based on the soil and dirt. This ensures that your dishes come out sparkling clean, free from soil and stains. When the soil sensor senses a relatively clean load, it adjusts the wash cycle by incorporating less water and energy i.e. a shorter wash cycle.

13. Rinse Aid Dispenser

The Rinse aid dispenser is a compartment present in the dishwasher and is a saviour, especially in places where only hard water is available. In UAE, most of the areas get hard water, which makes the dishes prone to a filmy white residue. Rinse aid dispenser prevents this filmy white residue from forming as it dispenses a liquid and also spreads the water entirely over the dishes. This, in turn, minimizes droplets from forming which are responsible for the filmy white residue. And therefore it prevents water spots. Additionally, it also helps to improve drying performance. If you live in UAE, you will definitely benefit from the rinse aid dispenser.

14. LED Display

Say goodbye to guesswork. All thanks to the intuitive LED display on a dishwasher as it helps you stay relaxed. This digital display is easy to read and helps you quickly check the status of the wash cycle, time left for the wash to complete, as well as, other details and settings. This feature makes it very easy for the user to operate and maintain the dishwasher.

15. Adjustable Racks

This refers to the ability to move and adjust the racks of the dishwasher, thereby offering increased flexibility and deeper storage areas. This helps you to accommodate dishes of different shapes and sizes. By adjusting the height of the top rack or basket of the dishwasher, you can accommodate plates and dishes of large size in the bottom rack.

16. Auto Cycle

By using the soil sensor equipped in the dishwasher, the Auto cycle detects how much dirt and soil is present on your dishes (soil level) and other items. It also considers the type of dishes that need to be washed. Based on these factors, it automatically selects the optimum wash cycle by adjusting the temperature of the water and the duration of the wash cycle. Shorter wash cycles if the dishes are not that dirty. Longer wash cycles if the dishes are too dirty.

17. Quick Wash

The term Quick wash is used to refer to short wash cycles that are specially designed to wash lightly soiled dishes i.e. dishes that are less dirty. Basically, it cleans lightly soiled dishes quicker compared to the normal cycle i.e. in around half the time by using the full power of your dishwasher. The duration of a quick wash cycle differs from brand to brand. In some dishwasher brands, the quick wash cycle takes around 20 minutes. In some, it may take 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Generally, the Quick wash cycle is complete within an hour.

18. Stainless Steel Tub

This refers to dishwashers where the interior is made of stainless steel. These types of dishwashers with stainless steel tubs are able to run at higher temperatures. This is because stainless steel is more resistant to higher temperatures compared to plastic. Additionally, stainless steel tubs are quieter than those made of plastic. Higher temperatures help your dishes to experience a deeper wash, thereby eliminating the bacteria and resulting in cleaner and sparkling dishes.

19. Capacity

The capacity of a dishwasher refers to the number of dishes that you can load in a dishwasher at a time. In other words, it refers to how many place settings a dishwasher has since dishwasher capacity is measured in place settings. Ensure that there is sufficient space in front of the dishwasher to comfortably load and unload the dishes. Also, there should be sufficient room to move around between the open door and the counters. Dishwasher capacity differs from model to model. However, high-end dishwashers help you fit more dishes since they have less space between the tines.

20. Eco Mode

When you select the Eco mode setting, it makes the dishwasher more environment-friendly as it reduces its water and energy consumption while maximising efficiency. If you’re concerned about energy consumption and are keen on saving energy then consider using the slower wash of an eco-mode as it is the best option for you. It does save a lot of energy indeed compared to the Auto mode. However, if you need the dishes clean in less time or if you’re dishes are more soiled, then you need to opt for Quick wash or Auto mode.

Top 20 dishwasher Features - UAE

Simplify Dishwashing!

In today’s time where couples work long hours, managing household chores is tiresome. If you have a good quality dishwasher at home, you don’t even have to think about washing the dishes manually. One among many household chores is reduced, which is a big relief. Ensure you thoroughly read through these features before making your purchase. Purchase one of the best dishwashers in UAE today and see the difference.

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