6 Best Smart Speakers in UAE: Expert Recommendation, Price, Features

UAE peeps, presenting to you the 6 best smart speakers that are extremely versatile, made of top-notch quality, feature super voice control and are highly portable. These smart speakers are loaded with features and indeed make your home a smart one. Stay here to know the top picks and what each of these has to offer you.

6 Best Smart Speakers in UAE: Expert Recommendation, Price, Features

Rank 1: Echo Dot (5th Gen) Smart Bluetooth Speaker

Echo Dot 5th gen Smart Bluetooth Speaker Price in UAE
  • Improved Speaker Quality + Clearer Vocals + Deeper Bass: Simply ask Alexa to play audiobooks, your favourite music, and podcasts. A dynamic audio experience is awaiting you at home. Excited to know how? Well, the Echo Dot (5th Gen) smart Bluetooth speaker features a tremendous improvement in speaker quality. Additionally, it delivers vocals with more clarity, as well as, deeper bass providing a rich vibrant sound.
  • Echo Dot Makes Your Life Easier with Alexa: Get an easy life with Alexa’s help. Receive the latest news updates, weather forecasts, reminders, and hands-free timers. Plus, Alexa can also answer your queries.
    • Besides, Alexa can also help improve your spiritual and prayer life. With the help of Alexa, you can set prayer reminders and also hear dates in Hijri.
    • Moreover, Alexa can also recite the Quran from your preferred surah. For instance, if you want to listen to the Quran from surah Al Kahf then instruct “Alexa, play surah Al Kahf.”
  • Offers Intercom Functionality: All thanks to the intercom functionality. Be it any announcement, this functionality on the Echo Dot 5th Gen helps to keep every family member in your house informed. So, everybody at home stays connected. Plus, this is also time-saving as you don’t have to go personally from room to room to make the announcement.
  • Price: Bring home the Echo Dot (5th Gen) smart Bluetooth speaker for a price of around AED.

Rank 2: Bose Portable Smart Speaker

Bose Portable Smart Speaker Price in UAE
  • Easy Breezy Streaming: The Bose portable smart speaker allows you to play famous music services such as Amazon Music, Spotify, and Deezer anywhere. All you need is a stable WiFi connection.
    • If you don’t have access to WiFi, don’t worry. Through Bluetooth, this speaker allows you to listen to any music or audio from your tablet or mobile.
    • Plus, if you’re an Apple user, then you can make use of Airplay 2 to play music or any audio from your device.
  • 360° Astonishing Bose Sound: Whether you’re listening to your favourite music or any audio clip, you will be able to hear it in all 360° of astonishing Bose sound. This feature makes Bose one of the best smart speakers available in UAE.
  • Most Versatile, All-Rounder Performance: A wireless home speaker + portable Bluetooth speaker + voice-controlled speaker. This speaker is super smart indeed due to its versatile nature.
    • Since it is wireless, you can move it from one room to another at home. Connect it to your WiFi and use it whenever you feel like.
    • Plus, you can also take it with you and use it when you are out. It is therefore portable too. You can connect your Bluetooth outdoors to use it.
    • With access to WiFi, you can instruct this smart speaker.
  • Price: Treat yourself to the Bose portable smart speaker for a price of around AED 1,500.

Rank 3: HUAWEI Sound Joy Portable Bluetooth Smart Speaker

  • Co-engineered with DEVIALET: The HUAWEI Sound Joy smart speaker features a dynamic, standout look. All thanks to the special woven fabric used in the making of this speaker. This woven fabric also ensures more comfort to the user while handling the speaker. Additionally, this fabric also provides robust protection to your speaker which is very beneficial when it comes to outdoor usage. Most importantly, it allows the sounds to resonate.
  • Extremely compact, ultra-portable, and travel-friendly: Experience great sound and music. The compact and portable design helps you place this speaker in a cycle bottle cage or backpack. It also comes with a strap that is very handy as you can hold and carry the speaker wherever you go. No hassle while travelling making your travel smooth and comfortable.
  • Price: Purchase one of the best smart speakers in UAE – the HUAWEI Sound Joy portable Bluetooth speaker for a price of around AED 490.

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