Staub Cast Iron Frying Pan Review for UAE

UAE peeps, this review will show you how to gently cook, sear, and brown a range of different dishes in the Staub cast iron frying pan. The best part is that it comes with two handles which make the skillet easy to handle. Next best thing?! Well, the matte black enamelled base of the pan prevents the food from sticking and also allows you to cook low-fat dishes. It, therefore, preserves all the nutrients and vitamins in the food regardless of whether it is in the oven or in the hob. We are sure what you’re wondering now. It’s about the cleaning process, right? You don’t have to worry about that too since this frying pan has a smooth coating which makes it easy-breezy and quick to clean.

You want a frying pan that makes your life easier and reduces your workload right? Then without a second thought go ahead and purchase the Staub cast iron frying pan.

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Why Purchase the Staub Cast Iron Frying Pan?

Well, as seen in the introduction that the interior of all Staub pots is enamelled with a high-quality black matte finish. So, this, in turn, contains ideal properties for roasting, searing, and caramelizing food. Staub double handle skillets are made from enamelled cast iron – this distributes heat evenly over the entire base of the pan right up to its edge. Additionally, cast iron also retains heat for a long time thereby helping the food stay warm and tasty even while transferred to the table. Moreover, enamelled cast iron also preserves the nutritional values and the aroma of every ingredient that you add to it. Hence, you can count on the Staub frying pan for nutritional yet tasty meals that will make you and your guests drool.

Top 9 Features of Staub Cast Iron Frying Pan

1. Suitable for Oven + Grill + Hob Types + Induction

We present to you the Staub cast iron frying pan that has a flat base. This makes it suitable for use in the oven, under the grill, and on all the hob types (including induction).

2. Scratch-Resistant + Easy to Clean

Firstly, the matte black cooking surface is scratch-resistant. This indicates that the body of this frying pan is able to resist various types of damage like scratches, gauges, wear and tear, and other flaws. Secondly, it is easy to clean. Its surface is such that no matter how dirty or greasy the pan gets, you don’t need much time to clean it.

3. Attractive Design + Two Loop Side Handles

You can easily move this frying pan from your oven to the table or countertop. Stylishly serve scrumptious dishes. Thanks to its attractive design as it blends well with your dining table as well as the countertop and interiors of your urban home in UAE. Additionally, this compact cast iron frying pan is ideal for serving food straight from the hob or the oven to the table. Regardless of whether a romantic candlelight dinner or a large family dinner, you can rely on Staub cast iron frying pan.

4. Enables Quick and Crisp Searing

The Staub enables quick and crisp searing thus making it ideal to continue cooking in the oven. Plus, its two handles make the skillet easy to handle.

5. Provides Ample Space for Several Different Ingredients

Inspired by two-handled Spanish paella pans, the Staub frying pan is designed with a round edge that provides ample space for dishes like risotto and paella that are made using large quantities of several different ingredients.

6. Low Curved Sides

The low curved sides make it easy to flip the food and this helps it to release easily.

7. Promotes Exceptional Browning

The enamelled black matte interior imparts texture and promotes exceptional browning. It enables fats and oil beneath the food to produce great sears, browning, as well as easy release. It browns foods beautifully regardless of whether they are potatoes, chicken breasts, or bacon.

8. Even Heat Distribution

Cast iron offers a steady and even heat distribution, therefore, the temperature of the pan won’t drop as you cook.

9. Built to Last a Lifetime

The Staub cast iron frying pan is durable beyond expectations and it is built in such a way that it can last a lifetime. Thus, it can be passed from generation to generation.

10. Specially Contoured Lid

Now, let us talk about the specially contoured lid and its excellent moisture-retention properties. Not to forget, its self-basting system guarantees a continuous rainfall effect over the cocotte’s contents evenly. This ensures that each ingredient retains its full flavour. Also, it allows the vegetables to remain tender and does not dry out the meat.

11. Space Saving Design

The Staub cast iron frying pan takes up very little space on the countertop as well as the table when the food is served.

Recommended by the World’s Best Chefs

Now you got it all; why do the world’s best chefs recommend Staub. The reasons are clear in this review and you have NO excuse to avoid purchasing the Staub cast iron frying pan. Rightly said, any appliance, utensil, or device that is quick in performance, easy to clean, of good quality, durable, and built to last is worth every penny.

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