Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review for UAE

Check out this review of the Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker now. We bet, this review is worth every minute that you spend reading it. With EXTRA BASS, party lights, party connect, and 24 hours battery life, you are sure to enjoy fully every time you use it. Regardless of whether you’re going to use it everyday or occasionally, you’re going to benefit from its waterproof, dustproof, and rustproof nature. Come and browse through this review for complete details. You will be well informed about this appliance at the end of this review.

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review for UAE

Top 19 Features of the Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

1. X-Balanced Speaker Unit

Unlike the circular diaphragm in a conventional speaker unit, the newly developed X-Balanced Speaker unit features a non-circular diaphragm. Developed by Sony, the X-Balanced Speaker Unit achieves high sound quality as well as powerful sound pressure for a richer, deeper, and more rewarding listening experience.

2. Increases Sound Pressure + Reduces Distortion

The non-circular shape of this unit not only maximises the area of speaker diaphragm but also increases sound pressure for more punchy bass. Further, it also reduces driver excursion while maintaining the same sound pressure, thereby, resulting in less distortion.

3. Ready to Use Anytime and Anywhere

By being extremely tough, this Bluetooth speaker by Sony gives you the freedom to party wherever and whenever you like. It is creatively designed by keeping the convenience factor in mind, therefore it is easy-breezy to use.

4. Mica Reinforced Cellular Speaker Cone and Dust Cap

The Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) speaker cone and dust cap are not only rigid and lightweight but also contribute to the sound quality.

5. Side Passive Radiators

In order to reproduce clear bass sound, the layout of the side passive radiators has been optimised.

6. 3D Sound Experience

Simply hit the LIVE SOUND button and listen to your music in a whole new way. Trust me, you can hear it as though it is live. With its unique three-dimensional (3D) sound experience, you can bring your party to life and create those magical festival vibes wherever you go.

7. Speaker Light + Multi-Colour Line Light

You can’t deny the fact that you can’t have fun without party lights. That is why the Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with a mind-blowing speaker light and a multi-colour line light. These flash in sync with the beat. Additionally, you can even change the colour of the line light in order to suit your mood.

8. Extra Bass

With the Sony wireless EXTRA BASS Bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy deep and punchy sound wherever you like. The dual passive radiators work together with full-range speakers to enhance low-end tones. Thus, giving bass a boost.

Sony SRS-XB33 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker UAE is totally waterproof and dust proof

9. Durability

With its rugged design and long battery life, the Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker is more durable than ever before and won’t let you down.

Sony SRS-XB33 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review UAE

10. Totally Washable and Waterproof

With an IP67 rating, this Sony Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and salt-water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about using it by the sea or the pool. In fact, there is no issue even if you wash it.

Powerful Sound and Extra Bass in Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

11. Long Battery Life

With up to 24 hours of battery life, the Sony Wireless Bluetooth speaker can party even longer than you can imagine. Even in the EXTRA BASS mode (with the lighting on), you can party for up to 14 hours.

12. Totally Dustproof

All thanks to the IP67 rating, this Bluetooth speaker can be taken to the beach, desert area, forest, or anywhere you like. Regardless of how dusty the surface is, the speaker will continue playing with the same performance.

13. Built to Last

This Bluetooth speaker has undergone extensive shock testing to ensure it can withstand the unavoidable knocks, bumps, and scrapes that occur with everyday usage. Even if you drop this speaker, it will continue working.

14. Party Connect

Simply get things booming with Party Connect. Enjoy the same song multiplied with Party Connect. With Bluetooth Technology, you can connect up to 100 compatible wireless speakers. Moreover, the music and the light sync-up. Therefore, everyone can dance to the same beat. You can set a random pattern or set the lights to blink in a circle.

Party Connect feature on Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker UAE

15. Sony | Music Center App

With the Sony | Music Center App, you can control the party from the dance floor. Additionally, you can change lighting patterns, select your favourite playlists, cue the next song, or change sound modes.

16. Fiestable App

Simply download the Fiestable app since this will help you to control the lighting on this Sony wireless speaker. Additionally, it will also help you to use motion-control gestures on your smartphone screen.

Fiestable app on Sony SRS-XB33 wireless speaker

17. Hands-free Calling

Well, the speakerphone function offers a convenient way to talk hands-free, regardless of whether it is a conference call for work. Or a chat with friends.

Sony SRS-XB33 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker in UAE

18. Can be Placed Horizontally or Vertically

You can place the Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker either horizontally or vertically. It can either be kept in standing position or on its side, depending upon your preference. Therefore, you can always find space for it, wherever you take it.

19. Stream Music with Bluetooth Technology and Near Field Communication (NFC)

Bluetooth technology and Near Field Communication (NFC) eliminates the need for wired connections as well as complex set-up sequences.

Bluetooth technology and NFC in Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

20. USB Type-C and USB Charging Ports

By using a USB Type-C cable, you can charge the Sony wireless speaker. And in case your smartphone is running low on power, simply plug it into the USB port of the speaker to charge up the battery.

USB Type-C and USB Charging Ports - Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SONY – make.believe

So, what have you decided after looking at all the features and technologies of this masterpiece? So many reasons to purchase the Sony wireless Bluetooth speaker, we hope you are happy with all the information that we have conveyed in this review. Sony never fails to satisfy you, so bring one of these speakers home today.

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