Siemens Dishwasher Review for UAE & Buying Guide

Siemens dishwasher review for UAE is sure to impress you. It contains in-depth information on Siemens dishwashers. Whether you’re serving dinner to your family or inviting guests over. Or for that matter if you’re hosting a party for friends at home. Then a Siemens dishwasher is what you need. As a matter of fact, a Siemens dishwasher is a must in every kitchen in UAE. Since they ensure that your dishes will be sparkling. Firstly, they feature modern designs and innovative ideas that make life easier. Secondly, Siemens dishwashers offer maximum flexibility. All thanks to their practical functions such as height-adjustable side parts. Foldable flip tines also add to the functions. Hence, everything finds its place, from small teaspoons to large ladles.

Now, let’s begin talking about the history of Siemens. Siemens is a German multinational conglomerate company. It’s headquartered in Munich. Siemens is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe and has branch offices abroad. Therefore go ahead and purchase a Siemens dishwasher without any doubt. Experience the perfect combination of speed, thoroughness and efficiency. Below lies a table with all the Siemens dishwashers. Ensure you don’t skip it.

Siemens Dishwashers in UAE Compared

DishwashersTypeProgramsPlace SettingsBest ForPrice
Siemens iQ100
Freestanding512CouplesCheck Price
Siemens iQ300
Freestanding512CouplesCheck Price
Siemens iQ300
Freestanding613Small FamiliesCheck Price
Siemens iQ500
Freestanding813Mid-large FamiliesCheck Price
Siemens iQ300
Freestanding613Small familiesCheck Price

Understanding Types of Dishwashers

We shall first discuss the various types of dishwashers available. It is crucial to know and understand dishwashers before you make your purchase. In this Siemens dishwasher review for UAE article, I have listed the 3 types of dishwashers. Along with a short description for each. The 3 types of dishwashers are freestanding, semi-integrated, and fully integrated.

Freestanding Dishwasher

A freestanding dishwasher is one that you don’t need to store under your counter. Therefore, it saves a lot of space in your kitchen. Besides this, a freestanding dishwasher takes up your sink and connects to your faucet. Moreover, installing a freestanding dishwasher is not complicated at all. All you need to do is plumb them in, turn them on and then you’re ready to go.


Unlike freestanding dishwashers. You need to install semi-integrated dishwashers into your kitchen cupboards. Since they are designed to be installed this way, only the controls are visible. Further, you can cover the remaining space on your door with a panel. A panel that matches the rest of your kitchen would be a great idea. In some semi-integrated dishwashers. Only a few controls are visible on the front panel. While most of the controls are hidden in them.

Fully Integrated

A dishwasher that’s completely concealed by your kitchen cabinetry is a fully integrated dishwasher. The control panel sits at the top of a fully integrated dishwasher, inside the door. Additionally, fully integrated dishwashers have a clean and uncluttered front panel. Since the front panel provides a uniform look. The dishwasher will blend with the other appliances in the kitchen.

Now that you know the differences between the 3 types of dishwashers. Let’s move on to programs and place settings.

What are Programs and Place Settings?

In order to purchase the perfect dishwasher. You need to know the factors to be considered before you make your purchase. The most important factors to be considered are programs and place settings. Don’t worry we shall discuss both these factors in this Siemens dishwasher review for UAE article.


Well, some dishwashers have an array of programs. On the other hand, some dishwashers keep it simple with fewer programs. Today’s dishwashers consist of a range of different programs which indeed is a good thing. The program that you set your dishwasher to run on has a considerable impact on many things. Firstly, the program will have an impact on the time taken to wash your dishes. Next, it will have an impact on how economical the wash would be. Further, it will impact the quality of cleaning. The most commonly seen programs are energy-saving, auto, sensor wash, normal and eco. Besides this, some more programs are intensive, pre-wash or pre-intense, steam, hygiene and baby protect.

Place Settings

The number of place settings is the standard measurement for the capacity of the dishwasher. In other words, dishwasher capacities are measured in place settings. Normally, one place setting consists of a dinner plate, dessert plate, and soup bowl. As well as a glass, a teacup with its saucer, cutlery, 2 serving spoons, a gravy ladle and a medium serving bowl. The ideal dishwasher is one that contains at least 12 place settings. Therefore, place settings are a good starting point for assessing how much you’ll be able to wash at a time.

I hope the programs and place settings are clear to you. Indeed, they are important factors, right? Now, you’re prepared to proceed to the best Siemens dishwashers. I have made your purchasing task very simple. Since I have listed down all the features and functionalities of each of them. This Siemens dishwasher review UAE article has a lot in store for you.

Entry Level Siemens Dishwashers

Siemens iQ100 Freestanding Dishwasher

Model No: SN215W10BM
Dimensions: 84.5 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm
Best For: Couples

  • iQdrive Motor: It is efficient, durable and quiet while washing your dishes.
    • The iQdrive motor offers lower energy consumption with identical performance.
    • It also offers short program times with optimum results.
    • And the best thing is that it’s always nice and quiet.
  • aquaStop: The aquaStop safety system prevents any kind of water damage. This water damage can be in the supply hose. Or it can result due to a leak in the machine.
    • Hence, the aquaStop feature is essential as it preserves the life of the dishwasher.
  • Durable Quality: The inner tubs of all Siemens dishwashers feature the use of high-quality stainless steel sheets. Also, production and connection technologies adapted to the specific materials. And also special surface treatment.
  • Price: Siemens iQ100 freestanding dishwasher is available approximately for AED 1,400.

Siemens iQ300 Freestanding Dishwasher

Model No: SN25D800GC
Dimensions: 84.5 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm
Best For: Couples

  • aquaSensor: The aquaSensor controls the amount of clean water to be added to the dishwasher. Besides this, it also keeps track of when clean water needs to be added. Additionally, the aquaSensor regulates and changes the dishwasher temperature accordingly.
  • Efficient Cleaning Performance: This dishwasher uses less detergent. Hence, it is cost-efficient as it doesn’t use too much detergent and cleans all your dishes efficiently.
  • Optimum Care: The glassCare system consists of a special gentle program. This glassCare system provides gentle cleaning of fragile glasses and thus prevents them from breaking. It also consists of glass protection technology and a heat exchanger. A combination of all these features lets you wash all your glassware with optimum care.
  • varioSpeed: The varioSpeed cleans dishes up to 50% faster in almost all the cycles.
  • Price: Siemens iQ300 freestanding dishwasher is available for around AED 1,600.

Siemens Dishwashers for Small Family

Siemens iQ300 Freestanding Dishwasher

Model No: SN236W10NM
Dimensions: 84.5 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm

  • HygienePlus: This option offers antibacterial dishwashing to your dishes. That too at extra high temperatures. Thereby, maintaining hygiene.
  • autoProgramme: At the touch of a button, you will experience optimum dishwashing results.
    • Firstly, once you press the autoProgramme button, the aquaSensor checks how dirty the water is.
    • Additionally, the aquaSensor controls the amount of clean water to be added. And also when it has to be added. Further, it also controls the dishwashing temperature.
  • Aquastop: A system that consists of a double-walled supply hose. To add to this is a safety valve, a floor sump and a float switch as well. Additionally, Bosch offers a 100% lifetime guarantee against water damage.
  • varioSpeed: If you opt for the varioSpeed function. Then any dishwashing program that you select will be up to 50% faster. Additionally, it offers you sparkling clean dishes as well as a good drying performance. However, this feature doesn’t apply to the pre-rinse and quick wash programmes of 29 minutes.
  • Price: Siemens iQ300 freestanding dishwasher is available for around AED 2,100.

Siemens iQ300 Freestanding Dishwasher

Model No: SN236I10MM
Dimensions: 84.5 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm

  • varioDrawer: The varioDrawer offers an additional loading level. It not only provides room for cutlery. But also for ladles, salad servers and even small items of crockery. It can wash espresso cups with great and gentle care. All thanks to its special design.
  • HygienePlus: HygienePlus function is ideal for washing utensils and containers. During the final rinse. The temperature is kept at a constant high level of up to 70 degrees Celcius. It is kept for approximately 10 minutes. Thereby, eliminating up to 99.99% of all bacteria and germs.
  • antiFingerprint: This antiFingerprint feature puts an end to annoying fingerprints on the stainless steel body.
  • aquaStop: The aquaStop safety system prevents any kind of water damage. Whether there’s water damage in the supply hose or whether there is a leak in the machine.
  • Durable Quality: Expect durable quality along with innovative technology. The inner tubs of this dishwasher feature the use of high-quality stainless steel sheets. As well as production and connection technologies adapted to the specific materials and special surface treatment.
  • Price: Siemens iQ300 freestanding dishwasher is available for around AED 2,825.

Advanced Siemens Dishwashers

Siemens iQ500 Freestanding Dishwasher

Model No: SN258I20TM
Dimensions: 84.5 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm

  • Glass 40 Degrees Celcius Cycle: Since you know that fine glassware requires special care in cleaning. This new feature is therefore specifically designed to meet this need.
    • It cleans the glasses gently yet thoroughly at low temperatures. Thereby, specialized in gentle cleaning.
    • After this follows the drying phase which has been specifically extended for extra-gentle drying.
  • extraDry: If you need to wash a lot of plastic dishes. Then select the new Siemens extraDry program. It uses higher temperatures for the drying process and extends the drying phase. Every plastic item will be dried optimally.
  • varioFlex Plus Basket: Now, accommodating bulky items is even more flexible. It is easier due to the flexible foldable racks.
    • The optimized varioFlex Plus Baskets provide the highest level of flexible loading convenience.
    • Thanks to 3 foldable, divisible levels, and 6 foldable racks in the upper basket. Plus, glass stem holders, in the lower basket.
    • Since every other front rack is foldable, there’s even more flexibility in the lower basket.
    • So not only can you fold the racks up or down. But you can also load larger bowls and bulky items. You can adjust it in whatever works best for pots, pans, glasses, plates, and silverware.
  • Price: Siemens iQ500 freestanding dishwasher is available approximately for AED 2,400.

Siemens Dishwasher: Making Life Easier

I hope you’re satisfied with this Siemens dishwasher review for UAE article. You’ve seen how the functions and features of Siemens dishwashers can keep you happy. As a matter of fact, they make you forget that cleaning dishes was once a chore. Sparkling dishes are what you’ll see once you purchase a Siemens dishwasher. Thus, Siemens dishwashers offer you the convenience you want. Since they take care of the most delicate glasses and cutlery too. Consider reading the best dishwasher in UAE for detailed information on dishwashers in UAE.

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