Should you Invest in a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is now a common device in every household. But a robot vacuum cleaner is a newer concept. Causing a tonne of questions in the mind of the people. Should you really get yourself the robot cleaner? Is it suitable for my home? Almost all your questions will have an answer by the end of this post. Making you consider the robot vacuum cleaner for your home.

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Traditional Vacuum vs Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Both of these have the same use, that is to clean your floors. Yet the obvious difference is the appearance of this device. Therefore it comes down to the way these two devices function. Since the robot vacuum is considerably newer technology it has the upper hand compared to the other. Yet in most households, the traditional is preferred. Since it has a greater reach. This simply means that with the help of a traditional vacuum cleaner you can clean your upholstery and curtains and everything else in this category. Which its counterpart doesn’t allow you to do. Especially with the additional attachments added to a vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You need to know what are the advantages of a vacuum cleaner so as to consider which vacuum cleaner is most suited for you. A robot vacuum cleaner can perform a few tasks better than a normal vacuum cleaner. So here are a few points to consider:

1. Picks Fine Debris

This vacuum is most suitable to pick up smaller particles like that of pet hair, dust and even food particles from a carpet, rug or even the bare floor. Besides this, you can even purchase onw which has modes that can clean wet as well as dry content. Or the ones which can clean and mop at the same time.

2. More Time to Spare

With the robot vacuum cleaner you will have more time on your hands as you aren’t  doing the cleaning in your house. You would only have to spend almost only 5 minutes to clean the bin in the  device. Furthermore, you can set schedules and have the device to automatically clean the area as per your schedules. Thus saving your time.

3. Physical Features

Since at the most, the height of your device will be at around 4 inches. Therefore making it possible to slide under any furniture, thus ensuring you have a clean home. All this without having you put in the effort to move your furniture around and clean away all the dust. Besides this feature, you also can simply rest assured that the device won’t take up a lot of your space since it’s a comparatively smaller device.

4. Smart Home Friendly

Now this device can function even in your absence. As you control it with the help of your phone. And also other smart home devices like that of your Google Home, Amazon Alexa  and others. Furthermore, along  with that feature you have the feature which maps and remembers the path and cleaning  area. Therefore finding its way around your home.

5. Battery Life

With this device, you have a long battery life of up to almost two hours in just one charge. Which can clean almost 2000 square feet of ground.  Each charge takes around 3 hours to recharge but this isn’t an issue as you won’t be cleaning your house the whole day with the device. Therefore when low on charge and not in use it goes back to the docking station where it can charge.

Downsides of a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Being partial and only mentioning the pros of the robot vacuum cleaner wouldn’t be the best way for you to take your pick. Hence you need to keep in mind the downsides as well. Therefore to point out the major few:

1. Pre-clean/ Setup

Using this device, you need to keep in mind to always clean up the area before the vacuum makes its run. Since the device can suck up any small toys, socks, wires and cords, and even frilly rugs or floor coverings with tassels. Which can not only cause you inconvenience but also damage the device. Furthermore, you can simply exclude rooms or areas to be cleaned. But this would require you to go shutting doors as it would function as a barrier for the vacuum. Or if that can’t be done you will have to apply special manufacturers-provided magnetic boundary strips. Which functions as a boundary and the vacuum will not cross it.

2. Battery Life

This point is both an advantage but also a disadvantage. Since it does have a longer battery life but this can be a problem if your floors have carpets or rugs. As in these areas, the suction pull is increased which affects the battery life. Causing your battery to drain earlier than expected. This could cause your device to take some time to complete the cleaning task. As it would require a break to recharge the device in case of a low battery.

3. Dust Box Size

You need to consider the size of your dust box. As even the largest-sized one will still be comparatively smaller than that of a regular vacuum cleaner. This means you will need to be constantly emptying the box. This can be a letdown as you will have to remember to empty it daily. Besides this, you will also have to be manually cleaning the brush and rollers on a regular basis. So as to not be spreading the previous day’s grime everywhere.

4. Robot Vacuum Friendly Home

You will have to consider this if you have pets, or kids who could be constantly leaving around a mess then this device might not be for you. Besides that, if you have steps or levels to your home it will be difficult for you to let the vacuum device running around loose cleaning your whole house. As this device only functions on a single level. And will not climb to clean the different levels of your home.

Functioning of the Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Your very own robot vacuum cleaner navigates throughout your home with the help of sensors. These sensors detect different objects and obstacles in the path of the cleaner. There are three main sensors which is why the device is navigating through its own path.

  • Object/Obstacle Sensors: This sensor detects any object in the path of the device while it works. For example a closed-door, sofa, furniture legs, or any other obstacles. In the design of the device, the object sensor is placed at the bumper. When and if the bumper touches or crosses any object this triggers the sensor. Therefore causing the device to change its path of movement. It will keep doing so until the path is clear for it to go through.
  • Cliff Sensors:  This sensor uses infrared rays which are sent to the floor and if it doesn’t bounce back the device assumes that it has to change paths. They warn the vacuum when it has reached the edge of a step or a drop and a different path needs to be taken. Located at base of the cleaner which makes it easy to identify steps.
  • Wall Sensor: The name gives away the purpose of the sensor.  After detecting a wall it identifies a line for the robot vacuum to follow. This sensor only detects hard surfaces and passes straight through soft surfaces like curtains and bedspreads. Therefore cleaning along the edge of the rooms. For easy operation, these sensors are placed at the side of the device.
  • Wheel Sensor: Not a very commonly used sensor but some premium models have it. This helps in the whole mapping process and tracks the path of the wheels the turns it takes and the location of the device. Giving it a better idea to move around the room.

Features to Consider

These few features can help you with the whole process of choosing and deciding to invest in your very own robot vacuum cleaning device for your home. Making the right choice of purchasing this device might be just one read away.


Performance is the first thing to look at. As you would prefer a device which can pick and clean almost every sort of particle from any floor.  The variety of surfaces this device is able to clean should not be just hard flooring but also carpets and rugs.


Look for a device that has a battery life of around 2 hours or more. This can be affected depending on the cleaning mode. This is why the more the better. Look at the charging methods, as some do not offer a charging dock. For those devices check the method and the indication for when the battery is low.


For added convenience, this feature becomes really helpful. Without your effort, you can get your device up and cleaning at a scheduled time. This assures that even in your absence your home will be clean.


With the help of a camera or even a laser reflection produces a visual image of the area. This enables the device to find the most efficient way and a map to follow and find its way around the house. Mapping is useful as the device remembers the areas it has cleaned and not. Therefore not wasting time on re-cleaning already clean areas.


You have to also consider the maintenance of the device. That is how you can get the device cleaned be it emptying the bin and disassembling the device to clean the inner parts of the device Like the brushes, wheels, and other parts.

Points to Know about a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The final deal closer to the robot vacuum cleaner. These points can be easily missed and not considered of value but in fact, are crucial. And need to be followed diligently.

  • Your device, even with a map plan fixed, will get stuck somewhere once in a while.
  • Pick up behind yourself otherwise, you will find cables, wires, shoelaces, jewelry items or any other small objects go missing. This vacuum will suck it all up.
  • Emptying your robot vacuum’s dust bin needs to be done much regularly without fail.
  • You need to clean out the vacuum’s parts like the brushes and rollers or could lead to damage to the device.
  • It’s not completely silent while working. But also not as noisy as a normal vacuum cleaner.
  • The docking station of the robot vacuum cleaner needs to be in an open and free area which would be easy for the vacuum to find and recharge itself. Besides that, the charging station needs to be within the reach of a power outlet as well.

Clean Easier

That was a wrap for this one. All the things you need to consider before you lay down your money and invest in one. Thorough research is needed as you will be placing a large amount of money on this device. Make your cleaning much easier with this device and have more spare time on your hands. If this device is the one for you make sure to check the best vacuum cleaner in UAE here.

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