9 Places You Should Never Put a Humidifier

A humidifier is a great appliance, especially in countries like the UAE, however, there are certain places where you should never place/keep it. Placing your humidifier in the right spot in your home or office helps you avoid potential health risks. We have spent hours researching and putting forth the places/areas you should avoid.

Places You Should Never Put a Humidifier

In countries with a dry climate, humidifiers work like superheroes due to their ability to add moisture to the air. It therefore plays a significant role when it comes to the health of your family members and kids.

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1. Near Electrical Sockets or Wires

One of the places that you can’t even think of placing your humidifier next to is electrical sockets or wires. Placing the humidifier next to electrical sockets or wires can cause an electrocution hazard. Further, if water spills on the electrical sockets or wires, it can lead to a short circuit and eventually start a fire.

2. On the Floor or Carpet

The last thing we would want is the presence of bacteria and mold in our house. As we know, damp environments are favourable for the growth of mold and bacteria. By placing your humidifier on the floor or carpet, you’re making a big mistake as it makes the environment damp. Another reason you should avoid placing this appliance on the floor or carpet is that the humidifier can tip over when someone is walking and even spill water all over. This can not only damage your flooring but also risk slipping.

3. Near Heating Vents or Radiators

If you place your humidifier near heating vents or radiators, the water tends to evaporate too quickly. This reduces the level of humidity in the air and also makes the humidifier less effective.

4. Close to Wooden Furniture and Decor

Wooden furniture and decor are included in the list of places where you should never place your humidifier. Why, you ask? When you place a humidifier too close to wooden furniture or decor, it can damage the furniture and make room for mold and mildew to grow.

5. In Direct Sunlight

Never make this mistake of placing your humidifier in direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the the body of the humidifier especially plastic to degrade. Additionally, it also causes the water to become stagnant which, in turn, promotes the growth of bacteria.

6. Close to Your Electrical Gadgets

As discussed above, that you should never place the humidifier near electrical sockets or wires, likewise, never place it close to your electrical gadgets. Nobody wants their laptop, smartphone, TV, or laptop to be affected by the mist given out by the humidifier. Also, you don’t want your appliances to get damaged due to this mist and water from the humidifier.

7. In a Small and Enclosed Space

Never place your humidifier in a small and enclosed space, like a bedroom or bathroom, since it can lead to over-humidification. Over-humidification can promote the growth of mold and mildew, and it can also make it difficult to breathe.

8. In a Room where Someone is Sick

Since a humidifier can spread airborne viruses and bacteria, people with a low immunity may fall sick. Therefore, if any of your family member at home is not keeping well, avoid putting a humidifier in that room.

9. Within Reach of Pets or Kids

Well, whether your kids are naughty or not, you never know when they can trip over the humidifier while playing. Pets tend to move about everywhere and you never know when their paws can knock off this appliance. You’re in bigger trouble if your humidifier is a warm mist variant since it contains hot water inside. So, don’t put your humidifier in places where your kids or pets tend to move around the most. Most importantly, avoid placing your humidifier in narrow pathways.

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