Philips Hair Trimmer Review for UAE

Today there are a plethora of hair trimmers to choose from. One better than the other with an array of features making it seemingly impossible to choose from. To ensure you make the best decision here is the Philips hair trimmer review for UAE. Philips is a trusted brand known in every corner of the world for a range of products.

The founding roots of Philips date back to 1891 but began to taste success post 1895. The Dutch company manufactured electric incandescent bulbs after making their own reliable carbon filaments. Since then Philips aided in a number of technology breakthroughs with their research from audio cassettes to modern energy-saving lamps.

Product NameModel NumberCheck Price
Philips MG7715/13Check Price on Amazon
Philips MG5730/13Check Price on Amazon
Philips MG3710/13Check Price on Amazon
Philips BT5202/83 Check Price on Amazon
Philips S9031 Check Price on Amazon

Philips is known for its small and large electrical appliances and hair trimmers are part of the umbrella portfolio. A good hair trimmer is easy to clean, comes with great power output, has a short charge time, and a reasonable number of attachments. This Philips hair trimmer review for UAE puts into perspective what you need to look at and which products are give you the best bang for your buck.

So let’s take a closer look at the products in this next section of our Philips hair trimmer review for UAE.

Philips MG7715/13

  • Tools: Style your face and trim your facial hair with 13 tools. Utilize any of the 8 combs to craft the perfect look. You get 2 body combs, 3 hair combs, 2 stubble combs, and a 3 to 7mm adjustable comb to tackle all your needs. The metal trimmer comes with a detail trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, and functions as a body shaver.
  • Run Time: Each full charge offers you 120 minutes of run time on a single hours charge. Making it one of the best possible trimmers out on the market. Further, it comes with a display to notify you of when the battery is low.
  • Showerproof: The device is capable of operating even in the shower so you need not waste time whilst getting ready.
  • Blade: The unique skin protection system gives you an irritation-free shave as close as 0.5mm even for sensitive areas. The metal trimmer blade allows you to sculpt detailed edges for your mustache or goatee.
Multiple accessories
Shower proof
Short charging time
Metal body


  • 13 tools
  • 120 min usage
  • 1 hour charge time
  • DualCut technology

Best suited for

The MG7715/13 is best suited for anyone looking for an all-round deal. The gadget functions as a one-in-all appliance. Leverage multiple attachments and settings to take care of all your grooming needs.

Philips MG5730/13

  • Tools: The trimmer comes with 7 combs and 4 attachments for trimming your body, hair, and face. This gives you a total of 11 tools to groom yourself. Included in this, is a nose trimmer for the unwanted hair in your nostrils.
  • Run Time: The device runs for up to 80 minutes of cordless use for every 16-hour charge.
  • Showerproof: The device and its attachments can be used in the shower. Not only that after using it, you can rinse it all before placing it in the storage pouch.
  • Blade: Enjoy maximum precision with DualCut technology. The technology includes 2 times the number of blades. 
Multiple attachments
Long battery life
Phenominal razor quality
Long charge time


  • Metal trimmer
  • Detail metal trimmer
  • Precision shaver
  • Nose and ear trimmer
  • 3-7mm beard adjustable comb
  • 2 stubble combs
  • 3 hair combs
  • 1 body comb
  • 80 minute use
  • 16 hour charge
  • DualCut technology

Best suited for

The MG5730/13 is best suited for anyone concerned about their facial hair. From maintaining a clean neckline to tackling nose hair the appliance can to it all. Further, the run time ensures you do not need to complete one task and set it down to charge.

Philips  MG3710/13

  • Tools: The 6-in-1 trimmer performs a number of functions and stands as a value purchase at it’s price. You get beard combs, stubble combs, hair combs, and a pouch as tools.
  • Run Time: The device runs for 60 minutes per charge cycle. Each charge cycle takes 16 hours to complete. While the other trimmer operates on a standard AA battery.
  • Showerproof: While this device is not showerproof, you can rinse the attachments provided for easy cleaning. Hair is bound to get stuck to the trimmers body. Use a cleaning brush, cloth, or blow into the machine to get the hair out.
  • Blade: Self sharpening blades that are skin-friendly allow you to achieve the perfect trim.
Economically priced
Multiple attachments
Short battery life
Long charge time


  • 2 stubble combs
  • 2 beard combs
  • Nose trimmer
  • Standard trimmer
  • 60 minute use
  • 16 hour recharge

Best suited for

This trimmer is ideal for men who do not want to spend a heft amount on a trimmer. If you have reduced hair growth or don’t shave often then this is the trimmer you want. It gives you the ability to completely groom yourself without costing an arm and leg.

Philips BT5202/83

  • Tools: In this value pack you get two trimmers with 4 attachments. This helps you maintain a fine beard or remove body hair as per convenience. The trimmer offers you 17 length settings to choose from.
  • Run Time: You get 60 minutes of charge on the trimmer when you charge the device for one hour.
  • Showerproof: It is advisable to not use the trimmer while showering. Although, you can rinse the trimmers head under running water for a complete cleaning.
  • Blade: With a blade as short as 0.4mm you can maintain the perfect stubble. The stainless steel blade is sure to last long as it does not rust. The high performance blades are skin-friendly ensuring you do not battle irritation or roughness.
Pros Cons
Two trimmers
17 length settings
Limited accessories
No pouch for storage


  • 4 attachments for the 1000 series trimmer
  • 60 minute charge
  • 1 hour charge time AA battery
  • Waterproof
  • 17 length settings

Best suited for

Any one looking to maintain a separate body hair trimmer from a facial hair trimmer. This value pack allows you to maintain two trimmers without costing you anything more than a single trimmer would. Keeping a supply of batteries can help you get those last minute shaves in case you forget to charge one trimmer.

Special Mention: Philips S9031 Shaver

  • Features: The shaver cuts 30% closer than its predecessor. Further, you can experience both a wet and dry shave with the appliance.
  • Run Time: The shaver comes with a 3 level battery indicator that notifies you of the remaining charge on the device. The device runs for an entire 50 minutes on a complete charge, which takes just one hour.
  • Washable: The cordless shaver comes with a washable head making cleaning it simple.
  • Blade: It has 8-direction CountourDetect Heads that give you the smoothest and closest possible shave with the V-Track system.
Closest possible shave
Wet and dry shave
Quick charge


  • 3 level battery indicator
  • 100-240 V,
  • Completely washable
  • Run time 50 min
  • 8X directional heads
  • Dual blades
  • 9 W

Best suited for

The shaver is best suited for people looking to get a clean shave. You cannot maintain a beard or stubble with this device. Great for working corporate professionals and students. Trimmers leave behind the ‘green patch’ and a light beard as they are unable to shave as close as possible to the skin. This device takes care of any unwanted hair with minimal effort.

Grab the best possible trimmer

There you have it 4 trimmers and one shaver that conclude this Philips hair trimmer review for UAE. A hair trimmer is not something you’ll buy every month so take your time in choosing one and don’t be afraid to invest in it. Good quality blades and a reliable brand will ensure you get the best trim. Doing so will help you avoid itchy skin, uncomfortable shaves, redness, and rusting of the blades. Pay attention to charge times and accessories to get the most out of your shave.

Lastly, when buying a trimmer ensure you do not use your body hair trimmer on your face and vice-versa. The further last-mentioned shaver is ideal for a crop as close to the skin as possible. Shaver’s do not allow you to maintain various hair lengths and are your best option for a razor-clean look. Consider checking out the top 18 perfumes for men and purchase the one that suits your personality.

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