Perfume Guide for UAE Men

Guys, ATTENTION!! Perfumes can backfire if you don’t use them appropriately. For all the handsome men residing in UAE, here is a step-by-step perfume guide that we have come up with which will make you a professional in men’s perfumes. The fragrance is invisible, yet it has the power to either make you or break you depending on how you use it thus making it crucial to every man. We have listed all types of fragrances, the right perfume for every situation, and the right place to store perfumes. Besides identifying your signature fragrance, you will also know how and where to apply it through this guide. Find all your answers in one place. We bet you won’t have to go anywhere else.

Perfume Guide for UAE men

How and Where to Apply Perfume

To know how to apply the perfume, firstly, you need to understand the potency of the fragrance that you are planning to wear. Sillage also called as projection is how the fragrance reacts to the environment. In other words, it is the degree to which the scent of that particular fragrance will linger in the air. The number of spritzes depends upon the strength of the fragrance and also on how much you want to project. Certain perfumes even if sprayed 5-7 times don’t project much. On the other hand, some perfumes are so strong that even if sprayed just once, they can project on the other side of the room or entire area.

Remember that less is more hence always start with one spray to be on the safer side. You want people to come closer to you and not drive them away. Next, where to apply the perfume? Ensure that you always spray the perfume on the hotspots (pulse points) of the body. Hotspots are areas which are naturally going to get warm. And the smell is going to radiate off. Consider starting with the chest as this is the easiest. Simply spray it after a shower on your chest, 3-6 inches away from your body. Before doing so, ensure your body is completely dry.

As we have seen earlier, how much to spray depends on how much the scent projects. Once you spray it on your chest, you can move up to the neck or on each of the arms, wrists and forearms. Avoid spraying the perfume on your clothing as it won’t smell the same. Spraying it on your body smells a lot different. Also, if the fragrance is strong, then it could stay there for weeks. Additionally, it can also stain your clothing. So, you need to be mindful. NEVER rub the fragrance.

Understanding Types of Fragrances

Well, before you purchase a perfume, you should be aware of what you are paying for and whether it is worth investing in. As a matter of fact, knowledge is power. Hence, identifying and understanding the types of fragrances is crucial. There are almost 10 types of fragrances containing unique scent profiles. Identifying which one suits your personality is necessary and beneficial. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each of these fragrance types in this perfume guide for UAE men. But first, take a deep breath!

1. Floral

As the name says, this fragrance is distinguished by the smell of flowers which makes it pleasant. You feel as if you’re walking in a garden. Moreover, it composes all the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or the aroma compounds which is emitted by floral tissue like flower petals.

2. Aquatic

Next, aquatic fragrances are ideal for use during the summer thus making it ideal for UAE weather. Aquatic is a new wave of fragrance which made use of synthetic technology for creating fragrances that are distinguished by their fresh and marine like scents. In other words, synthetic oils are brought together to duplicate the smells of the ocean and the beach.

3. Spicy

Perfumes that contain spice in the composition are referred to as spicy fragrances and are ideal for winter. Spices such as ginger, pepper cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg are combined with oriental materials. Hence, the spicy fragrance is often considered as a subsect of the Oriental family. Note that nutmeg and cinnamon are common attributes.

4. Oriental

Oriental fragrances are considered the most seductive of the fragrance families as they consist of exotic and rich smells from the Eastern regions of the world. Warm amber dominates these sensual and seductive scents. Besides amber, oriental fragrances are also remarkable for their use of patchouli, vanilla and truffle.

5. Gourmand

Perfumes that primarily consist of synthetic edible notes like chocolate, praline, coffee, vanilla, caramel, honey or candy are gourmand fragrances. This fragrance always smells edible. Further, its top and middle notes may be blended with non-edible base notes like musk or patchouli.

6. Leather

When it comes to leather fragrance, that bottle doesn’t contain the real essence of leather. Yes, that is because Birch tar or Isoquinolines are used in order to mimic the scent of leather since these contain a leathery smokiness. Besides these, aldehydes, juniper or other synthetics are designed to provide a skin-like scent.

7. Citrus

Well, here’s another fragrance that is ideal for summers. The citrus fragrance is recommended for warmer and sunnier climates and is characterized by its fresh and zesty notes. Some of the fruits that fall in the citrus category include orange, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, neroli, clementine, verbena and lemongrass.

8. Chypre

Chypre is a fragrance family that is characterised by an accord which is composed of citrus top notes, middle notes – cistus labdanum and a mossy-animalic set of base notes that is derived from oakmoss. This is a versatile fragrance that is known to be around since ancient Rome.

9. Woody

There is always something authentic and refreshing about a woody scent. Common woody fragrances include bark, resin and cedar. Since these fragrances are influenced by nature they contain more depth and a whole lot of character. Typically, fragrances which are dominated by woody scents contain pine, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, and cedarwood. Citrus or aromatic top notes characterize woody fragrances. The heart notes comprise dry, crisp, woody notes and the base notes comprise dominant resin or wood.

10. Fougere

Fougere is a renowned fragrance category that’s often associated with masculinity and strength. Moreover, it is derived from the French word for “fern” and a blend of fragrances is used to make it. They make use of coumarin, lavender, and tobacco abundantly. In general, this fragrance is extremely clean and smells natural; it is a scent that is woody as well as fresh. Further, it is categorized by a grassy, dry, hay-like dry down. Hence, Fougere perfumes are versatile which indicates that you can use it on a wide variety of occasions.

Right Perfume for the Situation

As a matter of fact, there are lots of fragrances that are specifically and creatively designed for office wear, parties, dates, interviews, presentations and a lot more scenarios that men deal with. Thus, you should know what the situation calls for i.e the right perfume for the situation.

For Work

Numerous people work in close proximity in an office. Hence, you can’t opt for a bold scent in this scenario. Instead, you need a perfume that contains cleaner and fresher notes. Office fragrances are a popular category, ensure you opt for floral, citrus, and green notes. Further, these can be broken down into seasonal professional fragrances as well.

For an Evening Out

This is the most exciting part. For instance, if you’re going to a party in the evening, a movie or dinner date with HER, then you need something that is Oriental, bold, or spicy. Consider opting for the best fragrances that combine classic Oriental notes like Amberwood and spice. Leather would be another great fragrance for this situation.

Step by Step Perfume Guide for Men in UAE

Where and How Much to Spray

You have ordered out your perfume and are very excited about it. What next? As we have seen earlier, spraying the perfume on the pulse points on your body is highly recommended. Especially, the neck, inner wrists and behind the ears. Do you want to know why? Well, that is because the heat will project the fragrance more effectively when you do so. Ensure you spray the perfume immediately after a shower once you dry your body completely since your skin is clean at that moment. Also, on days when it is really hot, consider spraying the perfume once on your hair since this offers better retention.

Note that the amount of perfume you spray depends on its projection. Each fragrance has its own projection. For a decent and appropriate coverage, hold the perfume bottle about 3 to 6 inches away from your skin. Spray it just once. If it’s not enough then spray it max 2-3 times. As the saying goes, anything excess is bad. The same implies the amount of perfume you spray. Remember the point is to smell good, not overbearing.

How to Find Your Perfect Perfume

Feeling special, loved and cared is what every man longs for. Finding the perfume that suits you is crucial. Trying out someone else’s perfume that doesn’t suit your personality and body chemistry won’t lead you anywhere. Hold on! Don’t worry as we have researched thoroughly and listed all the ways in which you can find your signature scent in this perfume guide for UAE men. In order to begin, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself. These are divided into research, exploration, acquisition, and discovery.


Firstly, ask yourself what do you like smelling the most? Scents which you enjoy smelling daily should be the base for your research. You can note down all these. Next, who are you trying to impress? Your boss, manager and colleagues during a presentation or interview? Or, are you heading towards impressing the love of your life, the woman you always wanted? Note that down too. If your answer is neither of these and you just want to smell good and feel fresh throughout the day, then opt for the fragrance that impresses you and relaxes you the most!

Lastly, what’s your lifestyle? Are you a workaholic who spends most of your time in the office or are you more of an outgoing or outdoor working person dealing with clients and other sources? Or you spend every weekend in restaurants, coffee shops, movies with friends and family? You know it better.


Analyze which are the most appealing perfumes in your category? The ones that you usually or frequently search for is your answer. It could be anything, regardless of any brand and fragrance family. These perfumes make solid foundations for you to start. Next, what’s your budget? First and foremost, you need to figure out if it is an EDT or EDP. An EDP will always cost more than an EDT. You should know the difference between a perfume costing AED 60 and a perfume costing AED 600. Ensure you find out how complex and how strong it is and whether it makes use of natural oils or not. All these factors influence the price.

Lastly, what is the right way to sample these perfumes? Note that you should always sample the perfumes on your own skin and not on plastic strips. Every fragrance reacts in a different way in accordance with your unique body chemistry. Hence, you need to be mindful. You need to practice wearing these fragrances. For a simple fact that every human being is unique. What suits one man may not suit another.


Were you able to narrow down your perfume options? Consider two to three options which you loved the most. Do you need to consider the price again? To make it easier and less confusing, read the following. The perfume bottle that you purchase will last you for several years to come. However, this depends on how much you are going to spray, so ask yourself that too. Also, the perfume you purchase will get you compliments and also make strong impressions. So, even if it is highly-priced, consider it strongly. Don’t rush with the process. Take your time and make an informed decision.


Finally, how do you know if you have made the right choice? Well, if you keep going back to that one same perfume every single time in spite of other options in front of you, that means you are in love with it. Hence, it is a good sign and you may proceed with your purchase.

Store your Perfumes Well

Well, coming to the last yet important section of this perfume guide for UAE men. Note that in order to prolong the life of the fragrance, it is essential to store your fragrances in the right/appropriate places. As a matter of fact, direct sunlight affects perfumes adversely. In every perfume, chemical bonds are responsible for giving fragrances their scent. Unfortunately, the heat and direct sunlight break down these chemical bonds thereby making them weak. Therefore, storing your perfumes away from sunlight and in areas with low humidity is essential. Additionally, always store your perfume bottles at room temperature.

Note that the darker the bottle, the longer will the perfume inside it last. Also, opaque bottles are beneficial and stand out from the rest because they don’t allow any light in. Thus, you can keep opaque bottles out of its packaging as and when you want to. Also, storing your perfumes in the bathroom is a bad idea. This is because the steam from the hot showers can destroy the particles inside the bottle which in turn can permanently damage the quality of the fragrance. Note that drawers and cupboards are ideal for storing perfumes.

Spritz, spritz!

So, guys! As you have seen, using perfume the right way is all about experimentation and repetition. Practice makes a man perfect. Pick up one that suits your body chemistry. Remember, every individual is unique. Don’t fret all you men residing in UAE, we still have your back, now that you have gone through the entire perfume guide and understood each and every part of it. You’re all set to check out 18 top-notch men’s perfumes. Smell good and feel confident with these best perfume brands! The love of your life is surely gonna say YES to you and you are definitely gonna crack that interview too!! Now that you are done reading this perfume guide for men especially residing in UAE. Here is another article that you’ve got to read which shows you the fragrance volatility, life cycle and the perfume pyramid.

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