5 Men’s Grooming Gadgets Compared

Personal grooming is essential for the modern man, this is achievable with the help of a men’s grooming gadget. Personal grooming improves the way you present yourself and also results in an increasingly healthy body. Everyone showers and wears fresh clothes after splashing on a little cologne. Trimming your nails and polishing your shoes are also part and parcel to building strong first impressions. However, many men seem to forget trimming their beard and body hair.

A neatly trimmed beard not only ditches the unruly-homeless look but also works wonders for your jawline. According to your bone structure, you can find a beard style that suits you or sport a clean-shaven look. With the correct men’s grooming gadgets you can customize a unique style and maintain it effortlessly.

Which Grooming Gadgets Should You Own?

Some of the most important additions to your grooming kit should be a body shaver, beard trimmer, nose, and ear trimmer, along with an electric shaver. These gadgets take care of all your body and facial hair grooming needs. But, in order to understand what they do and whether you need them or not, read on.

Multi-Grooming Kit

What does it do?

  • These are the all-rounder bad boys of the facial and body hair grooming industry.
  • They cover all the areas of your body such as your neckline, groin, chest, legs, armpits, and more.
  • It has a number of attachments that require independent charging for complete care. It also has more length and settings and increased precision for trimming.
  • Some kits may include beard care products such as beard oil, butter, shampoo, and serum. This helps you sport a healthy and neatly maintained beard.

Who needs this men’s grooming gadget?

  • Almost every man needs a grooming kit, whether you have a beard or not.
  • Anyone with body hair in excess or finds it uncomfortable should invest in a kit.
  • Men looking to maintain their facial hair without wasting time at the salon need one. It also saves you a lot of money.
  • Body hair trimmers should be kept separate from facial hair and intimate area trimmers to maximize personal hygiene. As such, a complete kit works out more economical.

Body Trimmer

What does it do?

  • Designed primarily for body hair growth.
  • They should not be used on your face.
  • Consider buying a separate trimmer for your man-scaping your manly areas.
  • Try avoiding shaving body hair as it comes back thicker and increasingly rough.

Who needs this men’s grooming gadget?

  • Anyone with body hair that requires maintenance.
  • People who are athletes and wear clothing that can pull hairs.
  • Men who do not wish to shave body hair and avoid thicker growth.
  • Those men who have sensitive skin and cannot handle the harsh chemicals of body hair removal cream.

Beard Trimmers

What does it do?

  • Beard trimmers are designed specifically to tackle beards.
  • Avoid using them on your body as the hair have different thickness.
  • This can cause the blade to become dull and may even cause irritation and scratching.
  • Do not use a body trimmer on your face as it can cause more problems.
  • Beard trimmers come with a number of accessories and attachments to give you more options. You can style your beard at various lengths and angles.

Who needs this men’s grooming gadget?

  • A trimmer is needed for anyone who wants to maintain a beard or slight stubble.
  • It does not cause irritation to the skin as shaving does.
  • Beard trimmers allow you to crop your beard close to your skin.
  • They ensure your beard remains soft.
  • Men going to college/work can benefit tremendously by having this grooming appliance.
Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

Nose & Ear Trimmer

What does it do?

  • These are small ultra sensitive gadgets used to trim the hair inside your nose and ears.
  • The skin inside your ears and nostrils is increasingly sensitive. The surface area also does not allow a normal trimmer head to be used.
  • The specifically designed trimmer helps chop down those pesky hairs without causing damage or irritation.

Who needs this men’s grooming gadget?

  • Anyone with strands of hair poking out from their nostrils needs it.
  • Some people have hairs growing on and in the ear, they can benefit from this gadget.
  • Even if the hair is not poking out but excessive and uncomfortable, it is wise to invest in an ear and nose trimmer.

Electric Shaver

What is it?

  • Electric shavers are designed to shave the face.
  • They have round blades or foils unlike trimmers with straight blades.
  • It may harden your skin over time.
  • Electric shavers cause less irritation than razors and manual shavers.
  • You can get a dry shaver or a wet shaver (one that uses foam/ shaving cream).
  • Gives you a clean smooth look that trimming does not.

Who needs this men’s grooming gadget?

  • Anyone that needs a clean shave regularly.
  • Most people who are in corporate roles or hospitality industry can benefit from this.
  • Men that find razors and traditional shavers uncomfortable or rough on the skin.

Clean Up in a Jiffy With The Right Men’s Grooming Gadget!

Gone are the days where the brutish caveman look made you seem like a macho-man. Today, personal hygiene and etiquette are the hallmarks of the modern man. Do not lose out on both professional and personal opportunities because of poor grooming. Most of us men aren’t as calculated as women when it comes to getting ready! We tend to underestimate how long it takes to get ready. From ironing your clothes and polishing your shoes to applying the right cologne and waxing your hair it can be easy to lose track of time. In the midst of this comotion, you cannot overlook neatly cropping your hair. Be it on your neckline or the stands that crawl out from under your shirt button. With the help of some of the best men’s grooming gadgets never get caught off-guard or fall prey to last-minute rushes. Sport a neatly cropped beard for your interview and say goodbye to that armpit hair that causes sweat patches.

With the increased pace of life, it can be difficult to find time to go to the salon on a weekly basis. When it comes down to buying the best men’s grooming gadgets keep in mind two things; your budget and the trimmer’s performance. Furthermore, you can save a considerable amount of money with the right men’s grooming gadgets. Couple your purchase with the best electric toothbrush in UAE and stay minty!

In my personal opinion,

There are a number of ways to get rid of body hair. You can choose to go to a salon and wax (which is painful depending on the thickness of your hair). If you experience irritation and are prone to hair in-growths then waxing may not be ideal. On the other hand, trimmers and shavers are both essentials when it comes to personal grooming. A good trimmer and shaver can give you a clean cropped look without any pain or hassle. If you are someone with excessive body hair, consider laser treatment. While the cost is high the solution is permanent and only requires a few sessions.

  • Invest in a body hair trimmer and beard trimmer. This will ensure you don’t use one in place of the other.
  • For a clean shave, I prefer the traditional razor or wet shave.
  • Take the bi-weekly trip to your salon and pamper yourself a bit.
  • Get a deep clean done and perhaps try a new beard style.
  • If you like it, you can maintain it with your own grooming kit.
  • In the end, it’s all about looking presentable and feeling great about yourself.

Since we are discussing personal grooming, you may also want to take a look at the top-notch perfumes for men. Get your hands on one of these today and smell good and feel fresh.

6 Health Gadget for Self-Tracking in Dubai

Dubai proudly stands as the cornerstone that upholds millennial and contemporary movement. From arts and high-end vehicles to music and technology, and food to shopping, you name it and Dubai has it. Personal well-being now lies at the forefront. People are becoming increasingly conscious about their lifestyle and habits. This can be seen in the extended average age of death in UAE. The average age of death in UAE in 1960 was 52.26 years. Today, in 2019 the average age of death is 77.26 years. A health gadget for self-tracking now comes dime-a-dozen in Dubai and the rest of UAE. The increasing attention paid on lifestyle and health led to a surge in demand for a health gadget for self-tracking.

What is Self-Tracking?

By definition, self-tracking is the process of recording an activity, event, or happening of your own life. By documenting something about yourself you not only maintain an accurate record but also hold yourself accountable. It can be as simple as penning down whether or not you’ve taken your insulin shots or maintaining a food diary to know how much you have eaten throughout the day. Self-tracking is a method by which you can always take responsibility for your actions. Its allows you to put to rest the blame game and the infamous ‘I forgot’.

As of 2016, sociologist Deborah Lupton claims that there are over 160,000 tracking apps in the app store. Now while their usage and application vary it is clear that the apps help you monitor and regulate a number of habits from the comfort of your home. Now in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), all devices come with online connectivity options for added convenience. As of 2018, there are more than 10 billion IoT devices globally. From reading blood sugar levels and tracking sleeping patterns to breathing fresh air, and observing your weight everything is made simple.

With handles such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you can post regular updates about your progress, interact with experienced community members, and offer advice. This increases motivation levels and improves the likelihood of success at living a healthy life. Some of the health gadgets have their own apps and can be used on IOS and Android platforms. Here are some of the health gadgets for self-tracking that you should consider.

Weighing scale

A weighing scale helps you monitor your current weight. Your ideal body weight is based on your gender, age, lean body mass. You can know a rough estimate of what your weight should be based on these indicators. Technologically savvy weighing scales come with features that provided data on 10 body composition characteristics. This helps you gain a clearer picture of what you need to do, as some scales provide recommendations. Look for a scale that can directly transmit your data to a fitness tracking app.

Wireless glucometer

The health gadget for self-tracking provides a reading of the level of glucose in a person’s blood. To get a reading, you must prick the skin on your finger. The glucose in the blood sample applied reacts with the chemicals in the strip and gives you a reading. A wireless glucometer gives you the flexibility to check levels anywhere you go. This means you can treat yourself on vacation or eat your favourite foods within defined limits. You can use ones from a trusted brand like iHealth that are small and portable. The device is FDA approved and fits into your headphone jack featuring iHealths’ Gluco-Smart app to track your blood sugar readings with your doctor.

Fitness band

Fitness bands, originally meant to promote activity have become a trend lately. The health gadget for self-tracking monitors your heart rate, steps, sleep and makes your health a priority. In addition, they help you set goals and hold yourself accountable for achieving them. The wearable computers come with a variety of trackers. You can select a fitness band with a heart rate monitor that shows you your heart rate while exercising. Conversely, you can select the GPS to know your distance traveled on a jog.

Blood pressure monitor

As the name suggests this health gadget allows you to monitor your blood pressure. Whether you are stuck in traffic or dealing with relationship stress a good monitor is handy to have. The healthy blood pressure level is 120/80. Having the levels too high or too low hamper the amount of oxygen and nutrients pushed around the circulatory system. Blood pressure readings are expressed as the systolic pressure first and the diastolic pressure second. A good way to keep blood pressure levels in check is to keep healthy body weight. Eat more fruits and low-fat dairy along with cutting down on sodium or salt. In addition, add a blood pressure monitor such as the Nokia Wireless BP monitor that offers you automatic synchronization. Your readings appear in the Health Mate app via Bluetooth. You can email them to your doctor along with a comprehensive report.

Brain sensing headband

The wearable headband technology measures your brain activity using EEG (Electroencephalography) sensors. It gets converted into audio feedback that is accessible by the app provided. The band allows you to relax, de-stress and sends you into a meditative state with a number of calming sounds. It allows you to choose if you want sounds or not or monitors your brain activity as you deal with thoughts. If you have never meditated and often find yourself struggling with thoughts, emotions, and anxiety it may be worth to try the brain sensing headband from Muse. Active meditation is known to have many positive health benefits and improve the quality of life as we know it. Amidst the cosmopolitan raging atmosphere, this may be exactly what you need to calm the bustle in your mind.

Air quality purifier

Lastly, this health gadget for self-tracking monitors the air in your home/work space is clean and pollution-free. Geographic patterns, weather conditions, and pollution contribute to air quality. Due to the extreme heat and sandstorms, it can be beneficial to have an air purifier, such as the Mi Air Purifier, in your home. Within 10 short minutes, it purifies the air in a 21 sq.m room. Further, you can connect to the provided app and use your phone as a remote to switch it on. You can program it for any time during the day or night. You can also add the Xiaomi Home Smart Particulate Monitor to detect the air quality around you and your loved ones.

Are you missing out on opportunities by not implementing self-tracking?

When you hold yourself accountable you stop making excuses! Period. By monitoring your daily activities you can schedule every hour of the day and MAKE time for what you previously couldn’t find time for. This could be going to the gym, meditating, reading, learning a new language, or trying out a new hobby. Self-tracking can help you strike a balance between your professional and personal life. Within a short span, you can not only improve your health but even your relationships, habits and behaviours based on your goals.

Live Healthy Live Long

With increasing heart problems among millennial and stress-related lifestyles its important to pay attention to what is at the centre of your well-being. YOUR HEALTH! Living a long, healthy, and happy life is what determines the quality of your days, happiness being key. Take charge of your health and relationships with a health gadget for self-tracking. You will find that you shall rest better, feel refreshed, find more time in your day, and nurture meaningful relationships. Grab whichever health gadget that can improve your lifestyle and get moving. The first step is always the hardest. Like my old gym coach used to say “If you started when you first thought about it, you’d be there by now.”

Technology is making rapid advancements and undoubtedly paves the way for tomorrow. What is important is to understand that technology can make your life simpler but not do everything for you. Dependency is the enemy and not utilization. Supplement your effort with technology and you can take charge of your tomorrow. Allow it to make your decisions and influence your values and you shall remain a slave to it. I implore you to WAKE UP, MAKE A CHANGE, AND KEEP MOVING.

6 Gadgets for Getting the Salon Look at Home

Wonder how you can achieve that perfect salon look at home instantly? Apart from the cost involved when visiting a salon, the entire ordeal is very time-consuming. But, it is possible to get that salon look at home. No appointments, booking your preferred hairdresser, or risk missing your appointment as you keep up with your busy life. Between household chores, work, and other social commitments you may find it difficult to make time to go to the salon. Especially, since Dubai is an ever-bustling and active city. Escape the conundrum of choosing a hairdresser that is reasonably priced, well located, and can execute your desired look with precision. Simply, by taking matters into your own hands.

I have taken the liberty- so you don’t have to- and found 6 main gadgets that will help you in getting the perfect salon look at home. It does take a bit of effort of “Do It Yourself” on a personal front but saves you time and money in your personal care routine. It’s great when you have the freedom to work on your appearance at your own time, pace, and convenience. Use this step by step guide to know exactly what you need to get that salon look at home. Whether you are expecting guests at home, or want that salon look for a birthday party or wedding, these tips will help you in achieving the same.


If you are not familiar with epilators you can read the article titled ‘Best Epilator in UAE for Silky Smooth Skin‘. This will help you gain an in-depth understanding of epilators and how they can benefit you. Let’s go in-depth once more to know how they can give us that salon look at home. I would recommend Philips Lumea Prestige IPL-Hair Removal Device as the best hair remover as it offers you all the functions and advanced features at an economical price.

The Face Epilator has been designed to cater to the delicate needs of women. This anti-day stubble remover will do the trick when your stubble decides to crop up once again. Enjoy glowing and hair-free skin with a facial epilator. It is equipped with a slim epilator head that extracts hair from the roots. This, in turn, gives you a hair-free skin in those otherwise difficult to reach spots. Now relax and get your upper lip and tweezing of eyebrows done with a face epilator.

The Body Epilator removes the hair from the root through the spinning of tiny, metallic tweezers. Unlike waxing, this device results in smooth and silky skin. Additionally, this works effectively on underarms too. This soft skin stays that way for at least 2 weeks. Consider this as a hair removal method and get that salon look at home. Say bye to the traditional razors giving you those prickly, rough legs, and waxing that leaves your skin sore.

Epilator for Bikini Line: Going to the salon can be pretty expensive. Epilators are great money-savers and give you results similar to waxing. Unlike waxing you won’t experience redness on your skin. Neither will it leave your skin sore. Many women epilate their bikini line. It’s great for keeping yourself smooth and comes without the redness and irritation. While epilating that area, the fewer tweezers the better, as its a delicate area. Always go for an epilator equipped with 2 speeds. You can either go for full efficiency to get the job done quickly or you can choose the lower speed. The lower speed offers a gentler experience which is less painful.

Hair Dryer

Consider getting home a hair dryer in UAE. Not just to dry your hair instantly, but also to style it the way you want. Besides this, it can tone-down curls and layers. Thus giving you the perfect salon look at home to your precious hair. Additionally, you will also save on your hard-earned money by investing in a complete home-made salon kit. An important addition is the blow dryer. Blow drying helps to pre-mould your hair into a style. It also plays a major role as it takes the moisture out of your hair. This causes less frizz and creates a natural style. I recommend adding the Philips DryCare Pro Hair Dryer to your home-built salon kit. Keep in mind that excessive blow-drying can leave your hair dry and brittle. Limit usage to once a week for best results so as to not compromise your hairs natural oils.

Hair Straightener

If you’re facing difficulty handling that unmanageable dry and rough hair, then consider buying a hair straightener. Now you can flaunt that silky straight hair as and when you want to. To begin, ensure your hair is not dripping wet after a shower. Simply lather on some hair serum to your hair before you start. Next, towel dry it or use a hair dryer to dry your hair instantly. Now you are set to begin using your hair straighter. This will last you till you wash your hair as it is a temporary straightener.

Make sure that the temperature set is not too high initially. Just “Do It Yourself” within an hour or two. You should keep in mind your hair type, the level of thickness, the quality of the hair straightener and more. It will reduce your efforts, especially visiting the salon, thus saving your expense too. Personally, I feel the Philips Essential Care hair straightener is the best buy in UAE. You can read best hair straightener in UAE for the salon look for more guidance.

Hair Curler for the Salon Look at Home

Are you bored of going straight-haired all week? Want those bouncy hair locks to flaunt with your summer dress? Consider getting a hair curler home. A curler iron bends your hair using heat, thus giving you those well-defined curls that you desire. That too, within a few minutes. With increased flexibility and multiple heat settings, you can curl your hair the way you want to. Whether you desire long spirals, sharp permed hair or loose curls, everything is possible by spending a little time with your curler.

Curl about 10 sections of hair at a time for the best results, instead of curling the whole bunch. Purchasing the right hair curler that suits your hair type will save you precious time and money. I would recommend adding the Remington Pro Spiral hair curler to your beauty salon kit. Don’t forget to use a hair protector spray before curling your hair. This will protect your hair from damage due to high heat. Using the hair curler on a regular basis is not at all good for your hair. It will take away the natural oil and make your hair feel dull and lifeless.

Face Massager & Cleaner

Personally, I feel the best part of a facial or skin treatment is a face massage. It is relaxing and makes your skin feel healthy, happy and strong. Dermatologists have stated many benefits to frequent facial massages and exfoliation. Now, the point is getting a face massager home. Having your own face massager is way better than the ones in salons for personal hygiene purposes.

After careful consideration, I personally recommend the 5 in 1 Electric Facial Washing Brush Cleaning Machine to be the face massager of choice. This is because it offers you 5 distinct functions at an affordable price. Save your valuable time by getting salon ready at home. Get an effective clean and scrub with this 360 degree rotating the facial brush. It comes with 5 different heads to meet all your needs and is suitable for all skin types. The Cosmetic Sponge cleanses the face to prepare it for nourishing and moisturizing. The Soft Brush exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal radiant skin. The Pumice gently exfoliates, polishes and smooths rough callus skin under your foot and elbow.

Special Mention: Beauty Kit

This all in one unisex beauty kit is a must for getting the perfect salon look at home. It consists of a face massager, epilator, ladies shaver for trimming, skin cleanser and foot callus removal device. The epilator in this kit safely removes hair. Using this appliance is safe and you cannot get cut as the hair roots are pulled out. In the process, the epilator makes your skin silky and smooth. This comprehensive beauty kit is suitable for use on your arms, legs, underarms, and bikini line.

The callus remover quickly and easily removes dead skin and rough feet cocoon, exposing the soft skin. Besides this, the lady shaver safely trims the bikini area, underarms, legs, and arms. Next, the skin cleansing brush exfoliates dead skin cells and effectively cleans your pores. It also removes blackheads and acne, etc. The face massager can be used to massage every part of your body. It promotes blood circulation, removes wrinkles, and more.

Immerse Yourself with the Ultimate Salon Experience

Now you have a clearer idea of what all these masterpieces can do and how they can give you that salon look in a few minutes or hours. Go ahead and assemble your personal salon kit at home. You just need electricity, the right equipment and a pair of hands to work with. No unnecessary stress of missing an appointment with the hairdresser or driving all the way to the salon. In fact, the best part about having all this equipment home is you don’t have to worry about how many customers it is used on.

Some Healthy Habits for Dubai Summer

Need a few healthy habits for Dubai summer? It’s hellishly hot once again, even though everything is air conditioned, you still may not be as protected as you think. Loose fitting linen clothes? Check! Reduced walking outdoors to a minimum during the day? Check! Carrying a large hat? Check. But what about your diet? Healthy habits for Dubai Summer can help you stay safe and make the most of your trip in case you are visiting.

Even with mild exposure to the scorching heat, your body can be sent into a frenzy. This is especially true since most of your time will be spent in the comfort of an air-conditioned room. What’s more, in extreme cases you risk having a heat stroke. But, you can avoid all that. All you need is to put into practice these healthy habits for Dubai summer. The best part? They don’t cost you much.

Healthy Habits for Dubai Summer to Remember

Drink an adequate amount of liquids

  • Water: Since the human body is made up of nearly 60% water, it is no secret that staying hydrated is key. A healthy habit for Dubai summer is to drink an increasing amount of water. A good thumb rule is to measure your weight in lbs and multiply the number by 2/3. This will give you the amount of water you need to consume in ounces. Not only this, but research indicated that drinking about 500ml of water in a go can for a short duration spike your metabolism by 24%. This means drinking water does help you lose weight. It would be smart to carry about a bottle of water pre-chilled in your refrigerator wherever you go to reduce the chances of dehydration.
  • Tea: The idea of consuming hot beverages cools you off is not a new one. The age-old practice of consuming a hot drink adds heat to your body. While this seems counter-intuitive, the heat from the drink increases the amount you sweat. In turn, this sweat helps you cool off. Avoid drinking coffee as caffeine can leave you feeling dehydrated. Consider grabbing an electric kettle, instead of hovering over the stove waiting for the water to boil.

Consume more fruits

  • Summer fruits: They provide essential energy and nutrients to your body in addition, to protecting you from the heat. Seasonal fruits are even fresher and increasingly nutritious.
  • Watermelons: Chomp down into largely cut, juicy chunks of watermelon this summer. Inexpensive and healthy, watermelons boost immunity, protect skin from sun damage, and improve the health of your eyes. They are rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C in addition to being full of water.
  • Mangoes: A great source of vitamins, nearly 20 in the fruit. Mangoes are also a great source of fiber which helps you feel full for longer. This fruit provides you a much-needed energy boost along with protection from the blazing heat.
  • Juice it up: If you prefer something cold, consider cutting up a watermelon, some grapes, and strawberries and blending them with crushed ice. A summer juice is probably what you need to sip on as you take on your day. You can choose the best juicer in UAE and stay on top of your healthy habits for Dubai summer.

Wear cooler fabric and breezy clothes

  • Light colours: Light coloured clothes are your best friend during the summers. Light colours tend to reflect heat helping you stay cooler during the summer.
  • Material: Choose materials such as cotton and linen to decorate the forefront of your wardrobe. Linen is a lighter material that is breathable, comfortable, and quick to dry. Consider using a hair trimmer to rid yourself of body hair and avoid those gnarly sweat patches.
  • Local attire: In the UAE the ankle-long garment is known as ‘kandura’. The soft fabric is skin friendly, avoiding any irritation that is common during summers. Further, the locals have been using it for centuries as the garment is breezy and keeps you cool from within.

Carry a Cap

  • Wear a cap or headgear: This can be extremely beneficial when stepping outdoors. You may spend the bulk of your time at home working, in office, or at the mall. But, if you decide to step out even a cap protects your head from the direct sun.
  • Temperature and exposure: A sudden blast from the scorching heat can leave you dehydrated, dizzy, and susceptible to a heat stroke. A simple cap or head accessory can protect you from this.

Ventilate your cars

  • Open your doors: If you’ve parked in the sun before you hop in open the doors and air your car. A few minutes of airing allows the trapped heat to escape. This is important so that you do not feel suffocated and sweat out unnecessarily.
  • Leave the windows down: Once you get in and start moving, keep your windows down for a minute or two. Even with the AC on allow the air to move in and out of the car, the ventilation ensures your car will get cooler sooner, once the windows are up.

Take up an indoor form of exercise

  • Pause outdoor jogging: It is important to keep exercising but jogging outdoors even in the evenings is not recommended. A healthy habit for Dubai summer would be to substitute this form of exercise with an indoor one. While jogging indoors, make sure that the air quality in the room is up to the mark.
  • Spinning class: Consider signing up for a spinning class. The group activity can leave you feeling more energetic during the heat. You will burn far more calories with this form of high-intensity training. Plus, you get to socialize and make new friends.
  • Swim: An ideal time to go swimming is during the summer, an indoor pool and dip may just be what you need to cool off and stay active. Swimming is known to tone up muscles, build endurance, reduce impact stress, and burns a significant number of calories. You can burn anywhere between 300-560 calories per hour by swimming.

Exfoliate your skin more often

  • Remove toxins and avoid acne: A regular skin care routine does wonders for your skin and health. You can avoid heat boils and summer rashes by investing a little in self-care. Exfoliating removes dry and dead skin cells. When dead cells do not come off they block your pores. In turn, this does not allow your sweat glands to release toxins from your body. Thus, exfoliation prevents acne and eruptions.
  • Improves circulation: Exfoliating also improves blood circulation throughout your face. This leaves you looking refreshed and helps your skin glow.
  • Moisturise: Exfoliating allows your pores to be penetrated more deeply by moisturizing products. This makes them more effective and helps you get the most out of your skincare routine.

Beat the Heat

There you have it! Some healthy habits for Dubai summers. By cultivating these habits not only will you stay safe this summer but also healthy. The heat reduces appetite, instead of eating oily foods try a plate of fresh fruit. Your body and weight will thank you for it. Summertime can help you reach your fitness goals with a little smart eating. Moreover, taking care of your nutrition, skin, body, and mental health leads to increased feelings of satisfaction.

Best Electric Kettle in UAE with Expert Reviews

Electric Kettles are one of the most basic electrical kitchen appliances as of today. Today, offices and hotel rooms have electric kettles placed as they are so convenient. The best electric kettle in UAE can instantly address your hot beverage needs. The best electric kettles are made using the latest technology and offer ease of operation. An electrical kettle is ideal for people living in PG’s, bachelors and even in your kitchen at home. A kettle can help you heat water for some tea, soup, or coffee at an hour of your convenience.

Related: Best Electric Kettle in Saudi Arabia

I understand that buying a new electrical kitchen appliance may not be as simple as it sounds. Right from various offerings to choose from plus finding one that will match the decor of your kitchen. But don’t worry, with this guide you can bring home the right electric kettle in UAE. One that matches your taste, requirements, and budget.

What To Look For

Speed of Boiling

While buying an electric kettle in UAE, the most important characteristic to look for is the speed of boiling water. This feature determines the quality of the kettle. Buying an electric kettle is an easy way out to get your morning tea or coffee. The boiling speed is the primary factor you should consider. A number of the best electric kettle brands in UAE tend to boil the water quickly in 3 to 4 minutes while some might take 5 to 10 minutes long. Wastage of time and energy is not ideal for anyone tackling a hectic schedule.

Power Drawn

Always note the amount of power consumed by your electric kettle. Some electric kettles consume a little amount of power but work amazingly great. You can make tea, prepare noodles as well as boil eggs in a good electric kettle at ease. Looking out for the power output can help you buy the best electrical kettle in UAE for a relatively inexpensive price.

Size and Weight

The size and weight constitute the next important characteristics to look for in an electric kettle. When it comes to considering the size, there are 2 main things that you should look for. They are capacity and kitchen counter space. Finding out the capacity will help you know how much water it can store at a particular time in itself. The more capacity, the more volume of water you can heat in a single sitting. Some people prefer buying a smaller kettle with a lower capacity, such as the ones seen in a hotel room. However, if you have a larger family with 3 or more members a larger kettle will be a better option.

Generally, we fit our kitchens with various appliances. The counter space is the next thing that comes into the picture while buying an electric kettle. A desirable electric kettle doesn’t require much space can fit compactly near the gas stove or microwave. So always note the size, capacity, and the space that you require to keep it while buying one.


Mostly, electric kettles are noiseless in comparison to other kitchen appliances. They only make a sound to indicate the water has boiled. There are some electric kettles that make other sounds at regular intervals, to indicate the same. However, some may find this unnerving. Choose one without that does not make excessive sounds or noises.


An electric kettle in UAE that has the most amazing features and appearance is the best to look out for. These kettles are built to put their functionality over their function. Some of the best electric kettles look equally well as they perform. The appearance of an electric kettle may not be an important factor for some, but for others, it might surely be an important characteristic to look for. The choice is all yours.

Let’s check some of the best electric kettle options for you to choose from. I have shortlisted options to bring forth an electric kettle in UAE that fits your needs. When making this list, I kept in mind the overall performance, price, and convenience that an electric kettle should exhibit.

Rank 1: Tefal Kettle with Anti-Scale Filter

  • Concealed Heating Element: The Tefal 2400 Watts electric kettle is the one to get if you want to heat water quickly and effortlessly. The water inside your kettle reaches boiling temperature quickly and will be ready to use in mere minutes. Made possible with the concealed heating element. This also ensures easy and convenient cleaning of the jug’s interior.
  • Capacity at an Affordable Price: Whether it’s about making a cup of coffee or tea for yourself, this 1.7L capacity gives you enough space to heat up the water in no time. Even if you are inviting a couple of friends over, it remains a perfect choice. Less time heating the water and preparing drinks and more time to spend with friends or family. It’s available for approximately AED 100, thus at an affordable price.
  • Removable Anti-scale Filter: Thanks to this removable anti-scale filter. You can now keep the water you drink clean and safe. Just remove and wash the filter whenever you wish to ensure cleaner water at all times. Place back in and enjoy your favourite drink after your done washing the filter.

Rank 2: Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle

  • Rapid Boil Zone Feature: Now, you can boil just the amount of water that you need. There is a clever little widget inside this kettle that denotes 1, 2 or 3 cup volumes. It boils 1 cup of water in just 45 seconds, thus you can enjoy your favourite coffee in an instant.
  • 360 Degree Base with Integrated Cord Storage: The 360-degree base makes it ideal for both left and right-handed users to use the kettle with ease. The integrated cord storage is a neat and tidy solution for your kitchen worktop, concealing any excess cord in the base.
  • Perfect Pour Spout: All thanks to the design of this kettle. It pours in a single precise stream to prevent spilling or splashing of boiled water. Therefore, it won’t spill on your hands or work surfaces nor will it drip when you start pouring the water.
  • Price: This piece is available at an economical price of around AED 110.

Rank 3: Philips Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Intelligent Operation: This Philips kettle has been designed with precision and features an automatic shutdown feature to add to your safety. It switches off automatically when the water is ready. Also, when it is lifted from the base and when there is too little water.
  • Micro-Mesh Filter and Price: The micro-mesh filter that is present on the spout captures any tiny limescale particles, thus ensuring a clear cup. The kitchen appliance is made available at a price of approximately AED 169.
  • Ease of Use: It has an innovatively designed cover with a wide opening that allows for easy pouring. The pilot light present indicates the kettle is switched on so that you can start using it.
  • Elegant Design: This Philips kettle looks premium with a sleek and shiny design. It will make a perfect addition to your kitchen countertop. The anti-slip feet present allows for a firm grip on the countertop.

Rank 4: Black+Decker Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Boil Dry Protection: This feature protects the kettle from any damage when it has little or no water. Which otherwise can cause the base of the kettle to burn.
  • Stainless Steel Material at an Affordable Price: This Black+Decker kettle features a stainless steel body that makes it rust-resistant, sturdy and durable. The product is available for approximately AED 100 and is value for money.
  • Automatic Power Cut Off: This appliance has this particular feature to cut off the electric supply as soon as the temperature is reached. This feature makes the kettle safe to use and energy-efficient.

Rank 5: Bosch Stainless Steel Water Kettle

  • Aesthetics: This stylishly designed red electric kettle adds to the look of your kitchen.
  • High Power at Affordable Price: Just perfect for a cup of quick coffee or tea, as it is equipped with 2500-3000W power. This high wattage enables boiling of water quickly. The flamboyant kettle comes at a price of roughly AED 340.
  • Large Capacity: You can easily measure for the number of cups you are making for up to 7 portions, as it has a large 1.7-litre capacity.
  • Durable and Long Lasting: You can use this kettle time and again without the condition deteriorating. The brand’s products are known to be durable and long-lasting.

Get Boiling and Bubbling Today

Indeed, getting home the best electric kettle in UAE just doesn’t save your time but makes life a lot easier. Get your cup of herbal green tea, coffee or boil water instantly for a soup. A good electric kettle will serve you and your guests within no time. If you are looking to speed up morning breakfasts consider buying a toaster. In a few minutes, you can have toast alongside your morning cup. With a little research and luck, you can bring home the best electric kettle in UAE as well as other appliances that match your requirements.

Which is the Best Electric Toothbrush in UAE?

Is getting the best electric toothbrush in UAE going to affect more than your oral health? Absolutely! Hated your parents nagging you to brush your teeth during childhood? Well, you’ll be glad they did!

The Telegraph UK published a body of work in 2016 that showed brushing can slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Further, a study by King’s College London stated that gum disease can be controlled through regular brushing and mouth wash treatments.

Furthermore, the best electric toothbrush in UAE can help you sport a glamorous smile. Halitosis (bad breath) is caused by bacteria formation on the tongue. The right toothbrush helps you stay on top of your game with the least amount of effort. It helps you reach into those otherwise difficult spots where food gets stuck.

So, what makes an electric toothbrush great and, how do you go about buying the best electric toothbrush in UAE? Here are a few things to look for and keep in mind.

2 minute timer

Search for a toothbrush that offers you a two-minute timer. Just as the dentist says ‘twice a day for two minutes’. Statistics show that 4% of adults brush their teeth for 30 seconds or less. This can damage teeth and gums. Most brushes will come with a timer to notify you when 2 minutes are up or when you are approaching the mark. Either that or they switch off automatically. Its function is to eliminate the guessing that so many of us are guilty of.


This is another timer that also runs for two minutes. This feature, however, splits up the brushing into 30 seconds for 4 quadrants of the mouth. This reduces the chances of one brushing just one half or the front of one side. Each interval has a slight pause so you can move over to the next section of your mouth. Other cleaning modes have similar patterns but have different intervals.

Pressure sensor

Pressure sensors are the technological advancement in toothbrushes and should be featured in the best electric toothbrush in UAE. Brushing with excessive force can damage the enamel. This leads to increased sensitivity and pain over time. To combat this pressure sensors recognize the application of excessive force and counteract it. For example, a light may go off indicating that you should use less pressure. Alternatively, there may be a vibration in the handle, a pause in the brush motor, or an audible sound to notify you of the same. Having a pressure sensor can boost your oral hygiene routine instead of damaging your teeth with excessive force.

Good battery

Needless to say, a good battery enables you to use your toothbrush for longer. You may buy one that needs pencil cells or comes with a charger. Some options may even feature USB charging so you are never left without battery while on-the-go.

With this understanding, you are ready to choose the best electric toothbrush in UAE according to your budget and dental needs.

Rank 1: Oral-B Pro Toothbrush 

  • Number of Heads and Price: The brush has a single head. The product costs roughly AED 390.
  • Charging System: The Oral-B toothbrush has its own charger and comes with a 2 pin UK plug.
  • Cleaning Modes: Daily clean and gum care are the two cleaning modes that this electric brush comes with. They both utilize the two-minute professional timer.
  • Pressure Sensor: Yes. The pressure control feature reduces brushing speed. Also, it notifies you when you apply excessive force.
  • Added Features: Teeth whitening by removing surface stains.

Rank 2: Philips Sonicare Toothbrush

  • Number of Heads and Price: The toothbrush comes with two brush heads. You can buy this advanced electric toothbrush for roughly AED 950.
  • Charging System: Features a dual charging system. You can charge the toothbrush by plugging it into a wall socket. Or, you can leave it in the case provided and connect it to your laptop via USB to charge.
  • Cleaning Modes: The brush features 5 different cleaning modes. Namely, clean, gum care, polish, sensitive, and white mode. This allows you to choose a mode that is perfect for your gums and sensitivity.
  • Pressure Sensor: No mention.
  • Added Features: Healthy cleaning around the gum line makes your gums healthier in just two weeks.

Rank 3: Oral-B Vitality Cross Action Toothbrush

  • Number of Heads and Price: This electric toothbrush comes with one brush head. It offers a deeper clean and prevents gum disease with its Floss Action brush head. The brush costs approximately AED 135.
  • Charging System: The brush comes with a charger so you do not need to buy batteries.
  • Cleaning Modes: Features the two-minute timer so that you do not cut short your oral care routine. To accompany this is the 2D cleaning action for better plaque removal.
  • Pressure Sensor: No.
  • Added Features: MicroPulse bristles that reach deep between teeth.

Rank 4: Oral-B Genius Toothbrush

  • Number of Heads and Price: The brush comes with 4 replaceable heads. The brush costs roughly AED 550.
  • Charging System: The brush comes with its own charger that can be connected to a wall socket.
  • Cleaning Modes: It packs in 6 cleaning modes that allow you to address your dental hygiene needs, no matter how specific. With features like teeth whitening, sensitive cleaning, gum care, tongue cleaning and teeth cleaning you get all-around care.
  • Pressure Sensor: Yes
  • Added Features: The brush comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Further, the electric toothbrush produces 40000 strokes per minute.

Rank 5: Oral-B PRO 3D Toothbrush

  • Number of Heads and Price: Single brush head with 3D action oscillates to rotate and pulsate, thus removing plaque. The brush costs roughly AED 525.
  • Charging System: The brush comes with its own charger.
  • Cleaning Modes: Features just a single cleaning mode ‘daily clean‘. It, however, does come with the recommended 2-minute timer.
  • Pressure Sensor: No
  • Added Features: The brush sports a special polishing cup. It helps remove surface stains while the bristles clean plaque.

Pros & Cons of an Electric Toothbrush


  • Ease: The brush does most of the hard work for you as you simply have to stand and hold it.
  • Pressure: Electric toothbrushes ensure you do not brush with too much pressure. Something manual brushes lack and can damage your teeth over time.
  • Long lasting: Electric toothbrushes can last up to nearly an entire year. However, it is wise to change the head every 3-4 months.
  • Designed for healthy teeth: The very nature of electric toothbrushes enables them to remove much more plaque than manual ones.
  • Fun: Electric toothbrushes are nifty appliances. Getting your kids to brush regularly need not be a struggle.


  • Charging: Electric toothbrushes do come with a limitation. They need to be charged regularly. This may be through a wall socket, USB connection, or traditional battery. Without charge, an electric toothbrush cannot be used as a manual brush.
  • Harsh cleaning: Even with cleaning modes some people may find electric toothbrushes harsh. Extra sensitive teeth and gums may cause bleeding and irritation. Check for a brush with sensitive cleaning/care features. Alternatively, you can consult your dentist for an expert opinion on which one to purchase.

Stay Minty!

With the best electric toothbrush in UAE, brushing your teeth will never be boring. Prevent any gum disease and increase your overall oral hygiene with this tool. Consider using an electric toothbrush in conjunction with a mouth wash for best results. For men, add these men’s grooming gadgets to clean up better and compliment your broad smile.

Best Epilator in UAE for Silky Smooth Skin [2023]

Are you in search of the best epilator in UAE? If you are tired of your bi-weekly trip to the parlour there is a better way to get rid of those annoying tiny hairs. Here’s what you need to know in order to make the right choice for your grooming needs. An epilator allows you to say bye to painful hot wax and razors leading you to rough skin. Additionally, it removes more hair in one stroke. Get smooth skin instantly without burning yourself or depending on another to do it well. Different types of brands and products available in the market make it difficult to narrow down on a single option. Read below to know more in-depth about epilators and how beneficial they can be if used in the right manner.

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Epilator FAQs

What is an epilator?

An epilator is a palm-sized electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. This device will uproot your body’s hair from its hair follicles i.e the roots. Terminate wax strips, manual pincers, hair removal creams, and the so-called ladies’ razor from your life. As a result, your body will achieve long-lasting hair removal, in an easy and cost-effective manner. Consider buying an epilator in UAE to simplify your hair removal process.

Is an Epilator Less Painful than Waxing?

Yes, an epilator is anytime less painful than waxing. Epilators are for girls who want to save themselves from the pain undergone through a hot wax method. Epilator functions mainly with the plucking of the hair with tweezers. Tiny-sized tweezers are mounted at the head of the device for the purpose of hair removal. These tweezers will just give you a flick or a sting. Waterproof epilators will always reduce the feeling of the sting. So you need not worry. Buying an epilator in UAE is less painful and preferred over waxing.

How is an Epilator Better Than a Shaver?

Yes, an epilator will benefit you over a shaver. Your hair won’t feel poky and neither hard to touch, especially when using a razor. An epilator is a solution for all those who cannot get smooth skin due to the sharp blades of a razor. Shaving leaves behind a stubble, which does not happen in the case of an epilator. Shaving is the process of cutting down the hair to the level of the skin. It is definitely pain-free but at the cost of carrying around trimmed hair that is sure to grow back rather quickly.

What are the Types of Epilators?

There are basically three types of epilators and are categorised based on how they grab the hair. Namely, tweezer-type, spring type, and disc type epilators.

After many years of refining the design of epilators, tweezer-type epilators have become the most selling. As the name suggests, they work like tweezers. Epilators have a head with multiple metal plates. The plates of these epilators rotate continuously to move together like tweezers, pull out the hair and then release.

Spring Epilators
Spring type epilators have metal coils that rotate and move in a fashion that squeezes the coils together to and then apart so that they can grab hair, pull them out and open up to release the hair. The springs on these epilators are easily worn out and need to be replaced often. They have a higher chance of pinching the skin and take more time in pulling out the hair.

Rotating Disc Epilators
These epilators have discs that are stronger and last longer. The discs work in a similar fashion as springs. Rotating and coming together to grab the hair and pull them out and then moving apart to release the hair. But compared to the metal coils, these discs are stronger, lasted longer and were less painful to use.
After using the gadget it is important to clean your epilator. Proper maintenance prolongs the longevity of the appliance and ensures you get the best result down the line.

How to Clean an Epilator?

The first step to be taken while cleaning an epilator is to dismount its head. Epilators are washable, but not its body (handle). Clean it with the assistance of a cleaning brush and then with running water. When this process is complete, take a cotton ball and dip it in an alcoholic face cleaner. Next, air dry it and store it in a safe place. Keep in mind, if the epilator falls, always check for the tweezers if its broken or not. Never use epilators with broken tweezers. This can cause irritation, irregular plucking and lead to the formation of boils.

Can I Use My Friend’s Epilator?

DO NOT share your epilator with your friend. Neither borrow it from them anytime. When your friend uses an epilator on her, no matter how much she cleans it, it has dead skin cells, blood and her body hair stuck to it. Sounds disgusting right? So never ever think of doing so. Always purchase an epilator in UAE of your own.

With that cleared up, take a look at the following epilators in UAE and select one that is right for you.

Rank 1: Braun Silk épil 9 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator + 6 Extras

Presenting to you the world’s Number 1 epilator brand for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. The Silk-epil 9 9-561 wet & dry cordless epilator/epilation is Braun’s fastest and most precise epilator thus making it one of the best options in UAE.
Model: 9-561

  • Revolutionary MicroGrip Tweezer Technology: This technology has longer, wider, and deeper tweezers that increase epilation performance. Thus, removing hair 4x shorter than wax.
  • 40% Wider Head: All thanks to the 40% wider head, it ensures the epilator captures more hairs and removes them in one stroke.
  • Pulsating Vibration: Experience an extra gentle sensation due to the pulsating active vibrations.
  • Smartlight: The smartlight reveals even the finest hair thereby making it hassle-free for extra thorough hair removal.
  • Pivoting Head: Well, this epilator’s pivoting head smoothly adapts to body contours for superior comfort as well as efficiency.
  • 6 Extras: Besides the Braun wet and dry epilator, the set includes 6 extras for full flexibility in your at-home hair removal regime.
  • Wet & Dry: For a more comfortable epilation process, you can use this epilator while taking bath and in the shower since it is capable of both wet and dry environments.
  • Price: Bring home the Braun Silk-épil 9 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator for an estimated cost of AED 430.

Rank 2: Philips Lumea Prestige Epilator

Enjoy up to 8 weeks of smooth, hair-free skin with this Philips Lumea Prestige Hair Removal Device. Read below to know why this epilator in UAE is ranked number 1.

  • Clinically Tested by Dermatologists: Philips Lumia hair removal device is clinically tested and developed by dermatologists for easy and effective treatment. The best part is that you can use it at your convenience at home.
  • Suitable for a Wide Variety of Skin and Hair Types: This device works easily, effectively, and safely on different hair and skin types. It works on naturally dark blonde, brown and black colour hair, and on skin tones from white to dark brown.
  • Precise Face Attachment with Extra Filter: To effectively treat hair on your face in a gentle way, the attachment has been carefully designed with a small window. It’s flat and can be used precisely on the chin, jawline and upper lip.
  • Use it Cordless or Corded: You have two options. You can use it cordless or the corded way. For big areas like legs, it is recommended to use it the corded way for faster removal without interruption. While treating hard to reach or smaller areas like the face and underarms, you can use the device cordless. This will enable you to move freely with the device.

Rank 3: Philips Epilator Series 8000 Wet and Dry Cordless Hair Removal

  • Unique Light: This Philips epilator features a unique light that ensures you don’t miss any fine hair. Thereby providing you with the best epilation results for all your body parts.
  • Ergonomic S-shaped Handle: To offer maximum control, this epilator is equipped with an S-shaped handle that is totally ergonomic. This ergonomic handle is easy to steer and also provides better reach with natural and precise movements in every area of your body.
  • Improved Tweezers + 70,000 Hair-catching Actions: The Philips Epilator series 8000 offers powerful yet gentle epilation with its improved tweezers. Plus, it boasts of its ability of over 70,000 hair-catching actions per minute.
    • This indicates that you can cover more skin and also achieve flawless smoothness for up to 4 weeks.
    • Moreover, you can treat your lower legs in not more than 10 minutes.
  • Cordless Wet and Dry: Since this Philips epilator is designed with an anti-slip grip, it is ideal for use with water. It enables a more comfortable and gentle experience in your shower or bath. For the best experience, you can use it cordless.
  • Accessories: Now you can enjoy benefits beyond epilation with the following accessories. These accessories include:
    • Trimming comb
    • Optimal contact cap pouch
    • Shaving head
    • Delicate area cap
    • Cleaning brush
    • Basic pouch
  • Price: Treat yourself to the Philips Epilator Series 8000 Wet & Dry Cordless Hair Removal Device for an estimated cost of AED 215.

Rank 4: Braun Silk Wet and Dry Epilator with 3 Extras

  • SensoSmart Technology: This technology offers you expert guidance in your hands. An intelligent sensor guides your epilation. This ensures that the right amount of pressure is applied to remove more hair in one stroke. A red light signals you if you are pushing it too hard on your skin. It even prompts you to adjust your handling for more efficient epilation.
  • Flexible Head: This epilator with 3 extras features a flexible head that can pivot by up to 15 degrees forward and back. This ensures that it can better adapt to the contours of the body for more comfort and maximum thoroughness. It also ensures that optimum usage position is maintained. It effectively picks even flat-lying hair and helps guide them to the tweezers for removal.
  • Soothing Experience: This epilator in UAE features a smart light that guides your way through the epilation process and lightens up even the finest hair for hassle-free removal.
  • Maximizes your Skin Comfort: The high-frequency massage system stimulates the skin and effectively soothes the plucking sensation during epilation. Thus maximizing your skin comfort.

Rank 5: Braun Silk Wet & Dry Epilator

  • 6x Better than Manual Cleansing: Braun Silk Epilator comes with a facial brush that removes makeup and pore deep impurities. It also exfoliates and refines the skin with micro-oscillations.
  • MicroGrip Tweezer Technology: This epilator in UAE has a longer, wider and deeper tweezers that speed up the epilation process. It removes hair 4 times shorter than wax. The 40% wider head ensures that even more hairs are captured and removed in one stroke. Saving you time and the pain of going over areas repeatedly.
  • Silk-Epil Tweezer Technology: It removes hair as small as a grain of sand (0.5mm).
  • Cooling Glove: This feature cools and prepares your skin before epilation and soothes it after.

Rank 6: Braun Silk Epilator for Hair Removal

  • 9 in 1 Hair Removal and Beauty Kit: This Deluxe 9 in 1 kit for face and body exfoliating helps you achieve a hassle-free epilating, shaving, trimming, smoothening experience. Also, it has functions that assist you in cleaning and applying creams, as well as makeup.
  • Removes Dead Skin Cells: The appliance comes equipped with three body exfoliating and massage attachments. They smoothen the skin and remove dead skin cells to avoid ingrown hair that can be painful and cause irritation.
  • Wireless Use Up to Minutes: This epilator functions as both a 100% wet and dry epilator. When used under a shower or during bath it reduces the plucking sensation.
  • Face Spa Feature: This gently removes facial hair with 3 facial brush attachments that help in cleaning and peeling the skin.

Rank 7: Braun Silk with Massage Cap

  • 20-Tweezer System: This feature enables the device to remove the hair 20 times efficiently by the root for long-lasting smoothness. Thus making it a good epilator in UAE.
  • 2 Speed Settings: This lets you choose what’s best for your individual skin type, thereby fitting with your personal skincare routine.
  • Smartlight: This reveals even the finest hair and enables you to remove them all effortlessly.
  • Damage-Free Hanging: Rehanging this epilator is as easy as applying a refill strip. Hence, you don’t have to worry about taking it down or moving it. And also while reusing it again and again. Besides this, they also come off leaving no holes or marks. Also, no sticky residues or stains on the surface it is hung against.

Welcome Smooth, Silky, and Soft Skin

I hope you were able to make the right choice. I have researched thoroughly in bringing forth some of the best epilators for you. Never compromise on your skin. Buy an epilator in UAE which suits your skin type and skin tone, if you care for your skin. Always remember, never share your epilator with your friends or neighbours and neither borrow one from them. You can also consider reading the Philips Lumea review for UAE. This in-depth article contains everything that you need to know about the Philips Lumea IPL hair removal device. You can enjoy 6 months of hair-free smooth skin with this amazing device. It’s amazing features and functionalities are sure to impress you and also make these products worth purchasing.

Best Digital Weighing Scale in UAE

Grab the best digital weighing scale in UAE and stay in shape all year round. Well, if only it was that simple……. You may be setting fat loss goals or maybe you need to gain a fair amount of weight. Perhaps you just want to maintain your current lifestyle and keep an eye on your waistline. A weighing scale is an absolute necessity! By simply eyeballing it, you may find yourself stuck in one place for months or worse, if you are like me, increasing in weight.

Covered in this Article
How to choose the best weighing scale
Product Recommendations
     Rank 1: Smart Weight Scale
     Rank 2: Global Xiaomi Intelligent Scale
     Rank 3: Mi body Weighing Scale
     Rank 4: Honor Smart Scale
Best Used with…
Weighing Scale FAQs
Weighing Scale will not help, Lifestyle Changes Will
     Maintenance Weight

Intend on changing your body’s appearance? Whether it’s fitting into a tight summer dress by losing a few pounds or building broad shoulders on a lean frame of muscle, you need a structured plan. And, its no secret, for a plan to be effective it needs to be measurable.

Why you ask?! If it can be measured it can be managed. A healthy weight loss program aims to drop 500 grams to a 1kg of your body weight per week. Anything more should be avoided due to the chances of a lapse in your diet, extreme mood swings, depletion of energy, and such vexatious issues. After a while of questionably ‘fixing your diet,’ there may come a point where you do not see the fat from your body melt away. Naturally, you may think you are stagnating in your journey. This isn’t necessarily the case, there are two types of body fat.

To probe deeper, namely, subcutaneous fat (the belly fat, thunder thighs, and love handle we are desperate to lose). And, visceral fat, which is the fat that surrounds your internal organs. Without a weighing scale, it is nearly impossible to know if you are progressing and losing visceral fat (which will not show on your hips!) instead of subcutaneous fat. Hence, you need to purchase the best digital weighing scale in UAE.

You may not be as healthy as you think

Visceral fat is responsible for heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and affects your hormone levels. Needless to say, it requires immediate action. A good day to start losing visceral fat ‘WAS YESTERDAY’. But don’t fret, it’s never too late to start. Take initiative and in a few short months you can burn off all the dangerous fat. In addition to a prolonged lifespan, your hormonal composition improves. You begin to feel more energetic, happy, and activities such as taking a walk for leisure don’t seem so daunting.

Soon the subcutaneous fat will melt away and that leads to increased levels of confidence, self-appreciation, and newfound comfort in your own skin. Try not to take too long staring at yourself in the mirror at this point- vanity doesn’t pay. It takes 4 weeks for you to notice changes, 7 weeks to build a habit, and 12 weeks for people around you to notice. In this regard, a weighing scale can help you keep an eye on things.

So, without wasting another moment grab the best digital weighing scale in UAE and embark on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

How to Choose the Best Digital Weighing Scale in UAE?

When it comes down to making a decision every weighing scale will offer you the basic function. That is measuring your weight. But, there are a number of features that certain products offer to improve your method of tracking progress. These features are packed into the best digital weighing scale in UAE, so let’s take a look at them.

Weight capacity

  • If you are morbidly obese weighing scales may not quite cut it. On average, weighing scales can accommodate a person weighing up to 180kg.
  • If you still cannot find a scale then you should consider going to a clinic for a weigh-in.
  • Do not step back now. Congratulate yourself for taking the first step to changing your life.

 Automatic on/off

  • Now, you no longer need to flip over your weighing scale, press a button, and wait 30 seconds for it to load.
  • Neither is there a need to check-in with the old school practice of bringing the dial to an absolute ‘0’ before you step on. (Plus, let’s be honest we have all left it slightly behind zero at some point).
  • Simply place a foot on your scale, wait for 2 to 5 seconds and hop on. Once you get off, the weighing scale will automatically shut down. Some scales may then show you additional body composition details.

Durable material

  • No more flimsy plastics and rubber sole scales.
  • Today nearly all scales including solar, electronic, digital, and spring ones are made from durable materials.
  • Tough glass, metallic frame ends, reinforced plastic all find their way into the manufacturing process.

Bluetooth enabled

  • Particularly designed for the convenience of fitness enthusiasts.
  • You can weigh in, gather additional data such as body fat percentage, BMI, etc. and sync it up to a fitness app of your choice.
  • This allows you to track your progress digitally along with your diet and workouts.

Advanced features

  • You can choose from a plethora of options to customize your weighing scale.
  • You get readings on your body composition that helps you make lifestyle changes.
  • Allow your result to be read back instead of typed out on screen.
  • Connect your USB or Ethernet cable to your machine.
  • Or go crazy and get scales featuring ‘peripheral equipment’. You can connect printers and scanners to upload to and transfer information from.

Body fat analysis

  • The quest to strip down body fat is everyone’s goal. However, losing weight doesn’t always mean your body fat levels go down.
  • This leads to the look of being ‘skinny fat’ wherein you are the ideal weight for your height, gender, and age. But, you still have fat around your belly or thighs that won’t seem to go.
  • This can lead to clothes not fitting the way you want or simply leave you disheartened.
  • The solution is to build muscle, lift weights, eat right. You may even notice your body fat going down and weight increase. Don’t worry muscle is heavier than fat.

Lean muscle mass

  • This is the weight of your body minus the fat mass is commonly known as lean body mass. Lean muscle mass is your body’s ideal weight if you didn’t have any fat on it. However, it is important to remember you need a certain amount of subcutaneous fat to stay healthy.
  • On the other hand, visceral fat is public enemy number one and poses serious threats. In order to reduce visceral fat, you should follow these tips. Limit or preferably eliminate sugars from your diet. Reduce cortisol levels, cortisol is a stress hormone and can lead to rapid weight gain and accumulation of fat loss. Try breathing exercises, eating a balanced diet, staying away from gadgets and work before bed, going for walks and trying to stick to a routine. Finally, address anything that causes insulin resistance (unless you have a medical condition).
  • It includes the weight of your organs, skin, bones, body water, and muscle mass.
  • It is important to note that these figures are a ballpark estimate and not 100% accurate.

Weight tracking over time

  • Even for those who are not too concerned about losing weight or building muscle, tracking is important.
  • It provides an indicator of your current lifestyle. Even if your nutrition and exercise are in-check you may experience an increase or decrease in weight. This occurs due to stress, sleeping patterns, change in schedules, and other happenings in daily life.
  • It is important to weigh-in once a week to know where you stand and make changes accordingly.

Still, think a weighing scale isn’t essential to your betterment? Yep, that’s what I thought too. So, without any further ado read on below and see the top picks of the best digital weighing scale in UAE.

Rank 1: Smart Weight Scale

  • Body Measurements: This scale offers 10 unique body measurements. Such as bone mass, BMI, BMR, visceral fat, weight, body fat, and more. You can use these diverse indicators to gain a better understanding of your body composition.
  • Set Up Time and Price: The device takes 5 seconds to start up. Within a few short seconds, you can plop your feet on to the weighing scale and get an accurate reading. It is available for roughly AED 135.
  • Power Source: You need 3 AAA size batteries. The interchangeable batteries allow you to simply pop in a new set without worrying about internal faults.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: The scale can weigh an individual up to 180kg. This means whether you are a lanky individual or someone hefty you can buy the scale. It can accommodate you regardless of your structure.
  • Added Features: The scale allows you to weigh yourself at any time with its tracking management app. You can have up to 16 profiles set with all your details for a more accurate picture. This eliminates the need to feed in some specific information every time like gender, age, height, etc.

Rank 2: Global Xiaomi Intelligent Scale

  • Body Measurements: It provides information on 10 data points about your body composition. Such as muscle mass, visceral fat, basal metabolism, weight, bone weight, and more. This will help you stay motivated longer when you hit plateaus.
  • Set Up Time and Price: It takes 3 seconds for the panel to brighten up on its own. The LED lights have sensors that automatically adjust themselves for brightness and readability. The weighing scale costs approximately AED 105.
  • Power Source: Uses 4 standard AAA batteries. 4 batteries are easy to store and you can remove one after using the device to make sure you aren’t wasting charge by accidentally switching the scale on.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: It has a capacity up to 150kg and can create 12 separate user profiles. Even if you are on the heavier end of the spectrum and hosting a lot of water weight this scale is capable of weighing you. With customizable profiles, it can also save the body composition details of your friends and family members.
  • Added Features: Complex algorithms along with advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis ensure you meet your health goals with data-driven decisions. Having numbers to aid your weight loss journey is a surefire way of achieving success. It has stainless steel electrodes as well. Connect with your Mi-Fit App to see all your data in one place.

Rank 3: Xiaomi Mi Body Weighing Scale

  • Body Measurements: This scale tracks 4 things namely weight, BMI, body type and your goals. The basic functions are coupled with its app to make tracking easier. You gain a deeper understanding of your body and what is ‘healthy’ body composition. In case you struggle with the data provided, it is helpful to remember that you should aim to lose no more than 1% of your total body mass per week.
  • Set Up Time and Price: The scale takes 5 seconds to power up and then displays clever readings with it’s 161 LED lights. The advanced lighting features enable you to view the display virtually under any lighting condition. The scale is relatively inexpensive costing approximately AED 70.
  • Power Source: Requires 4 AA batteries that power up the device are sure to you an entire year.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Built with strong tempered glass can support up to 150kg. The durable design ensures your scale remains protected in case it slips or drops.
  • Added Features: The scale features Bluetooth 4.0. It comes with auto-updates that sync to your Mi-Fit app. The scale is intuitive featuring auto-user identification and child and adult detection. It can store 16 user profiles. Save up to 800 weight records with Mi Smart Scale’s memory.

Rank 4: Honor Smart Scale

  • Body Measurements: The Honor smart scale displays data of your physical composition. This shows you which areas you need to work in order to optimise your health. The 9 body analysis detection covers weight, body fat percentage, BMI, bone mass, protein, muscle mass, water, and BMR. These are critical indicators that allow you to adjust your lifestyle in accordance. If you are someone who prioritises health having such a scale is a golden glove in your corner.
  • Set Up Time and Price: The scale takes 3 seconds to boot up, which is about how long it takes to stand and adjust yourself on the scale. Further, the device is quite inexpensive and costs approximately AED 95.
  • Power Source: The scale uses 4 AAA size batteries. No charging or worrying about replacing batteries frequently. You can use the scale comfortably for up to a year before you need to replace the battery.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Tempered glass panel and pearly white colour ABS plastic scale can hold up to 180kg of weight. Stylish and durable, this scale is a dependable and trustworthy companion to have when you embark on your lifestyle change journey.
  • Added Features: PCA algorithm and other advanced technology give you accurate results. And, it comes with Bluetooth 4.1. It has social media connectivity to post and display your progress. The smart scale even provides a health report, smart alarm, and customized suggestions. All while being able to connect to a fitness app of your choice.

Best Used With

Here are some products and tips to see consistent results once you pick up the best digital weighing scale in UAE.

Measuring tapes

  • Once you’ve embarked upon a weight loss or fat loss journey you are going to face plateaus.
  • When you’ve hit a wall and the scale isn’t moving use a measuring tape and check regions such as your neck, chest, arms, hips, thighs, and calves.
  • Often you may find that you’ve lost inches and not weight. Your body begins to appear firmer and increasingly toned.
  • This is especially true if you’ve adopted a suitable resistance training program along with a diet change.
  • Muscle weighs more than fat so you may even increase a slight gain in weight if you hit the weights.
  • Overall getting progressive results on your measurements can help you stay motivated and power through your program.
  • Use a weighing scale to track progress numerically and a measuring tape for visual changes. In conjuction, they can help you see yourself through an otherwise seemingly daunting task.

Food scale

  • A food scale or commonly known as a digital kitchen scale can be your best friend when it comes to losing or packing on a few pounds.
  • A food scale enables you to track the weight of your food which you can then log into a fitness app to give you an accurate picture of the calories present.
  • If you are on a diet break (which you should be when making a lifestyle change) at regular intervals then a digital kitchen scale will ensure you do not go overboard.
  • A kitchen scale can help you cook, divide, and place your meals into containers for the next couple of days. This saves you a great amount of time when it comes to measuring weight and counting macros. Simply do it and one time, place the containers in the fridge and microwave them when its time to eat.
  • A food scale can help you measure ingredients when baking items such as cakes where proportions matter. It can also help you stick to the safe limits of caffeine in case you love multiple cups of coffee in a day. Yes, stained teeth are not the worst thing that coffee can do if drunk excessively.

Fitness apps

  • There are a number of free-to-use fitness apps that have paid versions. Some of the most common ones are My Fitness Pal, Strong, and Mi-Fitt. Using a fitness app can help you track the caloric value of your meals, and design flexible diets.
  • It can be difficult to eat out when you are on a diet. Luckily, with a bar code scanner and a comprehensive listing of restaurants you can eat just about anywhere and hold yourself accountable.
  • You can play around with your macros and figure out how you want to split them among food sources in one place.
  • Further, you can track your workouts to the ‘T’ with a fitness application. Which body part throughout the week, sets, rest, volume, and more.
  • Further, these applications provide useful content and support interactions from experienced community members. This can help you find motivation on the days you’d much rather stay indoors.
  • Some apps can directly sync with the best digital weighing scale in UAE to import all body composition data. This includes weight, body fat percentage, lean muscle weight, hydration levels, BMI, and bone mass among other key indicators.

Weighing Scale FAQs

I am typing weighing scale and getting mixed search results. Is there a more specific word I can use?

Type out ‘Digital Bathroom Scale’ in your search bar when looking for weighing scales to weigh yourself.

What kind of battery will I need?

For most scales, you will need AAA size batteries. Some scales may even need AA and the number of cells will vary from 2-4. Some scales may also come with watch cell batteries.

How often do I need to change batteries?

Ideally, a set of batteries should last about an entire year. If multiple members use the scale daily it reduces the battery life. It can make sense to remove the battery after each use. This helps ensure the scale does not switch on if accidentally touched.

Can I change the settings on the display from Kgs to Lbs or vice-versa?

This depends on the machine that you buy. If it is possible, commonly you will find a small button or switch beneath the battery cover.

What does last weight tracking mean?

Scales that offer you a weight tracking feature will display your last weight measurement up against your current measurements on that scale. This is helpful as it reminds you of your last reading in case you lose record.

Is it possible to have too little body fat?

Yes, with extreme caloric restriction and intense resistance training. Unless you are a professional athlete or bodybuilder you are not likely to be exposed to the dangers of extremely low body fat levels. On the other hand, high amounts of body fat also have health implications and should be addressed instantly.

Is a weighing scale accurate at detecting body fat levels?

Honestly, no. Your body fat levels are influenced by a number of factors such as water intake, sodium levels, carbohydrates, etc. A weighing scale can give you a rough estimate which is sometimes way off. However, using a single scale you can track your starting point and follow through your body fat levels to a lower point. At the end of the day, you want to make progress, feel good, and look good. This is why sticking to one scale is important.

I have multiple scale readings, which one should I follow?

Pick one, it doesn’t matter if one shows you a higher number than the other. What is important is that you pick a scale mark down your current numbers and work to improve them on that very scale. A scale isn’t 100 percent accurate but should 100% show you progressive results when you do the needful. Tracking is the key not how much you weigh in the doctor’s office vs at home.

How should I weigh myself?

To get started, choose a particular time of day to hop on to the best digital weighing scale in UAE. It doesn’t matter if you get on the scale with an empty stomach in the morning or fully belly in the evening. What is important is to ensure that the time of day remains consistent. This is because your body fluctuates about 2kgs throughout the day based on food intake, water levels, and other factors. By standardising the time you can reduce the impact of variables and get accurate readings.

What are the optimal conditions to weigh myself under?

To get the numbers to drop and have an accurate reading do the following. Ensure the footpads are clean. Choose a time of day that apart from early mornings as the body is usually dehydrated. Ensure you are normally hydrated and have an empty bladder. Stay consistent with the time of day that you weigh yourself.

What is considered a healthy weight loss?

Healthy weight loss is subjective to your size. Unless you are morbidly obese a healthy amount of weight you should aim to lose is 0.5% to 1% of your total weight per week. If you are morbidly obese you can aim to lose 3% and border at 4% per week but maintain this for no more than 2 months at a stretch.

Can I sync any scale with my fitness apps?

Unfortunately not every scale has the ability to sync up with your fitness apps. As for the ones that do, some are exclusive to their own brand label. Such as Xiaomi scales having the Mi-Fit App. However, you can manually add your weight and measurements to an app of your choice and maintain a log.

What does the ‘Err’ message displayed on the screen mean?

An error message usually occurs when you stand on a scale before it turns on or is set at 0. You must first turn the scale on, wait for the 0 to be displayed and then step on it.

Why do I get the ‘Err’ message displayed when checking my body fat levels?

This happens if you are not standing on the scale barefoot. In order to get an accurate body fat reading the soles of your feet must be correctly placed on the steel electrodes of the platform.

Weighing Scale Will Not Help, Lifestyle Changes Will

Now that you have a better understanding of how to tackle your weigh-issues its time to put into practice. But wait! Not before you complete the most crucial section. Congratulations on reading so far, as a reward. I want to debunk some myths for you so that this becomes your one-stop shop when it comes to weight loss. Above I mentioned having a good resistance training program and eating wisely. Here, I will expand on this and equip you with the information to do it for yourself.

The idea behind this is to help you save as much time, money, and energy possible and see results that work. So buckle up.

Must-do exercises for fat loss

  • No matter what anyone says (yes this is especially for you ladies) lifting weights will not make you ‘bulk up’. In order to put on massive muscles that make your shoulders pop and quads tear up, you need high levels of testosterone. Which is not present in a females body unless you’re on ‘Gear’ or ‘Juice’.
  • To begin, search for a program that enables you to work 4-5 days a week and have two days off. The reason for this is simple, your body is quick to adapt and will eventually stop responding if you don’t push it. Until this point, you want to get the maximum result while putting in the least amount of work.
  • Gradually increase the number of training sessions, volume, sets, and begin training particular groups of muscles. Progressive overload is the name of the game. That means in order to lose weight (which happens when you build muscle, as you burn more calories to keep muscle than you do fat) you need to build adequate muscle. This is done by progressively increasing the above. As a beginner, it is best to perfect technique before racking up the 100kg bench press.
  • Include HIIT workouts. No this does not mean you go about punching people in your neighborhood. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and is a sure-fire way of losing weight. Tons of research shows that high-intensity training burns calories long after you’ve stopped training. This can extend up to 24 hours post-session. When starting out have no more than 1-2 HIIT sessions per week for 10 minutes.
  • If done correctly you will be tired by minute 4, especially if you haven’t been exercising. The idea behind HIIT is that you operate at 95% of your maximum heart rate for 20 seconds and then keep moving for 40 more. Do this with an activity for 10 minutes. This could be peddling on a stationary bike, burpees, mountain climbers, sprints outdoors, or even jump rope.

The best type of diet for you and choosing what to eat

  • I’m going to upset a lot of dieticians and nutritionists with this. Not to discredit any diet out there. If it has been made it works and has gained popularity accordingly. There are a number of diets you can choose from paleo, keto, naturopathic, intermittent fasting, Atkins, red and green, etc. Yet, when you type them into forums you’ll find mixed reviews. Those that swear by them, others that brush them aside nonchalantly. That is because most people cannot make a lasting change with these diets.
  • The only diet that works is one that you can sustain. Sure, anyone can power through 12 weeks to look good (okay let’s be honest not everyone and even those that do mostly end up cheating or binging at some point) but what happens then?
  • Finding a diet that works for you is crucial if you are going to keep the pounds off. So, take a look at your eating patterns, take a look at your lifestyle. If you work irregular hours and have no timing sense intermittent fasting won’t be possible. Similarly, if your natural diet is based on a considerable amount of carbohydrates it’s unlikely you will stick to a keto plan for long.
  • To get started, note down all the foods you know that are healthy and can eat, next include the few that you can stomach occasionally, lastly factor in the foods that you love but are unhealthy (yes you get to eat them too).
  • Next, find your maintenance weight (read next topic)
  • Now you can work your macros, account for the foods you like and maintain a deficit of 200 calories, open up a fitness app search the caloric values and plug them in. A healthy place to start is 45% of your calories from carbohydrate sources, 35% from protein sources and 20% from fat.
  • 85% of your meal plan should be from clean sources, 15% you can indulge in what you love (assuming its those sugary treats).
  • Remember to drink lots of water, water not only aids in weight loss but helps you feel fuller for longer. This, in turn, helps you avoid racking on those unnecessary calories.
  • What you are left with are foods that you enjoy and an approach that doesn’t seem extremely restrictive. You are more likely to succeed if you replace the idea of ‘dieting’ with ‘sustainable eating’.

How to find your Maintenance Weight

  • Avoid taking the readings of online calculators as the words of the holy grail. Most often than not they provide-at best a ballpark figure.
  • What you should do is this. Weigh yourself in the morning using the best digital weighing scale in UAE, carry on with your day of regular eating while tracking everything. You will know how many calories you are consuming by the end on an average. Check in the next day and repeat the process for the rest of the week.
  • If at the end of the week you have consumed the same amount of calories each day and not moved in body weight then that’s your maintenance.
  • If you have moved then adjust your calories accordingly, increase them if you lost weight or decrease them if you gained weight. Until you get one week of no change on the scale consuming the same number of calories.
  • Now you can place yourself in a deficit of 200 calories per day to begin your weight loss journey. For the nerds, in terms of caloric value about 3,500 calories contribute to 1lb of fat. View your deficit and you can estimate in how many days you can lose 1lb of fat with your given level of activity.

Sleep for Weight Loss

  • Yes, that’s right! Sleeping well and resting well can be just what you need to lose weight.
  • Even if you do all of the above but do not rest there are chances you won’t lose weight.
  • Your body will not recover from training sessions without adequate rest.
  • A stressed mind cannot rest and that increases cortisol levels, which in turn stalls weight loss.
  • Lastly, when you are asleep you can’t eat, so there is no way you’re going to dig into that tub of ice cream at 2 am.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about losing weight and all I’m selling you is the best digital weighing scale in UAE. Talk about value for money!

Get Lean & Stay Fit

  • A weighing scale alone cannot make you lose weight. But getting the best digital weighing scale in UAE can help you track your progress as you put in the work.
  • Focus on eating a balanced diet, with 35% of your food from protein sources, 45% from carbohydrates and the remaining from fats.
  • Remember the key to losing weight is by staying in a caloric deficit of about 200-300 calories for an extended period of time.
  • Juices are a great way to keep yourself filled and get in all your micronutrients. Consider buying the best juicer in UAE to help you on your journey.
  • Take up resistance training and lift heavy in the 6-12 rep range.
  • Add cardio sessions gradually working up to 30 minutes 3 times a week. Alternatively, perform HIIT 2 times per week.
  • It is a good idea to take on a coach to help you with your goals or at the very least find a work-out buddy.

And there you go. Follow all this and the best digital weighing scale in UAE will track your progress. And will also give you the best results.

Best Hair Dryer in UAE for Shiny Hair

Want to dry your hair instantly after a hair wash? Do you want to style your hair for a function to attend? Consider buying the best hair dryer in UAE. It seems to take a billion types of hair products, styling tools and hours of patience to get your hair to sit the way you want. Setting your hair in perfect place need not be so frustrating that you end up pulling out a few strands. A hair dryer also known as a blow dryer not only dries your hair but also styles it. For a woman “one for all” is the mantra for styling tools.

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The hair dryer is a woman’s best friend. Be it to set your curls, fight frizz, accentuate your layers, blow dry your bangs and more. They decrease drying time and also add shine to your hair. Different brands offer unique specifications and features in their range. But you need to purchase a hairdryer in UAE considering your requirements and budget. Read below to know more about hair dryers and make the right choice.

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer

After comparing a great many number of hair dryers, I have listed the features that you should look for while buying a hair dryer in UAE. Take a look at all of them, and make your researching simple.

Hair Dryer Type

You need to buy a hair dryer which suits your hair type. You may have short, medium, long, curly, wavy, straight, thick or scanty hair. Choosing an appropriate hair dryer will help you achieve quick results while drying your hair. Take a look below.

  • Ionic: Ionic hair dryers are suitable for medium hair. Don’t purchase it if you have short hair. These hair dryers dry the hair without removing the moisture from your hair along with making them smooth. They are quick.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic suits all hair types, be it thick and curly or scanty and naturally straight. These hair dryers do not damage your hair and provide even heat for drying the hair.
  • Tourmaline: Tourmaline hair dryers are recommended for thick and curly hair. These are the safest hair dryers known to generate heat uniformly. They make your hair soft and shiny and cause less damage.

Heat Control Settings

The perfect hair dryer would be one that offers you multiple heat control setting options, depending on your hair type. Make sure you adjust the hair dryer with low heat for getting the desired results. Thinner and scantier hair will respond well to lower heat settings. Furthermore, this won’t cause much damage to the hair, though it might take some time.

Cool Shot Button

It is always better to opt for a hair dryer that is equipped with a cool shot button. In this way, you will be able to use your hair dryer for the purpose of drying as well as styling your hair. The so-called button cools down the temperature of your hair after drying it. This ensures the sealing of the hair cuticles, which is the outermost layer of the hair strand.


If you are using a hand-held hair dryer then considering its weight is a must. I don’t think there’s anyone who would want to style their hair using a bulky and heavy hair dryer. It is really inconvenient to hold it in the hand for a longer time or carry it around. Therefore, you should look for a hair dryer that is lightweight so that you can dry and style your hair easily.

Without further ado, here are some of the best brands of hair dryers that you can select from. Select one that fits your needs.

Rank 1: Philips DryCare Pro Hair Dryer

  • Incorporates Advanced Technologies: This hair dryer includes advanced technologies and features such as ion conditioning, a volume diffuser, and a cold shot button, through which you will achieve smooth frizz-free hair.
  • ThermoProtect Temperature Setting: This setting provides the optimal drying temperature and offers additional protection. Thus, enabling this device to dry your hair optimally without overheating it.
  • High-Performance AC Motor: Featuring a high-performance AC motor that generates up to 130 km/hr of airspeed for fast and effective results.
  • Flexible Speed and Heat Settings: This Philips Hair Dryer has adjustable settings for the speed of its airflow and the output of the heat. To add to this is the 2100W high power. This enables you to achieve your desired hairstyle for parties, outings, and even work in a matter of time.
  • 9mm Concentrator: The opening of the concentrator which is 9mm focusses the airflow for precision styling on desired areas.
  • Cool Shot Button: This button provides an intense burst of cold air and is used to set your hair once you finish styling it.
  • Ultra-Compact and Ultra Portable: This hair dryer is extremely easy to store and carry around as it is compact and lightweight. It is equipped with a long cord, which can connect to power plugs that are far away from your seat.
  • Price: Philips DryCare Pro Hair Dryer is available for approximately AED 150.

Rank 2: Braun Satin Hair Dryer

  • Styling Attachments: This hair dryer is equipped with a styling nozzle to create sleek and smooth salon styles. The diffuser performs the function of adding volume to the roots.
  • High Power: This dryer combines optimum drying temperatures with 2500 Watts of power, making it the most powerful hair dryer in UAE.
  • Cold Shot Feature: A blast of cold air to style your hair for long-lasting results.
  • Ideal Travel Partner: This Satin hair dryer is super lightweight and easy to carry along while travelling. It can easily fit in your bag while you are on vacation.

Rank 3: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

  • Aesthetics: This ultra-modern hair dryer not only looks stylish but also makes hair drying or styling a lot easier.
  • Magnetic Attachments: This supersonic hair dryer comes with rotating magnetic attachments. This makes it possible for you to quickly click them on and off during styling.
  • Air Multiplier Technology: The airflow is amplified to produce a controlled, high-velocity jet of air for fast drying.
  • Styling Concentrator and Smoothing Nozzle: You can style your hair one section at a time with precise, controlled airflow. You don’t have to worry about coming in contact with the rest of the hair. The smoothing nozzle also helps you to dry and style your hair with a gentle and low-velocity airflow.
  • Diffuser: With the help of the diffuser, this hair dryer disperses air evenly around each of your curls. This, in turn, simulates natural drying of your hair and reduces frizz.
  • 4 Precise Heat Settings: This amazing piece offers you 4 heat settings. 100 degrees Celcius for fast drying and styling, 80 degrees Celsius for regular drying. Also, 60 degrees Celsius for gentle drying and 28 degrees Celsius for constant cold.
  • Price: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is available for an estimated price of AED 1,580.

Rank 4: Philips DryCare Advanced Hair Dryer

  • Easy Storage Hook for Convenient Storage: This masterpiece is equipped with a convenient storage option as the rubberized hook is located at the base of the handle. This Philips DryCare hairdryer in UAE is recommended for people staying in a hostel or travelling often.
  • Easy to Clean: It is easy to maintain the removable airflow filter of this hairdryer. Simply click off to clean. Doing this regularly will prevent the build-up of dust and hair that can affect the process of drying.
  • Turbo Boost for Extra Fast Drying: The turbo boost button increases the airflow, to dry your hair even quicker.

Rank 5: Revlon Extreme Impact Diffuser Hair Dryer

  • High Power: This 2000W powerful hair dryer creates a powerful airflow. The resulting combination of power and speed makes styling and drying your hair easier and quicker.
  • A Diffuser of a Kind: The diffuser disperses air evenly around each of your ringlets. It simulates natural drying, helping to reduce frizz, for improved definition.
  • Smoothing Nozzle: Dry and style your hair at the same time with gentle and low-velocity airflow.

Say Bye to Bad Hair Days

Now, that you have a complete list to choose from. Select one of these hair dryer in UAE most suited as per your requirements. Always go for one that will last you in the long run, hence don’t compromise on quality. A low-quality hairdryer won’t just give you a bad day. Your hair could go for a toss if the right one is not used. So, choose wisely. You may also consider purchasing the best hair straightener in UAE, if you have wavy, curly, dry or frizzy hair.

Best Cooking Range Hood (Electric Chimney) in UAE?

Bringing home the best range hood in UAE can save you considerable time and effort in the kitchen. This is also known as the electric chimney in some countries. In essence, a range hood covers an area over your stove or hob. With its fan or blower, the range hood makes quick work of any air pollution caused during cooking.

This reduces the collected layers of stick film that cover your kitchen cabinets and counters. You can save your self hours of cleaning up grease with the simple press of a button.

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Along with this, having a range hood saves you the burden of applying harsh chemicals on surfaces are you clean up grime. Removing odours is simple and easy with this nifty appliance. So, consider buying the best range hood in UAE and experiment with your cooking. It is no secret that a range hood improves the overall air quality and ventilation in your kitchen.

Types of Range Hoods or Electric Chimneys

There are three types of range hoods that you can buy. Carefully read through the description and see which one best suits your needs.

Island or ceiling

Naturally, as the name implies these range hoods are attached to the ceiling. Usually installed in homes where the cooking range rests in the center of the kitchen. If you have a spacious kitchen the right one can add to its aesthetic appeal. However, they usually do require a contractor to install them as the process is tedious.

Wall mounted

Ideal for smaller kitchen spaces, wall mounted hoods take up less space. While the design may not vary a lot in size due to its placement your kitchen appears to have more free space. It is important to account for the clearance space between kitchen cabinets when considering a wall mounted hood.

Undercabinet and microwave

Serves a multi-purpose function allowing you to keep a microwave over or give you storage space. This inexpensive solution, however, cannot deliver the same performance. Smaller size means limited power of the fan and they do not have the suction power of full-sized ranges.

Straight line

Straight line hoods should be your choice if you do not wish to showcase a chimney in your kitchen. The kitchen appliance blends in with the surroundings and uses space smartly. They perform the same function as other range hoods fitted with superior technology.


These chimneys come fitted with the most cutting-edge technology. The auto-clean feature solves the issue of getting rid of the oil particles from the chimney of the kitchen. The range hood takes responsibility for removing any residue collected on the motor. Traditionally, cleaning a chimney meant getting your hands dirty regularly. Now you can sit back and get rid of dirt and grease by pressing a button.

Things to Consider When Buying a Range Hood

When it comes to selecting the best range hood in UAE there are a few things you need to take into account.


It is important to account for the space available in your kitchen. This should serve as the basis for choosing the size of your hood range. After that, you can account for personal taste and preference. Would you like to showcase your range hood as part of your kitchens interior design or keep it in the shadows?

Filter types

The venting type determines whether range hoods either extract air outside the house or recirculate it back to the room. Despite the purification and recirculation, you should choose one that extracts the air outside. The reason? They perform better, make less noise, and need replacement less often. Recirculation ranges usually use activated-charcoal filters while outside duct ranges have an extra metal filter.

Suction power

The speed is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) this determines how quickly air is replaced. The higher the number, the more air moves per hour but it comes at the price of increased noise volume. In most cases, the range hood should be between 400 m3/hr to 1000m3/hr depending on the size of your kitchen. Consider the number of burners you have when buying the best range hood in the UAE.

Maintenance & cleaning

When it comes to taking care of your range hood ensure you spend time to diagnose the problem. Is the motor too loud? Is smoke not clearing up? Next, if your filter needs cleaning remove it and do the needful. For metal filters, place in a container and add degreasing solution then wash in warm soapy water. However, charcoal filters cannot be cleaned and you should replace them annually for best results.

Finding the Best Range Hood in UAE

Now that you have a good idea what to look for here are a few options to choose from. Select the best range hood in UAE based on your budget, lifestyle, and kitchen decor.

Rank 1: Bosch Under Cabinet Range Hood

  • Material and Price: Made of stainless steel the range is durable and lasts many years. Giving you the worth of your money. The appliance is priced at AED 944.
  • Motor Type and Extraction Rate: The built-in under cooker hood is quick and efficient, cleaning up polluted air spaces in a jiffy. Thanks to the twin motor giving you an extraction rate of 350m3/h. The product features an adjustable glass visor for convenience.
  • Weight: The compact appliance weighs only 10kg making it easy to install.

Rank 2: Milton Range Hood

  • Wall Mount: This range hood features a wall mount. Ideal for a smaller kitchen it consumes less space.
  • Size: The size of this appliance is 30-inches. Ensuring that it covers a large area and ventilates air with ease. The panel also comes with LED lights and push-button control.
  • Vent Style: Recirculating and external vents ensure your kitchen and home are filled with clean and fresh air. The fan capacity provides an airflow rate of 180m3/h.
  • Weight and Price: The product weighs on a mere 8.9kg making it easy to mount and install. It costs roughly AED 350 making it an affordable option.

Rank 3: Bosch Pyramidal Range Hood

  • Filter: The hood comes with a metal grease filter that is dishwasher safe. This means you do not have to worry about cleaning your filter by hand after degreasing it.
  • Motor Type: The wall mounted range comes with a twin channel high-performance motor. The extraction rate measures 380 m3/h, giving you clean air all across your kitchen and home.
  • Quiet Operation: The appliance operates at a high-performance level at just 54dB.
  • Weight and Price: The Bosch wall mounted range hood weighs only 9kg and is available at approximately AED 1,160.

Rank 4: FAGOR Range Hood

  • Extraction Power: With an extraction power of 600 m3/h your kitchen air remains fresh and odour-free.
  • Vent Style: The external vent ensures smoother operation and performance, along with lower less noise pollution. The appliance functions at 60 Db.
  • Weight and Price: Due to its ceiling mount the hood is a lot heavier and weighs 34kg. The hood is priced at approximately AED 1,900.
  • Mount Type: The ceiling mount hood makes for an ideal centerpiece in your kitchen.

Rank 5: Turbo Line Range Hood

  • Extraction Power: This power-packed hood gives you a high extraction rate of 700 M3/h.
  • Mount Type: This is a wall mounted range hood. So, consider the available space and clearance between cabinets in your home.
  • Filter Type: Although not cleanable the turbo line range hood comes with 2 carbon filters to purify the air. Additionally, there are 3 filters to block fats and fumes out.
  • Material: Built from stainless steel the appliance is durable and easy to clean.
  • Weight and price: The appliance weighs 12kg and is easy to mount. You can buy this product for approximately AED 999.
  • Vent Style: The turbo line range hood comes with an external vent. This pushes all the polluted air and particles outside your home. And, replacing your kitchen and home with fresh air.

Breathe Clean, Cook Fresh!

With the best range hood in UAE, you can try a new oriental recipe or fry some Bombay ducks without worrying about the smell. Further, range hoods of larger capacities can provide fresh clean air to more than just your kitchen. If you have an open kitchen your entire home gets ventilated with an external vent. If you are looking to buy the best new cooking range as well here are some options to scout through.