Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Weighing Scale Review

The Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Weighing Scale is a medical device with clinically validated accuracy that improves your well-being by monitoring 6 precise body metrics. These include Visceral Fat, Skeletal Muscle, Fat, Resting Metabolism, BMI, and Weight. Thus, helping you stay in control. Monitoring the key parameters i.e. visceral fat, fat, and skeletal muscle enables you to understand your heart’s health in a better manner. Additionally, it is also proven to be predictive of cardiovascular events. Being overweight is not the only factor that can put your heart at risk. Note that even if your weight and BMI are within the normal range but if your body fat % and visceral fat level are too high, then your heart may be at the same risk.

Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Weighing Scale Review UAE

Importance of Visceral Fat Analysis

Generally, visceral fat accumulates around your vital organs. As the saying goes “anything excess is bad for health”. Similarly, excess of this ‘active visceral fat’ affects the manner in which your hormones and your body function. Additionally, visceral fat not only increases your blood pressure but also impacts your overall well-being. Therefore, analysing visceral fat is of utmost importance. Further, you don’t have to visit any doctor or medical practitioner if you have the Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Scale and Body Composition Monitor.

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Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Scale and Body Composition Monitor

Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Scale and Body Composition Monitor Review for UAE

Top 10 Features of the Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Scale & Body Composition Monitor

1. Syncs your Data Seamlessly

The Omron Viva Smart Scale automatically recognizes the user and displays his/her results on the large monitor in seconds. Additionally, it also syncs your data to the OMRON Connect App seamlessly via Bluetooth.

2. Monitors Key Signs of Your Heart Health

This device helps you monitor key signs of your heart’s health and provides you with valuable details. These details/information, in turn, helps you make necessary changes to your lifestyle so as to decrease your risk of developing heart disease.

3. Medically Approved + Clinically Validated

Omron Viva Bluetooth Smart Scale is a clinically validated device that uses Bio-electric Impedance (BIA) Analysis Technology in order to analyse/evaluate your body’s composition. Therefore, it measures your visceral fat, weight, skeletal muscle, BMI, and resting metabolism. Moreover, Omron Viva provides precise results confirmed by medically approved golden standard methods of analysis.

4. Omron Connect App

You can easily track and share your progress with the Omron Connect App. This is an ecosystem that includes Omron’s blood pressure monitors and enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your heart health. It is compatible with both, iOS as well as Android.

5. Surface of the Product

It features tempered safety glass with rounded corners as well as stainless steel 4 electrode plates.

6. Helps You Identify Your Caloric Needs

Naturally, metabolism slows down as you age. However, you can maintain your weight and body shape easily if you know the calorie intake necessary for you and by also following a healthy diet with portion control. The Omron Viva Bluetooth smart scale and body composition monitor is your best friend since it helps you with the same.

7. Insights (Accuracy) for a Stronger and Healthier Body

Maintaining healthy muscle mass in spite of ageing can help you lower blood pressure as well as manage your fat levels. Simply build up or maintain your muscular strength in order to strengthen your body and get healthier.

Accuracy Insights for a Stronger and Healthy Body - Omron Viva Smart Scale Review

8. Multi Users Capability + Automatic User Recognition:

A big thanks to the automatic user recognition feature and multi-user capability function. These allow 4 users plus a guest user to use this smart scale. Additionally, this smart scale does a great job of saving all the previous readings.

9. Bluetooth Connectivity

Featuring Bluetooth low energy technology that stores up to 30 measurements when your mobile is not around i.e. iOS and Android.

10. Auto ON/OFF + Large LCD Display

The auto on/off function due to the sensor switch and large LCD display are your best friends when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. In other words, in your journey to getting stronger, fitter, and healthier.

Its specifications are as follows:

Maximum Weight Capacity150 Kgs
Age Range10-80 Years
Memory30 Readings
Number of User Profiles4
ValidationClinical Validation
Guest ModeYes
AnalysesBody Mass Index (BMI)
Body Fat (in %)
Skeletal Muscle (in %)
Resting Metabolism Rate
Visceral Fat
Increments (g)100.00
On/Off TechnologySensor Switch
Compatible Mobile AppOmron Connect App
Item Dimensions (mm) and Weight (kgs)285 x 280 x 28 mm
1.60 kgs

Decide! Commit! Succeed!

Omron Viva is a part of the smart ecosystem of best-in-class blood pressure monitors. As a matter of fact, monitoring your body composition together with blood pressure and heart rate can help you analyse your cardiovascular health. Thus, helping you to take action in time.

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