Moulinex Food Processor Review for UAE

Are you confused about whether to purchase a Moulinex food processor? Well, this Moulinex food processor review UAE contains the necessary information that you’re looking out for. It includes the 4 best Moulinex food processors along with all their features, images and the expected cost. The Moulinex service centers in UAE are discussed here as well. You won’t regret reading through this review article.

Well, what is a food processor and why is it so essential these days? A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to facilitate repetitive tasks in the preparation of food. It is versatile as it can quickly and easily chop, grind, mince, slice, shred and puree any type of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, it can assist you in making citrus and vegetable juice. As well as beating cake batter, kneading the dough and beating egg whites. This Moulinex food processor review UAE article contains in-depth information on these food processors.

Talking about the Moulinex brand. It is a Groupe SEB brand along with all the household product brands such as Tefal. Moulinex company was founded in the year 1932 by Jean Mantelet. He invented the Moulin Legumes a hand crank food mill for pureeing vegetables. Moulinex is headquartered in France.

Moulinex Food Processor Review UAE

Besides excelling in food processors, Moulinex excels in producing fryers, choppers, meat mincers, blenders, smoothie makers and other kitchen machines of the highest quality. It’s a brand trusted for years. Below lies the in-depth review of Moulinex food processors. Consider reading all of this before you proceed to make your purchase.

Mid-Range Moulinex 1000 W Food Processor

  • Locking Indicator: This Moulinex food processor has an essential locking indicator. It warns you when the bowl or the lid is not locked properly.
  • Control Panel: The control panel consists of 7 pre-programmed backlit keys. With just one touch of a button. This food processor automatically adjusts the spinning force and speed to offer you the best results.
  • Comprehensive Set of Attachments: Featuring an extensive range of dedicated and efficient tools. In order to make your cooking easier. A set comprising of a stainless steel blade, kneader, blender jar, and a chopper makes your food preparation easy.
  • Bowl Jar: You can use the 3-litre bowl jar for all kinds of preparations. Right from the smallest to the largest.
  • Blender: In order to mix delicious soups, smoothies, and juices. This 2-litre blender is ideal for the entire family.
  • Storage Box: The kneader and the cutting tools fit neatly in the bowl. Due to this storage box.
  • High-Quality: Due to its high-quality standards. This food processor remains extremely stable on the kitchen countertop, even while operating it at full power.
  • Aesthetics: It sports an elegant silver colour that suits all kitchen interiors.
  • Easy Locking System: The locking system is easy to operate. All you need to do is rotate the lid clockwise by a few degrees. Therefore providing a secure closure.
  • Chopping Bowl: The chopping bowl can be locked in 2 positions. For the purpose of suiting both left and right-handed users.
  • 2 Different Motor Outputs: Each motor output provides the optimal working speed and spinning force to the operated bowl.
    • Purple: It offers a low speed yet strong spinning force for the chopping bowl.
    • Orange: On the other hand, this offers high speed but a less spinning force for the blender bowl.
  • Price: Moulinex 1000 watts food processor is available for around AED 500.

High Range Moulinex 1200 W Food Processor

Best Moulinex Food Processor in UAE
  • Stainless Steel Bowl: This stainless steel bowl is scratch resistant as well as durable.
  • Motor Outputs: It consists of 2 motor outputs that provide optimal spinning force. Besides this, the motor outputs also provide optimal working speed to the operated bowl.
    • Purple: Offers low speed but a strong spinning force for the chopping bowl.
    • Orange: This offers high speed but a less spinning force for the blender bowl.
  • Main Bowl: With a capacity of 3-litres. The stainless steel main bowl provides sufficient space for the preparation of food. Thus, you can achieve all this is just one sitting.
  • Blender & Chopper: These accessories make tasks such as juicing, grinding, grating, blending, shredding and slicing easy.
  • Smart & Intuitive Interface: The control panel consists of 7 pre-programmed back-lighted keys. Simply select the result you need such as grating, mincing, chopping, whipping. Or kneading, mixing a soup, or a smoothie. On doing this, the spinning force and speed of the food processor are automatically adjusted to deliver best results.
  • Manual Speed Keys: Three manual speed keys offering you the option for customizing the speed. This, in turn, results in the accurate preparation of various dishes.
  • Easy Lock System: Locking the lid has never been so easy. After you place the lid on the bowl. Rotate the lid by a few degrees clockwise. This ensures secure closure.
  • Delivers Best Results: Once you select the appropriate function. The food processor automatically adjusts the spinning force and speed. This, in turn, delivers the best result.
  • Aesthetics: This Moulinex Double Force food processor is available in an elegant silver finish. Hence, it goes well with all kitchen interiors.
  • High Power Motor: Featuring a powerful 1200 watt motor. This food processor offers you quick results no matter the situation.
  • Chopping Bowl: There are 2 positions for locking the chopping bowl. In order to suit both left-handed and right-handed users.
  • Stainless Steel Blade: The stainless steel blade enables you to chop and cut all sorts of vegetables.
  • Kneader: Be it a light dough or a heavy one. The kneader helps you prepare any dough in no time.
  • Blender Jar: Delicious smoothies, juices and soups are possible with this blender jar.
  • Price: Moulinex 1200 watts food processor is available approximately for around AED 800.

Entry Level Moulinex 800 W Food Processor

  • Dishwasher Safe: Easy cleaning of all the accessories, thus offering you maximum comfort. Stay tension free since these accessories are dishwasher safe.
  • 1.8L Blender: Enjoy yummy smoothies, juices, and shakes with this 1.8L blender. It’s ideal for small and medium-size families.
  • 2.4L Bowl Capacity: With a capacity of 2.4-litres. The main bowl provides space for food preparation for a small or medium family. If your family consists of more members, then you will require 2 sittings.
  • Set of Attachments: It features an extensive range of efficient tools. This, in turn, makes your cooking easier. The set comprises of a stainless steel blade, kneader, blender jar, and a chopper. Hence making your food preparation easy.
  • Reversible Grating and Slicing Disc: These tools/accessories are meant for grating and slicing respectively. It works efficiently for vegetables and cheese.
    • The grating disc grates foods such as potatoes, cheese and carrots efficiently.
    • Slicing disc excels in slicing vegetables such as cucumbers, onions, cabbage and beetroots. Besides this, it also works well on carrots, potatoes and cheese.
  • Price: Moulinex 800 watts food processor is available for around AED 300.

Moulinex 1550 W Food Processor & Cooker in One

This is one product in this Moulinex food processor review UAE article that you should definitely pay close attention to. It functions as both a food processor and cooker in one. Moreover, it’s loaded with all the awesome functionalities and can prepare almost everything. After you purchase this food processor. Cooking is indeed a passion and not a daily chore anymore.

  • Easy Touch Direct Programs: This Moulinex food processor is equipped with the 6 easy touch direct programs. The first program is meant for sauce, second for soup, third for slow cooking. Additionally, the fourth program is for steam, fifth for pastry and sixth for desert.
  • Manual Mode: If you want to create your own recipes. Then the manual mode proves beneficial.
  • Easy to Use Panel: Adjusting the speed, temperature and cooking time is possible through the easy to use manual panel. This, in turn, enables you to fully adapt to the dish your making.
  • Baking: With the specific program for dough, you can prepare the base for bread, pizzas, and cakes in an instant. Don’t just cook but relish an amazing cooking experience.
  • Slow Cooking: Thanks to automatic mixing, you can prepare tasty risottos through slow cooking.
  • Cooking With Steam: With no effort avail healthy and balanced dishes that are cooked with steam.
Cook whatever you desire with this Moulinex food processor + cooker in one
  • Soups: Enjoy yummy soups the way you want to. Be it hot or cold. Simply select the easy touch direct program for “soups”.
  • Deserts: Preparing the desert of your choice is possible with the “desert” easy touch direct program. Therefore you can enjoy the simplest to the most elaborate recipes.
  • Sauces: You can prepare sauces in an instant to add more flavor to your dishes. All thanks to the easy touch sauce program.
  • Whisker: With this whisker, you can beat egg whites until it becomes stiff. Besides this, you can whip cream, and prepare perfect mousses.
  • Ultra Blade Chopper: The ultra blade chopper helps in cutting quickly and effectively.
  • Mixer: This mixer proves beneficial in mixing even the most delicate ingredients.
  • Steam Basket: For the purpose of steaming, this stainless steel basket is essential.
  • Create Recipes: You can develop your creativity in the kitchen. Besides this inspire yourself by the recipes from the Cuisine companion recipe blog. In this blog, you can see the other users posts.
Easy Touch Direct Programs
  • Kneader: Firstly, it enables you to knead heavy dough such as bread and brioche. On the other hand, it enables you in kneading light dough such as cakes and crepes too. Moreover, crushing nuts and ice is also easy as ever due to this kneader.
  • Companion Application: Through the companion application you have access to a wide range of delicious recipes. Further, the application guides you step by step to ensure the success of your daily meals.
  • Price: This Moulinex food processor + cooker in one is available for around AED 1,300.

Moulinex Service Centers in UAE

Moulinex Service Center in UAE

When it comes to servicing, Moulinex has numerous repair centers in UAE. Hence, you need not worry if your Moulinex food processor needs repair. In order to find the nearest repair center, all you need to do is, firstly, visit their website. Next, choose your country from the search bar and type the city and postcode.

Moulinex: Cooking Made Easy!

I’m glad you made it till the end of this Moulinex food processor review UAE article. These appliances indeed are a great choice due to their amazing features and functionalities. Moreover, you can select the one that fits your budget. You’ve seen what all a good food processor can do. Keep one thing in mind, never compromise on the quality and features to save costs. A good quality food processor will serve you for the years to come. This indicates that you don’t have to replace your food processor and can use it for years.

In addition to this, consider taking a look at some more food processors in UAE. This article contains all the information about this kitchen appliance. Also, if you need to make puree for your gravy item or blend nuts for some Baklava. Then consider reading the best hand blender in UAE. It does all your mixing job, saving you time and effort.

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