Milano Water Purifier Reviews for UAE

In UAE, one of the major concerns of today is water pollution. Hence, purchasing a water purifier is essential for every household. Here are Milano water purifier reviews UAE to make your purchasing process hassle-free. Water pollution not only leads to diseases, but it also weakens the immune system. Gone are those days when water purifiers were considered a luxury. But not anymore, since they are now a necessity for every home. So, let’s dive into the Milano water purifier reviews for UAE. But, before that, I shall brief you about this innovative brand.

Milano was established in the year 2006 in Italy and is wholly owned by the Danube Group. The 3 major values that Milano caters and offers is quality, integrity and commitment. Milano water purifiers are creatively designed to offer you 100% purified water at home. When it comes to aesthetics, Milano features modern and innovative water purifiers that will suit your home in UAE. As a matter of fact, Milano represents the perfect amalgamation of Italian design, convenience and purity. Further, it makes use of purification technologies such as RO, UV and UF. In this Milano water purifier reviews UAE, we shall discuss a few main ones. These include the Danube Home Milano RO+UV, Danube Milano UF, Danube Home Milano Beverly Ro and more.

Milano Water Purifiers UAE – Quick List

ModelTypePurification CapacityCheck Price
Danube Home Milano
RO+UV15 Litres per hourPrice on
Danube Home Milano
PP + Carbon + Carbon+ UF0.13 Litres per minutePrice on
Danube Home Milano Beverly
RO0.13 Litres per minutePrice on
Danube Home Milano Gravity
Sediment + Carbon + UF25 Litres per hourPrice on

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Milano is now Danube Milano

You might have been a bit confused when you saw Danube or Danube Home used along with the Milano name in brand name at the end for the products. But don’t you worry whether it is Danube Milano or simply just Milano. Both these brands are one and the same. This is because the brand Milano owned by the Danube group is going through a whole rebranding process. Therefore turning some of the products under their brand into Danube Milano. Rest assured that you will have the same products and product quality without any doubt.

Danube Home Milano RO+UV Water Purifier

Model: JN1648T

Milano RO+UV water purifier UAE
  • 5 Stage Water Purification: The water purification process comprises of 5 stages. Thus, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for you and your entire family.
  • Wall Mounted: Since this model is wall-mounted, you save your counter space.
  • Aesthetics: Due to the fact that this Milano RO + UV water purifier is compact. Thus, it is suitable for every household. Moreover, its compact and modern Italian design makes it the main attraction of this water purifier.
  • Double Protection: With the combination of RO + UV, obtain 100% purification of water. Since this double protection system eliminates the dissolved impurities too such as bacteria, chemicals, viruses and salts.
  • High Storage Capacity: It consists of an 8-litre antibacterial food-grade water tank. This high capacity ensures your family 100% pure drinking water.
  • Types of Filters: With the RO and UV filters, this water purifier hydrates you and your family. Firstly, the RO filter removes the unwanted molecules, larger impure particles and ions. Secondly, the UV filter kills the microorganisms that cause diseases and health issues. It does this by attacking their DNA.

Additional Benefits of Danube Home Milano RO+UV

  • Airtight Tank Cover: Featuring a protective airtight tank cover with an airtight sealing ring. Further, the inner water tank of this water purifier keeps your drinking water safe from dust and insects. Thus, preventing contamination.
  • UV Lamp: The post UV lamp proves useful as it kills all the microorganisms before you drink the water. These microorganisms include even those which are left out during the filtration process.
  • Intelligent Digital Display: This digital display offers you an instant view of the status.
  • Best For: This water purifier is best for a small family comprising of 3 members.
  • Price: Milano RO + UV water purifier is available approximately for AED 590.

Additionally, the specifications are as follows:

Dimensions 340 x 255 x 485 mm
Gross Weight10.2 Kg
Storage Capacity8 Litres
Purification Capacity15 Litres per hour

Danube Home Milano UF Water Purifier

Model: Mu136-4

  • Purification: This water purifier provides you with four stages of water purification systems. To ensure you have safe and completely purified water for yourself and your loved ones always.
  • Filteration Process: Since its 4 stages of filtration each stage enables better water quality. The first stage is Polypropylene pleated filter (PP), double carbon filters which are followed by UF (ultra-filtration).
  • Leak-proof: To make sure that your device is leak-proof and stays that way the makers have an Integrated water-route system. Well-defined so that even after years of using this device they assure you no leakage of water.
  • Carbon: The use of activated carbon ensures that extra help towards thoroughly cleaning out the water from its impurities. Leaving behind water without any odour and without any the taste of chlorine.
  • Effectiveness: The technology used in the filtering process ensures that you have reduced sediment, rust, organism, bacteria, viruses up to nil. Moreover, so that, you might have only useful minerals in the water.

Additional Benefits Danube Home Milano UF Water Purifier

  • Design: The design is such that it can be placed anywhere next to your water source without having it occupy too much space. Since the design is compact and slim.
  • Light: It has an inbuilt light which notifies you enough to let you know the water is ready or the operation option is selected.
  • Cartridge: Using the 4th generation water purifying cartridge technology. Ensures your water is safe and taste the best.
  • Tank: This device has no tank holder it filters water and lets you have freshly purified water every time you go and press the button.
  • Price: Danube Home Milano UF Water Purifier is available approximately for AED 450.

Moreover, the specifications are as follows:

Purification Capacity0.13 Litres per minute
Types of FiltersPP + Carbon + Carbon+ UF
Dimensions58 x 44.5 x 39 cm

Danube Home Milano Beverly Ro Water Purifier

Model: MRC1790B-400G

  • No Chemicals: With this purifier, your water will get filtered without the use of any chemical substances like Chlorine, Bromine or Iodine. Since it uses carbon for the filtering process.
  • Filter Process: It has a 3 filter process for you to have safe and good tasting water at all times. With the different types of carbon filters and RO filter to help in the filtering process.
  • No Leakage: You can save water as well as ensure that your device functions well without any leakage with the integrated water-route system.

Additional Benefits Danube Home Milano Beverly Ro Water Purifier

  • Cartridge: You have the 4th generation cartridge. Which is furthermore has a safety lock which when once in place will not come off easily.
  • Design: The design is such that this device will fit straight under your sink or anywhere in your kitchen. Without occupying extra space.
  • Tank: This purification device has no pressure tank which is all the more reason that it has a compact design.
  • Price: This Danube Home Milano Beverly Ro Water Purifier is available at AED 1430.

Besides that, other specifications are as follows:

Product Dimension 288 x 208 x 374 mm
Purification Capacity0.13 Litres per minute
Gross Weight12 Kgs

Danube Home Milano Gravity Water Purifier

Model: QU1646

  • Maximum Chlorine Reduction: Danube Home Milano Gravity water purifier reduces chlorine. As well as other contaminants in the water. Additionally, it provides you with fresh and tasty water as it eliminates the taste and odour of chlorine.
  • Types of Filters: It works with a combination of 3 types of membrane filters. They are Sediment + Active Carbon + UF. Further, these filters work together thus removing impurities that cause diseases.
  • Bacteria Reduction Rate: It reduces the bacteria completely, hence offering you 100% results.
  • Raw Water Tank: Since the raw water tank has a capacity of 9 litres. You can fill in 9 litres of raw, impure water in it. This will, in turn, take the water from the raw water tank and purify it.
  • Carbon Filter: This filtration method uses a bed of activated carbon. This, in turn, plays a role in removing contaminants and impurities by chemical absorption. Moreover, it leads to better disinfection of water. Additionally, the carbon filter removes all the bad odours from the water.
  • Chlorine Reduction Rate: Additionally, this water purifier reduces chlorine by more than 85%.

Additional Benefits of Danube Home Milano Gravity Water Purifier

  • Sediment Filter: Besides the carbon filter, this water purifier also contains a sediment filter. This sediment filter acts as a sieve in order to remove impure particles. As well as the sediments such as sand, silt, clay and organic material from the water.
  • Multistage Purification Process: The water goes through multiple stages in order to undergo complete purification.
  • UF Membrane: Firstly, the hollow UF membrane doesn’t allow cysts to pass through. Secondly, it doesn’t permit even the smallest of microorganisms to pass through. Such as bacteria and parasites. Therefore, it guarantees you 100% microbe-free water.
  • Best For: This water purifier is perfect for couples and small families of 3 members.
  • Price: Danube Home Milano Gravity water purifier is available approximately for AED 60.

Lastly, the specifications are as follows:

Purification Capacity25 Litres
Types of FiltersSediment + Carbon + UF
Dimensions490 x 304 x 304 mm

Milano UAE Service Centers

Well, you’ve seen how Milano water purifiers function in terms of their performance. In addition to the performance factor, each of these water purifiers has a wide variety of features. Moreover, they differ from each other in terms of their capacities and aesthetics. However, Milano offers you a lot more and we shall proceed with this Milano water purifier reviews UAE. Without further ado, I shall discuss all the Milano service centres in UAE. As a matter of fact, Milano strives to keep its customers happy. Besides Dubai, Milano also has service centres in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Oman, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Milano brand

Firstly, Milano has 6 service centers in Dubai and 3 service centres in Abu Dhabi. This indicates that people have options as to which service centers they wish to visit. Secondly, Milano also has 6 service centers in Sharjah & Ajman. Further, there are 2 Milano service centers in Fujairah & Ras Al Khaimah. In addition to these, there are another 2 service centers in Oman. Besides providing outstanding products, Milano is well known for providing unsurpassed customer service to its customers and distributors. Together, all this delivers premium value to the customers and distributors.

Milano Italiano!

I’m glad that you’ve made it to the end of these Milano water purifier product reviews. Indeed, a Milano water purifier is worth purchasing. With so many features, purification mechanisms and functionalities. Milano ensures pure and safe drinking water that keeps you and your family healthy. Above all, the best Milano water purifier for you would be the one that fits your requirements and budget. Besides this, you should also keep in mind your family size. Therefore, focus on the storage capacity and other features of each of these water purifiers. In addition to the above, I would suggest you read the best water purifier in UAE. Firstly, this article will provide you with in-depth information about RO and UV water purifiers. Secondly, you will gain insight into the drinking water in UAE and lots more.

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