KitchenAid Mixer Review for UAE – Feature, Options Explored [2023]

A Stand-Mixer now that’s one underrated kitchen equipment. This KitchenAid mixer in UAE mentioned in this review can perform a wide variety of task. Making your every dish gourmet as it can whisk, mince, juice, dice anything and everything. With a gadget like this, you can cook almost everything with lesser effort and manual work. A KitchenAid mixer would work best for your needs. As they have a choice of different options to choose from. Based on the model, type, price, capacities and many more factors.

Completing a century in its journey in 2019 KitchenAid has been making quality products for all kitchen needs. This American based home appliance company is owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. Traditionally starting of with producing stand mixers back in 1919. Since then the stand mixers and every other product manufactured by them have come to a long journey of evolution. As they look forward to satisfying not just your body with the food prepared but also your soul.

Today this brand has attained the level of pride from their multiple full star reviews. The KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE in this review is definitely to look into if you want a long-lasting mixer with a wide array of attachments, accessories and even customizable equipment.

Why choose KitchenAid over other mixer brands?

Having a good and reputable brand with a variety of features is what is wanted the most by an amateur as well as a professional chef. But besides the brand name, there are a variety of reasons why the KitchenAid mixer is what you need to opt for in the sea of mixer brands. Read on to know more.

With the KitchenAid brand, you can expect a lot of versatility. Moreover, depending on this product to make sure your cooking creations are brought to life. As they allow you the best and easy work experience with their varied attachments. So, if you can experiment with all the different types of pasta, cakes, doughs and even ice-creams with your own durable KitchenAid mixer.

Furthermore, the classic appearance gives it a sophisticated yet modern outlook. Which is still made for the versatility that is required. Depending on your needs you can choose the best one for your kitchen. Right from the array of colours of the stand mixer to the mixing volumes of the bowls. You can choose from the 12 available attachments to the 10 speeds. Everything to suit your needs and tastes. Not to forget KitchenAid even let you choose the type of beater you would prefer either burnished and coated beaters for your cooking adventures.

Promoting only the best for your cooking spree. You can expect a reliable and handy cooking companion. That will even give you that extra push towards experimenting with new dishes and ingredients. KitchenAid will help with your culinary ambitions and inspire you to go ahead with original ideas.

Now that you have clear cut reasons why you should consider opting to review this KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE. It is best if you see the product for yourself. And be the witness to the product. Read on to know more about the KitchenAid stand mixer.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Model: KSM3316XER

  • Outlook: A sophisticated as well as a stylish outlook for your needs. This appliance aims towards making the most of the least. Since the body is of stainless steel your appliance will have a long working life.
  • Dimensions: Like previously mentioned, this appliance will be space-saving so you can adjust it easily into your kitchen. So, for the same, the dimensions are 31.2 x 19.8 x 31.2 cm. And not to mention lighter as compared to other products as well as it weights 7.26 Kgs.
  • Attachments: Your culinary centre is now available for you to experiment with all the ten add on attachments this product has to offer.
  • Speeds: This KitchenAid stand mixer offers you with ten-speed adjustment settings. Which is more than enough for any recipe you wish to create for the day.
  • Bowl Capacity: The bowl capacity for this device is spaciously huge for you to use. And not to forget that the bowl itself is a 3.5-quart entirely stainless steel. Which is a multi-purpose bowl and not just limited to baking.
  • Smart Adjustment: Who wouldn’t want to cook without creating a mess right?
    • So, with the product, you can keep the mess to the minimum as the device is made with an innovative soft start. This means that the device would start off gently which would create little to no puffs or splashes of the contents.
    • Furthermore, the gadget has a tilt-back option. With which you can go ahead and add your ingredients without any much effort and easily.

Important Features that Make KitchenAid Worth Purchasing

No one would go ahead and purchase a product without knowing the speciality or even features. You wouldn’t want to end up with a product which doesn’t fulfil your requirements. To prevent this you go ahead, research and find out what works best for you. Or even does this product have all of the feature you need and more. So, to help you with that process, here are some assured features this product has to offer.

Services Offered

You can purchase this product anywhere be it online and also at supply stores. This makes the accessibility of the product high. They offer great customer support as well as service plans. And you won’t be regretting your choice. This is one of the main reason why the brand has had a successful 100 years of existence. KitchenAid makes all their products user friendly and easy to use. All the while offering you a high-utility despite being simple. They offer full-service product assistance. This adds the accessibility for the ower which in this case is you.


Then you have the physical outlook of the product. You can fit this gadget anywhere even when you are on a pinch of space. This is mainly because they aren’t excessively huge in size. Your KitchenAid mixer would blend in well into your kitchen setup as well. KitchenAid ensures the best of features, with versatility and a durable product to keep you happy. With any product so good you wouldn’t mind spending on it.

Physical Properties

KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE in this review, despite everything, has a few unique features attached to it which you won’t know until you yourself go ahead and use it. This mixer performance is one to be admired at all levels. As it gives you the best performance in all that it does. Be it mixing, kneading, whipping and more effortlessly. The bowl capacity is spacious enough to make a big batch of anything that you are making. And what makes it better is that it is fitted with an ergonomic handle. This makes the handling of the bowl easier. Furthermore, without too much effort or struggle the head locks into place. Making it even easier to operate the stand mixer.

Besides that, you can read the speed settings with ease even after placing the attachments or bowl in place. This enables you to easily use the mixer without scratching your head trying to figure how to get it to work. If all this doesn’t impress you than the variety of attachments which KitchenAid offers is surely going to. With all the accessories such as the blender, pasta maker and grinder you can prepare the best of almost everything.


The cherry on the cake is that KitchenAid accessories are all dishwasher safe. Right from the bowl to the beater and dough hook. No matter if you are a professional baker/ chef or even a beginner. This mixer caters to everyone’s needs and capacities. Especially as they have bowls of many sizes which fits all. Which means you can now bake for your evening tea cravings and for your kid’s school picnics. You can assure that KitchenAid has you covered.

If these features don’t serve as an encouragement enough for you to consider KitchenAid I’m not sure anything can. All these features are available in this review of KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE. So, once you do purchase your own KitchenAid stand mixer in this review for UAE. There is a way for you to get the best and most of it. Following is how you can achieve it.

Ways to Maximise the Lifespan of KitchenAid Mixer

For KitchenAid, durability is already a key feature to its success. Right from the beginning of the brand. With the best of designs and assured quality engineering, you couldn’t expect the fault to be in the hardware itself. As the company itself assures your mixer will live a long 15 years. If used well and in the right way you can use it for around 30 years and more. But considering, after all, it is a gadget so if you don’t use it right or handle with care, you can’t expect the gadget to have a long lifespan. Keeping that in mind in this review here are five main ways you can prolong the usage of your KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE:

Use Frequently

I know this might sound weird as this might be the exact reason which could lead to decreased lifespan. Which is also true but the key is in using it as often as possible. As much as possible within the warranty period especially. Try using all the function within the time that your warranty is covering the mixer. This way you can detect any defects in the product as well and you can bring it to the notice of the company. Better now when under warranty then later when you would have to spend to get it fixed.

Prevent Overheating

Usually, when the mixer is overheated it will shut itself off. But the best thing for your mixer is to not wait for that point. This normally happens on the basis of how the mixer is being used. Using high speeds, loading the mixer with thick mixtures or even prolonged use can lead to the overheating. But you can prevent this by using various different mixing times and speed settings. Try allowing the mixture and the mixer to rest in between sessions. And also by keeping the mixer in a clean environment along with keeping it clean on the inside and out.

Allow Warm-ups

After a long period of non-usage let your mixer warm-up before actually loading it with food. Why you ask? Mainly because when not in use the lubricants inside the mixer solidifies. This happens more frequently in cooler temperatures. So, before you use it for the food, warm-up the lubricants by simply turning it on and shifting the speeds. After that, you can go ahead and continue with your regular usage process.

Right Settings

This is an essential detail to pay a close eye to. Make sure you have the right settings and adjustments down before you go ahead and turn on the device. Check the height for the beater and make sure it is not going to scrape the bowl. Besides this, make sure that you have fitted in the attachments right. If not this all could lead to overheating and even damaging the mixer. So make sure to check this every time.


For the smooth functioning of the mixer the lubricants function to grease the inside of the mixer. It is necessary for the functioning of the mixer that this lubricant needs to be changed from time to time which would most likely be a year. Therefore for the stand mixer to work best for a long time make sure to look into the maintenance.

If you make sure to follow all of the above-mentioned points in this review you can ensure that your KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE will have a long working period. Leaving you a happy and satisfied customer of the product. But before you go ahead or place your order read on further. To know more about how to make your appliance last for a longer time.

Maintenance Tips for KitchenAid Mixer

Although if you seem to follow all of the tips and points to take proper care for your appliance you should be fine. As KitchenAid isn’t a brand which requires frequent or repetitive maintenance. But for your journey to prolong the use of your KitchenAid stand mixer here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Ignore Tell-offs

Make sure to not ignore any visible or audible tell-offs that there might be a problem. Especially if it is on the form of some odd behaviour of the mixer. Chances are there is a small problem which can be quickly fixed. The longer you put it off as nothing the worse it can get.

Keep Your Mixer Clean

While you do everything to keep the interior of the mixer clean you tend to forget about the exterior. By constantly cleaning your mixer from any spilt or dry food stains or particles you can keep your mixer in a good condition. Clean out all those small areas which have a possibility of being clogged. Especially the part where you add the attachments. As this is the most commonly clogged area. You can add a little grease too to this area if you face struggles while connecting or disconnecting the attachments. The cleaning can be done with some water and soap. When the exterior looks clean will the gadget look new as well.

Clean Your Attachments

This has to go without saying that you must always make sure to clean the attachment properly and with care. As they are mostly made of aluminium it is safe to say they aren’t very delicate but make sure to wash them with care. Also, be aware if you can put them into a dishwasher or not. If the aluminium has a solid white coating this is your green signal to put them into your dishwasher. But if not, you are better off washing it manually. If you wash them otherwise it would cause oxidation. Leaving a bad film behind making your attachment seem old.

Re-Grease the Mixer

Re-greasing your mixer should be done at least once a year. This will make sure your appliance will be in top condition from the inside. This re-greasing can be done by yourself or you can get it done by a professional. If you plan on doing it yourself here are the steps for it. All you need to do is get some new grease. Which doesn’t cost too much.

  • Remove the back cover of the mixer. After which you remove the metal band that wraps around the machine. After which you have to carefully remove the mixing assembly as well as the top casing. Once this is done you will be able to access the inner machinery.
  • If you see any dirt and black grease in that area you’ll want to clean it out.
  • And clean all the rest of the remaining parts out as well.
  • Now you have to reapply the new grease to the machine it is advisable to add a lot of it.
  • Once that is done you can go ahead and reassemble every part back to the way it was.

KitchenAid has actually put in enough grease to last the whole lifespan of the mixer. But there is no harm to go ahead and change it. This way you can inspect your mixer on your own for any defects. And in the process prevent any future breakdowns.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer FAQs

How long do KitchenAid mixers last?

KitchenAid mixer is said to last for about 15 years. But since you are talking about a world-renowned brand known for its quality. You have the assurance that this product has lasted for 30 years plus. And you can make your mixer last for as long as well. All you got to do is take a little care of the appliance like it was your own child. Clean it and its attachments regularly, consider re-greasing it from time to time. Don’t overuse it and definitely don’t ignore any signs which might suggest that something is wrong with the mixer. While most importantly make sure that you have set up the appliance and its attachments right. Follow all safety measures and you’ll have your mixer working just fine for a really long time.

Why are KitchenAid stand mixers so expensive?

Yes, KitchenAid stand mixers are a bit on the pricey end. But the price is justifiable since they are after all a brand which is well-known worldwide. Be it among homemakers right up to the professionals. If the brand is well established like this one and has a reputation in the society you can expect the prices to be higher. The general idea, is the more attachments you purchase the more you will have to pay. As each attachment performs a different task and is sold separately.

Furthermore, quality. The better the material used the higher the price. So if you have aluminium or polished aluminium means your mixer is more durable hence the appropriate price. Next is the durability of the product. KitchenAid assures you durability so you have a better warranty offered to you for the product as well. Considering this, the most trusted fanbase of KitchenAid don’t really mind the price of the product. Besides, would you rather opt for the long-lasting tad expensive product or pay twice (or more) on a cheap product?

What is the difference between KitchenAid Classic and KitchenAid Artisan mixers?

While buying the mixer of your choice it is best to consider all your options and so these two KitchenAid products let you choose the best one suited for you. If you go ahead and compare the features generally there is almost everything similar but those minor differences can make it or break it for you.

Firstly, the obvious difference is that the Artisan has a pouring shield and the handle to prevent the contents from splashing back and to allow easy access respectively. And this feature isn’t given by the Classic. Besides that, you have a wider range of colours to choose from as compared to the Classic. But these are minor details which can be overlooked. The biggest game-changer is that of the bowl capacity. Artisan provides a bigger bowl capacity as compared to Classic. But this is really debatable as the different model offers different sizes. There besides these few points, there is nothing different about the two KitchenAid stand mixers.

Is the KitchenAid Artisan and Artisan Mini powerful enough?

Yes, they both are powerful enough for you to use on a regular basis. Whether you are a beginner or you are a professional chef you will find your use in this product. In not just one way but various ways be it for whipping, mixing, mincing and you can even mash potatoes with these KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE.

Both the KitchenAid stand mixers are powerful enough to deal with anything you throw at it. This is because both their mixers have a good and heavy-duty motor to support them. Do not go by the size, smaller does not mean lesser in any way. The only reason for you to choose the mini mixer is in case of space constraints.

Is tilt head or bowl lift better?

In this case, a tilt head mixer would be one which you can tilt the mixer head. Whereas the bowl lift is one where you can’t move the head but you can lift and pull out the bowl. So which one would be better? As both types have their own pros and cons.

When its easier to access the tilt head mixer there could be a problem of the hinge loosening up after some uses. But besides this, there could be no problem at all, in fact, these are the ones which are compressed and so, you save on space vertically. On the other hand with a bowl lift, the only drawback would be that it would vertically consume more space. So with this, it would only come down to your preferences.

Guide on KitchenAid Mixers

There you have it an all you need to know review on the KitchenAid stand mixer in UAE. With this review, you can make your conscious decision to select the KitchenAid mixer in UAE. Once you use it, this product will become your baking companion and a must-have. And even if you aren’t into baking as much this stand mixer has a lot of secondary purposed as well so you can make it your kitchen essential either ways. Also if you like, you can check best stand mixer in UAE for a more varied choice to choose from.

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