Kenwood Food Processor Review for UAE

Kenwood food processor review UAE provides testimonies to several facts. They offer features and functionalities that enable you to cook like a professional. Easy to use and incredible food processors are what they manufacture. They don’t just excel in aesthetics, but in performance too. Cooking is, therefore, a passion rather than a daily chore. That’s the reason Kenwood food processors hold a reputation for simplifying kitchen chores. Kenwood was founded by Kenneth Maynard Wood in the year 1947. This company is a British kitchen appliances manufacturer and is owned by the De’Longhi group. Without any further ado, head down to the Kenwood food processor review UAE.

Kenwood food processor review UAE

It designs, produces and sells kitchen appliances. Some of these include stand mixers, food processors, and blenders. To add to the list are kettles and toasters. Kenwood features high quality and comprehensively tested food processor components. To add to this are a range of attachments as well. Purchasing a Kenwood food processor in UAE will save you time and effort. Due to its capability of perfectly blending, kneading, whisking. As well as processing the ingredients that you need. In order to create fabulous meals, pastries, bread, cakes and more. Head down to the 3 best Kenwood food processors. After long hours of research, I have penned down all the features of these food processors. This, in turn, will make your purchasing process easier. Ensure you read them all.

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Kenwood Multi-Pro Food Processor

Kenwood Multi Pro Food Processor review UAE
  • Delicious Recipes: If you need to chop some veggies for a side dish. Or, slice some fruits for a fruit salad. This Kenwood food processor is here to serve you. Also, your sweet dish may require some grated almond, isn’t it? The Kenwood food processor will complete all these functions easily.
  • Kenwood Spin: Once you purchase this food processor. You will witness gratifying results every time you spin this appliance.
  • Compact: It possesses a space-saving design. As a result, your kitchen counter is less cluttered, due to the compact design. Additionally, it possesses a patented and commended dual drive.
  • Motor Power: Featuring a vigorous 900-watt motor. Thus offering you powerful performance and great results.
  • Quality Attachments: It possesses a set of good quality attachments. These attachments are ideal for a wide variety of chopping, slicing and grating tasks. Additionally, it includes a multi mill and twin geared whisk.
  • 3L Bowl Capacity: A large capacity of 3 litres makes this food processor bowl ideal. Not only in preparing large meals for families but for guests too.
  • Dual Drive System: This feature enables running a food processor and blender from the same power base.
  • Multi Mill: Multi mill attachment is ideal for grinding herbs and spices.
  • Blender: With this blender, you can enjoy the best of shakes and smoothies.
  • Reversible Grating & Slicing Disc: It is designed for efficient grating and slicing. Especially useful in vegetables and cheese. Use one side of the disc to grate and the other side to slice.
    • The slicing disc works well for foods such as cheese, carrots, and potatoes. Additionally, it excels in slicing cabbage, cucumbers, beetroots and onions too.
    • On the other hand, the grating disc works on foods of a similar texture. Such as potatoes, carrots and cheese.
  • Double Whisk Tool: The double whisk tool is an attachment that’s necessary for beating eggs.
  • Variable Speed + Pulse: Since this appliance is equipped with variable speeds and pulse action. It enables you to control the blending speed for various ingredients. Each ingredient requires a different blending speed. Therefore you achieve the perfect results.
  • Liquidiser: The liquidiser has a great capacity of 1.5L. It is lightweight as well as easy to use.
  • Price: This Kenwood Multi Pro food processor is available approximately for AED 300.

Kenwood MultiPro Compact Food Processor

  • 1.2L Liquidiser: Ideal for soups, smoothies, and other drinks. You get the desired drink instantly due to its high speed.
  • Die-cast Aluminium: The body is made of high-quality die-cast aluminium. Due to which the parts are durable and dimensionally stable. They are also heat resistant and stronger.
  • Full Safety InterLock: With this safety interlock on the bowl. There’s no access to the moving blades. This indicates that the processor won’t activate until fixed properly.
  • In Bowl Drive Technology: The in bowl drive technology replaces the traditional spindle. This, in turn, makes the bowl easy to set up. Further, the preparation of great food and blends is easier due to this technology.
  • 2.1L Bowl Capacity: Preparing large meals at a time is hassle-free. Due to the bowl capacity of 2.1-litre.
  • Stainless Steel Blade: It offers you precise and quick results each time. This won’t get blunt so soon. It will stay sharp for prolonged periods.
  • Motor Power: A food processor that’s powerful due to its 750-watt motor. It completes all the food processing tasks within less time. Along with this, it provides you with superior blending results.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Experience hassle-free cleaning. This is because all these detachable parts can go straight into your dishwasher. Safe and sound.
  • Compact Design: It is easy to store due to its compact design. As a result, it occupies very less space in your kitchen.
  • Dual Drive System: A unique system that runs a food processor and blender from the same power base.
  • Multi-Purpose: It offers you multiple options when it comes to food processing. This appliance can work as a multi mill, a dough tool, and a twin geared whisk.
  • Juicing: The juicer attachment (glass blender + citrus press) offers you amazing blending results.
  • Price: This Kenwood MultiPro Compact food processor is available for around AED 492.

Kenwood Advanced Food Processor & Stand Mixer

This is a compact yet powerful and versatile kitchen appliance. It is specially designed for a smaller kitchen. If space is at a premium. Then this Kenwood food processor is the most ideal option out there.

Kenwood food processor in UAE
  • 3 Fully Interlocked Outlets: Due to 3 fully interlocked outlets. You can attach 3 accessories simultaneously. It’s fully interlocked for added safety. A K beater and a dough hook are additional accessories provided.
  • Ergonomic Design: You can avail a hassle-free cooking experience. Due to the ergonomic design. The design offers you a firm and comfortable grip on the food processor.
  • Variable Speed Control: It’s a switch that offers you variable speed control. This indicates that you can control the speed. Depending upon the type of food your cooking. Due to which you can prepare multiple dishes. Depending upon your requirements.
  • High Powered: The dynamic motor consumes up to 900 watts of power. Due to which it can shred berries and coconut pulp. It is also energy-efficient. Further, it blends, kneads and mixes with efficiency.
  • Compact: It occupies less space in your kitchen. Due to its compact design. You can also accommodate all the other appliances in your kitchen easily. The Kenwood food processor makes a lovely addition to your kitchen.
  • Additional Features: You can knead up to 500g of dough. Bake a cake weighing up to 1.6 Kg. You can skip out on making 2 batches by doing this within a single sitting.
  • Sturdy Design: The silver finish featuring on this food processor’s body adds to its sophisticated look.
  • Price: The Kenwood Advanced food processor is available approximately for AED 965.

Kenwood For You

I’m glad you’ve made it till the end of this review of the Kenwood food processor for UAE. I hope that you’ve read through each and every feature that I have specified. These Kenwood food processors are indeed amazing. They make your life easier when it comes to cooking. I understand that managing the kitchen in the morning is a tedious task. Due to the hectic schedule. It’s not tedious anymore if you purchase the best Kenwood food processor.

Before you purchase one, ensure you consider the space in your kitchen. Make a note of the budget as well. You should consider reading another article regarding food processors in UAE for additional options. Moreover, it is an in-depth guide containing all the necessary information. Also, consider browsing through innovative kitchen techniques and easy-breezy ways. You should also read the best hand blender in UAE. This is another appliance that will reduce your efforts and give you the best results.

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