Is Your Air Purifier Safe?

Investing and having a good and safe air purifier for your home and even your workplace can have an impact on your health as well. Either for the better or worst.  This gives rise to the question of whether the air purifier you have or planning to invest in is safe? Having a cheap or no purifier can be harmful as it wouldn’t be doing its work as it should. Therefore you might still be facing the risk of aggravated allergies, risk your family with air borne illnesses as well as asthma. Thus you can read here which type of air purifier is a safe and suitable choice for your home.

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Different Type of Air Purifiers

Before you know which purifier is actually good for you. You need to know which are the available ones in the market for you to purchase.  These are based on the type of technologies used in every available air purifier. But do keep in mind that some air purifiers pair two technologies together to give you better results. Therefore these purifiers cross the general boundaries of their use.

  • Electronic Air Purifier

These purifiers operate by sucking in the air to purifier it. In this process, the air is charged electronically. This causes the particles in the air to stick to each other. Therefore trapping any dust, dander, fiber, or any other pollutant in the air. Hence filtering out air altogether and ensuring you better quality of air for your to breathe. There are several methods these electronic air purifiers work. Some of these are UV light, Electrostatic Precipitation, Corona Discharge, and Ionization. The ionization process is the most common one used.

  • Ozone Generators

As the name would suggest to you what it really does. Ozone is one such gas that can purify the gas with itself. Therefore these types of purifiers use this technology to easily purify the air from your room by generating and releasing this ozone gas into the air. Therefore killing a living organism from the air. This includes mold, bacteria, and viruses. Although this might seem like a good type of air purifier, you need to keep in mind this gas is harmful to your pets as well if inhaled in large quantities.

  • Mechanical Filtration

This type of filter works to force out any dust, pet dander, and any other allergens out of the air. Therefore mechanically removing and making the air fit to breathe. These types include HVAC filters, portable air purifiers, and also ceiling-mounted air purifiers.

Effects of the Air Purifier on your Health

 1. Ozone Generator

In the case of an Ozone Generator, this one is the worse time you can actually have. Since it not only harms the dust and bacteria from the air but also has an adverse effect on pets and humans with time. If you are one of the sensitive people and/or you suffer from asthma or allergies you will find that these conditions can aggravate.  In human ozone be it as little as 0.08 parts per million and you can have several health complications. Such as chest pain, inflammation, throat irritation, shortness of breath, and cough. This means a larger level can damage your lungs on a more permanent basis causing respiratory conditions.

Besides this ozone gas tends to react with other fragrances in the air turning them even more harmful. Therefore you should stay awake from any ozone air purifiers. Although there are companies that sell purifiers without stating it releases ozone thus be aware of what you buy.

2. Electronic Air Purifiers

This type of air purifier draws in air molecules and electrically charging them. These charged particles are then attracted to any opposite electrical charge components in the air. This is then stuck to a metal plate on the inside of the filter. All this is called ionization technology which may seem convenient and efficient. But there is no proof that these are totally effective.

As for UV light, these are best for mold, viruses, and bacteria which can be airborne or present along with your HVAC ductwork. These mainly just rid the air from living organisms but do nothing much to actually filter out the air. Therefore, these still can cause allergies.

However, these electronic air purifiers produce a small amount of ozone and you kno9ow the effects ozone can have on your health from the previous point. Since UV technology is almost the same technology used in ozone generators. And the negative ions might not be dangerous but they do leave behind a small trace of ozone.

3. Mechanical  Filtration

 The working of a mechanical filter is with the help of an internal fan which pulls in air and then passes through filters.  In these filters, any air purity is removed out giving you the clean air that you breathe. Therefore making this method the safest way to purifier your air. A popular filter to be used is a HEPA filter, which is a dense filter made of fiberglass that traps all sorts of pollutants from your air. Including gases, viruses, dust everything, and anything. Since it only uses a fan and a filter this method is the safest without any side effects.

Although there is a concern about the fiberglass used in the filter shedding, they cause no harm and damage to you or your family. Therefore making the best technology to use in your home, workplace, or anywhere you want to improve the air quality. Only thing is that you will have to deal with the cost of changing the filter once in a while.

Breathe Easy

All this newfound knowledge of your can be out to good use into considering which air purifier is the safe for you and your family. Make sure that when you are buying an air purifier that is from a reputable company. And also ensure that you are getting when they claim not these claims aren’t misleading. After you do get your safe air purifier all you have to do is sit back and relax while you breathe easy. You can check out  some suggestion for the best air purifier in Dubai too.

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