Is your Air Purifier in the Right Place?

This might seem absurd to you but your air purifier just might be in the wrong place. Buying an air purifier might have been a bit of a task and after that everything is a walk in the park. Actually, it is… There only are a few things to take into consideration while you place your air purifier. If you tick all of these points on your list you’ve righty chosen the placement of the device. Read to see how perfect is your spot.

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1. Where you Need the Most Filtration of Air

It would be the most effective if you place your purifier in a place where you think and feel it have the most pollutants. You don’t need to have any special device to measure the quality of air. There are a few telltale signs for you to come to this conclusion.

  • One obvious sign would be bad odors. If your nose picks up a bad odor be it tobacco, oil, or any other unwanted stench. This area is in need of your air purifier.
  • In case of smoke or any mold in the area, this can be easily seen by your naked eyes. This means if you have molds then place the device closer to that part of the room. Or if you’re looking towards reducing smoke entering your home place it next to the slit where the smoke enters your home.
  • Lastly, a major giveaway would be your allergies. High chance if you get any allergic symptoms in a particular area of your home there are some allergens present there. To help with that you can get the best air purifier in UAE placed there.

2. Above Ground Level

The floor is lava for your air purifier! Well, it won’t kill or destroy your device. But if you place your device approximately a few feet above the ground it would function better. You generally have the indoor air circulation in a horizontal (Side to side) and vertical (ceiling to floor) direction. So when you place the air purifier somewhere at the center level you have more air coverage.

Smaller room air purifiers are easier to place in this case. Since you can easier place it on your desk or on a shelf. But if you have a bigger purifier it is better to place it on the floor since it’s already built to a higher level.

3. More Airflow, More Purification

This means you got to place your air purification device in an area where there is a higher airflow. Like near a window or a door. Where it can suck in and purifier the air much faster and effectively. Besides this, the air which is moving tends to have much larger pollutants. Since the wind tends to carry around more particles. Making it the best option to filter out pollutants, molds, or dust right before it spreads around the home.

4. No Heat, Capiche?

Hot days are the worst right?! Your air purifier doesn’t like the heat any more than you do. So you can cut this device some slack and not place it next to an object which heats up or emits heat. For that matter do not place it in the sun for an extended period of time. Since after all this too is an electronic device, it too tends to heat up a bit with constant use. Its own heat and the external added heat are a recipe for an overheating disaster.

5. Say No to Corners

Keep your purifiers away from corners. Not only is the air in the corners is slightly cleaner but also these are the areas where the airflow is the least. Furthermore, you are blocking the filtering of air with the walls. Therefore hampering its efficiency and reducing its full operation capacity.

6. Maintain Personal Space

Just as you would love your personal space in any given situation. Similarly, your air purifier would like some space as well. Only then will it be able to work effectively. The acceptable safe distance for the device would be around 3 feet of space around in all directions. Therefore you aren’t blocking the airflow from any direction.

7. Keep Away from Humidity

Some basic science would be that humid air would be heavier air. This would mean it could hamper the filtering process. Since it would not only consume more energy to filter the air and also cause the capacity of the filters in the purifier to decrease. Furthermore, a humid area is a perfect home for bacteria and molds. And you most definitely will not want to spread these bacteria around your house with your moldy air purifier. Therefore placing your air purifiers in these areas can be debatable.

  • Bathroom– When in use the humidity in the bathroom would be at its peak. This means you will be exhausting the capabilities of the air purification system. Thus even damaging it in the process.
  • Kitchen– You would think that placement in your kitchen would be a great idea because of all the mix of odors. But this isn’t the case if you would be boiling water or leaving rags to dry. Because this would contribute towards the increase in the humidity levels. And again stressing the device out.

If by any chance you were getting an air purifier for this purpose. Then reconsider and get yourself a dehumidifier. Which can help solve your humidity problem. Just keep your humidity below 50% if you really want to use an air purifier.

8. Electronic Devices aren’t your Purifier’s Friend

As tempting as it might seem, do not place your air purifier next to your TV set or music system and any other electronic devices. This isn’t your best choice since the electronic signals could interfere with the working of your air purifier. Thus affecting the way your purifier works. Besides the interference, you would hinder the free airflow for the purifier. Which again isn’t what you are looking to do.

9. Leave your Purifier Alone

Basically, this would mean that it would be best if you’re left your doors and windows closed while the air purifier is running. This will prevent additional pollutants from entering and disrupting the cleaning process. This includes the doors to the hallways. By doing this you ensure that the purifier is cleaning the air from that particular room and not pulling in the outside air. This might seem like a weird thing to do since you would be blocking the fresh air from entering. But if the window is open the air purifier will be working to clean the air which keeps moving around from the outside as well. Therefore, at any given point in time, you won’t have 100% clean and purified air.

10. Move Around

I don’t mean you but the device. There is a reason why these devices come in portable sizes and are lightweight. Doing this maximizes the reach of the clean air circulating in your house. Moreover, this can also help you to cut down the need for more than one purifier in your home. Only while doing so do keep in mind all the other points mentioned.

Breath in the Fresh Air

If you follow these few rules and tips you are sure to have the best use of your air purifier. Since everything comes down to your placement. You can have almost 20% of increased efficiency or around 50% loss of the way your device purifiers the air. Did you check your placement? Was it checking out all of the above boxes? If so well done! Give yourself a pat on the back. On an other note are you thinking of replacing or getting your self a new air purifier? Then head on to see the best air purifiers in Dubai.

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