HUAWEI MatePad Review for UAE [2023]

On the 21st February 2021, HUAWEI Consumer Business Group (BG) revealed the newly updated HUAWEI MatePad in UAE and here is its complete review. A big change and next-level update that you are going to experience. This device is equipped with a new Kirin 810 chipset that boosts performance, make learning and studying easier. As well as entertainment more interesting. Not to forget, the addition of WiFi 6. Thus, you can call the HUAWEI MatePad a saviour. Through the expanded tablet line-up featuring this power-packed device, HUAWEI has offered more consumer choice. In other words, HUAWEI has offered consumers more choice and better options. This in-depth review contains detailed information about the HUAWEI MatePad. This will keep you and all the residents of UAE well informed.

HUAWEI MatePad Review for UAE

Why Purchase the HUAWEI MatePad in UAE?

The HUAWEI MatePad is equipped with WiFi 6, FollowCam and a new Kirin 810 chipset that makes it a whole lot powerful. It delivers more efficient learning, immersive entertainment, and will also help a broader audience to experience a smart and seamless interaction. Thus, making the HUAWEI MatePad your ideal companion. The 10.4-inch full view display supports a crucial feature “eye protection”. What about WiFi 6? How did it contribute to making this tablet better? Well, WiFi 6 allows for more stable and faster connections.

The following is what the Huawei Consumer Business Group Country Manager of UAEKeith Li, said. With an increase in the number of people working remotely and students learning online, the consumer trends in UAE have shifted towards more portable and powerful devices. These type of products and devices provide users with the ability to learn on the go as well as enjoy entertainment. Since the latest HUAWEI MatePad features a wide range of smart innovative features, an elegant display and power-packed performance. All these factors, functionalities and technologies enable the HUAWEI MatePad to transform any location into a mobile classroom or a theatre.

To be honest, it is an entertainment companion, a versatile productivity enabler, and a smart assistant. All these things wrapped in one sleek package. The HUAWEI MatePad is available in grey. On 18th March 2021, the 64GB version will go on-shelf at a price of AED 1,099. And you can pre-order the 128GB version for a price of AED 1,299. This also includes a gift worth AED 449. Any guesses? The gift is a HUAWEI Smart Keyboard. Both, 64GB and 128GB versions will be available from HUAWEI’s official website, e-shops, HUAWEI’s experience stores as well as from select retailers across UAE. Moreover, it will be available from 4th March 2021 on-shelf.

HUAWEI MatePad 64 GB ROM FullView Tablet


Captivating Multimedia Experiences

One of the most attractive features of this review of the HUAWEI MatePad for UAE. The newly revealed HUAWEI MatePad delivers the brand’s signature FullView experience. The 10.4-inch 2K FullView display supports a 2000×1200 resolution at 224PPI. As well as 70.8% of the NTSC colour gamut. These, in turn, bring all sorts of multimedia content back to life. HUAWEI ClariVu Display Enhancement is a proprietary technology that boosts picture detail and dynamic range. This technology is a set of algorithms that optimises dark video scenes and images for image sharpness, quality and colour saturation. Additionally, the display panel is also certified by TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light. As the name suggests, this reduces the risk of eye fatigue even if the user is using the tablet for prolonged hours.

Further, the HUAWEI MatePad delivers an audio experience and competes with home theatre setups. It supports Histen 6.0 to drive the 3D stereo sound effects, thereby delivering crisp, vibrant sounds for creating a captivating or mesmerizing audio experience. Plus, the four high amplitude speakers contribute to making films and sounds even more captivating than ever. Also, these speakers feature a creative and innovative design. Further, this device features various breakthroughs and innovations in Android audio system reconstruction. As well as the multi-channel signal chipset processing delivers a cinematic audio experience like that of a home theatre. Also, the sound by Harman Kardon reproduces even the most complex or difficult sounds with perfect or faultless clarity.

Premium Industrial Design

The HUAWEI MatePad features a premium enclosure with narrow bezels. Most of the customers love this design, it measures only 7.9mm which in turn aids this device in achieving a massive screen-to-body ratio of 84%. The users can make the most out of this feature since the compact form factor provides a large display area. Additionally, the micro-arc middle frame comes with an integrated shielding design that has the antennas fixed or inserted and also enables the middle frame to seamlessly connect with the back. It is available in grey colour. All these things are fitted within an extremely lightweight body (which weighs about 450 grams). Thereby, making it a perfect device to use on the go, especially for those users who are mostly on the move.

All-Rounder Offering Power-Packed Performance

The HUAWEI MatePad is powerful due to its efficient AI chipset i.e Kirin 810. It is manufactured with a 7nm process. The Kirin 810 AI chipset features a 2.27GHz octa-core CPU. This comprises two A76 performance cores and six A55 efficiency cores. Further, AI schedules the CPU resources. It enables the processor to respond to varying user demands dynamically. A customised Mali-G52 collaborates with GPU Turbo 3.0 to support the capability of improving graphics processing for daily tasks as well as games and other demanding apps. In addition, the Kirin 810 chipset also includes a Da Vinci NPU to handle AI processing. This chipset also enables novel smart features that are sophisticated and enrich the user experience. This device is also equipped with an enormous 7250 mAh battery that works together with HUAWEI’s software optimisations to provide a long-lasting battery life.

Recommended for Effective Learning and Entertainment

HUAWEI MatePad is creative in design and accelerates an improvement in the video calling experience. Through this review for UAE, you have seen that the HUAWEI MatePad helps the users learn more and more and also provides entertainment to the fullest anytime and anywhere. Besides this, it includes a quad-microphone array that supports noise reduction and sound pickup (within 5 meters). The 8MP wide-angle front camera supports FollowCam and tracks the moving subject. In an intelligent manner, it also adjusts the screen accordingly. Spotlight mode, Smart View and Camera gestures are some of the gesture control options that this device supports.

Another great feature included and supported by this device is the Smart Keyboard which provides ease of use and helps users to be productive on the go. For a more comfortable and convenient user experience, this device features an Eye Comfort mode. This mode reduces the blue light emissions of the display. Apart from this is the eBook mode which notifies the user when the device is not in use during optimal conditions. When it comes to kids, the HUAWEI MatePad has something in store for them too. It is known as Kids Corner and offers a secure and safe zone for kids, for learning purpose as well as entertainment.

Moreover, the parental control feature offers various options for parents in terms of the apps and content for their kids. This feature helps parents manage all the apps and content with ease. Additionally, they can also control the duration and set a limit for their kids to use it. To provide healthy and appropriate usage of the device, Kids Corner also includes posture alerts, eye protection modes such as blue light filter, brightness alerts, bumpy road alerts, eBook mode as well as distance alerts.

Intelligent Interaction Features

By running EMUI 10.1, this device includes several smart features that take total advantage or make maximum use of HUAWEI’s distributed technology. This changes the manner in which the users interact with their device fundamentally. Multi-window enables two apps to be open concurrently. And the best part is that the apps can interact with each other thus providing maximum multi-tasking efficiency. You can reply to text messages via Floating Window. The benefit of Floating Window is that creates an overlay on top of the active app. Thus helping the users to perform simple tasks during which they don’t have to exit the current activity.

Apart from this, the App Multiplier shows 2 instances of the same app. That too, through 2 independently operable windows. This is extremely beneficial for text messaging apps, wherein one window will show the user his/her contacts and an active conversation on another window. The Multi-screen Collaboration enables the users to connect their HUAWEI smartphone with the HUAWEI MatePad seamlessly. This feature helps you use 2 devices simultaneously on a single display. Transferring files is hassle-free, all you need to perform is a drag-and-drop action after the pairing process. Pairing both these devices is absolutely easy.

Hardware capabilities and peripherals are shared between the connected devices. For example, the user can make the most out of the powerful quad-speaker system to play the music files that are present locally on the smartphone. Note that you need to store these music files locally on your smartphone. You can also respond to text messages and calls on your smartphone through the tablet. It also ensures the protection of user privacy by clearing out all the text messages and call records from the tablet. This occurs at the end of each Multi-screen Collaboration session. Besides these features, EMUI 10.1 also features HUAWEI’s native chat functionality, HUAWEI MeeTime, and supports up to 1080p high-quality video calling between 2 HUAWEI devices.

HUAWEI MatePad Specifications, Features and Price

Love at First Touch

We are glad you have gone through this entire review of the HUAWEI MatePad for UAE. Due to its tremendous and innovative features, performance, design, specifications, technologies and more, purchasing the HUAWEI MatePad is worth it. You won’t regret it. Before we conclude, here is something more you need to know about the HUAWEI Consumer Business Group. As a matter of fact, HUAWEI’s products and services are available in more than 170 countries. Secondly, one-third of the world’s population makes use of these products and services. Also, they have set up 15 R&D centres in Germany, Russia, United States, Sweden, India and China.

HUAWEI Consumer BG is one of HUAWEI’s three business units and covers PC’s, smartphones, tablets, cloud services, wearables and more. Also, HUAWEI’s global network is built on over 30 years of expertise in the telecom industry. Furthermore, it dedicates itself totally to delivering the latest technological advances to consumers around the world. If HUAWEI is on your mind and you are looking out for some more options, then you’ve got to check out this HUAWEI Mate X2 review. You may also want to take a look at the new iPhone 12 with its specifications, price and versions explained in detail.

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