Best Hair Trimmer in UAE – Compare Prices, Brands [2024]

All you gentlemen residing in UAE, here is the best hair trimmer UAE to serve all your personal grooming needs. A friend in need is a friend indeed, but what if we prove that the best hair trimmer is your best friend? Yes, best friend since it saves you hours at the salon along with a substantial sum. Additionally, it offers immaculate attention to neck-long beards and man buns so that you don’t risk looking like a caveman. After spending more than 48 hours on research, we have come up with the top brands of hair trimmers for you that include Philips and Braun.

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Moreover, to make your purchasing process hassle-free, we have also put forth factors to help you choose the right one. Purchase the best hair trimmer UAE today and you’re sure to look presentable in minutes, increase your confidence and improve your feel-good factor.

How to Choose the Best Hair Trimmer?

When it comes to selection there are a few things that can help you select the right product. The correct trimmer is one that fits your budget, serves your purpose, and is reliable for the years to come.

Battery power and run time

When choosing a hair trimmer pay attention to the battery size and power. This determines how long the appliance can run on a single charge. You ideally want a trimmer capable of lasting for 45 minutes to an hour. Check how long a trimmer takes to charge before you buy one. You don’t want a product that lasts for 30 minutes but takes an entire day to charge.


If you have a lot of body hair that requires attention then, seek a multi-grooming kit. This takes care of the face, nose, and body to ensure you have no unruly hair sticking out. Based on the climate it is important to get rid of the body hair that can cause a foul body odour when sweat dries up. Or, be extremely irritating during summers. See the number of accessories included in the kit.

Usable while charging

Perhaps one of the most important features when it comes to selecting a trimmer. Don’t overestimate its importance. There will be countless times that you are in a rush to head out only to find your trimmer without charge. This can lead to an unpolished look, which is not something you want. Especially, if you are making a first impression. The best hair trimmer in UAE should allow you to use it while charging.

Quality of blades

Ensure you buy blades of premium quality as this is the part that makes contact with your skin. You can choose a stainless steel blade or one with titanium coating (more expensive). This allows for prolonged usage, decreases the chances of cuts, and does not irritate your skin. Additionally, you can also check for self-sharpening blades that offer an increased usage duration. You can get blades that trim as close as 0.5mm to the skin. Further, trimming leaves your hair soft while shaving makes them coarse.


With the emergence of ‘shower grooming’, you can take care of all your grooming needs under the shower. Since you get nose trimmers and razors it is only natural to want a waterproof trimmer. This can save you a lot of time and hassle when you are in a hurry. However, if you experience hair not coming off smoothly then try drying it off. After that, throw on a little powder to ensure there is no moisture and use your trimmer. It reduces irritation and ensures you leave no spots behind.

Now, you know what to look out for when searching for the best hair trimmer in UAE. To make your decision simpler, here are some of the most popular options.

Rank 1: Philips Multi-Groom Kit

  • Attachments: The Philips series 5000 multi-groom kit comes with 11 attachments. The metal trimmer allows you to create a versatile look. Right from attachments for beard lengths to removing body hair, you get it all. It includes a precision shaver, nose hair trimmer and a variety of detail trimmers.
  • Run Time and Usability while charging: Offer you up to 80 minutes of run time but takes 16 hours to charge
  • Waterproof: Yes.
  • Blade Type and Price: The blade is self-sharpening that gives you prolonged usage. The product set costs roughly AED 299.

Rank 2: Braun Multi-Groom Kit

  • Attachments: This Braun trimmer offers you six functions in one device. You can choose an attachment for stubble sizes for short, medium and long beards. You also get hair clipping, ear, and nose trimming accessories. Four combs cover 13 different lengths.
  • Run Time and Usability While Charging: No. You cannot use this appliance while charging. It gives you a run time of 40 minutes on a 10-hour charge.
  • Waterproof: Not waterproof but you can wash the heads under running water for cleaning purposes.
  • Blade Type and Price: The blades are lifetime sharp blades and the trimmer set costs roughly AED 315.

Rank 3: Philips Multi-Groom Trimmer

  • Attachments: You get 6 tools to style and trim your beard and facial hair with this Philips Series 3000 product. 4 combs, nose trimmer and trimmer edges allow you to style your face in any manner that you desire.
  • Run Time and Usability While Charging: Offers you 60 minutes of cordless usage for every 16 hours that you charge the appliance.
  • Waterproof: No.
  • Blade Type and Price: Self-sharpening blades ensure you always get the best trim even after 3 years of regular use. It reduces the chances of scratching and cuts. This trimmer costs roughly AED 150.

Groom Yourself Effortlessly

It only takes a few minutes to go from dishevelled to presentable with the help of the best hair trimmer in UAE. Consider buying a garment steamer to ensure your shirt is as crisp as your beard. Not having time is no longer an excuse anymore. Whether you are going out for dinner or a business meeting. Look your best, always! Also, consider taking a look at the list of the best perfumes for men in UAE. These are sure to make you the centre of attraction at any party, business meeting, event, a movie with friends or family get-together.

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