How Effective is a Home IPL Machine?

Having an IPL machine at home is effective to get rid of all the possible body hair. How much ever you must have tried in the past with various skin-irritating methods and even a few painful ones. Yet the hair seems to grow back within no time. And then one fine day you come to the realization that laser treatment is an option as well. But the downside is that it’s too expensive. This is why, this is a cheaper alternative to that. For you to understand how different this device is from the one you would get done at a professional salon. We have brought to you a few comparisons and specifications of the effectiveness of the home IPL machine.

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Difference Between Home and Salon IPL

The basic thing you will notice, that at a salon they don’t really use an IPL device but in fact use laser treatment. This means that the lighting type used in the treatment is different. An IPL uses broadband pulsed light source; that spreads ands allows the device to cover more grounds. As for the laser, it uses a monochromatic coherent light. That treats a more selective area, giving you quicker results. Although both the methods work the same way that is by targeting the melanin in the hair follicle. But as the laser focuses the energy more on the hair than the skin, speeding up the process and also makes it safe on all skin tones.

How Long Does it Take?

We all want effective results in a matter of seconds or in this case in just a few sessions. Therefore the question of how long will it take till you get effective results? This is guaranteed with this home IPL device. But would differ from area to area, as some areas would need a few extra sessions while the other while does well with just a couple of a few. For example, your legs, bikini area, and underarm would take you at the most 8 sessions, to get completely clean and smooth skin without any hair. But also you would have to maintain it by having a retouch every 9-24 months. This isn’t a bad catch at all.

Pros of Using a Home IPL Machine

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) is a sort of cosmetic therapy which is non-invasive and therefore is safe on the skin. This means this device will function without causing any harm to the top layer of your skin. This is possible because of the different wavelengths of energy used in the treatment. As compared to the laser or dermabrasion treatments, the home IPL treatment is safe.

Furthermore, in addition to this treatment being safe, you can save a lot of time and get plenty of things done within a limited time. All you would need is 30-40 minutes per session per day. This means if you have a little time to spare you can get this task done. All without prior planning or any needed appointment. Have 40 minutes to spare at your lunch break or before starting your workday you can utilize it productively. Each session can be effective even though it might not take too much of your time.

Moreover, With the usage of this home treatment, you can cut down on cost as you would only have to pay once for this device. Whereas whenever you are going for treatment with a professional a single treatment is expensive leave alone more than one. Another factor you can consider is that this treatment, in comparison with waxing is much more painless and is easy for you to deal with. Also, in terms of shaving is much more permanent. Therefore you would be making up for both the traditional hair removal drawbacks.

Cons of Using a Home IPL Machine

Just as this method is non-invasive the treatment is safe and lighter as compared to the one you would get done professionally. Therefore you have this need to repeat the session about six times sometimes fewer others more in case of skin rejuvenation. Whereas for hair removal, you might need around 12 sessions. This all depends on the area which you are treating and the thickness of the hair.

Besides this, with the increased amount of overall sessions. This would also mean that for effective results this treatment can take time. Since you have to give a gap of 3 or 4 weeks until the next treatments. The overall time taken to is increased. Which can give you a prolonged treatment.

Lastly, you have to keep in mind that treatment is not suitable for everyone. Be it in terms of all skin types or if you might have any skin issue. This treatment is not suitable for darker skin tones. This is because of the presence of melatonin in the skin. Furthermore, you can have an issue if you have lighter hair like blond or red. This being a drawback for the usage of this device.

How Effective is the Home IPL Machine?

With the advancement in technology, you can now get this hair removal treatment done at your home without having any trouble. That is if you follow proper instructions and don’t overdo it. Although with the newer devices coming out makes it safer to use without any possible mishaps. Furthermore, not only do they make it safer with newer models but also effective. To give you the best effects in lesser sessions. Therefore, with the newer models, you need not have the intensity as high or you could end up damaging your skin.

Take Your Pick Now!

With that, you know all you can know regarding how effective this home IPL Machine is. Mimicking the effects of the laser treatment in this small and handy device to be used at the comfort of your home is a big plus point. Therefore making, getting rid of any unwanted body hair with no hassle, easy. So now say no to all those traditional hair removal methods, such as threading, plucking, shaving, using wax, and whatnot you do. And get yourself this little device for which definitely not disappoint you in any way possible. Check out some of the Best IPL Machine in UAE which would be suitable for you. But if you still do happen to want a clear guide on how to use this device check out the Guide to Using an IPL Machine at Home with only one click.

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