How Effective are Air Purifiers?

There are plenty of advertisements as well as write-ups which state all the uses and benefits of getting an effective air purifier. But are you sure these devices do what they say they do? It’s normal to be skeptical sometimes. But being doubtful to the point you completely stay away from isn’t the way you should live. Therefore we are here to toss away any such doubts you have. You will now know what an air purifier is really capable of or not. So read on to know whether this device is the one you are looking for.

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The Functioning of an Air Purifier

An air purifier works towards purifying the air. To do this it uses filters sometimes more than one alongside the fans inside the purifier. This fan pulls in the hair forcing it to go through the filter. In the filter, the air is ridded from pollutants and other particles. And further allowing the filtered air to be released into the room. These filters are made of paper, fiber, fiberglass, or mesh. And needs to be changed once in few months to ensure that your appliance functions properly. Or you can cut down on the cost by opting for a washable filter but these can be less effective at times.

Moreover, the functions of the filter are different in each model. Some filters trap the particles in the filter as the air flows through. As for others, they can neutralize a few particles and then filter them through. Besides this, you can also have a negative ion air purifier where it gravitate the positively charged ion particles; therefore causing them to neutralize. But with this option, you can be causing environmental hazards with the ozone emitted. And also keep in mind ozone can sometimes aggravate asthma conditions. Furthermore, there are some which use UV lights to clean the air. Depending on the type of filter you choose you can have a say on how your filter works.

 Purpose and Effectiveness of an Air Purifier

The filter is designed to filter pollutants and particles out of the air. Be it in the form of dust, pollens, allergens, and others. But not all of these devices are built to completely filter out gases such as VOCs (Volatile organic compounds). For that, you would need to get yourself an activated carbon purifier. Despite this, even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that air purifiers are good and effective in filtering out impurities such as particles but not entirely efficient in removing gases. Furthermore, while using the air purifier you have to be sure to change the filter frequently. This is an essential step for your air to be clean and crisp.

Besides that, air purifiers are effective at sucking out the allergens and particles only present in the air. And not those that have settled or caused from your floor or furniture. VOCs or radon is the gaseous residue left behind from the paint, adhesives, and even cleaning products. The cleaning and effectiveness work depending on the conditions as well as the location of the air purifier. Which all needs to be taken into consideration for you to have an effective cleaning session.

Lastly, the air purifier can get rid of the molds in the air. But it would be much more advisable for you to get to the source of the problem. For this, a dehumidifier or a humidifier can work well. Since the moisture levels are what causes the formation and growth of molds.

Outdoor Air Filtration

Your air purifier can filter the air entering your home as effectively as the air already present in your home. This would certainly prevent most dust particles or any other pollutants from entering the home. Even so, as you already know the outdoor air can be polluted with smoke and other VOCs in such cases to stop these gases from entering your home can be difficult. Even so bystanders temporarily breathing a little bad air or smoke isn’t a concern.

It’s another case of concern if you are the center of the pollution or a heavy smoke cloud. In these situations, you would be considered to be critical and in need of health care. These cases aren’t and shouldn’t be how your regular daily home looks like. Yet if you do have such outdoor smoke problems in your home. Then the best you can do is get yourself an effective air purifier with a HEPA filter. These filters remove out large particles which could be harmful to you. This includes most of the charred and smoky smell too will be taken care of.

Additional Methods to Keep your Home Clean

The best thing you can do to keep your indoor air clean is to ensure that you can try and resolve the cause of your pollution. Ensure that your home has proper ventilation. Yet if your irritants persist the next step would be to get yourself an effective air purifier. But before you go doing that here are a few measures to check if your problem can be resolved without one:

Ventilate Your Home

The possible reason for your room to give away odors can be since it has no flowing air into the area. By blocking the movement of the possible pathways for the air you tend to hold back irritants that were already present in the room. Therefore the best way to get rid of them is to keep a window open to create the required draft of wind.

Clean More Frequently

Either be it with the help of your vacuum cleaner or if you manually do it. Either way, do it much frequently. Getting yourself a vacuum cleaner too would be a really handy device at this moment. Using a vacuum cleaner ensures that you have a better chance of trapping the particles around. Especially if you have a vacuum with the HEPA filter.

Avoid Fine Particles

As much as possible try not to create fine particles such as that of mud or ash. As these mix with the air and cause the indoor air to be more polluted than it is. Ash would Include indoor smoking, firewood, and others.

Use an Exhaust fan

Having and using an exhaust fan will help in the improvement of the air inside your home. Especially when it comes to your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room too if possible. These fans can help get rid of the extra humidity and smell. In your kitchen, you can switch the exhaust fan on few minutes prior to cooking and leave it on at least 15 minutes after you are done.

Change Air Filters

While you are using your air purifier you have to remember to change the filter regularly. That being once in every 2 or 3 months. Ensuring that these filters are clean will help in improving your air quality. Moreover, this way you won’t be stressing the device out as well.

Keeping its Promises

With all that said and done, you can rest assured that if and when you get your very own air purifier it will be effective enough to filter out harmful particles from your room. The takeaway is that your air purifier mostly does what it says. But not every single one of them is capable to do it effectively. And not every air purifier can eliminate your air from the stench. This is why it is advisable to check out some of the best air purifiers in Dubai that keep the promises it makes.

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