Guide to Use a Power Bank for the First Time: Dos and Don’ts Discussed

Have you purchased a power bank for the first time and need a guide to help you get started? Stay here UAE peeps, we have put in all the information in this article through the Dos and Don’ts that will help you learn how to safely use the power bank, maintain its functionality, protect its battery, and extend its life.

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Power Bank Do’s and Don’ts

We have made this guide all the easier for you to understand by mentioning what you definitely need to DO to keep your power bank functioning well, protect the battery, and so on. Likewise, the DON’TS section will help you know what you definitely need to avoid doing and things or practices you need to stay away from.


  • Check compatibility: Using incompatible chargers can harm your device. Ensure your power bank’s output i.e. the voltage and amperage matches the requirements of your device.
  • Charge regularly: Just like you keep your phone charged, likewise, you should charge your power bank regularly too. Letting it completely drain i.e. 0% and then charging it can put stress on the battery, thereby shortening its lifespan. It is best to aim for 20-80% charge for optimal health. This means allowing the power bank to drain to 20% and then keeping it for charging. Once it reaches 80%, unplug the charger.
  • Store properly: Firstly, never leave your power bank in a car due to sun exposure. Also, never expose it to harsh elements. Secondly, keep your power bank in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Thirdly, keep it in a dry area where there is no moisture. Lastly, ensure the place where you store your power bank is free from dust.
  • Use certified cables: To ensure the cables are compatible, use cables with safety certifications such as MFi (Apple) or USB-IF (general). These won’t cause any damage to your devices.
  • Keep it cool: Since heat can damage the power bank battery and shorten its life, avoid extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) when charging your power bank or while using it.
  • Check the manual: Each power bank may have specific instructions or limitations. Consult the user manual for proper usage and safety guidelines.
  • Clean occasionally: Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe down your power bank’s exterior, paying attention to the charging ports. Avoid using harsh chemicals or liquids.


  • Drop or damage: Ensure you treat your power bank with utmost care. Any sort of physical damage to the power bank, bumps, or dropping this gadget on the floor, can harm its internal components and also cause safety hazards. So, always handle it gently.
  • Overcharge: After your power bank is fully charged, ensure you turn off the switch. Never leave the power bank plugged in for extended periods. Although most power bank models available nowadays come with an auto-shutoff feature for safety purposes, we recommend you use this feature only if you need to leave home in case of an emergency and won’t be able to wait till the power bank is fully charged. It is a good practice to unplug it when you’re around.
  • Use in wet environments or conditions: Power banks and water are a deadly combination. Damage to the power bank by water is a major risk. Never allow water to spill on your power bank. Additionally, avoid using your power bank near water or in humid environments.
  • Leave with children: Since power banks contain small parts and can be choking hazards, ensure you keep them away from young children.
  • Charge unknown devices: This is one of the most important tips to note. Please use your power bank to charge only those devices that you recognize and trust (be it phones, laptops or anything). Avoid using the power bank with potentially harmful or unapproved devices.
  • Use with damaged cords: Never use damaged, frayed, or exposed cables to charge your power bank or your devices. Replace them immediately.
  • Ignore warnings: At some point, you may notice that your power bank emits strange smells, gets heated, or behaves in an unusual manner. If you experience any of these, stop using the power bank immediately and consult the manufacturer.

By following these simple dos and don’ts from our guide, you can ensure your power bank stays safe, healthy, and ready to keep your devices powered on the go!

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