Geepas Washing Machine Review for UAE [2024]

A washing machine has now become one of the essential commodity in every household. This review on the Geepas washing machine range in UAE can help you choose this essential commodity. A Geepas washing machine helps you with all your laundry loads. They are feasible and convenient enough for anyone to operate. And getting a Geepas washing machine will make your experience better than ever.

Geepas washing machine Review

This is one of the known electronic brands that has made its mark in the market for more than three decades now. A Dubai based company which is popular as a conglomerate. A group comprising of several other businesses called Western International Group manages this brand making it what it is in the market today. Moreover, washing machines are just one of the many products they manufacture today.

Geepas Washing Machine Review for UAE – Quick List

Washing MachineTypeSizeBest ForCheck Price
Geepas Fully Automatic
Front Load7 KgsSmall FamilyPrice on
Geepas Fully Automatic
Top Load7 KgsSmall FamilyPrice on
Geepas Fully Automatic
Top Load8 KgsMid-size FamilyPrice on
Geepas Fully Automatic
Top Load9 KgsLarge Family Price on

For Small Family

Now you are looking for a product to suit your family type right? So, if you happen to be a family of three members or less. You are considered as a small family so why purchase a device which is too much for your family needs? Therefore, here are a few products which will be best suited for you and your family.

Geepas Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

Model: GWMF7107STV

  • Protection: Various care and protective measures are taken into consideration while making this product. Especially to ensure the wellbeing and convenience of its users.
    • Firstly being the foam protection. With this feature as you would know, would help you with the creating of just enough amount of foam needed while the washing of your laundry.
    • Secondly, overflow protection. Again as the name would suggest you can be protected from any water spillage or overflow of water while washing.
  • Child Care: As kids can be troublesome as well as curious beings. You have to protect them as well as any sort of machinery from them. Keeping this in mind you have the feature of the device being child safe with a locking system.
  • Wash Programs: For the perfect washing experience and having your clothes look brand new. You have settings of 15 different programmes to choose from as per your needs.
  • Temperature: While washing your clothes, you might need delicate washing care for particular clothing items. And so, you have the option of adjusting the temperature of the water with just a click of a button.
  • Material: Moreover, to have a lasting product you need to have a product which is made of good material. So, here you have it. As this washing machine uses stainless steel material for the drum.
  • Efficiency: While washing the machine normally uses heating technology to ensure proper cleaning of your clothes, while using excessive water. But this machine is equipped with the ecologic system. Which means that it uses less water as well as lesser washing time so that you use less energy as well as saving energy and money.
  • Price: You can get this model of the Geepas washing machine at an estimate price of AED 960.
TypeFront Load
Capacity7 kgs
Dimensions56.4 x 53.8 x 81.8 cm
Spin Speed1400 rpm

Geepas Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Model: GFWM7800LCJ

  • Material: This machine uses quality material that is stainless steel. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about your machine corroding or any other damage to it.
  • Drum: For a spacious wash you can have a drum which is big enough to fit in all your laundry load. As the drum volume is 42.7. Furthermore, the drum wash is lenient on the fabric of your clothes.
  • Wash Programmes: Washing your clothes has never been easier as you have a wide variety of wash programmes to choose from. Some of which include the bubble wash, power wash as well as quick wash to ensure you have the best according to your needs.
  • Machine Care: Moreover, to make sure of the care needed to be taken with the machine or any appliance for that matter. You have the feature of automatic power cut-off. Where the machine switches off in case of any power fluctuation.
  • Efficient: Efficiency is a feature to be looked into for a product and especially a product which you are going to be using on a regular basis.
    • Since with this, you have a quick energy saving. So, as to make sure you don’t waste energy while washing as well as you end up saving on money as well.
    • Furthermore, working in an environment with too much noise and disturbances can distract you and even end up annoying you. But with this product, you don’t have to worry about this as it makes less noise. Moreover, even little to no vibrations. Hence, you enjoy your home peaceful setting.
  • Price: AED 840 is the approximate price range of this product.
TypeTop Load
Capacity7 Kgs
Dimensions55.9 x 53.3 x 91.4 cm
Spin Speed800 rpm

For Mid-Size Family

You have the need to satisfy your 4-5 member family. So, for this, you can opt for this Geepas washing machine in UAE from this review. To ensure you have the best for your family needs. As your family needs could be more but not as much as the larger families this product is perfect for you.

Geepas 8 Kgs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Model: GFWM8800LCQ

  • Smart Feature: Since having many features that could make this product a great choice. You have smart features like:
    • Fuzzy logic: Which is basically where the washing machine identifies the level of dirt and grease in the laundry load. And further accordingly releases the soap and water. Moreover, it adjusts the number of spins and how long each one would be as well.
    • Automatic imbalance corrector: This feature is when the machine in motion at some point of time due to the speed or other reasons. Your machine would lose its main centre balance and so land up on one side which could harm the motor of the machine. So, to prevent this the washing machine detects this and corrects it internally.
  • Wash Programmes: Your machine allows you to use various wash presets. Right from a quick wash to wash soak and even air dry.
  • Water Levels: Now with this feature the adjustment of water levels while washing your laundry load is in your hand. So, now no excessive use of water neither any wastage. Therefore, you can use water levels as you please.
  • Material: Trusted material has been used in the making of this product as the inner tub is made with stainless steel. Therefore, ensuring the best cleaning for a long period of time.
    • Moreover, the cabinets are made with the help of Polypropylene (PP).
    • Whereas the panels are made with the help of PVC. All this, too ensure that you have a long lifespan with this washing machine.
  • Adjustable Foot: If in any case, you can’t have your device on a flat surface then this feature can be of great use to you. Since you can adjust any of the foot to suit your need.
  • Price: Get this product at the approximate price of AED 960.
TypeTop Load
Capacity8 Kgs
Dimensions58.4 x 55.9 x 94 cm
Spin Speed800 rpm

For Large Family

So, you have a large family? More then let us say, five members? And your not sure which washing machine would be the best for your family? Then look no further as this review has the best Geepas washing machine for you in your UAE home. So, all you need is the time to check it out.

Geepas 9 Kgs Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Model: GFWM9800LCQ

  • Material: The running water used while washing cannot damage the machine or corrode it. Since the inner tub is made with stainless steel whereas the motor is of copper. Furthermore, you have PP used for the cabinets. So, you can rest assure to have a long life for the washing machine.
  • Outlook: The overall outlook of the machine has a very premium yet stylish feel. Especially with the IMD panel. In fact, this panel is completely scratch-proof, waterproof, and lasting as it is inlaid into the machine.
  • Wash Programmes: Your fabrics will not be damaged with any rough wash nor will you end up with badly handled spin wash clothes. This is because the machine is built to ensure that your fabric is cared for. Moreover, you have programmes for you to select from just to ensure that you have the complete wash care.
  • Machine Care: While you worry about your clothes, you might lose sight of the machine care. But then again you really don’t have to worry about any of that. Because the machine has a smart feature to shut off on its own in case of any problem that might occur.
  • Adjustable Height: So, if you feel that your machine is too low for you or that you have an unleveled floor for some reason. Then you can always adopt the function of adjusting the foot level as per your needs.
  • Efficient: Obviously, if it is not efficient enough to be used then don’t take it. But this machine is sure to tick all the boxes to be efficient to be used. Since it promotes ‘less’ of everything. Including less water usage, less noise, less energy wastage. Generally, every feature that should be in a washing machine.
  • Price: Buy this Geepas product at the approximate price of AED 1050.
TypeTop Load
Capacity9 Kgs
Dimensions58.4 x 58.4 x 96.5 cm
Spin Speed900 rpm

So, now with this, you have all the detailed reviews for you to consider Geepas washing machine in UAE. Besides this, they have plenty of other products. But these are the top few products from the brand. Get your Geepas washing machine which will suit your family needs today. Just to make it easier for you to get the right product. They have been classified into a different family size. Therefore, you will not get it wrong and make a well-advised choice. But if you do still want a choice among more brands, check out the best washing machine in UAE.

Geepas – For You. For Life.

35 years and counting this Dubai based brand has made a name for itself in the market. Setting up and building the brand in several other countries including the UK, India and China. Moreover, they have grown to export their products all over the world. As they spread into the various segments of the electronics field. Besides this, they are a brand which works towards making their product, not just monetarily sound but also of quality material which hold up to international standards. This evolving brand works towards greater success and heights with every product in their name.

With a mindset of not just fulfilling their customer’s expectation but also exceeding it in every way possible. Is the right way to work. So, how can you expect their products and services to be of any lesser honour? Keeping their customer satisfied with every product they manufacture. You will find happy smiling customer approving the review features of Geepas in UAE staying true to not just their washing machine. But also every other product they manufacture. Therefore, why not look into a product brand who’s main aim is to keep their customers happy for a long time. Thus, making sense, why ‘For you. For Life’ is their tagline.

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