Gas Stove vs. Electric Stove: Which is Better for Dubai Homes?

Confused between gas stove and electric stove? We’ve got you covered in this article. The durability, safety, quality, energy efficiency and instant control of heat determine which is better for you. So, let’s get started.

Quick Summary

Gas Stove

[+] Open flame gives more flexibility
[+] Cost Efficient Fuel
[+] Quicker Temperature Control
[+] More Durable
[-] Blackening of Pots
[-] Risk of Gas Leak
[-] Poor Ventilation… discomfort

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Electric Stove

[+] Sleek & easy to client
[+] Consistent heat
[+] New features like grilling etc.
[-] Slower to heat up
[-] Risk of burns
[-] Expensive fuel
[-] Risk of damage

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Pros and Cons of a Gas Stove

As a matter of fact, a gas stove is a conventional cooktop that many families select. Over the years, gas stoves have repeatedly proved themselves effective for preparing various delicious dishes. That too without any hassle. To know whether a gas stove or an electric stove is better for your Dubai home, continue reading. But first, let us start with the pros and cons of a gas stove. We bet you won’t have to go anywhere else for your answers.


1. Open Flame for More Flexibility

All thanks to the open flames of the gas stove, you can transform the burners into a high flame grill or barbeque smoker pits. Thus, offering you a flexible and hassle-free cooking experience. If you are one of those who loves to cook and experiment with various recipes then a gas stove is ideal for you. Besides this, another advantage of the open flame is that you can utilize both, flat pots as well as ones that have circular bottoms. Hence, this feature makes it one of the most important deciding factors in making your choice between a gas stove and an electric stove.

2. Cost-Effective Fuel

Generally, gas is considered a cheap fuel option. Plus, if the gas line is already installed in your kitchen then setting up a gas stove won’t be high-priced. When you cook with a gas stove, you save 10%-30% of energy costs. Using gas can help you save costs in the long run especially if you cook a lot or if you love to experiment with recipes. Moreover, large families benefit from a gas stove.

3. Quicker Temperature Control/Adjustment

The next thing to consider is whether a gas stove or electric stove proves better in controlling the level of heat. And the most amazing part is that once more a gas stove excels. Yes, a gas stove is highly preferred in comparison to an electric stove since it makes it much easier for you to control the heat. It allows you to instantly control heat from high to low. There’s nothing complicated. All you need to do is control the knob to increase or decrease the flame. Simply do this and there you go, you will be able to readjust the heat intensity quickly.

4. Durability

Another feature that will help you in making your decision faster is comparing the durability of gas stoves and electric stoves. Hence, if you want to base your decision according to the durability then a gas stove wins. Yes, you are better off picking gas stoves as its components last longer in comparison to. The fact is that electric components wear out sooner. Thus, a gas stove proves to offer more durability.


1. Increased Clean up Time due to Blackening of Pots

The pots are exposed to flames directly. This, in turn, results in the blackening of pots thereby involving the additional chore of cleaning the blackened pots. The additional clean up time makes it one of the major drawbacks of gas stoves. On the other hand, electric stoves are a little easier to maintain in terms of cleanliness. Besides this, if something boils over on gas cooktops then it can block the holes in the burner. Thus, affecting the intensity of the flame for a little while.

2. Risk of Gas Leakage

Well, gas stoves come with the risk of gas leakage. Unfortunately, this can result in accidents in enclosed kitchen settings which is why you need to be mindful and cautious. However, if you are vigilant and take care throughout then you won’t face any issues with a gas stove. So, you see, just a little bit of extra care and attention makes the gas stove safe to use.

3. Restricted Kitchen Ventilation

If you have a window close to the gas stove then you can’t keep it open while cooking since it will make the flame unstable. Also, you can’t install a fan right above the stove or close to it due to the same reason. A gas stove works better in open set-ups. On the other hand, an electric stove is a better option for an enclosed kitchen since they keep the environment cooler.

Pros and Cons of an Electric Stove

Now that you have seen the pros as well as the cons of a gas stove, it is time you take a look at the pros and cons of an electric stove for your Dubai home. We have penned all of them down for you so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. The following points will help you figure out whether an electric stove will be a good fit for your kitchen or not.


1. Sleek Design & Easy to Clean

An electric stove is an ideal option for you if you are hunting for a sleek and modern appearance. An electric stove utilizes coils. Generally, these coils are hidden within a glass top thereby displaying a glossy and even surface. Due to this reason, the surface of the electric stove is easier to clean since they lack the spokes and ridges of a gas stove.

2. Consistency of Heat

If you don’t want your kitchen to be heated up and feel hot, then you should opt for an electric stove. This will avoid the temperature from getting high every single time you cook something. An electric stove spreads the heat more evenly. Thus, making it a great buy if you prepare something that needs a lot of simmering.

3. New Features in the New Electric Stove Models

Nowadays, with electric stoves come various advanced technologies and modern innovations. This makes electric stoves a little superior than gas stoves today. For example, nowadays most of the electric stoves come with grills, warming drawers, fans etc. that make preparing multiple types of food more convenient.


1. Slower to Ignite

No wonder, an electric stove is slower than a gas stove as it takes more time to cook food. Generally, an electric stove requires additional time to reach the desired temperature in order to cook the food, unlike a gas stove. This indicates that the cooking time associated with an electric stove exceeds the cooking time of a gas stove.

2. High Risk of Burning Yourself

Further, it so happens that the burner (electric stove) you turned off a few seconds ago tends to appear in the same manner as that of other unused burners. Hence, you can’t make out if it is on or off. Therefore, you or your family members are at a higher risk of burning yourselves. Moreover, once you turn off an electric stove, it takes a lot of time to cool down. Therefore, it can lead to accidents or major harm although it is turned off. This is a major concern if you have kids who tend to enter or play in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the contents of the pot that you left on the electric stove will continue cooking and eventually burn although the burner is turned off. This is another reason you should avoid purchasing an electric stove.

3. Electricity is an Expensive Fuel

So, which is cheaper? A gas stove or an electric stove. Well, if we compare the cost of both the stove types on the basis of fuel consumption then electricity is more expensive than gas or propane. As a matter of fact, an electric stove utilises about three times more energy compared to gas. Therefore, an electric stove costs more in the long run compared to a gas stove since you will end up paying more. Think how much you are going to spend for years to come if you have an electric stove.

4. No Electricity, No Cooking

A power cut can stop you from cooking meals using an electric stove, unlike a gas stove. As a matter of fact, you need electricity throughout the cooking process with an electric stove. This could be troublesome if a power cut occurs unexpectedly during your cooking process. An interruption like this could be a major issue on special occasions when you need to cook several items. Firstly, ensure that you don’t experience power cuts like this. If electricity is stable in your area at all times then opt for an electric stove. Else, opt for a gas stove. A gas stove is best at all times since you don’t need electricity at all.

5. Risk of Damage if Something is Dropped

You can damage your electric stove permanently if you drop or spill a heavy or hard object on it. Or, this could crack the glass. Even if water gets into the electric components, it could be troublesome. And the parts of an electric stove are highly priced. Depending upon the damage caused you will have to replace the parts or purchase a new electric stove altogether. If the impact is minor, then you don’t have to worry too much. Therefore, you need to be extra vigilant while using an electric stove.

Cook, Eat and Repeat!

Most of the rental apartments and complexes in Dubai only provide the option for a gas stove and some of the new buildings only permit an electric stove/cooktop. Whether you have an open kitchen or a closed kitchen will impact your decision of the stove type you should opt for. However, you can’t deny the fact that a gas stove offers you more options and is a far better option due to its open flame, it helps you adjust the temperature easily and quickly with the help of a control knob. As well as the fact that gas stoves are durable and cost-effective thus serving you in the long run. But, its your choice. If you’re impressed with gas stoves and are keen on seeing some of the best gas stoves in UAE, then go ahead and take a look at these.

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