First Look: SINCHER Rapid Air Fryer Review for UAE

Love cooking scrumptious meals for your family but worried about their health? Look no further as the SINCHER Rapid air fryer is newly released in UAE. This air fryer utilizes a healthy frying method that reduces 80% of fat, so you can stay fit and healthy. Besides frying, you can also cook and bake foods with extremely less oil or absolutely no oil at all. Consume healthy meals at one touch of a button. With 1800W high power, fast air conditioning system, and speed up heat flow you can cook faster. Additionally, you can also fry food at 360 degrees and save energy. Without further ado, let us proceed to all the technologies, features, and functionalities in detail.

Air Fryer [NEW RELEASE]CapacityMaterialHeating PowerCheck Price
SINCHER Rapid Air Fryer5.5 LitresStainless Steel1800 WPrice on

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SINCHER 5.5 Litres Stainless Steel Rapid Air Fryer

Model: MA40

SINCHER 5.5 Litres Stainless Steel Rapid Air Fryer in UAE - New Release

What’s New? – Top 8 Features of the SINCHER Rapid Air Fryer in UAE

1. Nonstick and Detachable Basket

Featuring a basket that is made of non-stick pan material that reduces food residue after frying. Most importantly, this basket is detachable, hence, you can move this basket anywhere to the table or anywhere else. Not only can you put food easily in the basket but you can also unload (take the food out) from the basket without any hassle. Regardless of the quantity, this ensures the integrity of the food especially in the case of steaks and other types of meat. Additionally, this nonstick and detachable basket is also easier to clean since there is no residue after frying.

Nonstick and Detachable basket in SINCHER Rapid Air Fryer 5.5 Liters

Furthermore, this basket is square which is why it has a larger surface area so you can accommodate more food or ingredients compared to round baskets. Also, there are ventilation holes around the basket that enable the hot air to circulate better in order to heat the food.

Detachable Basket

2. Adjustable Temperature Settings and Time Range

Featuring an adjustable temperature range of 80-200°C. Hence, you can cook whatever you want to without worrying as the air fryer will automatically calculate the temperature depending upon what you are cooking. Additionally, it also automatically calculates the time depending upon your requirements. The adjustable time range is 0-30 minutes.

3. 8 Preset Programs (Menus)

This multifunctional air convection fryer features 8 in 1 classic preset menus that are not only easy to operate but are also convenient and time-saving. These 8 preset modes include french fries, chicken, chicken leg, beef, bread, shrimp, fish, and cake. Therefore, you can prepare any of these items by selecting the corresponding preset program (menu).

8 Preset Menus Programs in SINCHER Rapid Air Fryer

4. More Comprehensive

Besides the 8 preset programs (menu functions), there is another great advantage of purchasing this appliance. Well, purchasing this air fryer is equivalent to owning 6 cooking appliances simultaneously i.e. an air fryer, microwave, oven, frying pan, bread maker, and fruit dryer.

5. Onetouch Cooking

Featuring a large LED screen that is extremely easy to use. It clearly displays 8 preset menus. Regardless of which dish you want to prepare, simply select the appropriate menu from the 8 preset menus on the LED screen. You can do this with the touch of a button and then the machine will calculate the temperature and the time for you. Furthermore, it is convenient and quick so people of every age group including children and aged people will find it easy to operate.

One Touch Cooking - SINCHER Rapid Air Fryer
Large LED Touch Screen - SINCHER Rapid Air Fryer in UAE
Large LED Touch Screen

6. Overheat Protection Function

The SINCHER Rapid air fryer is equipped with an overheat protection function. So, when the temperature is too high, the air fryer will stop heating in order to ensure safe usage.

7. More Durable and Safer

In addition to the above, another advantage of purchasing this air fryer is its stainless steel body. Firstly, stainless steel is easy to clean and also enables the air fryer to withstand higher temperatures. Thus, making it not only more durable but also safer. This air fryer’s practical and safe approach makes it an ideal addition in your kitchen.

8. High Quality Parts and Products

Featuring a quick and easy way to prepare healthy, delicious, and low-fat meals. Every part and product undergoes not just one but several tests by their engineers to provide all the customers with a safe usage and cooking experience. Bring home this trustworthy appliance today.

SINCHER Rapid Air Fryer in UAE - Low fat and healthy meals

Package Contents

Here’s all that is included with the SINCHER Rapid Air Fryer, so on purchasing it, you will receive the following and with this we end this review.

  • Air Fryer (1)
  • Instruction Manual (1)
  • Bakeware (1)
  • Bread Pan (1)
  • Fetching Folder (1)

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