First Look: Roborock Q7 Max+ Robot Vaccum Cleaner Review

Presenting the Roborock Q7 Max+ robot vacuum cleaner review to you. It’s the best in class, known to give amazing cleaning results without disturbing the family members.

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What’s New? Top Features of the Roborock Q7 Max+

1. Power-packed Suction

The Roborock Q7 Max+ robot vacuum cleaner is the highest in its class due to the serious suction of 4200Pa that it offers. This means that it can effectively pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair from all types of floors, including carpets and hardwood.

2. Mopping

The Roborock Q7 Max+ also has a mopping function that uses a water tank and a microfiber cloth to clean hard floors. The mopping pressure is adjustable, so you can customize it to your needs.

3. LiDAR Navigation

The Roborock Q7 Max+ uses PreciSense Precision LiDAR navigation to map your home and create a cleaning plan. This ensures that the vacuum cleans every area of your home thoroughly and efficiently.

4. 3D Mapping

The Roborock Q7 Max+ also supports 3D mapping, which gives you a more detailed view of your home’s layout. This can be helpful for creating custom cleaning zones and no-go zones.

5. Long Runtime

The Roborock Q7 Max+ has a runtime of up to 180 minutes, which is enough to clean most homes on a single charge.

6. Auto-Empty Dock Pure

The Auto-Empty Dock Pure is an optional accessory that automatically empties the vacuum’s dustbin after each cleaning. This means that you don’t have to empty the dustbin yourself for up to 7 weeks.

7. App Control and Voice Control

The Roborock Q7 Max+ can be controlled using the Roborock app or with voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant. This makes it easy to start, stop, and schedule cleanings.

Simple Cleaning. Simpler Emptying.

Overall, the Roborock Q7 Max+ is a powerful and versatile robot vacuum cleaner that offers a variety of features to make your cleaning easier. If you’re looking for a high-end robot vacuum cleaner that can handle all of your cleaning needs, the Roborock Q7 Max+ is definitely a great option. We hope this review of the Roborock Q7 Max+ helps you.

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