First Look: Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2) Review

Presenting to you an in-depth review of this new release, the all-new Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2). Experience guilt-free cooking and frying of your favourite foods with 85% less fat in comparison to any traditional deep fryer. The Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2) offers you food with a perfect crisp and golden brown finish and texture since this appliance uses absolutely no oil or very little oil. Thus, ensuring your health is in check. We bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off this appliance as it is compact and features an immensely stunning brushed stainless steel finish. Its upgraded features and sleek redesign are sure to steal your heart. Come one, come all and get a feel of this brand new Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2) through our review.

Introducing both the new variants, 3.6L capacity (Brushed Stainless Steel) with a power of 1500 Watts and 5.5L capacity (All-new Matte Black finish) with a power of 1700 watts. Below is a quick list table that will help you glance through both the new release products faster.

Two Buying Options

Air Fryer ModelCapacityWattageColourCheck Price
Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2)
3.6 Liters1500 WattsBrushed Stainless SteelPrice on
Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2)
5.5 Liters1700 WattsMatte Black finishPrice on

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Selecting the Right Air Fryer

To help you make the best choice, here are 4 factors that you need to read. Although these things are mentioned in detail in our in-depth air fryer article for UAE, we have just briefed these. So, you can take a quick look and make an informed decision.

Appropriate Size: Well, air fryers differ in terms of capacity and many other factors. Hence, the appropriate air fryer basket size totally depends upon the quantity of food you cook, the number of members in your family. As well as the amount of space on your kitchen counter top that you can dedicate to your air fryer.

Temperature Controls and Modes: Purchasing an air fryer with various temperature controls and modes was considered a luxury in the past. But, not anymore. Temperature controls and modes are absolutely necessary to help you cook precisely and easily with no confusion. You know that making baklavas is totally different from french fries. So is roasting chicken different from frying a samosa. The recipe differs and so does the temperature, which is why temperature controls and modes are of utmost importance.

Easy to Clean: Always consider the design of the air fryer basket and also the way in which it can be detached. Don’t forget that grease tends to accumulate into nooks and crannies. Ensure you opt for a dishwasher safe one so as to experience smooth regular cleaning.

Automatic Timer: An automatic timer is also extremely crucial as it makes the air fryer safer to use. In other words, it adds safety to the appliance due to the fact that it won’t allow the food to get burnt. And also it won’t risk uneven cooking of your food. The automatic timer switches off the air fryer it left unused and also if you forgot to do so.

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The features, functionalities and technologies are the same in both the new release models. The only differences are the capacity, power and colour which you will see below.

Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2) – 3.6 Liters

Model: AF204
Power: 1500 Watts

Nutricook Air Fryer 2 Review 3.6 Liters

A capacity of 3.6 liters makes this air fryer ideal for a small family comprising of 2-3 members. Not to forget, it has a power of 1500 watts. Hence, you can carry out all your daily cooking tasks and frying of food items. You will get to read the top 5 features of this appliance in the next section. Grab this appliance today for an estimated cost of AED 300.

Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2) – 5.5 Liters

Model: AF205
Power: 1700 Watts

Nutricook 5.5 Liter Air Fryer 2 Review

More power for greater quantity. It has a capacity of 5.5 liters which makes it ideal for a medium/large size family comprising of 3-5 members or even 6 members. And the best part about this air fryer is its power of 1700 watts which will help the air fryer cook food faster even if the quantity is more. And it will also reach higher temperatures in less time. Bring home this model for a price of around AED 400.

What’s New – Top 6 Features of the Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2)

You have reached one of the most exciting and interesting sections of this review of the Nutricook air fryer 2. Here are the top 5 features of both the models (3.6L and 5.5L) that will help you know the worth of this appliance.

1. SmartTemp Technology

A great technology that automatically adjusts the temperature whenever you cook anything. This makes everything you prepare super crispy on the outside and perfectly tender and cooked on the inside.

2. 85% Less Fat

As mentioned earlier, the Nutricook Air Fryer 2 prepares scrumptious food with up to 85% less fat compared to traditional deep frying. What greater joy than this as you can enjoy all your favourite dishes and fried food items 100% guilt-free. Moreover, it maintains the same flavour and texture of the fried food.

3. Cook-At-A-Touch (10 Preset Modes)

The Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2) features 10 one-touch preset cooking modes. These include fries, chicken, burger, sausage, samosa, steak, fish, pizza, broccoli and cake. The biggest advantage that these preset modes offer is taking out the guesswork from cooking. You read that right, no more guesswork while preparing anything in your air fryer. For instance, if you want to prepare pizza, simply select the one-touch preset mode “Pizza”. When you do this, the appropriate temperature and cook time (duration) required to prepare pizza will be set automatically. So, you won’t waste time worrying and stressing over the pizza getting burnt or left uncooked.

10 one-touch preset modes in the Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2)

Regardless of the brand, each air fryer model varies in terms of settings and operation. It may so happen that a smaller amount or double serving of a particular ingredient or food item is added to the air fryer, which may need less or more time than usual. Hence, you should always refer to the user manual that comes along with the air fryer when you purchase a new one. This will save you from any mistakes and result in only perfectly cooked and fried food every single time.

4. Shake Reminder

You know when to shake it up when the shake reminder function does its job of reminding you. Yes, a big thanks to the shake reminder function that alerts you and notifies you when to shake the ingredients in the air fryer for an even fry and even cooking. The shake reminder is one of the most innovative approaches in this new release.

5. Clear Advantage

Detachable Tray

The air fryer basket is not only easy to remove but is also non-stick coated. Additionally, the basket is BPA-free, PFOA-free as well as dishwasher safe. Therefore, cleaning this appliance is hassle-free saving you time and effort.

6. Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion

Finally, temperature conversion in an air fryer is made easy. This temperature conversion proves to be a good estimate guide while preparing various recipes. We bet, this feature makes your air fryer all the more interesting and convenient to use for all your daily cooking tasks. Simply press and hold the temperature button for 2-3 seconds and there you go.

Design and Colour

Both the new release air fryer models sport a modern and elegant look. For those serious black lovers, the 5.5L variant is available in an all-new matte black finish that is sure to go well with the interior of your kitchen and the countertop. Another great advantage of the matte black finish is that it won’t get scratched easily. If dirt or dust is deposited or you spill something over it, it won’t be that noticeable. Thus, your appliance will look as good as new every time you look at it. Secondly, for all those stainless steel fans is a variant that they can welcome home today. The 3.6L variant is available in a brushed stainless steel finish. Its sparkling look and resistance to bad stuff are what makes it so great. It is durable and can tackle heat and rust.

Nutricook Air Fryer 2 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Matte Black Finish

How Does it Stack Up

Here’s how you should stack up your ingredients in this air fryer. Well, stacking larger pieces into the air fryer basket will prevent it from circulating heated air. This can’t afford to happen since heated air is necessary for even and complete cooking. The heated air ensures that nothing is left uncooked. In order to avoid this, try to give each piece of food (no matter what it is) a dedicated space in the air fryer basket. However, if you need to go somewhere urgently or you’re heading off to work and don’t have much time then you can stack pieces of food over each other by cutting them into smaller pieces first and then turning them over halfway through the process.

Eliminates the Guesswork While Cooking

And with all this information and pictures, we end this review of the Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2). We hope this new release air fryer has met your expectations. You can choose between both the models, see what suits you best. Most importantly, don’t compromise on quality and features to save costs. Bring this all-new kitchen appliance home today and spread the word to your family and friends on how they can make a healthy choice too. Also, here are additional air fryer options available in UAE. Do consider checking them out. Last but not least, there’s another review featuring the newly released Black+Decker air fryer. You may thank us later, hehe.

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