First Look: Hoover Washer Dryer Washing Machine Review

Gear up for a detailed review of the new release washing machine product from Hoover, a washer and dryer that is front loading and fully automatic. This review will provide you a first look of the product along with all its details, features and technologies. Moreover, we have compared this model with a similar model from Hoover. This will make it more interesting and also offer you more options. We hope you are as excited as we are. Without further ado, let us proceed with this review of the Hoover washer dryer fully automatic washing machine.

First Look: Hoover Washer Dryer Fully Automatic Washing Machine Review

Quick List

Hoover Washing MachineWasher CapacityDryer CapacitySpin SpeedCheck Price
Hoover Washer and Dryer [NEW RELEASE, UPGRADED MODEL]
8 Kg6 Kg1400 RPMPrice on
Hoover Front Load Fully Automatic
6 KgWithout Dryer1000 RPMPrice on

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Hoover 8 Kg Washer & 6 Kg Dryer Washing Machine

Model: HWD-V8614-S

Top Features of the Hoover 8Kg Washer and 6Kg Dryer Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Ensure you don’t miss out reading any of these features since these make up the most important sections of this Hoover washer dryer review for UAE.

1. Delay Start Function

The delay start function is also known as delay start and countdown indicator. This function enables you to decide when you want the next wash programme to begin. In other words, it helps you schedule the time of the next wash cycle. The delay start function is very beneficial if you want the wash program to finish at a particular time and also when you want to use nighttime electricity tariffs. For instance, if you want the wash program to end by the time you reach home from work. So that the wash cycle starts at a particular time you have selected and ends before you reach home.

2. Adjustable Feet

We all know how important it is for our washing machine to have adjustable feet. It makes our life easier by ensuring support to our washing machine at all times. Additionally, the adjustable feet help to maintain the washing machine level throughout.

3. Wide Opening Door

As a matter of fact, the bigger the door of the washing machine, the better. You are lucky if you purchase this Hoover washing machine model since it has a really wide-opening door. It provides you easy access to load and toss the clothes into your washing machine and also to remove them out.

4. Eco-logic System

The eco-logic system is one such feature that makes the Hoover washer and dryer fully automatic washing machine worth purchasing. When you can’t afford to wait for your machine to be fully loaded with all your clothes, that is when the eco-logic system plays a major role. This system automatically detects when your washing machine is half loaded so that you can get them washed. Felt better after reading this right? We know, what a relief after knowing that you don’t have to wait for all your dirty clothes to go into the machine to start the wash cycle. Moreover, this also reduces the amount of water used as well as the program duration. Furthermore, the eco-logic system also helps you to save energy.

5. Foam Protection System

Too much of foam can prevent your clothes from getting cleaned or washed properly. Hence, if you notice that your clothes are getting too foamy in the machine, then you should be aware that it is not a good sign. And no, your clothes won’t come out cleaner. If you purchase the Hoover 8Kg washer and 6Kg dryer then you don’t have to worry. The foam protection system ensures the bubbles don’t cause an issue.

6. 15 Programs

The Hoover Washer Dryer Fully Automatic Washing Machine offers a wide range of 15 programs to make your washing experience all the more joyful and stress-free. Additionally, you will also notice the best washing results as these 15 programs meet all your washing requirements with care. Depending upon what type of fabric you want to wash, you can choose from any of these 15 programs at any time. Below lie all the 15 programs and for each of these we have penned down an explanation. Ensure you go through all these programs thoroughly.

  • Daily 60′: The daily 60′ wash program is ideal for coloured, dirty, linen, and cotton textiles. Plus, it will wash all these clothes in only 60 minutes. The best thing about this program is that it is safe for daily usage. Also, this program washes your clothes at 60°C, hence, the name of this program is Daily 60′.
  • Cotton Dry [NEW]: A hotter and more vigorous program that is specifically designed for drying cotton garments and bedsheets efficiently. In other words, this program has higher heat settings and a more vigorous tumbling. Since cotton is a tougher material, the cotton drying program doesn’t need to be that gentle on the fabric. This indicates that it doesn’t need to use low temperatures or a gentle spin to protect the fabric from damage. Additionally, internal heat is beneficial for drying cotton.
  • Gentle Dry [NEW]: On the other hand, a gentle dry program is perfect and most suitable to dry delicate and synthetic fabrics. They use minimal tumbling and gentle heat since these fabrics are so delicate. This program is capable of drying only half the amount of clothing in comparison to a cotton dry program.
  • Cotton Wash and Dry [NEW]: The cotton wash and dry program is suitable for heavy-duty linen like towels, comforters, pillows, rugs, washcloths, draperies, and more. It washes and spins vigorously to scrub all the dirt out. And then it dries your garments.
  • Quick Wash and Dry [NEW]: One of the best washing and drying solutions for those with a busy schedule. It is a time-saver and washes your clothes much quickly than any normal wash and dry cycle.
  • Spin: Extracting moisture from your clothes after the wash cycle ends is done perfectly by the spin program/cycle. Note that the higher the Revolutions per minute (RPM), the drier would be your clothes. Another main benefit of the spin cycle is that it reduces the additional drying time, for instance, air drying or putting the clothes in the tumble dryer.
  • Rapid 15′: The Rapid 15 program washes your clothes quicker than your normal cycle. Surprisingly, this program does its job in only 15 minutes. Hence, it is very beneficial if you need your clothes to be clean in a jiffy. However, if the machine load is maximum then it will require maximum one hour for a wash.
  • Sports Wear: As the name says, the sports mode is suitable for cleaning clothes that are full of sweat. Note that this mode is not ideal for clothes that are heavily soiled. On selecting this mode, this washing machine runs a short wash and rinse cycle. Further, the sports mode also lowers the temperature which, in turn, prevents creases in synthetic garments.
  • Mix: The mix program washes your garments with warm water (30°C or 40°C) and then rinses the clothes with cold water. This process is done with moderate agitation (machine spin) speeds.
  • Cotton 60°C: Very dirty cotton and linen such as undergarments, table cloths, towels, sheets and more can be washed through this program.
  • Eco 20°C: The Eco 20°C minimises the amount of water usage required for washing your garments. Since it uses lower wash and rinse temperatures, it requires less energy for heating.
  • Allergy Safe: The allergy safe mode is one of the safest modes since it reduces different types of allergens and irritants from the clothes to be washed.
  • Cotton 40°C: An ideal program to remove the tough stains from clothes that are made from cotton, linen, viscose, acrylics, and more. If you ask how the allergy safe mode is able to do so? Then that is because it reaches temperatures above 130°F. This helps in eliminating pollen and killing dust mites.
  • Synthetic: The synthetic program runs at lower temperatures and is also referred to as easy care. Generally this program runs at 40°C. Additionally, it also spins less frequently. The synthetic program is designed for non-cotton fabrics. For instance, clothes made from polyester and viscose as they require a slightly more delicate wash.
  • Rinse: This program rinses all your clothes with clean water. Additionally, the rinse program spins at a fast speed to eliminate all the moisture from the load. Further, if there is detergent residue left on the clothing, then you can run it using the rinse program after a wash.
  • Duvet: Generally, the cotton program comes with a high-speed spin setting which is why it is able to provide a high agitation wash. This program is ideal only for cotton items like towels and bedsheets. Ensure you use this program only for cotton clothes since it can be very harsh on other fabrics.
  • Wool: While washing any of your wool garments like hand gloves, socks, jackets, and sweaters, simply select the wool setting.

7. Allergy Safe Function

With the allergy safe function, you can say good bye to allergies. Unbelievable but true. This function is perfect for all those who have a sensitive skin or respiratory issues. For instance, those who experience skin rash, skin irriation, itching as well as frequent sneezing or cold. Additionally, it is also referred to as anti allergic cycle. The allergy safe function combines high temperatures and additional rinses to neutralize and eliminate all the allergens, pet dander, dust mites, and pollen without causing damage to your garments. Further, this function also prevents the detergent from causing other health issues and other types of allergies.

8. Higher Spin Speed (Compared to Previous Model)

This washing machine model has a higher spin speed of 1400 RPM. This indicates that your washing machine drum will turn around 1400 times in one minute. Where as in the Hoover HWM-V610-S, the spin speed is only 1000 RPM.

Note that this Hoover washer and dryer model that we have put forth for you in this review is an upgrade of a similar washing machine model from Hoover itself. Now that you have seen the features of this model, it is time to compare it with the previous model.

Hoover Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Model: HWM-V610-S

This model is budget-friendly compared to the upgraded model. However, the reason it is cheaper is that it doesn’t have a dryer. It is only meant for washing purposes and has a capacity of 6 Kg. Besides this, it has a spin speed of only 1000 RPM. Although it is very user friendly, attractive and loaded with features and functionalities, it doesn’t offer 5 programs that are available on the upgraded model. These include cotton wash and dry, quick wash and dry, cotton dry, gentle dry and duvet. However, it offers jeans, sports wear, mix, and hand wash which are not available in the upgraded model.

What’s Different in the Hoover HWM-V610-S?

  • Jeans: Without a second thought, select the jeans program for all your denims (jeans) since it is ideal. Denims are heavy and hold water which is why the jeans program is the perfect one to select.
  • Sports Wear: As the name says, the sports wear mode is ideal for clothes that are full of sweat but are not heavily soiled. This washing machine runs a short wash and rinse cycle when you select this mode. Moreover, it also lowers the temperature to prevent creases in synthetic garments.

To better understand the difference in the programs of both the models, check out the following comparison table.

Comparison Table – Programs

Hoover Washer and Dryer HWD-V8614-S [Upgraded Model]Hoover Front Load Fully Automatic HWM-V610-S
Cotton Wash and Dry (Different)Jeans (Different)
Quick Wash and Dry (Different)Sports Wear (Different)
Cotton Dry (Different)Mix (Different)
Gentle Dry (Different)Hand Wash (Different)
Daily 60′Daily 60′
Rapid 15′Rapid 15′
Allergy SafeAllergy Safe
Cotton 60°CCotton 60°C
Cotton 40°CCotton 40°C
Eco 20°CEco 20°C

Get Spinning!

The choice is all yours. Both the models are worth purchasing and feature excellent quality, build and are durable. See which one fits your budget and ask yourself and your family members whether you need a dryer or not. Personally, we would advise you to opt for the Hoover 8 Kg Washer and 6 Kg Dryer before we end this review. However, purchasing a washing machine with a dryer is not a luxury but a necessity nowadays, especially if you have a hectic schedule. Hence, make your choice mindfully and don’t compromise on the features and technologies to save costs.

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