First Look: Hoover Front Load Washing Machine Review

UAE residents, are you on the hunt for the latest washing machine? Well, we have put forth a review of Hoover brand’s new washing machine release, so don’t go anywhere as. An amazing brand known for its power-packed functionality, Hoover has come up with a new front load fully automatic washing machine. With increasing household chores and responsibilities in this pandemic, we need an appliance that is tougher and can meet all our washing needs. Most of us are still not finding it safe to call our home maid (domestic help) back, which is why we need reliable appliances that will take care of our chores. The Hoover front load washing machine is one such appliance.

Hoover Front Load Washing Machine Review

Besides its impressive build quality and aesthetics, this washing machine model comes with 5 new functionalities and technologies. Everything is explained in an easy manner, so you can find all the information in one place itself. We bet this review is worth every second of the time that you spend reading it. Get started. You may thank us later, hehe.

Washing MachineCapacityMax. Spin Speed (RPM)DimensionsWeightCheck Price
Hoover Front Load Fully Automatic
6 Kg1000 RPM49.7 x 59.7 x 84.5 cm56.6 KgPrice on

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Recap: Choosing the Right Washing Machine

In this section, we have penned down all the deeply researched pieces on washing machines for UAE. Below lies a quick recap of what is important.

Appropriate Capacity/Size: Simple job, all you need to do is consider the size of your family and the number of clothes you need to wash at a time. That will tell you what capacity you need to opt for. Also, washing machines occupy more space in your home just like any other appliance. Hence, you need to keep in mind the location and the space you’re going to keep the washing machine. Always check the dimensions.

Aesthetics/Design: Nowadays, washing machines come in a variety of colours and finishing, unlike those days when only white colour was available. So, you had no option but to opt for white. Although washing machines are judged in terms of performance, most of us would prefer one that would blend well with the interior of our home. Hence, choose the colour and design that you like.

Type: Washing machines are available in different types. These include fully automatic or semi-automatic and front load or top load. Which one to choose totally depends upon your convenience, requirements, and comfort.

Price: Always set your budget and keep it in mind before you begin your search for a washing machine. Setting a maximum budget will help you save time as you can narrow down your options.

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Finally, it is time for you to get the actual feel of this new washing machine. Features, functionalities, and technologies paired with detailed information are awaiting you. Not to forget, images of the product will give you the first look at the product. Take a deep breath and go ahead.

Hoover Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Model: HWM-V610-S

Hoover HWM-V610-S Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine UAE

To begin with this review, the Hoover front load fully automatic washing machine has a capacity of 6 Kg and a maximum spin speed of 1000 RPM. Therefore, it is ideal for a family ranging from 4-6 members. It sports an elegant silver colour that blends well with the interiors of your modern urban home in UAE. To see what else it has in store for you, let’s move to the next section comprising the features and technologies of this washing machine.

What’s New – Top 5 Features of the Hoover Front Load Washing Machine

Phewwwww!! You’ve finally made it to one of the most interesting sections of this review article. Excited to see the most happening features of the Hoover front load washing machine? We hope you enjoy reading through these features as much as we loved listing them down for you. Ensure you read them all for a better understanding, so you know why this Hoover model is worth purchasing.

1. Anti Allergic Cycle/Allergy Safe Program

Do you or any of your family members experience itching in the skin, skin irritation or frequent sneezing/cold especially after you wear your clothes? Well, here is good news for you. Now onwards, you can say NO to all those allergies. The allergy safe program also referred to as the anti-allergic cycle is perfect for all those who have sensitive skin. This cycle combines high temperatures and extra rinses to neutralize and remove all the pet dander, allergens, pollen, and dust mites without damaging your laundry. It also prevents the detergent from causing allergies and other health issues. Thus, leaving your clothes clean and comfortable for you to wear.

2. Eco-logic System

The next best feature that makes the Hoover front load washing machine worth purchasing is the eco-logic system. Here is an example to help you better understand this feature. Now suppose you have some dirty clothes to wash and you want to wear those clothes again in a few days’ time. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wait for more dirty clothes to fill your laundry since you want to get these clothes washed as soon as possible. That’s when the eco-logic system comes into force, it detects when your washing machine is loaded with a half load. And then you can go ahead with the wash. This not only reduces the program duration but also the amount of water used. Moreover, the eco-logic system also helps in saving energy.

3. 15 Programs

For best washing results, the Hoover front load washing machine offers a wide range of 15 programs which you will see in this review. You can choose from any of these 15 programs at any time depending on what kind of fabric you want to wash. Additionally, these 15 programs will also meet all your requirements. Rapid 15′, Daily 60′, Jeans, Mix, Sports Wear, Hand Wash, Spin, Cotton 60°C, Cotton 40°C, Cotton, Eco 20°C, Synthetics, Wool, Rinse and Allergy Safe. To give you a better understanding of all these programs, we have listed an explanation of all the programs.

  • Rapid 15′– Most often, you need clean clothes in a jiffy and you can’t wait till your washing machine is full of dirty clothes. The Rapid 15 program washes your clothes quicker than your normal cycle. You won’t believe the fact that it does the job in only 15 minutes and can go up to an hour (maximum) depending upon the load.
  • Daily 60′– This wash program is ideal for dirty, coloured, cotton, and linen textiles and will wash all of them in only 60 minutes. As the name says, this program washes your clothes at 60°C and is safe to use everyday. Ensure you don’t wash these fabrics together with other rougher fabrics.
  • Jeans– As the name says, the jeans program is meant for all your denim. Since denim (jeans) are heavy and hold water, this program is ideal.
  • Mix– It utilises warm water (30 or 40°C) to wash your clothes. And then it rinses the clothes with cold water. That too with moderate agitation (machine spin) speeds.
  • Sports Wear- This mode is ideal for clothes that are full of sweat (not heavily soiled). When you select this mode, the Hoover front load washing machine runs a short wash and rinse cycle. Additionally, it also lowers the temperature in order to prevent creases in synthetic garments.
  • Hand Wash- The hand wash cycle is a special program on your washing machine that can be used for clothes with ‘hand wash only’ listed on the fabric care label. It is suitable for extremely delicate garments such as soft cotton, silk, and delicate linens. As well as wool garments that are made from thin wools such as angora and garments with beads or sequins.
  • Spin- The spin cycle/program extracts moisture from your clothes at the end of the wash cycle. The higher the ‘RPM’, the drier will be your clothes. This is an advantage as it reduces the additional drying time by putting it for drying (air drying) or in the tumble dryer.
  • Allergy Safe- One of the best and safest modes as it reduces allergens and irritants from washable items. It reaches washing temperatures above 130°F which, in turn, helps in killing dust mites and eliminating pollen.
  • Cotton 60°C- The cotton 60°C is perfect to wash very dirty cotton and linen. Ideal types of laundry include towels, tablecloths, undergarments, sheets etc.
  • Cotton 40°C- Perfect for removing tough stains from clothes made from linen, cotton, acrylics, viscose, and more.
  • Eco 20°C- A program that utilizes lower wash and rinse temperatures which, in turn, requires less energy for heating. It also minimises the amount of water required.
  • Cotton- Generally, this program comes with a high-speed spin setting that provides a high agitation wash. This makes it a little harsher on clothes which is why it is ideal for only cotton items like bed sheets and towels.
  • Synthetic- Synthetic program (referred to as easy care) runs at lower temperatures, generally (40°C or below) and also spins less frequently. These are designed for non-cotton garments such as clothes made from viscose and polyester. This needs a slightly more delicate wash.
  • Wool- Simply select the wool setting if you want to wash any of your wool garments including socks, hand gloves, sweaters, and jackets.
  • Rinse- The rinse program rinses all your clothes with clean water. Next, it spins at a fast speed to remove all the moisture from the load. Also, this program is very beneficial if you run it after a wash to remove any detergent residue that is left on the clothing.
Hoover Washing Machine - New Release UAE

4. Foam Protection System

Sometimes, you may have noticed that your clothes get too foamy in the washing machine. Well, you might be thinking it is a good sign as your clothes will come out cleaner. But no, it isn’t, as it might turn out just to be the opposite. As a matter of fact, too much foam in your washing machine can prevent your clothes from getting cleaned/washed properly. Don’t fret, the foam protection system ensures the bubbles don’t cause an issue.

5. Unbalanced Control System

Last but not least is the unbalanced control system. As a matter of fact, an uneven wash can damage the drum of your washing machine. That is when the unbalanced control system comes to your rescue. This system re-distributes the contents of the washing machine drum in a smart way. This ensures an even wash and also prevents your washing machine from getting damaged.

Colour, Design and Finishing

Sporting an attractive, elegant silver colour, and neat finishing, the Hoover front load fully automatic washing machine makes heads turn. Besides blending well in urban homes, it also features a compact and narrow design which makes it a great purchase for small and medium-sized homes. Hence, you won’t face issues keeping it in your home. Additionally, you get space for storing other home appliances too.

Brilliant Performance, Cleaner Clothes!

There you go. We are glad that you stayed here and went through this review of the Hoover front load washing machine. And we hope you are happier finding the washing machine of your dreams. It is worth every penny. You are just a step away from bringing this masterpiece home. In case you are looking out for more options then you can check some other good quality washing machine brands. Remember, never compromise on quality to save costs as this will help you in the long run.

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