First Look: Black+Decker Air Fryer Digital XL Review

Black+Decker has never failed to impress its customers with its innovative approach and here is a review on Digital XL air fryer which is a hot new release by this brand. As a matter of fact, Black+Decker always makes great products with power-packed performance, quality, build and aesthetics. And as you know, it helps you fry, cook, bake and grill to perfection with extremely little or absolutely no oil at all. Let’s see what this high-quality air fryer has to offer. We have included both the variants here, the new release as well as the previous one. The air fryer with a capacity of 4.3 litres and power of 1700 watts (high power) is the new one and the previous model has a capacity of 5 litres but a power of only 1500 watts. The new release comes with an additional 200 watts which makes it high on power.

Black+Decker Digital XL Review

We briefed you before we proceeded with the review to avoid confusion and to make it simpler and clear to you. Excited for the first look at the Black+Decker air fryer digital XL? We can hear you saying yes constantly. We bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off this elegant kitchen appliance. Scroll through this review to know everything about this new release of the Black+Decker Digital XL air fryer.

Two Buying Options
Air FryerPower/WattageCapacityCheck Price
Black+Decker Digital XL (NEW RELEASE)
1700 watts4.3 litersPrice on
Black+Decker Digital XL Aerofry
1500 watts5 litersPrice on

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Recap: Choosing the Right Air Fryer

We have written deeply researched pieces on Air Fryers for UAE. Here’s a quick recap of what’s important.

The Right Size: You need to ask yourself, how big is your family and how much you will cook in the air fryer. The capacity of the food basket varies from air fryer to air fryer. Next, figure out the amount of space on your kitchen top that you will be able to dedicate to your air fryer. These 2 things will help you purchase the right one.

Ease of Cleaning: While most air fryer baskets are dishwasher safe, grease can get into nooks and crannies. You should look at how the basket is designed and how it can be detached. If all this is easy, you will have no problem with day-to-day cleaning.

Temperature Controls and Modes – A key input in choosing an air fryer is the kind of temperature controls and modes that are available to you. Frying a samosa is different from roasting some chicken. All this needs controls and modes. They will be useful, check them out.

Timer: An automatic timer is very important with an air fryer. The advantage is that it makes the appliance all the safer to use. Also, you won’t have to worry about the food getting burnt or the food left uncooked. So, you don’t have to worry if you forget to switch it off.

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Now, it is time for you to get the actual feel of the product as we are going to specify each and everything about this new release. All the features, technologies and functionalities are in store for you with some beautiful pictures of this air fryer too. We bet you won’t have to go anywhere else as we have mentioned everything here. Excited? Okay! Begin reading. You may thank us later, hehe.

Black+Decker 1700 Watts Digital XL Air Fryer – 4.3 Litre

Model: AF700-B5

Its Family Size

This new release comes with a large capacity of 4.3 litres. You might be thinking that the previous model has a capacity of 5 litres, so why should I opt for this? The difference is only 0.7 litres, which means that the difference is less than 1 litre. Well, we shall brief you about this in a little better to help you understand better. Although the new release i.e. the Black+Decker Digital XL air fryer features a capacity of 4.3 litres. It is perfect for all your cooking and baking needs for your entire family. You won’t find the need to cook in batches even while preparing food for a large family consisting of 5 or more members.

You can prepare a rotisserie-style whole chicken in this air fryer due to its large capacity of 4.3 litres. Shocked? But this is true. This powerful kitchen appliance has a big capacity sufficient for you and your family. Hence, you can get started roasting a whole chicken in this air fryer once you purchase it. When it comes to chicken pieces, you can fit in around 7-9 chicken thighs. Irrespective of whether they are boneless or bone-in. Don’t worry about the taste, your family members will hug you tight and thank you several times after relishing this scrumptious dish. The chicken will turn perfectly juicy and the skin will be extra crispy. This air fryer can accommodate about 700 grams of french fries.

7 Preset Modes

7 Preset Cooking Modes - Black+Decker Digital XL Air Fryer

Yes, you read this right. This air fryer model features 7 preset cooking modes that include fries, rotisserie, fish, bake, shrimp, chicken and steak. You very well know how helpful these preset modes are since they provide you with the ability to cook whatever you want without guessing or doubting since the duration (time) and temperature are already set. Always check the user manual that you receive along with the air fryer as each model differs in terms of its settings. As a matter of fact, every preset is set according to a set amount of food in grams. Hence, if you have a smaller amount of french fries/frozen fries or a double serving of chicken then you may need to adjust the time. Hence, check the user manual when you ourchase the air fryer.

Design – Brushed Matte Finish

Brushed matte finish design of Black+Decker Digital XL Air Fryer

Simply unbelievable since this variant features a premium style showcasing a brushed matte finish. Besides performance, this model is worth purchasing due to its creative design and innovative aesthetics. The brushed matte finish along with the black colour gives it a sophisticated yet outstanding elegant look. No wonder, it stands out from the rest. Hence, this air fryer blends well with the interiors of your modern kitchen in your urban UAE home.

More Power for Bigger Cook

A closer view of the new release

We have finally come to one of the most important sections of this review of the Black+Decker Digital XL air fryer. This model is power-packed due to its 1700 watts high power which is the main attraction or speciality of this new release. This indicates that it will reach higher temperatures in no time and cook food faster irrespective of the quantity. As a matter of fact, higher temperatures serve the advantage of preparing food more quickly. You see, more power for a bigger cook to make a large family happy. Also, if you add frozen foods such as frozen peas or meat in the air fryer, then it can quickly re-heat the oil.

How Does it Stack Up

You can load your air fryer’s basket by stacking pieces of food upon each other provided you cut them into smaller pieces and turn them over halfway through the process. If you stack larger pieces in the air fryer basket then it will prevent the air fryer from circulating heated air which is required for cooking food properly. Eventually, this can result in the uneven cooking of food. Hence, giving each piece of food its own space in the basket is always a better idea until and unless you need to combat the early morning rush or you’re heading off somewhere.

Additional Features and Technologies of Black+Decker Digital XL Air Fryer (4.3 Litres, 1700 Watts)

  • Digital LED Display: To offer you a quick menu selection, the digital LED display helps you select the option of your choice. Additionally, you can also control the cooking process through the digital LED display. Everything is seen so clearly, the temperature, cooking time and more required settings. Hence, you won’t have any doubts or difficulties.
  • Digital Temperature Control: Wow, you can now set the right temperature that is required for your dish. You can set the temperature from 80 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius appropriately depending upon what you are cooking. So, you don’t have to worry about burning your food or leaving your food raw or half-cooked. All thanks to the digital temperature control which adds to the review of this Black+Decker digital XL air fryer.
  • Non-slip Feet: In order to prevent the air fryer from slipping or falling off the kitchen countertop, it is equipped with non-slip feet. The best part about the non-slip feet is that it provides a firm grip to the air fryer. So, until and unless you don’t move the air fryer intentionally, it won’t fall.
  • Smart Cook Function: With the help of this function, you can save all your favourite cooking combinations and recipes for a one-touch quick start.
  • Auto Shut-off Feature: A much-needed safety feature is the auto shut-off feature. This feature automatically shuts off the air circulation and heating mechanism once the user pulls out the food basket of the unit. Thus, preventing any accident or harm to the user. Only when you place the food basket back into the air fryer and lock it securely in place, you can turn the air fryer on. So, you see, how safe it is to use.
  • Safety Lock: In order to avoid splatter or accidents, this air fryer comes with a safety lock. The safety lock ensures that the food basket is fitted securely before you begin the frying process.
  • Patented Cyclone Heating Technology: A big thanks to this technology as it offers you 30% faster heating. Thus, saving you time and helping you prepare various dishes with ease and less effort.
  • Rapid Air Convention Heating: This mechanism present inside the Black+Decker air fryer results in quick and even cooking. Thus, assuring you that no matter what food item your cooking in your air fryer. It is cooked and fried perfectly. This mechanism depends on circulating hot air effectively to cook food.
  • Guilt-free Cooking: You can cook, bake and grill to perfection by using very little or absolutely no oil at all. This air fryer is designed to function this way thus making it so very amazing and a healthy option.
  • Cool Touch Handle/Housing: Touching the handle of this air fryer without burning your hand is possible. All thanks to the cool touch housing. Therefore, once the food is ready, you can remove the food basket easily without burning your hand.
  • Price: Bring home the Black+Decker Digital XL air fryer (4.3 litre capacity, 1700 watts power) for an estimated cost of AED 550.

You Can Rely On It Without a Second Thought!

Hope you enjoyed reading this review of the Black+Decker Digital XL air fryer. For your satisfaction, here is what we have for you, the best air fryer options in UAE. Check this out if you want to take a look at other air fryer brands and variants to make up your mind. Not only do these look and feel elegant, but they also help you make healthy scrumptious food in no time regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. And don’t miss the review on Nutricook Air Fryer 2 (AF2) which is also a new release.

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