Dyson Air Purifier Review for UAE 2024

Dyson air purifier, a well known product line from the company is on top of its game with their household appliance production. The UK based company makes a number of products from dryers, blade-less fans, humidifiers, hand dryers, lights, and of course air purifiers among other things.

An air purifier is an appliance every home should have, especially if children and seniors reside in them. Both seniors and children are at a greater risk of respiratory illnesses due to their relatively poor immune systems. Dyson with years of experience in creating home appliances knows exactly how to provide functional products of excellent quality in plush designs. What more could you ask for?

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Air purifiers by definition have one job to clean up the air in your living quarters. Different air purifiers are great at trapping different particles. For this reason you need to know your exact need before buying an air purifier. Dyson air purifiers are great for maintaining healthy air flow and are proven to reduce symptoms of allergies and asthma. These are usually caused by particles of dust, pollen, and other materials that enter the respiratory system. Since Dyson use HEPA filters they are better at filtering out even the tiniest particles to keep irritation and allergies at bay. You can also read about some other best air purifiers in Dubai for dust, allergies, and asthma.

Finding the best air purifier is not always easy. Keeping that in mind to save you sometime here is a review for the Dyson Pure Cool Link.

Exquisite Design of Dyson Pure Cool Link

The Dyson air purifier comes in a hard-to-miss blue or if you prefer a more subtle grey. The appliance flaunts a design that claims a luxurious status and comes in two variants. Opt for a desk or towel model. Naturally, a desk model is smaller and thus has a smaller circular loop. On the other hand, the tower model comes with an elongated ellipse and is meant to be placed on the ground.

There rests a cylindrical base with a mesh that brings in the air and is pushed out after purification. It isn’t placed merely for aesthetics, this is Dyson’s very own ‘Air Multiplier Technology.’ What does it do? The fan placed creates a low-pressure zone that sucks in air from behind it to create a stronger and more directed stream of air. This makes the Dyson Pure Cool Link both an air purifier and also a fan. It makes it ideal for harsh weather conditions.

Within the cylindrical base lies a Glass-HEPA filter and a carbon filter. They are tasked with removing the particulate matter from your home. The design reduces the velocity of oncoming particles, which in turn improves the efficiency and lifespan of the product. The slight curve on the filter ensures it can sit comfortably on top of the unit while cleaning. This prevents it from it getting lost (which usually happens with small units). Cleaning it however shouldn’t take too long and needs to be done once or twice a year.

At the bottom of the Dyson Pure Cool Link there is a tiny display which stays white. When the air quality is good it turns green. You can install the Dyson app for more details as the display only shows you the WiFi connectivity and fan speed.

Dyson blade less Fan or Air Multiplier Technology

The futuristic design and constant wind breeze can leave people flabbergasted, especially with the entire ‘blade less’ bit. But in truth, the Dyson Air Multiplier does have blades within. They’re just hidden conveniently within the pedestal stand. This is the section of the fan that draws in up to 5.28 gallons of air per second, that’s as a vacuum cleaner!

The air multiplier technology also has a brush less electric motor that rotates nine asymmetrically-aligned blades. With all this, the pedestal motor adds an extra push to the air, giving you a strong breeze. The air flows through the channel inside the pedestal, along a curved path, and comes out from tiny 16mm slits around the frame of the fan at a 16-degree angle slope. If you’re not into the nerdy bits then all you need to know is that Dyson claims the output of air is 15x more than what is taken in. Hence the name, Air Multiplier.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Features

  • Air purification: You’d expect a high-end air purifier to have snazzy features and capabilities and Dyson lives up to it. The ‘Pure’ in its name attributed to its Glass-HEPA filter is related to air purification. It claims to remove up to 99.95% of all suspended particles such as PM2.5 and PM10. Further, it also comes with separate modes such as auto mode, which adjusts itself based on the level of pollution it detects and night mode, which reduces the fan speed to lower noise. Although, it is important to mention the device is fairly silent in any case.
  • High-powered fan: The ‘Cool’ part refers to the fan fitted neatly in this air purifier. The decently powerful fan tosses cool air across the room and functions as a pedestal fan as well. As mentioned above it is relatively silent, however, while sleeping do not use or exceed the ‘7’th setting as it tends to get a bit noisy. Although if it’s in your busy kitchen you probably wont feel disturbed in the slightest.
  • Connectivity features: ‘Link’ comes from its connectivity features! Being part of the smart device family the air purifier can connect to your home network. Simply grab your smartphone to create a hotspot for the device and then add your home network details into it. Once your unit is linked you can control it while away from home. The Dyson Link app comes with a remote function allowing you to command the device with a standard remote.

Air Purifying Performance

Performance is the most crucial component of purchasing a product. The Dyson Pure Cool Link much to my surprise exceeded expectations. It’s filter and motor are relatively small compared to air purifiers with similar statistics. Even at a the highest setting the purifier is quite silent suggesting it isn’t as effective. Lastly, Dyson hasn’t given us too many specifications as there are many variables. However, the air purifier does clean up the room in less than 45 minutes and brought the AQI reading under the green category.

The air purifier may take a little more time in areas that have a bulk of gasses or fumes such as while cooking or from incense sticks but do eventually get the job done. Roughly this would take anywhere between an hour to one and a half hour. However, due to its powerful fan the cloud of smoke is soon dispersed.

Takeaway for Dyson air purifier

The Dyson Pure Cool Link performs decently well. It suffices for a medium sized room despite its size. It has an appealing design that makes stand out no matter where you place it. The material used to build the frame and internal components is durable and of great quality. Lastly, the company offers great installation service which is crucial to customer satisfaction. On the downside the app is slightly cumbersome and using the manual remote is easier. At times WiFi connection drops. If you prefer manual usage this device has absolutely no hang-ups.

Apart from this you can choose from other Dyson air purifiers as it has a number under it’s name. You can buy the Dyson Pure Cool Advanced Technology Tower or the Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifier. The advanced technology tower is better for larger space but they both perform similarly. It purifies and cools the air for you, automatically senses and captures allergens, pollutants, and gases ensuring your family breathes clean and fresh air. Not to forget, it displays the quality of air in your surrounding in real time.

There you have a complete review on Dyson air purifier, based on its components and functions you can decide which one is worth it for you. If you are a smart home owner then remember to connect to the Dyson Link app for easy monitoring and scheduling. This means even your guests at home can experience luxury treatment if you are running late at work!

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