Dubai Homes: Cooking Range or Cooktop?

Cooking range or cooktop, which is better for Dubai Homes? Cooking ranges and cooktops have been around for a long time now. Yet, some people are unaware of which one to select depending on their needs. To help you make a decision I’ve put together some essentials. Such as differences, similarities, features, and usage needs. Take the time to read through to make an informed decision.

A cooking range helps you prepare a number of dishes simultaneously with ease. Baking your favourite cake as well as grilling meat at the same time is possible. A cooktop is a drop-in unit that offers many functions similar to a cooking range. Unlike the cooking range, it does not include an oven below, giving you more storage space. Both, cooking range or cooktop will accomplish the same task. It would be wise to consider the differences between the two for Dubai homes. You will have a better idea of what to expect. This will help you if your planning to buy one of these appliances for your home. Even if you are considering running a commercial enterprise from home.

While buying a cooking range or cooktop, especially expensive ones, check the pros and cons. Figure out which would fit your needs and suit your lifestyle. By doing so, you gain a clear picture of which one to get for you and your family.

Size of Ranges?

The size of cooking ranges and cooktops vary. 20-inch cooking ranges are ideal for tiny homes with 3 or fewer members present. Suitable for apartments located in areas such as Dubai culture village. The larges ones being 60 inches are a fit for restaurants and commercial purposes. They are more suited for some of the well-known large restaurants and bigger homes located at Hyatt Regency in Dubai. For an average homeowner in UAE, the best size would be somewhere between a 30 or 36-inch range. If you have enough space or cook in large quantities, consider a 48-inch range. Ranges of these sizes are packed with an increasing number of innovative features.

The knobs which control the cooking range are on the front of the unit, located below the cooking surface. Since they are stick out slightly from the cabinetry, it is not suitable for families with small children. They can be easily accessed by toddlers and isn’t wise unless your kitchen cannot be accessed by children without supervision. The design of the cooking range or cooktop may matter a lot to you. For some its about the aesthetics that fits well with the kitchen design. On the other hand, you may prefer a compact one or one that is simply sturdy.

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The top of the cooking range will always vary depending on the model itself. It will offer a variety of cooking surfaces, grates, and zones. The larger the range, the more features, zones or accessories you will have available. Many larger ranges allow you to add on a griddle or offer you a double oven.

Electric vs Gas vs Dual Fuel

Gas cooking ranges are the most commonly available and used. If you want to utilise both gas and electricity then you can buy the electric or dual-fuel variant. We shall discuss below in brief about the pros and cons of each type of range.

Electric Range

These are affordable while purchasing, but in the long run, the use of electricity will cost you more. You will notice a rise in your monthly energy bills. However, electric cooking ranges are easier to install as you don’t need to worry about installing a gas line. The open flame of a cooking gas range is desirable for many chefs. But the flat surface of an electric cooking range will allow you to cook evenly. They are widely regarded as better for baking. This is because of the uniform distribution of heat from the flame-less machine. For a medium to large family looking for an electric range, your best bet would be the 60×60 Whirlpool electric range. It makes cooking for a number of people simple and effortless

Gas Range

This is the most popular type of cooking range for homeowners. This will cost you more initially while purchasing, but the use of gas makes them more eco-friendly. You won’t see a rise in your monthly electricity bill. The open flame allows you to adjust the temperature quickly and gives you more cooking options. The only problem is that they are a little difficult to install, as you may have to install a gas line. If you are considering a gas range then I would recommend a selection from Bosch with a greater capactiy. Ideal for larger families as it comes with 5 burners.

Dual-Fuel Range

With this type of range, you can use both electricity and gas while cooking. This offers you more precision in what you cook as well as how you cook it. They are comparatively more expensive than other type of ranges. But, they justify their worth with increasing cooking options and flexibility. The installation process is almost the same as the installation of a gas range.

Freestanding vs Slide-in

You can opt for a slide-in or freestanding range. There are a few differences worth noting that we would be discussing below. You may choose the one you like.

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Freestanding Range

This type of range has sides that are finished and a back that stays against the wall. They are designed to stand alone or be installed directly within your cabinetry. You will find a control panel on the top of the device that is a few inches tall. The control panel gives you the ability to control the oven below and is located at the back of the range. These are easy to install and replace. This is the most commonly used range in Dubai and is affordable.

Slide-in Range

A slide-in range is much like its freestanding counterpart. But the main difference lies in the unfinished sides and no control panel at the back of the range, unlike its counterpart. A slide-in range is comparatively flat with only the grates and cooking surfaces sticking up above the countertops. It provides an elegant built-in appearance that showcases your backsplash. All the controls will be located in front of the device, including those that control the oven below. If you want to install a range within a kitchen island then, you should go for this one.

How is a Cooktop different from a Cooking Range

As mentioned above, a cooktop is a drop in unit that offers many similar functions to a cooking range. Although similar in size to a cooking range, it does not include an oven below. Thus, it offers you more storage space. Due to its design, a cooktop sits entirely on top of your countertops. Cooktops offer you a little more flexibility for installation purposes since they can be dropped in. So you don’t have to worry about opening the door of an oven. Read below to know if a cooking range or cooktop is better for you.

Ensure the specific area in Dubai can meet the required gas and electric needs to run the appliance. Just measure the dimensions of the unit, cut a hole in your counters and drop a cooktop in. The knobs that control the cooktop are located on top of the appliance entirely. They are located in front of or near the sides of the grates. Unlike a cooking range, the design of the cooktop makes it difficult for small children to reach the knobs. Thus avoiding them from accidentally turning on the appliance. The top of the device will vary depending on the model and brand you go with, but they all typically offer multiple cooking surfaces and grates.

Electric vs Gas vs Induction

Cooktops utilise electricity, gas, induction, or some combination of the 3 methods, like cooking ranges. Gas cooktops are mostly used in Dubai and are the most popular. Many of them opt for electric cooktops. Induction cooktops are gaining popularity in recent years. Let us see the pros and cons of each type.

Electric Cooktops

These cooktops are a little affordable to buy. However, they take a little longer to heat up. They don’t give you as much control over the temperature as other cooktops. As it uses electricity to operate you will notice the rise in your electricity bills. Coil cooktops are harder to clean, whereas smooth top units will be easier to clean.

Gas Cooktops

A gas cooktop doesn’t cost as much to operate. It can quickly heat up and gives you better temperature control. The initial cost of buying a gas cooktop is going to be higher priced than an electric cooktop, although you will need a gas line installed in order to operate it. The initial cost gets offset as the appliance costs you much less in the long run when compared to an electric cooktop.

Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops have become the most popular as they are the quickest, most precise with temperatures and provide the best safety features. It doesn’t actually heat the surface but uses a different method to cook food. Induction cooktops heat a coil of copper wire that is strategically placed under the utensil and an alternating electric current gets passed through it. This eliminates the chance of burning yourself. However, they are increasingly expensive compared to electric and gas cooktops. Also, you need to buy new cookware in order to use it.

Eat Tasty, Cook Quickly!

Now that you have a clear picture of which range is better suited to your needs, you can select what to go for. Ensure you check the available space and size of your kitchen. If you are short on space a drop in cook-top would be ideal. Further, when making a choice use the guide to find the best cooking range in UAE for your kitchen. If you need a break from monitoring your food, you can whip up something in a hassle-free manner with an electric pressure cooker. You may also grab a conventional one of your choice for your new chosen cooking range or cooktop. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new gas stove or electric stove but are confused about which one would be better for you then read this.

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