Tips for a Treadmill Run

Having a quick and easy treadmill run is the best way to stay fit irrespective of the weather or the pandemic. Exercise should be a vital part of everyone’s daily routine. Therefore what better way to get some movement into your life than to have a treadmill run. Sometimes in the spur of the moment while you try to get done with your treadmill run. Unknowingly/Knowingly you tend to overlook and/ or do something not exactly right. To prevent this here are a few tips to ensure you have your workout going right and not leaving you sore.

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Tips Before/ During a Treadmill Run

You do need a few tips if you are a beginner to fitness. This way you can make running a lot more enjoyable and fun rather than the other alternative.

1. Warm-up

Although you might seem active enough and even tempting for you to get on the treadmill. Hold back and don’t! You would not like to be left sore after a good run. Therefore basic stretches are necessary. Warm-ups are so you body can be ready by increasing the temperature and supplying more oxygen to the skin. Or you could simply start off with a walk then increase the speed to a jog and then a run.

Make sure you warm-up for at least 5 minutes minimum before advancing to the harder parts. Read on to know more about how you can warm-up some more.

2. Understand your Treadmill

To ensure you are getting the best out of your treadmill you need to make sure you know your way around each and every function and feature. If you are using a treadmill at the gym then, you can have your trainer walk you through the features. Not all treadmills are the same. Some offer you inclines and a variety of programs to choose from others have to be set manually to your desired presets. Keep your eyes out for these few features on the treadmill:

  • Calories Burn Calculator: This records the number of calories burnt during your workout session. Although these aren’t very accurate figures, mostly because the treadmill doesn’t record your weight, age, gender, and other characteristics. Even so, this works as a rough guide. Besides this you need to keep a note of the number and only if it increases then you are getting the best out of your workout.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Having this monitor will have you understand the intensity of your workout. Since it notes your heart rate age you run. Some models have this option situated at the handlebar. Where you will have to hold the bar to get the heat rated noted. A better alternative can be a wearable monitor if holding the handlebar isn’t convenient.
  • Pre-set workouts or intervals: To allow you to have a little variety in your running plains. These presets will give you the liberty to set the type of run and the interval schedule. Therefore enabling you to run without having to fidget with the controls while you run.
  • Speed Display: Recording the speed at which you are running. This is usually noted in miles per hour. You can always convert this into minutes per miles or any other method as per your convenience of understanding.

3. Slight Incline

Setting the treadmill’s incline at least at a slight 1-2 percent. This gives you the feel as if you are in the outdoors. You can start with a zero incline then gradually increase the incline. If you still feel it’s too easy for you, you can increase the speed a bit as well. Pace yourself well with good interval training to get better results. But also keep in mind that interval training is good only once or twice a week not on a regular basis.

4. Don’t Overdo the Incline

Never place your incline level above 7%. This can lead to injuries in your back, hips, and even ankles. If you feel the need to challenge yourself take on extra time but don’t increase the incline. It is very rare for you to find an incline at 5 or 6 percent for a full mile run. This is why it would be a better idea to change the incline from time to time. Start off with a zero and then you can increase and go back downhill from there. If you want to have a safe workout session do not run on a steep incline for more than 5 minutes. Remember the steep incline segment builds up your strength and the flat surfaces build endurance and stamina.

5. No Need of Support

While running you don’t need to use the handrails if you don’t need them. These are generally there so that you can comfortably get off and on the device. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid holding onto the handle while running: if you hold on to the handle you will tend to hunch over. Which in turn will lead to neck, back, and shoulder pains. While running all these areas need to be as straight as possible.

Secondly, when you use the handles you are actually laying off some of the load on the handles and making it easier for you to run. Therefore, behave as if you are running in the open without any handles will help you get the most out of the workout. Even so, if you feel like you might trip and fall, it’s probably because the speed is too fast for you. Or the incline too much. Keep this in mind next time you are running on your treadmill.

6. Don’t Lean In

While running makes sure you are not leaning in but have a straight posture. If you do lean forward you can end up with back and neck pain. And not to mention you can lose your balance much easier as well.

7. Don’t Look Down

Make sure to keep your eyes straight ahead as compared to the console. It might seem tempting to constantly keep track of your progress. But doing this will only make you lose your form. Causing you to hunch and end up with pains all over. Whether you are running out in the open or on a treadmill make sure to look forward.

8. Concentrate on your Run

Your treadmill run should be the same as you would run outdoors. Make sure to run naturally and don’t cut the strides short. Although while running if you feel you can’t run naturally make sure to reduce the speed till you get the right form. And then you can slowly increase it.

Furthermore, you need to make sure you aren’t over-striding. Even for that matter make sure you aren’t landing heel first on to the treadmill. And that will minimize any impact transferred to your legs.

9. Don’t Interact with a Moving Treadmill

If you are on the treadmill do not step off until it has completely halted. And vice versa don’t step on a moving treadmill. This is the most common cause of treadmill injuries. If you need to get off then try slowing the pace and reducing the incline.

10. Keep your Mind Distracted

The best way to do this is to listen to some music or visualize a route. This keeps your mind from thinking too much about your workout and helps you run longer. Or if you like you can watch something on your TV. But make sure that you aren’t losing your form in the bargain. As for a route you can simply think of how the place would look like. The buildings the landscape. You can build your routine to fit a particular route.

11. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you have your bottle of water there with you. It is advisable for you to keep sipping some water every 20 minutes.

Post Treadmill Run

Just like there are a few must-follow tips during and before your treadmill run. Similarly, if you follow the few steps after the same workout you are sure not to have any after-effects. Even if you are a runner you can be left with haziness and dizziness if the right precautions are not followed. Therefore to avoid this follow these few steps:

1. Cool Down Slowly

If you tend to get dizzy when you get off the treadmill the main reason is that you didn’t cool down enough. You suddenly getting off the treadmill running motion causes lightheadedness. This is because of all the blood rushing to the muscles by the increased heart rate. Therefore the best way for you to deal with this is to gradually slow down just as you slowly started off your workout with a warm-up. The recommended way to cool down would be to walk for around 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Focus and stay calm

In the beginning, it is possible for you to feel dizzy. For when and if this happens you can try focusing on a stationary object in front of you. This object can be anything from a book to a blank TV screen. By doing so you are reducing the input which your brain is taking in. That might be overstimulating your eyes. Even so, if this problem continues you can support yourself with the help of the handles of the treadmill while you slow down the pace of the treadmill. This can help with the motion sickness feeling you are having.

3. Quench your Thirst

Yes, stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout. The dizziness you are feeling is because you are not well hydrated. Which causes sensory disorientation. Therefore water is your best friend while you work out. Moreover, drinking water can help with the fatigue feelings as well.

Warm-ups to Avoid Sore Muscles

As mentioned earlier warm-up is very important to ensure that you don’t end up straining your muscles. Besides the few healthy ways to start your workout. You need to make sure you eat at least 2 hours before your workout and hydrate yourself 30 minutes before your workout. This has to be paired with a few warm-up exercises. Here are a few easy ones you can do:

  • Stretch your back and try to reach your toes or the behind of your feet and hold them for 10 seconds
  • Lay down on your back and pull your knees tight to your chest use your arms to hold this position for around 20 seconds.
  • Perform alternating lunges 10 on each side. But do not exceed a 90-degree angle.
  • Lean a hand against a wall with one knee bent. Try a halfway squatting with the other leg. Alternate this with both the legs with 10 on each side.
  • With your back against the wall and your feet away from your body at shoulder width. Try raising your toes as high as possible while your heels still on the ground. Lower and raise your toes around 20 times and if possible with a break do another set.
  • Take a push-up stance on the wall. Lean in with your legs away from the wall. To stretch your calves do this for around 20 seconds. And repeat.
  • Sit on a tabletop or chair where your feet do not reach the ground. After which, you go ahead and place a light weighted object on your feet. Then flex your ankles holding the position for 15-20 seconds. Break and repeat.

Aim for a Healthy Lifestyle

Hopefully, with all these tips we can help you with your workout routine. You have to make healthy and good choices to have good health. And your treadmill run is one of them. So hold this motivation of yours and work on aiming for a better and healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for the best treadmill in UAE check them out here.

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