Demystifying Washing Machine Features & Buzzwords

Demystifying washing machine features & buzzwords is the need of the hour as we have come across several people nowadays who don’t know what these terms mean and think they are just marketing hacks. This is natural as these terms are not just one or two but numerous in the market, which makes people ponder. Back in the day, we would just check the capacity, and RPM, and research the brand, but as of today, there is a lot more to research and understand before making a purchase. Since washing machines are a necessity now, buying the right one which suits your requirements is crucial. Have no fear since we have explained these terms in the simplest way possible.

Demystifying Washing Machine Features & Buzzwords

By demystifying these features & buzzwords, we help you understand each of these terms clearly and tell you how they will contribute to the wash. Stay here to know how these washing machine features make laundry less of a chore and more of a positive experience. We promise that you won’t have to go anywhere else if you read till the end.

Eco Wash

Well, if you are one of those who have heard about this feature multiple times but are keen to understand this term in a better way then you’re at the right place. Eco Wash is nothing but a super program that helps you to save your money on utility bills and also conserve energy. Now you’re super excited and want to know how it does this, right? Well, the Eco wash mode makes the washer utilize less water and detergent to clean your clothes. Secondly, it also uses lower wash and rinse temperatures to wash your clothes. The Eco wash mode washes your clothes at just 15°C.

What makes the Eco mode super special is that it provides you with results of a 40°C wash. This means it uses just 30% of the energy. This not only reduces the amount of heat but also the amount of energy that is used in the wash cycle. Simply select the Eco button on your washing machine and you are good to go. Automatically, the machine will adjust the water level, wash time, and agitation speed thereby saving water and energy. The Eco wash program indeed helps you save money on your laundry expenses. Besides, it also saves water and detergent. Moreover, it also aids in protecting the environment.

Opt for a washing machine with the Eco wash mode and see the difference. Note that the Eco wash mode is best suited for lightly soiled clothes.


Ecobubble technology is indeed one of the most beneficial features designed in the latest washing machine options. Its benefits are not just one, but many. When you select the Ecobubble feature on your washing machine, the bubble generator creates bubbles. This makes the detergent dissolve into the water more easily thus penetrating faster into your clothes. Secondly, the Ecobubble technology injects air that produces a powerful soapy foam cushion. This cushion protects your clothes from damage. Although this foam is powerful, it is gentle on your fabric. Less mechanical actions and advanced fabric care also contribute to the same. Hence, you will experience perfect cleanliness without any damage. You don’t have to worry about delicate clothes like water-repellant fabrics and outdoor wear.

This process removes all the stubborn stains and dirt while keeping your fabrics soft like before. You will find your clothes still soft as they were before the wash. Additionally, when Ecobubble is applied, the entire cleaning process requires extremely less hot water. This is because the bubbles created through the bubble generator wash your clothes at cooler temperature settings. Else a lot of energy would be required to heat the water. You see, this feature saves not only time but also energy. The Ecobubble technology brings down your electricity bill and is also kinder to the environment.

Hygiene Steam

The hygiene steam cycle is best suited for clothing items that come in direct contact with the skin such as innergarments and also those fabrics that are made of cotton and linen. By releasing steam from the bottom of the drum, this powerful cycle improves the overall cleaning and washing ability. Therefore, it has the ability to reduce germs, common bacteria and allergens by up to 99.99%. Note that it is advisable to select a temperature of 60°C or above for optimum hygiene results.

Digital Inverter Technology

The Digital Inverter Technology utilises strong magnets which reduces friction in the motor. During the wash cycle, your washing machine runs much smoother and quieter due to less friction, thereby helping you save costs. This technology also reduces running costs by using precise operations depending on the type of load. Digital inverter technology is also equipped with brushless motors. Since it has a small number of moving parts, it has a longer life span.

Direct Drive

Washing machines equipped with Direct Drive technology also known as inverter technology don’t have chains, belts, or gearboxes. These machines use their own motor to rotate the washing machine’s drum directly and easily in both directions. Additionally, another good news about Direct Drive motors is that it uses energy more efficiently compared to the belt-drive motors and other standard options.

15 Degree Colour Protection Cycle (Colours 15°)

Demystifying washing machine features and missing out on this one? NO! NEVER! The Colours 15° washing cycle is one of the most helpful features since it helps to retain the original colour of your garments regardless of how dark or light the fabric is. This is due to the customised asymmetric drum motion that moves the clothes more loosely which, in turn, absorbs the detergent in a better way. This cycle guarantees performance the same as that of a 40°C wash program. Awesome! right? Even at a low temperature of just 15°C, it delivers powerful and effective washing results with no change in the colour of your garments. You can wear your clothes for years and people would think you’ve just purchased them a few days ago.

6th Sense SoftMove Technology

6th Sense SoftMove Technology

Besides quality, Whirlpool’s front load washing machines also offer advanced 6th Sense SoftMove technology. Every fabric needs a different type of wash cycle. There is no “one size fits all” concept here. The SoftMove technology selects the ideal cycle for the fabric type. It customizes the drum movements to suit every type of fabric. This means it changes the speed of the drum rotation to reduce friction while eliminating stubborn stains and dirt efficiently.

For instance, if you need to wash your denim, this technology will select the drum movements that suit this fabric. Next, if you need to wash cotton clothes or any other softer fabrics, the SoftMove technology will switch the drum movements accordingly to suit these garments. By sensing the load i.e. the amount and type of laundry intelligently, the 6th Sense SoftMove technology also maximises the washing performance. While demystifying washing machine features, we found this one to be the most interesting. Below is the list of the various motion wash creatively designed for the different types of fabric.

  • Power Shower (For Synthetics)
  • Soft Cradle (For Wool)
  • Slow Motion (For Delicates)
  • Energetic Wash (For Cotton/White clothes)
  • Asymmetric Motion (Colours 15°)
  • Colour Bath (Colours)

Auto Clean

Washing machines can easily last for 20+ years if you use it appropriately and take care of it properly and regularly. This requires regular cleaning. However, due to busy work schedules and increased responsibilities, it is cumbersome to clean our washing machine manually. Don’t fear, the Auto Clean feature has your back as it does this job for you. This feature is creatively designed to automatically clean the drum and dispenser of your washing machine. Over time, allergens, mold, dirt, bacteria, mildew buildup, and bad odour forms inside the drum and dispenser. These can be hazardous to health. Auto clean is a saviour as it removes all of these, thus saving your washing machine.

You can activate the Auto clean feature by pressing a button on the control panel or even through a self-cleaning cycle. When this feature gets activated, your washing machine will run a cleaning cycle that utilises detergent and hot water to clean the dispenser and the drum. Besides, this cleaning process will also include a high-speed cycle to remove any remaining pathogens or debris. Well, if you ask, “How many times do I need to get the washing machine cleaned”? The answer to this depends on your usage, like how often you use the washing machine. If you use it on a daily basis, then using the Auto clean feature 3-4 times a month is mandatory. But, if you use once or twice a week, then your washing machine would need cleaning once or twice a month.

Keeping your washing machine clean ensures complete hygiene and helps it function optimally.

Drum Clean

Samsung front load washing machines feature effective machine cleaning functions such as Eco Drum Clean to remove mold, dust, bacteria, dirt, and other pathogens from the inside of the drum. This feature is similar to Eco Clean. However plus point of Drum Clean is that it reminds you that your washing machine needs a clean. How does it do this, you ask? Well, a light will blink on the control panel which, in turn, will alert you that the drum needs cleaning. Plus, you don’t have to use any cleaning agent to clean the drum.

Bubble Soak

Well, Bubble Soak technology works with water temperatures as low as 15°C. It is great for all your delicate fabrics since hot water can damage the material. As the name says, this technology releases bubbles during the wash cycle which penetrate into the fabric deeply thereby eliminating toughest stains and dirt. This not only saves energy but also time that would be required to heat the water. If you’re someone who loves to wear your clothes for long years, then this technology is your go to option.

Clean laundry and low energy consumption - Washing Machine UAE

Clean Laundry! Peace of Mind!

Glad you made it to the end of this article! We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed demystifying these washing machine features & buzzwords. Our goal was to make these concepts as simple as possible to understand. Now, you know that these features are not just marketing material. They do exist and play a vital role in giving you guaranteed washing results by maintaining the colour and texture of your garments. To enhance your buying experience, we have researched and penned down the best washing machine options available in UAE. These options are power packed with the latest features that we have discussed and also consume less energy and resources. Go ahead and check them.

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