Demystifying Ergonomics of an Office Chair

A guide on demystifying the ergonomics of an office chair is what you want? Great, you’re at the right place! If you too are a person who sits at a desk for hours together, we understand your concern. Sitting for long hours, in the long run, can have various health issues. And not to mention the aches, stress and pressure you feel at the end of a long day. Hence we are demystifying the ergonomics of the office chair. You have to own them if you have a sit-down job be it at a home office or an actual workplace.

Hold on! Did you just think what is ergonomic? Basically its the structure or built of an object which would enable good interaction with us as humans. In easy words, something man-made which maintains and promotes the wellbeing of an individual. Exactly like an office chair. Where it supports and promotes better posture along with the health of the user.

Working of an Ergonomic Chair

We all need an ergonomic chair especially an office chair. So that at the end of any workday you won’t have to leave your sit with preternatural aches and pains. Actually any pains at all. Therefore, for mainly this reason you have specially designed chairs with features to make you say goodbye to any discomfort levels. But the chair alone will not help, thus you need to improve your posture while sitting on the chair. Here is how you can achieve that:

  • Make sure you have an arms-length space between your computer screen and your body. While doing this, also set your monitor in a position that it is at your eye level.
  • Keep a check on your arms, make sure they are parallel to the floor.
  • Do not slouch. This can’t be emphasized any more then it is. You need to sit up straight, where your neck is in no other position then neutral and relaxed.
  • To avoid any complications, and have a good blood circulation throughout your body. Make sure that your legs are not crossed and are flat on the ground. This is in case of both your feet.

If you already are following those steps then you have nothing to worry about. Your ergonomic office chair will be an addition to your already perfect posture. But even so, there are a few features to consider while getting an office chair. Therefore, we will be demystifying the ergonomics of an office chair for you.

Features of an Ergonomic Chair


The most suitable height of the seat should be one which lets you rest your feet flat on the ground. And since it is obvious that everybody is built differently. This makes it an all the more reason to have an adjustable and not a fixed height chair while working. Moreover, with the height of the desk being constant the option of adjusting the height of the chair will make it more comfortable. Look for a chair around the height of 16 to 21 inches off the ground, as this is the typical adjustment.

Seat Width and Depth

To ensure that you have proper blood flow and no pressure exerted on to your knees this feature is necessary. As the most suitable depth of the seat should leave around 2 to 4 inches of space between the back of your knee and the seat’s edge. If this is not maintained then you can have knee pains in the long run with the pressure of your weight.

Seat Tilt

If you are a person who sits a lot in any way other then when the pelvis is in a neutral. Which is close to the around 80-degree angles at your lower joints i.e. hips, knees and ankles. You are sure to get a back problem in the long run. Therefore, it is vital for every ergonomic office chair to have a seat tilt. Where you can keep your pelvis in check at all times.

Lumbar Support

Another popular feature of an ergonomic office chair is that the chair should provide lumbar support. Lumbar support is the support given by the chair to your lower back. Your chair should support and promote the ‘S’ shape of a regular spine. Which would stop you from sitting in a drooping posture which in turn reduces any stress which would lead you to a pelvis or spine problem. Additionally, if you get a chair which allows you to adjust the backrest height to sync with the actual curvature of your back is a plus point.

Backrest Recliner

This is a feature to make your self more comfortable in the chair. As you can’t sit in the same position all through the day. Shifting would take off your upper body weight from the spinal disk and muscles. Thus, releasing them from the whole body pressure. This feature lets you lean back and even adjust the backrest to make sure you are sitting comfortably. Yet maintaining the correct posture of your back.


This feature is useful as you can move and reach further points of your desk to get jobs done without having to get up or strain yourself unnecessarily.


Now armrest is useful to use them for mini-breaks and to relief your shoulders from the tension. But when it comes to using them while you work as rest is a big no-no. Why? because when you rest your arms on the armrest while typing you restricts yourself from any arm movement. Further, leading you to move and use more of your wrists. This leads to straining your forearm muscles. Which obviously means pain at the end of the day.


Lessen the tension from your shoulders and upper body with a headrest feature. As it helps prop up your head and the upper neck. This is not a must-have feature but if you do have it can be an added benefit. Also, make sure it is adjustable and not fixed for extra comfort.


Make sure you get the quality material office chair. As failing which would lead you to have an uncomfortable chair. Furthermore, the chair can deteriorate and add to the reason for your aches and pains. Besides this, make sure you have a chair which isn’t the reason you are sweaty and feel sticky at the end of each workday. Then again this factor will depend on your budget. If you get one which is a high-end one then you will have a better material like a leather or velvet chair.


Wheels are just great to have in an office chair. Since you can simply roll yourself to the nearby places to get anything you need without having to get out of your chair. But stay informed because there are types of wheels too. For hard surfaces which can be marked, the soft rubber-wheeled chair is suited. But if you have a carpeted floor hard wheels do a better job.

Have a Productive Day!

So, there you have it one demystifying the ergonomics of an office chair guide. Buying an office chair may feel like an easy task but when you go into the whole research process only then you realize the specification which needs to be considered. Get a comfortable chair for your work environment, be it at home or at a physical workplace. And increase your productivity to 100%. You’ll never want to get out if you get the most suitable one for you. But make sure you do get up often, don’t want to be having any health complications in the long run. Also, try looking if you can find your perfect chair match here in the best office chair in Dubai guide.

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