COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer Review for UAE

The COSORI air fryer you know is smarter now since it is WiFi-enabled and equipped with smart features. With a wide variety of amazing technologies, a whole load of features and excellent functionality, the COSORI air fryer is all set to serve you for long years to come. Right from preparing breakfast and mid-day snacks to lunch and dinner options, you can make the most out of this masterpiece. To know what’s in store and to know more about the COSORI smart WiFi air fryer, do read this review. It contains all the essential information you need to know about this air fryer. And see how it can meet all your requirements.

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer Review for UAE

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COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.5L

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

1. VeSync App

The best and most amazing thing is that you can find over 100 original pre-programmed recipes in the VeSync app to help you get started. That too, with new recipes being added weekly. Additionally, you can find many more recipes from COSORI users themselves in the online community. Besides, you can also customize your own recipes and save the corresponding program on the app.

2. Schedule Cook Time Perfectly

Now, you can remotely control this air fryer through the VeSync app. You can control the WiFi and the apps from anywhere, in order to schedule, adjust and monitor the progress of your meals. Get an advantage granted on your lunch, dinner, or mid-day snacks by scheduling cooking time up to 4 hours in advance. Hence, you get the most out of your time while your air fryer does the work.

3. Easy to Cook Personal Recipes

Poultry, steak, shrimp, seafood, frozen foods, bacon, vegetables, french fries, bread, root vegetables, and desserts can be prepared easily in this air fryer. Simply choose the preset menu with one easy tap on the display and there you go. You are ready to cook. Additionally, you can also set your own temperature (75°C-205°C) and cook time (1-60 minutes) for personal recipes.

4. 85% Less Fat

Be assured that whatever you prepare in a Cosori air fryer contains up to 85% less fat compared to traditionally fried foods without compromising on scrumptious taste and crispy texture.

5. Preheat Function

The preheat function is an exclusive function that ensures faster cooking of the food item and also reduces the water in the food item. Thus, helping you save cooking time. Therefore, it assures you the original taste and crispiness is retained.

6. Pulsant Protection Design

In order to prevent accidental damage, the Cosori air fryer is equipped with a cool-touch handle as well as a pulsant protection design. Therefore, it guarantees you maximum safety. The removable non-stick basket is not only dishwasher-safe but also PFOA-free.

7. Large Capacity

A big thanks to this air fryer’s large 5.5L capacity since you can prepare sufficient food for up to 5 people in a fraction of the time.

8. Save Custom Recipes

You can experiment the way you want to with temperature, time, ingredients, and flavours to cook your own delicious meals, in other words, your own inventions and also save them in the VeSync app for future usage.

9. Chef-Crafted Recipes

You can choose from 100 original COSORI recipes in the VeSync app to automatically start your air fryer on the recommended settings.

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