Cooking Ranges in Dubai: Standard Sizes & Measurement Guide

When it comes to cooking ranges in Dubai and their standard sizes, most cooking range styles are 30-inches wide. But, this doesn’t mean that there are no other sizes available. Each individual and family have their own requirements and preferences. In fact, you don’t always have to opt for the standard size. Choosing a cooking range totally depends on one’s lifestyle, the available space and budget. You know your lifestyle and preferences, but do you have the right requirements in mind? Whether you are shifting to a new home or purchasing a new cooking range, you need to be 100% sure about the amount of space available for it in your kitchen and that your cooking range will fit in perfectly there.

Cooking Ranges in Dubai - Standard Sizes & Measurement Guide

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Don’t fret, stay here as we have the answers and solutions to this. We have penned down all of that here in detail. Let’s read step by step.

Cooking Ranges and their Sizes

Consider the different types of cooking ranges including the standard sizes available in Dubai. A space-saving cooking range is as small as 20-inches wide. These are best for those living in apartments or homes where the kitchen space is limited. On the other hand, high-end and professional cooking ranges can be from 36 inches to 60 inches wide. When it comes to the height of cooking ranges, the common height is 36-inches (almost the same height as that of a kitchen countertop). The depth of a cooking range varies depending upon the size and also the size of its door handles.

Gas, as well as electric cooking ranges, are available in various styles i.e. free-standing, slide-in, and drop-in styles. As a matter of fact, each style has its own benefits. The most preferred styles are free-standing and slide-in. A free-standing cooking range works well and suits more in kitchens with limited floor space. It can either stand alone or slide in at the end of a cabinet. Generally, the standard size in terms of the depth for a free-standing cooking range is 25-27 inches deep.

Note that if there are cabinets or a back wall, a free-standing cooking range needs to be about 1-inch away. In other words, there should be a space of 1-inch between the free-standing range and the cabinets or back wall. On the other hand, a slide-in cooking range offers a custom look. A slide-in cooking range will overlap a counter, thus exhibiting a true built-in effect. It should fit securely. Ensure you always check the user manual provided by the manufacturer for specific measurements of a cooking range. Let’s proceed to the most important sections of this article, the measurement guide.

Measuring the Height

To measure the height of your new cooking range, begin measuring from the floor to the top of the cabinet. Or, instead of the top of the cabinet, you can measure it from the floor to the position where the cooktop of your new cooking range will be. Don’t measure to the top of the back of the cooking range. It is crucial for your new cooking range to be level. Without being level, the new cooking range won’t be able to cook any dish properly, no matter how good you are at cooking. Hence, you need to know how to measure a cooking range appropriately.

Since floors can get curved, in other words, they can warp. Therefore, to be on the safer side you’ve got to take 3 measurements. First measurement on the right side, the second measurement in the middle and the third measurement on the left. Once you take these measurements, write them down on a page or note them on your phone. Nowadays, most of the cooking ranges have adjustable legs which, in turn, enable you to level the range so that it can function appropriately. Most importantly, you must allow space in order to prevent any heat damage above the cooktop. Further, for an electric or gas range, you should leave up to 6 inches of space between the cooking surface and the range hood.

Measuring the Width

Okay! So, you need to take 2 measurements in order to get to know the width of the space that is available for your new cooking range. Measure from left to right. Simply place your measuring tape or ruler on the bottom of the space and note down the measurement on a page or on your phone. The next thing that you need to do is measure the width at the top of the opening. You can do this in the same way by making use of your measurement tape. Note down this measurement too. Just in case these two measurements don’t match, then don’t fret. You can use the lower measurement for the width. Also, you can fill in gaps (if any) with cabinet trim. Consider adding 1/4-inch to your width measurement. Your new cooking range should fit well, however, it should slide in easily.

Measuring the Depth

Measuring the depth is simpler. Take your measuring tape or ruler, place one end of it on the back wall of the proposed space. Then, note down this measurement. Ensure you take the measurement to the front of the cabinet only. The door of the oven will extend beyond the opening. But, you don’t have to worry, it is fine. At this point, you don’t need to worry about the handles or knobs. Another crucial cooking range dimensions i.e. one of the most important and you can’t neglect is the amount of space your oven door will need when you open it. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to factor in this.

Think about this, when you open the oven door fully to place any items or remove any of the items, there should be enough room. And for this to be possible, you will need to allow the same by taking the amount of space into consideration. Here is a good rule of thumb. Do you want to know what it is? It is better if you know. Well, this is to allow a gap of 42 inches-48 inches between your cooking range and a cabinet. In addition, if more than 1 person will occupy the kitchen and cook meals, then it is always a better idea to opt for a higher value. In other words, the more the gap, the better.

Standard sizes & Measurement Guide for Cooking Ranges in Dubai

Be 100% Sure

Did you find this easy? We hope you did. So, the next time you are purchasing a new cooking range or moving into a new home, ensure you follow these steps mindfully. Rightly said, knowing how to measure a cooking range properly is a crucial step in making a great purchasing decision. The next step is figuring out the right size cooking range keeping your lifestyle, available space and budget in mind. A good quality cooking range will serve you for long years to come. So, whether you cook several dishes every single day or only on occasions, we have a cooking range to match your requirements. Do take a look as these cooking ranges are the best ones available in Dubai including the standard sizes.

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