Cold Brew Coffee Is Taking Dubai by Storm. Here’s All You Need

Cold brew coffee isn’t just making a huge impact in Dubai but worldwide. Who would have guessed that a slight tweak in an ingredient would cause such a big wave of demand for a drink? The drink is that good and you always have to rush if you want to get this cold brew coffee drink. Now, rush no more as you can make your own cold brew coffee at home.

What is Cold Brew Coffee & Is It Better?

Surely, you have come across cold brew coffee more than just once. Especially in recent days. But, really what is cold brew coffee? Is it the same as iced coffee? Well, a simple answer is no they are not the same. A cold brew coffee refers to the way the coffee is prepared rather than just the final temperature of the coffee. In a cold brew coffee, you leave the grounds of the beans in room temperature water for a long time. From which you get a smooth, low acidic as well as highly caffeinated coffee. Drink it cold or warm but it’s still cold brew coffee.

The pros and cons of an iced coffee and cold brew ones later depends on your preferences. Since the acidity is less in a cold brew coffee it is better on the stomach and has a rich taste as well. Whereas, iced coffee is thin as a result of adding the ice in the coffee. Furthermore, Iced coffee can only be served chilled. But cold brew can be both warm as well as cold. And then the caffeine levels which are higher in a cold brew coffee. Which works to leave you refreshed much faster than a regular coffee.

All the Cold Brew Gear You Need

With the cold brew coffee on a rise in Dubai, it is best for you to get yourself all the equipment you need to prepare your own cold brew coffee at your own home. To save you a little time and energy of ordering every day from your local café.

Cold Brew Maker – Jar

Up your cold-brewed coffee game in Dubai with your very own cold brew coffee maker. Leaving everyone thinking about how you managed to make the best tasting cold-brewed coffee at home. Check a few of the cold brewers here:

Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew

A cold as well as hot brew coffee maker to quench your coffee thirst. Holds up to 4 servings and the fine mesh makes sure that the coffee grounds don’t mix with your coffee. Furthermore, made of durable BPA-free Tritan. And has an airtight container along with the silicone no-slip handle. Moreover, this pitcher is dishwasher safe and can easily fit into your fridge. And to get this item at just around AED 90 is a great catch.

Ovalware Iced Coffee Maker

Brewing your own coffee has never been easier, especially with this cold brewer. 1.5 litres of freshly brewed coffee for you to enjoy the whole day long. Made of lab-tested borosilicate glass, medical-grade stainless steel filter & cap. Furthermore, the cap has a BPA-free silicone airtight seal. It also has an easy-access handle for you to hold and you can even place it in the dishwasher. And is available for just around AED 270.

Cold Brew Dripper

A cold brew dripper can be an alternative to your cold brew jar. This process can be a bit less time consuming as compared to the previous one. Yet, it has its own pros and cons. Therefore it’s on you to see which one works the best for your home.

Willy Cold Brew Coffee Dripper

With a drip coffee brewer, you can have the perfect cup of coffee at home according to your taste buds. Since you can adjust the drip rate which controls the strength of the coffee. This device can brew two perfect cups of coffee for you in about 2-3 hours depending on your adjustment. The usage of borosilicate glass is so that the material doesn’t give out any odour and neither absorbs any odour as well. Making it lasting and durable because the glass is thick and strong. Moreover, the filter is of stainless steel with food-grade silicone seal which will allow only the coffee and its flavour to pass through the filter. This cold brew dripper is for approximately AED 150.

Soulhand Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Every part of this coffee dripper is washable. And uses only premium quality material which lets no flavours to mix and add into your coffee. This coffee maker has a capacity of around 4 cups. For which this machine would depend on how you set the adjustment of the coffee dripper. Available at the rate of approximately AED 660.

Portable Cold Brew Maker

Getting your workout or heading out for work and you need coffee? Obviously taking the cold brew coffee jar or dripper in Dubai isn’t convenient at all hence the portable cold brew maker.

Asobu Portable Cold Brew Maker

With this one of its kind, cold brew coffee maker all you have to do is fill coffee ground into the filter and make sure the water covers the grounds. Once the coffee has brewed take the carafe cover the lid and you’re ready to go. You can get this product in 4 colours and all of them are 40 ounces. What’s more interesting is that you can find this at around AED 340.

GROSCHE Marino Travel Infuser

This infuser is lightweight. And the use of this device can be not just for cold brew coffee but also to infuse water with a fruity flavour. The capacity of this infuser is around 550 ml. Moreover, it is made of 100% BPA and lead-free borosilicate glass and has a stainless steel filter. The filter works as a double seal therefore this prevents leakage. Get this water bottle/ infuser at just around AED 90.

Cold Brew Coffee Filters

While you brew your coffee you will be in need of filters. So not to worry we got you covered right here.

HOMYHEE Coffee Filters

These filters are made of natural commercially compostable fine fibre. Which can filter out even your fine ground coffee. Moreover, it is tear-resistant and strong. These filters are disposable and have 120 pieces per pack of the size of 4 inches x 6 inches. So, what are you waiting for? Get these filters for only around AED 100.

Santo Reusable Filter

This filter is made of good-grade polyester material. Which gives good toughness to it making it durable and even reusable after washing. Furthermore, since it is handcrafted, which makes it effective and lets only the liquid to pass through. Therefore you will have no grains in your coffee. This 26 inches x 22 inches filter bag is available at around AED 40.

Cold Brew Coffee FAQs

Is it possible to cold brew coffee at home?

A big fat YES! making your own cold brew coffee is really very easy. It’s almost like making any regular coffee. Only thing is that you will have to remember to steep your coffee ground the night or around 12 hours before for best results. Once that’s done add your desired amount of ice or milk or water. And voila!

Why is cold brew coffee expensive?

Cold brew coffee is unlike your hot coffee. Hot or normal coffee requires no prior planning and can be done on the spot. Whereas in terms of cold brew coffee you have to plan in advance and start steeping the coffee. Since it can take up to 6 hours to get the perfect blend. Besides this, there is no turning back when you’re done with the supply of cold-brewed coffee. So, it is a risky business for these coffee makers. Make too little and you can have customers leave empty-handed, make too much and it’s wasted. Therefore the prices are a tad bit higher than your regular coffee which can be restocked in a few minutes.

How is the caffeine concentration compared to regular coffee?

Well, we wouldn’t go as far as to say that the cold brew coffee has a high concentration of caffeine. But in the raw stage, it does. Raw is before you add in your water or milk. In the first stage, the coffee does have a higher concentration compared to your regular coffee. But to be fair this isn’t the final product of the cold brew coffee. Once you add milk or water that becomes the final stage and that’s also where you reduce the concentration of the caffeine.

How long can cold brew coffee last in a refrigerator?

If you are going to be preparing your own cold brew coffee at home which is advisable. Since after all homemade is always healthier. Then you can refrigerate your coffee for around 24-48 hours. Whereas, if you are still getting yourself a store made coffee. then it would vary from coffee to coffee and on the concentration of the coffee. So, make sure to check the instructions given on the label.

Perfect Cup for a Fresh Start.

Making the perfect cup of cold brew coffee which has such godly taste might have been tricky before. But with these instruments, you are sure to make your own cold brew coffee as good as the café ones. You will no longer have to make do with the week, watery coffees anymore. Nor wait in lines and yet come out empty-handed as you can have the best cold brew coffee at your own home in your own comfort. Kick-start every morning with the perfect cup of coffee.

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