Perfume Guide for UAE Men

Guys, ATTENTION!! Perfumes can backfire if you don’t use them appropriately. For all the handsome men residing in UAE, here is a step-by-step perfume guide that we have come up with which will make you a professional in men’s perfumes. The fragrance is invisible, yet it has the power to either make you or break you depending on how you use it thus making it crucial to every man. We have listed all types of fragrances, the right perfume for every situation, and the right place to store perfumes. Besides identifying your signature fragrance, you will also know how and where to apply it through this guide. Find all your answers in one place. We bet you won’t have to go anywhere else.

How and Where to Apply Perfume

To know how to apply the perfume, firstly, you need to understand the potency of the fragrance that you are planning to wear. Sillage also called as projection is how the fragrance reacts to the environment. In other words, it is the degree to which the scent of that particular fragrance will linger in the air. The number of spritzes depends upon the strength of the fragrance and also on how much you want to project. Certain perfumes even if sprayed 5-7 times don’t project much. On the other hand, some perfumes are so strong that even if sprayed just once, they can project on the other side of the room or entire area.

Remember that less is more hence always start with one spray to be on the safer side. You want people to come closer to you and not drive them away. Next, where to apply the perfume? Ensure that you always spray the perfume on the hotspots (pulse points) of the body. Hotspots are areas which are naturally going to get warm. And the smell is going to radiate off. Consider starting with the chest as this is the easiest. Simply spray it after a shower on your chest, 3-6 inches away from your body. Before doing so, ensure your body is completely dry.

As we have seen earlier, how much to spray depends on how much the scent projects. Once you spray it on your chest, you can move up to the neck or on each of the arms, wrists and forearms. Avoid spraying the perfume on your clothing as it won’t smell the same. Spraying it on your body smells a lot different. Also, if the fragrance is strong, then it could stay there for weeks. Additionally, it can also stain your clothing. So, you need to be mindful. NEVER rub the fragrance.

Understanding Types of Fragrances

Well, before you purchase a perfume, you should be aware of what you are paying for and whether it is worth investing in. As a matter of fact, knowledge is power. Hence, identifying and understanding the types of fragrances is crucial. There are almost 10 types of fragrances containing unique scent profiles. Identifying which one suits your personality is necessary and beneficial. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each of these fragrance types in this perfume guide for UAE men. But first, take a deep breath!

1. Floral

As the name says, this fragrance is distinguished by the smell of flowers which makes it pleasant. You feel as if you’re walking in a garden. Moreover, it composes all the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or the aroma compounds which is emitted by floral tissue like flower petals.

2. Aquatic

Next, aquatic fragrances are ideal for use during the summer thus making it ideal for UAE weather. Aquatic is a new wave of fragrance which made use of synthetic technology for creating fragrances that are distinguished by their fresh and marine like scents. In other words, synthetic oils are brought together to duplicate the smells of the ocean and the beach.

3. Spicy

Perfumes that contain spice in the composition are referred to as spicy fragrances and are ideal for winter. Spices such as ginger, pepper cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg are combined with oriental materials. Hence, the spicy fragrance is often considered as a subsect of the Oriental family. Note that nutmeg and cinnamon are common attributes.

4. Oriental

Oriental fragrances are considered the most seductive of the fragrance families as they consist of exotic and rich smells from the Eastern regions of the world. Warm amber dominates these sensual and seductive scents. Besides amber, oriental fragrances are also remarkable for their use of patchouli, vanilla and truffle.

5. Gourmand

Perfumes that primarily consist of synthetic edible notes like chocolate, praline, coffee, vanilla, caramel, honey or candy are gourmand fragrances. This fragrance always smells edible. Further, its top and middle notes may be blended with non-edible base notes like musk or patchouli.

6. Leather

When it comes to leather fragrance, that bottle doesn’t contain the real essence of leather. Yes, that is because Birch tar or Isoquinolines are used in order to mimic the scent of leather since these contain a leathery smokiness. Besides these, aldehydes, juniper or other synthetics are designed to provide a skin-like scent.

7. Citrus

Well, here’s another fragrance that is ideal for summers. The citrus fragrance is recommended for warmer and sunnier climates and is characterized by its fresh and zesty notes. Some of the fruits that fall in the citrus category include orange, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, neroli, clementine, verbena and lemongrass.

8. Chypre

Chypre is a fragrance family that is characterised by an accord which is composed of citrus top notes, middle notes – cistus labdanum and a mossy-animalic set of base notes that is derived from oakmoss. This is a versatile fragrance that is known to be around since ancient Rome.

9. Woody

There is always something authentic and refreshing about a woody scent. Common woody fragrances include bark, resin and cedar. Since these fragrances are influenced by nature they contain more depth and a whole lot of character. Typically, fragrances which are dominated by woody scents contain pine, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, and cedarwood. Citrus or aromatic top notes characterize woody fragrances. The heart notes comprise dry, crisp, woody notes and the base notes comprise dominant resin or wood.

10. Fougere

Fougere is a renowned fragrance category that’s often associated with masculinity and strength. Moreover, it is derived from the French word for “fern” and a blend of fragrances is used to make it. They make use of coumarin, lavender, and tobacco abundantly. In general, this fragrance is extremely clean and smells natural; it is a scent that is woody as well as fresh. Further, it is categorized by a grassy, dry, hay-like dry down. Hence, Fougere perfumes are versatile which indicates that you can use it on a wide variety of occasions.

Right Perfume for the Situation

As a matter of fact, there are lots of fragrances that are specifically and creatively designed for office wear, parties, dates, interviews, presentations and a lot more scenarios that men deal with. Thus, you should know what the situation calls for i.e the right perfume for the situation.

For Work

Numerous people work in close proximity in an office. Hence, you can’t opt for a bold scent in this scenario. Instead, you need a perfume that contains cleaner and fresher notes. Office fragrances are a popular category, ensure you opt for floral, citrus, and green notes. Further, these can be broken down into seasonal professional fragrances as well.

For an Evening Out

This is the most exciting part. For instance, if you’re going to a party in the evening, a movie or dinner date with HER, then you need something that is Oriental, bold, or spicy. Consider opting for the best fragrances that combine classic Oriental notes like Amberwood and spice. Leather would be another great fragrance for this situation.

Where and How Much to Spray

You have ordered out your perfume and are very excited about it. What next? As we have seen earlier, spraying the perfume on the pulse points on your body is highly recommended. Especially, the neck, inner wrists and behind the ears. Do you want to know why? Well, that is because the heat will project the fragrance more effectively when you do so. Ensure you spray the perfume immediately after a shower once you dry your body completely since your skin is clean at that moment. Also, on days when it is really hot, consider spraying the perfume once on your hair since this offers better retention.

Note that the amount of perfume you spray depends on its projection. Each fragrance has its own projection. For a decent and appropriate coverage, hold the perfume bottle about 3 to 6 inches away from your skin. Spray it just once. If it’s not enough then spray it max 2-3 times. As the saying goes, anything excess is bad. The same implies the amount of perfume you spray. Remember the point is to smell good, not overbearing.

How to Find Your Perfect Perfume

Feeling special, loved and cared is what every man longs for. Finding the perfume that suits you is crucial. Trying out someone else’s perfume that doesn’t suit your personality and body chemistry won’t lead you anywhere. Hold on! Don’t worry as we have researched thoroughly and listed all the ways in which you can find your signature scent in this perfume guide for UAE men. In order to begin, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself. These are divided into research, exploration, acquisition, and discovery.


Firstly, ask yourself what do you like smelling the most? Scents which you enjoy smelling daily should be the base for your research. You can note down all these. Next, who are you trying to impress? Your boss, manager and colleagues during a presentation or interview? Or, are you heading towards impressing the love of your life, the woman you always wanted? Note that down too. If your answer is neither of these and you just want to smell good and feel fresh throughout the day, then opt for the fragrance that impresses you and relaxes you the most!

Lastly, what’s your lifestyle? Are you a workaholic who spends most of your time in the office or are you more of an outgoing or outdoor working person dealing with clients and other sources? Or you spend every weekend in restaurants, coffee shops, movies with friends and family? You know it better.


Analyze which are the most appealing perfumes in your category? The ones that you usually or frequently search for is your answer. It could be anything, regardless of any brand and fragrance family. These perfumes make solid foundations for you to start. Next, what’s your budget? First and foremost, you need to figure out if it is an EDT or EDP. An EDP will always cost more than an EDT. You should know the difference between a perfume costing AED 60 and a perfume costing AED 600. Ensure you find out how complex and how strong it is and whether it makes use of natural oils or not. All these factors influence the price.

Lastly, what is the right way to sample these perfumes? Note that you should always sample the perfumes on your own skin and not on plastic strips. Every fragrance reacts in a different way in accordance with your unique body chemistry. Hence, you need to be mindful. You need to practice wearing these fragrances. For a simple fact that every human being is unique. What suits one man may not suit another.


Were you able to narrow down your perfume options? Consider two to three options which you loved the most. Do you need to consider the price again? To make it easier and less confusing, read the following. The perfume bottle that you purchase will last you for several years to come. However, this depends on how much you are going to spray, so ask yourself that too. Also, the perfume you purchase will get you compliments and also make strong impressions. So, even if it is highly-priced, consider it strongly. Don’t rush with the process. Take your time and make an informed decision.


Finally, how do you know if you have made the right choice? Well, if you keep going back to that one same perfume every single time in spite of other options in front of you, that means you are in love with it. Hence, it is a good sign and you may proceed with your purchase.

Store your Perfumes Well

Well, coming to the last yet important section of this perfume guide for UAE men. Note that in order to prolong the life of the fragrance, it is essential to store your fragrances in the right/appropriate places. As a matter of fact, direct sunlight affects perfumes adversely. In every perfume, chemical bonds are responsible for giving fragrances their scent. Unfortunately, the heat and direct sunlight break down these chemical bonds thereby making them weak. Therefore, storing your perfumes away from sunlight and in areas with low humidity is essential. Additionally, always store your perfume bottles at room temperature.

Note that the darker the bottle, the longer will the perfume inside it last. Also, opaque bottles are beneficial and stand out from the rest because they don’t allow any light in. Thus, you can keep opaque bottles out of its packaging as and when you want to. Also, storing your perfumes in the bathroom is a bad idea. This is because the steam from the hot showers can destroy the particles inside the bottle which in turn can permanently damage the quality of the fragrance. Note that drawers and cupboards are ideal for storing perfumes.

Spritz, spritz!

So, guys! As you have seen, using perfume the right way is all about experimentation and repetition. Practice makes a man perfect. Pick up one that suits your body chemistry. Remember, every individual is unique. Don’t fret all you men residing in UAE, we still have your back, now that you have gone through the entire perfume guide and understood each and every part of it. You’re all set to check out 18 top-notch men’s perfumes. Smell good and feel confident with these best perfume brands! The love of your life is surely gonna say YES to you and you are definitely gonna crack that interview too!! Now that you are done reading this perfume guide for men especially residing in UAE. Here is another article that you’ve got to read which shows you the fragrance volatility, life cycle and the perfume pyramid.

8 Appliances on Never Before Discounts this Prime Day

When you hear appliances with heavy discounts it makes anyone excited especially if its a Prime Day discount. This is because getting any appliance is a great big task not only in terms of getting the best product features but also in terms of price. Since they can be on the pricy side. Therefore, when you get chances like a sale (especially the Prime Day) losing that opportunity is a big no-no. Therefore, here are a few items which you never get at such a price drop. So, make sure to check them out.

Prime Day 2020 is Over, Deals may have Changed
Prime Day 2020, the second one in UAE, was on 13th and 14th October 2020. This event is now over and the deals mentioned in the page may have changed back to the original prices.

Nescafe Mini Coffee Machine (42% Off)

Wake-up each morning with a warm sip of coffee made easily with a coffee machine. If coffee is your craving and the only way to kick-start your mornings. Then with a coffee machine, you will not want to go and get a store made coffee when you can do it yourself.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini

With this coffee machine, you can make a wide range of coffees to be specific more than 16. Providing you with hot and delicious coffee every morning and anytime you want. To have that coffee shop flavour at home you have an of maximum 15-bar pump pressure. Furthermore, this mini machine comes with 5 capsule boxes to let you choose the type of coffee you want to have.

Ecovacs Robot Vacuum Cleaner (29% Off)

Clean your home easily and quickly with a robot vacuum cleaner. So, you can always have a clean house without having you put too much effort. Hence, daily cleaning is no more a pain or a chore to do.

Ecovacs DEEBOT Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This device will vacuum as well as mop the floors in one go without you having to do it. While it removes 99.26% of bacteria from the area. This device is smart as it avoids carpets while mopping. Moreover, you can adjust the water levels so it will not take too much water. Furthermore, equipped with an efficient navigator which maps your home with the help of a laser technology used. You can save up to 3 different maps which is suitable if you have multi-level living space. To top it off this device works with the help of 110 minutes of runtime battery.

Hoover Dishwasher (50% Off)

Doing the dishes will never have to be a problem with a dishwasher at hand. Therefore you can spend more time outside the kitchen rather than inside. As this is one of the appliances which are available at discounts this Prime Day.

Hoover Free-Standing Dishwasher

This dishwasher will give you a choice of 12 place settings along with 5 programs. With the total capacity of 12-litres so you can have a large washing batch in one go. This is possible since it is spacious for all utensils. A semi-integrated controls and a seamless silver body gives your dishwasher an elegant outlook. This appliance makes almost little to no sound while working.

Black + Decker Air Fryers (20% Off)

Air fryers are a healthier choice compared to regular frying. Therefore, if you are looking to cut down and make your food intake healthier this is the best appliance for you.

Black+Decker Digital Air Fryer

With this device you can bake, fry, grill and roast any food of your choice. Having a large 4 litre capacity along with its 1.2 kg of the basket for you to prepare all your yummy food in. This device cooks food within the range of  80-200 degree C temperature with the Rapid Air Convection Technology. While using 1500W of currents to power up this digital air fryer. Another of its many features is that this device is completely dishwasher safe.

Midea Double Door Fridge (18% Off)

If you were considering to change and upgrade your fridge. Look no further as during this Prime Day sale you will get the best discounts on these appliances. And if you miss it now you will be sure to regret it later.

Midea Refrigerator

This fridge checks out almost every feature you wish to have in a fridge. Right from spill-proof glass shelves, a vegetable and fruit crisper with humidity control to a 2L bottle holder. Furthermore, it is a frost-free with multi airflow and reversible doors. The capacity of this fridge is 340 litres of which 255 litres is of the fridge and 85 litres of the freezer. Moreover, it has 3 spacious glass shelves to let you store food items in it.

Black + Decker Food Processor (10% Off)

A food processor is a must-have item in every home kitchen. Since it makes almost every task easier to complete. And what better time to get yours then when on sale.

Black+Decker 4-in-1 Food Processor

A four in one functionality with this processor lets you use this device as a food processor, blender, grinder and dough maker. Having a copper motor and stainless steel blades ensure that this device is durable. You have 2-speed controls and a pulse mode as well to ensure you get your job done with this device. This processor is available with accessories which let you perform up to 31 functions. And an added 2 years warranty is a great bargain.

Electrolux 8Kg Front Load Washing Machine (27% Off)

A heavy-duty washing machine is what you should be looking for during this sale. One which can deal with all types of stains without damaging your clothing items. Leaving them soft, clean and fresh after every wash.

Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine

You can choose every setting with this washing machine without having to have damaged fabric. The drum capacity too is big enough to fit heavy load in it. And the AutoSense mode will give you a setting most suitable for your laundry. Having an inverter motor increases performance without any noise. The capacity is of 8kg with a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm.

Portable Humidifier (15% Off)

Best for warm and dry weather to add a little humidity into the space you are. This device is a good solution if you have asthma and other breathing problems. Moreover, dry skin problems can be solved with this device.

SmartDevil Portable Desk Humidifier

Since this is a wireless humidifier this makes it portable and with the large 4000mAh capacity battery which can run for up to 12 hours. You have four modes. For which there is two-port continuous spray mode, two-port intermittent spray mode, single-port continuous spray mode and single-port intermittent spray mode. It has a 1.1L large water capacity for which if the water levels do go low it will shut off automatically.

Black + Decker Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner will be a handy appliance which can help you get your cleaning work done as soon as possible. Usable on both dry and wet surfaces.

Black+Decker Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The device is a smart device as it senses the flooring and increases as well as decreases the suction level. With this product, you also get accessories to clean hard and awkward places as well. Equipped with a 1L dust bowl which collects dust while cleaning. The head steering is easy and the overall device is light weighted.

Grab the Best Deals

So, there you have it some of the best home appliances at high price discounts only for the Prime Day sale. Make sure you don’t miss these deal for anything as you might not get it back ever again. Also, check out more deals on this prime day so you will not miss out on anything.

8 Bose Audio Deals that Will Make You Dizzy this Prime Day UAE

This Prime Day in UAE your sure to find crazy Bose audio deals. Which are sure going to make your head spin with the amazing price drops. Bose is a world leading American manufacturing company that sells audio equipments. This company Produces reputed and world class products. Not to mention with great features and sound quality. With one of the best producing audio company in on the Prime Day sale you shouldn’t be missing this one. As if you are a tech person you will know Bose products do not go on such mighty discounts. Read on to see what all discounts are up for grabs for Bose.

Prime Day 2020 is Over, Deals may have Changed
Prime Day 2020, the second one in UAE, was on 13th and 14th October 2020. This event is now over and the deals mentioned in the page may have changed back to the original prices.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Who doesn’t know the purpose of a Bluetooth speaker. The improved technology of playing any audio without the need of connecting cables. You can connect it to your TV and make sure that you have better and clearer sound system.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker (29% Off)

  • Technology: For a compact speaker this speaker offers you with deep lows and loud sound enabling you to experience the sound anywhere you take it.
  • Battery: This speaker has a long life of around 12 hours of playtime. And the battery is a lithium-ion one. Furthermore, you have USB-C type cable to charge the device.
  • Multi-Use: This speaker works with the help of the Bluetooth technology but also can be connected to any device with the help of an auxiliary cord.
  • Built-in Speaker: An alternative built-in speaker is fixed in this device which allows you to take calls and even talk to Siri or Google Assistance.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphone

As the name would suggest these headphones cancel/remove out unnecessary ambient audio. Enabling you to have a much clearer sound be it a phone call or your music. So, if you have this you will be filtering sound out so you won’t have to crank your volume levels all the way to the top. Thus, protecting your hearing.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise-Cancelling Headphones (36% Off)

  • Technology: Filtering out 3 levels of audios to give you the best listening experience. Adjusting as per the environment in which you are automatically.
  • Smart Assistance: You can connect and access your phone with the help of Siri or Google Assistance. Moreover, the smart volume EQ adapts to the environment letting you heard good quality audio always.
  • Battery: With rechargeable lithium-ion battery just one charge and you can use these headphones for around 20 hours. Whereas if they are on the wired mode then you have a long 40 hours of usage time.

Bose Wireless Earbuds

When everyone else is going wireless why not yourself as well. These are great for when you are working-out or traveling. As these allow you with much more flexibility because of the lack of wires. No wires means you wouldn’t have to bother detangling the earphone again. Plus, everyone else already has them so these are a good upgrade.

Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds (31% Off)

  • Technology: With the help of the Bose active EQ you are allowed to have a balanced volume accompanied with great audio every time you use the earbuds.
  • Safety: To make sure your earbuds don’t fall off during your workouts. You have Exclusive StayHear+ tips.
  • Battery: It has a charge time of 2 hours which lets you play up to 6 hours.
  • Added Protection: You are allowed with the added protection feature which helps you keep your earbuds in good shape since they are water-repellent.

Bose Audio Sunglasses

These are wearable audio devices. Where there is a speaker in each arm of the glasses. The audio plays directly into your ears without having to wear any earbuds into your ears. This ensures your comfort as well as no pain from constantly wearing earbuds or headphones. And well you will not have a chance of losing them easily either.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses (24% Off)

  • Functionality: This discreet audio system produces immersive sounds without letting anyone hear or know you are listening to anything.
  • Surrounding Aware: Since you use open-ear audio, this lets you stay aware of what is happening around you.
  • Design: These are a pair of Bose Alto Feature glasses which are angular shape and have commanding lenses. Which shield out 99% UVA and UVB rays.
  • Connectivity: Besides working like a pair of sunglasses this device uses Bluetooth connectivity so you can pair it to your phone or any other device for the audio.

Bose TV Soundbar

A soundbar is an add on to your TV audio. This speaker gives a much-enhanced sound quality with better power and bass to your audio. You can connect it to your TV and you would be good to go.

Bose TV Speaker

  • Angles: This soundbar lets you have two angles of audio wide and natural. Which produces real and almost surround sound audio to its listeners.
  • Remote: You can control this device with the help of a remote. And furthermore can control the dialogues, the bass and boost the depths of the audio for an enhanced experience.
  • Connectivity: Enabled with wireless audio streaming with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. Besides this, you can also use a 3.5-mm audio cable to connect and play your desired content.
  • Clarity: The clarity of this soundbar is its speciality. With special dialogue clarity which elevates vocals and pronunciation.

Bose Wireless Music System

Wireless is everything in recent times. Play your music loud with this Bose music system which is on sale this 2020 Prime Day in UAE.

Bose SoundTouch 20 Wireless Music System (21% Off)

  • Compact: This device is compact which makes it easy to fit into any setting of your home. And yet filling your room with the best sound quality.
  • Connectivity: You can connect and play music with the help of the Bluetooth as well as directly connect it to your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Presets: This system allows you to have 6 individual presets with music services such as Spotify and Pandora, Internet radio and music library playlists. All with the touch of one button.
  • Control: Besides controlling this device with a remote, you can also use the SoundTouch app. Right from your smartphone or tablet.

Bose Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Carry it around in your house or outside along with you anywhere you go. So, you can always listen to the best audio on the go where ever you want to. Besides portability this speaker offers you smart features which is a huge plus point in the market. And an even bigger plus point is that this Bose speaker is on the Prime Day UAE sale.

Bose Portable Smart Speaker

  • Performance: You have 360 degrees of clear audio. Moreover, you have lifelike sounds with powerful bass.
  • Multi-Function: This device allows you to use this speaker anywhere since it is portable. Be it as a portable Bluetooth speaker, a home speaker or a voice control speaker.
  • Battery: Having a good battery life which can last you for around 12 hours is a pretty good feature in terms of battery life.
  • Smart Speaker: This speaker can be connected to the internet and be used as any other assistance i.e Alexa, Siri, etc. Moreover, you can play your music directly right from music services like Amazon Music, Spotify and Pandora.
  • Design: The design of this speaker is such that it enables you to have one of a durable design and water resistance of IPX4 rating.

Bose Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Although normal portable speakers are available why not go for a much more compact one. Since after all it would be taking-up lesser space. Which is the main reason that makes this speaker much more outdoor-friendly. Especially for those night camping trips or a day in the park.

Bose SoundLink Micro

  • Performance: For a device of this size, it has a great level of crisp audio, balanced sound and unmatched bass as compared to any other portable speakers. Furthermore, it produces loud sound for any outdoor ambience.
  • Connectivity: The speaker allows you with wireless Bluetooth pairing with a range of 30 feet.
  • Design: Designed especially for rough outdoor use. Since it is made with waterproof material (Ipx7 Rating) right from inside out. Furthermore, it has a rugged exterior which will not dent or crack easily.
  • Battery: It uses a rechargeable battery with the life of 6 hours if fully charged.

Don’t Miss the Bose Prime Day Sale!

Fill the upcoming holiday season with some great holiday music with some of the best Bose products on the Prime Day sale in UAE. Don’t let this chance slip out from your grasp as this might be an offer which you will never get again. With all the bad happening in 2020 you could at least say this is one of the good thing coming out of the 2020 year.

18 Watches on Crazy Deals this Prime Day

All you UAE peeps, grab the most exciting and crazy deals on 18 watches available on Amazon this Prime Day. Brands such as Fossil, Michael Kors, Samsung Galaxy, Casio, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss and more are really expensive and we all know that. So, why not make the most out of this Prime Day and purchase that branded watch of your dreams, the one that you always wanted to flaunt. These deals not only include branded watches for men and women but smartwatches as well. Without further ado, go and order the one of your choice on 13th and 14th October 2020.

Prime Day 2020 is Over, Deals may have Changed
Prime Day 2020, the second one in UAE, was on 13th and 14th October 2020. This event is now over and the deals mentioned in the page may have changed back to the original prices.


1) Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – Gold (15% Off)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a combination of smartphone-level productivity and sophisticated health technology in one particular classic premium device. Yes, you can effortlessly manage your fitness, your entire life and well being from your wrist. Moreover, you can easily navigate apps with a rotating bezel and a large and clear display. It also features a premium and genuine leather frame. Additionally, this smartwatch is equipped with the trip detection feature which performs the function of notifying an emergency contact by sharing your location just incase you fall during your workout.

2) Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – Silver (17% Off)

Well, this one is a silver variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Attractive in appearance and aesthetics with its black and silver combination. Benefit over 120 home workout videos on the Samsung Health App. It weighs 360 grams. Additionally, it features a big display with a lighter and slimmer frame thus making it comfortable on your wrist. Indeed, it is a premium, classy device that combines sophisticated health technology and smartphone level productivity. In case you have a fall or injure yourself while you work out, then the Galaxy Watch 3 notifies an emergency contact about your whereabouts.

3) Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – Black (14% Off)

Featuring a premium quality and genuine leather strap. An attractive dial that will catch the attention of those around you. Manage and achieve your fitness goals all from your wrist, with the help of this smartwatch. Moreover, it comes with a unique rotating bezel that outlines the elegant watchface that offers a charming look around the clock. Additionally, it is a lighter, thinner and smaller as compared to the traditional watch designs. On the outside, the aged leather showcases a natural look. Whereas, on the underside, the strengthened leather provides a comfortable fit.

4) Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – 45mm (Silver) (16% Off)

Featuring a sophisticated and trendy dial and premium quality and genuine strap. Thanks to the trip detection feature. If in case it detects a fall, then it will immediately notify an emergency contact and share your location too. So, the concerned person can come to your aid. Sounds great right? Grab your hands on this masterpiece as it lets you manage and achieve all your fitness goals. Without any hassle, you can navigate through the apps with the help of the rotating bezel.

Men’s Watches

1) Casio Quartz Analog Watch (41% Off)

Casio it is! Featuring a black dial and stainless steel strap that is gray in colour, it is not only ideal for office wear, formal meetings and interviews but also if you want to go casual to any party or event. It weighs 113 grams and its display type is analog. Additionally, it is also equipped with a water pressure resistance of 5 bar and water resistant depth of 50 meters. You can purchase it for yourself at the best price today. Ladies! Gift this watch to that special man in your life and he is sure to get impressed.

2) Emporio Armani Sportivo (49% Off)

Woooow! It is the power packed Emporio Armani Sportivo that features a stainless steel case, black dial and a silicone-accented stainless steel bracelet. Next, the dial window material type is scratch resistant mineral and its display type is Analog. Further, 5 bar is its water pressure resistance, 50 meters is the water resistance depth and it weighs 132 grams.

3) Fossil Quartz Analog Watch (23% Off)

One of the best brands, FOSSIL! They have always strived and are therefore one of the best brands in the industry. Since they make stylish and high-quality watches and accessories that make you the centre of attraction. With an analog display type, black dial, stainless steel case and bracelet, it is one of a kind and is sure to make heads turn. Additionally, it is a chronograph multi-function watch featuring the stopwatch functionality. Moreover, it has a water-resistant depth of 165 feet and a water pressure resistance of 5 bar. It weighs 5 grams. Its display is built into 3 separate sub-eyes that show you the date of the month, day of the week and 24-hour time. The stainless steel strap is durable and can last for a lifetime.

4) Fossil Grant Chronograph (21% Off)

Featuring a quartz crystal that oscillates when current is applied. It is a great multi-function electronic device as it is built into 3 separate sub-eyes. One for the day of the week, second for the date of the month and third is 24 hour time. It weighs 77 grams and its display type is analog. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It features a black dial, round stainless steel case and a blue leather band. You can wear it without causing any harm to it while swimming in shallow water.

5) Fossil Grant (50% Off)

Another sophisticated one from Fossil. This one features a 44 mm stainless steel case with a mineral dial window. Additionally, is the Quartz movement with an analog display. Coming to the aesthetics, this round watch has a blue dial and a rose-gold tone at the subdials. As well as topring, pushers, crown and Roman numerical devices. It weighs 100 grams. Further, the stainless steel band features a deployant clasp with push-button closure. And the best part is that it is water resistant up to 50 meters (165 feet). Stay trendy by adding this Fossil Grant master piece to your wardrobe now.

6) Fossil Grant Brown Leather (24% Off)

Well, another masterpiece that is ideal for every occasion. Be it an official meeting, event, interview or a reunion, movie date, dinner with family or party with friends. The blue dial along with a brown leather band and round stainless steel case is what makes this watch so attractive. Due to the fact that it is water-resistant up to 50 meters, you can wear it in shallow water while swimming. 5 bar is the water pressure resistance and it weighs 249 grams. Not to forget, it features an analog display type and a “mineral” dial window material.

7) Hugo Boss (74% Off)

A true boss, Hugo Boss for all the men in UAE! It features a black dial and nylon (silicone) band with buckle closure. It is water resistant up to 30 meters i.e 99 feet. Moreover, it withstands splashes and brief immersion in water. Note that it is not suitable for swimming. It weighs 122 grams and water pressure resistance is 30 bar. Additionally, it also features an analog display.

8) Hugo Boss Quartz Chronograph (35% Off)

Featuring a perfect mix of class and style. It is a decent watch that fits comfortably. Elegant, stylish, high-quality and what not. Ideal for parties and events. The type of display is analog-digital. It features a black dial and a rich black leather strap. It weighs 64 grams and is resistant to water up to 50 meters. The water pressure resistance is 5 bar. The material of the bezel is stainless steel and the material used for the dial window is mineral.

Women’s Watches

1) Anne Klein (22% Off)

Your expectation of a watch that fits consistently should be of good quality and should be comfortable to wear for long hours is fulfilled. Here is the Anne Klein watch specially designed for women and is sophisticated, multifaceted and above all real. It not only portrays you as a modern woman but also makes you feel bold and confident about yourself. Additionally, it also comes with a durable metal bracelet that has adjustable end links. The display type is Analog and band material is stainless steel. Moreover, it is water-resistant up to 100 meters and weighs 45 grams.

2) Fossil Casual Watch

FOSSIL for women! This casual watch features a silver dial and blue leather strap which is soft and comfortable to wear for long hours. The best part about this watch is its rose gold-tone stainless steel case. It weighs 5 grams and is water-resistant up to 99 feet. Moreover, the water pressure resistance is 3 bar. Its display is Analog type and the type of material used for the dial window is mineral. This watch is extremely durable and lightweight.

3) Fossil Quartz (71% Off)

For all those who desire a fine strap, here is one for you from Fossil. The water-resistant depth is 50 meters. And the water pressure resistance is 5 bar. Additionally, it weighs 36 grams. Featuring a black dial and a gray band colour. Thus, making it an ideal option for all the working women.

4) Fossil Casual Japanese Quartz (41% Off)

Another one by Fossil. This one features a white dial, navy blue leather strap and a rose gold-tone stainless steel case. The white dial rose gold-tone hands as well as index hour markers. Moreover, the bezel is fixed rose gold-tone with crystals. Also, the 12, 3, 6, and 9’oclock positions are marked with roman numerals. It weighs 118 grams. It is water-resistant up to 100 feet and its water pressure resistance is 3 bar.

5) Michael Kors (21% Off)

Wow! Attractive, sophisticated, high-quality and what not. This watch has everything that you need in the perfect watch. It features a round dial with an Analog display. The colour of the dial is pink and the colour of the strap (band) is rose gold. It weighs 136 grams and is water-resistant up to 100 meters. Further, the water pressure resistance is 10 bar. The type of material used for the dial window is Mineral. Also, this stunning beauty is perfect on that beautiful gown or dress you wear at a party, wedding or any other special occasion.

6) Michael Kors Parker (10% Off)

The Michael Kors Parker is such a beauty!!! A fusion of style and sophistication. Who can ignore its gold dial, round stainless steel case and gold stainless steel bracelet? Nobody, I bet. Moreover, it is water resistant, that too up to 50 meters. So without a second doubt you can wear it in shallow water while swimming. 10 bar is its water pressure resistance and it weighs 127 grams. The type of display is Analog and the type of material used for the dial window is Mineral. The band is equipped with a sturdy clasp thus ensuring that it fits your wrist and stays firm.

Time to Evolve!

It’s time to evolve this Prime Day by making the most out of these crazy deals on the world-class, branded watches. With all the bad things happening around the world, the Amazon Prime Day in UAE is definitely something that has brought that beautiful smile back on your face. Why simply waste time and then regret later once the Prime Day is over? So, go and get started. Come on! Get one or more of these power-packed watches at crazy deals for yourself and your loved ones this Prime Day. I repeat, nothing can get better than such heavy discounts on top-notch watches.

10 Fitness Gadgets on Crazy Discounts this Prime Day in UAE

For those of you residing in UAE, here are 10 power-packed fitness gadgets on crazy discounts for you this Prime Day. Believe me, you are never going to benefit these fitness gadgets at such great prices as these are otherwise highly-priced. So, take a deep breath and make the most out of this Prime Day sale that is happening on Amazon in the UAE on the 13th and 14th October 2020. Avail crazy discounts on smartwatches, treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, indoor rowing machines, massage guns, trampolines, massage chairs and more this Prime Day in UAE. HURRY, grab one or more of these fitness gadgets at reasonable prices for yourself and your loved ones.

Prime Day 2020 is Over, Deals may have Changed
Prime Day 2020, the second one in UAE, was on 13th and 14th October 2020. This event is now over and the deals mentioned in the page may have changed back to the original prices.

1) Fitbit Smartwatch with Sleep, Heartrate & Activity Tracking (24% Off)

Model: FB507RGPK

Here is a smartwatch from Fitbit that tracks all-day activity such as the number of steps you take, distance covered, calories burned and active minutes. Moreover, it tracks your sleep cycle, your workout status and also helps you glance at your notifications without taking your phone out.

Key Features:

  • Sleep Score: All thanks to the Sleep Score feature, it aids you in understanding your sleep quality in a better way every single night. It does this based on your heart rate, the amount of sleep or the number of hours you slept and also if you experienced restlessness.
  • Always-ON Display: While you workout or busy at work, your information is simply a glance away. So, you can check your notifications through this mode as it makes your life easier.
  • Heart Rate Tracking: Optimise the efforts you put during workouts, your cardio fitness levels, your resting heart rate trends and the number of calories burned through the Fitbit app.
  • 5+ Day Battery Life: The Fitbit Versa 2 tracks each and every moment without stopping you from charging it. Yes, so it tracks your morning, afternoon, evening and night without any interruption as it lasts for 5+ days with a single charge.
  • Voice to Text: Get notified about the texts and calls you receive. Additionally, from your smartwatch itself, you can reply to the texts with your voice. Besides this, you receive calendar and app notifications too.

2) PowerMax Motorized and Foldable Treadmill (25% Off)

You don’t have to visit crowded gyms anymore if you purchase this PowerMax treadmill for yourself and your family members. Workout at your own convenience in the comfort of your own home with this treadmill and lose weight effectively, trim that belly fat, burn those calories quickly and stay fit and healthy.

Key Features:

  • 15 Level Auto Incline: The maximum auto incline of 15-Level is one of the best features of the PowerMax motorized and foldable treadmill. Thus making it a great option for general cardio conditioning and fell runs.
  • Red LED Display: This uniquely designed display provides you with your workout/run information such as incline, pulse, speed, heart rate, time, calories burned and distance covered. Moreover, it is easy to read.
  • Anti Skid Running Belt: Featuring a 1.6mm thick Multi-Ply polyester satin weave running belt which aids you in reducing shock. This multi-layer running belt along with PVC non-slip surface offers a skid proof and rebound resilience function that is better in all ways possible.
  • Grip Pulse Sensor: The heart rate sensor or the grip pulse sensor enables you to monitor your heart rate. All you need to do is place your palm on the grip pulse sensor.
  • Built-in Speakers and AUX/USB Connection: While using the treadmill, the AUX input helps you to listen to music from your iPhone or MP3 player. So, you can listen to your favourite tracks and not get bored while exercising. Moreover, you can also connect your USB pen drive containing your favourite playlist and headphones too so that the others don’t get disturbed.

3) Magic Treadmill with Massage Belt (17% Off)

Here’s another treadmill with massage belt that will aid you in losing weight effectively and quickly and help you stay fit and active without visiting the gym. Although it is an initial investment, it saves you money in the long run as you won’t have to pay gym fees anymore.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Display: Featuring an interactive display that tracks the heart rate, calories, speed, distance and time while you use this treadmill.
  • Easy to Store: Since it is easy to fold, storing this treadmill is hassle-free. Plus, you save space in your home. You can make this treadmill lean on any object or even store it in a corner of your room when not in use.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 100 Kgs is the maximum weight that this treadmill can hold of an individual.
  • Speed: Powered by 2.0Hp DC and a maximum speed of 12.8Km/hr, you can walk, run, and jog on this treadmill with ease.
  • Aesthetics: This device will suit your modern home in UAE due to its rick, black finish. Thus, saving you the effort of cleaning it. Stains or dirt won’t be easily seen on it due to its finish and quality.

4) NordicTrack Elliptical Trainer (36% Off)

The NordicTrack elliptical trainer provides a full-body workout (upper as well as lower body workout). Hence, this is a must f you’re planning on setting up a home gym due to this pandemic. Moreover, this elliptical cross trainer puts less stress on your joints as compared to high-impact exercises. Thus, it is safer if you’re suffering from Osteoarthritis or recovering from an injury.

Key Features:

  • Effective Inertia Flywheel: This finely crafted machine is meant for effective and creative workouts. Plus, is its extra smooth motion, all thanks to the robust (14Kg) 30.8 lbs effective inertia flywheel that causes it.
  • Versatile Exercising Options: For additional training sessions, this elliptical trainer provides versatile exercising options. It includes 32 pre-set workouts for you to select easily and immediately. Moreover, it is compatible with iFit Coach Smart Cardio App.
  • Adjustable Cushioned Pedals: Featuring adjustable cushioned pedals, and a special knob for adjusting the angle of the pedal to easily challenge the different leg muscles.
  • Adjustable Stride Length: You can adjust the stride length to support different users for a perfect fit for every user.
  • iPod Compatible Music Port: To serve you a little more by entertaining you while you workout, this elliptical involves an iPod compatible music port and dual 2-inch speakers. You can use Bluetooth along with these to play your favourite tunes.

5) WaterRower Indoor Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Indoor Rowing Machine promotes heart health and improves your cardiovascular fitness effectively. Using it regularly will aid in driving athletic performance and boost heart function and structure.

Key Features:

  • High Quality: It is made of ash wood. Featuring a solid ash wood frame with Black and Rose stain and Danish oil finish. Moreover, it includes a dual-rail design.
  • Best Features: This indoor rowing machine’s best features include water resistance and that it offers a full-body workout.
  • Comfortable on your Knees: Even if you use it for 6 months or more, it will be comfortable on your knees.
  • Noiseless: Due to its quiet and noiseless nature, it is soothing. Additionally, it helps you hear the pleasant swishing sound made by the water.

6) Evieun Deep Tissue Massage Gun (20% Off)

The Evieun deep tissue massage gun aids in reducing injury, decreases muscle soreness especially after a workout, speeds up recovery and improves performance. As a matter of fact, percussion therapy softens muscle tissue and improves the range of motion.

Key Features:

  • Portable: This massage gun is a mini one, thus making it portable and easy to carry wherever you go and wherever you want to. In fact, it is the size of the palm and can therefore be held easily in one hand.
  • Lightweight: Due to its lightweight nature, you can easily carry it in your handbag or backpack without finding it heavy. This is because it weighs only 0.75 Kgs.
  • 6 Massage Heads: 6 different massage heads are included with this massage gun in order to target all the muscle groups.
  • 5 Variable Speeds: With 5 variable speeds 1200/1600/2200/2800/3200r/min. You can easily adjust the intensity of the massage to the speed and frequency that you desire.
  • Long Battery Life: Featuring a high-quality 3400mAh lithium battery that helps this massage gun to function for about 6 hours with a single charge.

7) Sunny Health Indoor Spin Cycle (26% Off)

Here is an upright indoor spin cycle from Sunny Health for a lower body workout. It helps you exercise in the comfort of your own home at any hour of the day. Use this and you will notice yourself losing excess weight, burning those extra calories without hurting your back and knees.

Key Features:

  • Extra Comfort and Adaptability: The parallel seat rails run along the underside. Thus, leaving the middle hallow to provide you with extra comfort and adaptability.
  • Ergonomic Design: Featuring advanced, ergonomic design handlebars to provide comfort and multiple hand positions.
  • Pedals: The dual-sided clip and cage pedals not only accommodate athletic shoes but also high-performance SPD cleats.
  • Safe: During your workout, the patented high-grade aluminium seat and handlebar posts stay in place. Moreover, high-grade aluminium reduces its weight.
  • Transportation Wheels: The wheels present at the front of this spin cycle enables you to move it around with ease. From room to room and any corner of your home to another. Hence, you don’t have to lift this spin cycle at all.

8) Prof Recumbent Bike with LCD Screen (36% Off)

Well, here is a recumbent version of the spin cycle (exercise bike). Trim that belly fat and burn all those extra calories. A piece of perfect fitness equipment for lower body workout.

Key Features:

  • Delivers Superior Comfort: Since it is a recumbent exercise bike, it comes with a backrest to deliver you superior comfort while you workout.
  • Benefits: It increases your performance and helps you stay fit and active throughout the day. Moreover, it also boosts cardio.
  • Lumbar Support: Due to its recumbent design, it features a chair-like seat. This offers great lumbar support hence helping you workout longer, better and harder.
  • iFit Technology: This recumbent exercise bike is compatible with the iFit technology thereby aiding you in achieving your fitness goals.
  • Digital Resistance Levels: With 20 digital resistance levels, you can easily adjust the resistance to a level of your preference.

9) Indulge Rocking Massage Chair

Model: iS-7R

Check out this one-time investment, the Indulge rocking massage chair. Say goodbye to those by-weekly trips to the physiotherapist and spa. Avoid unnecessary expenditure and spa charges. Purchase this Indulge rocking massage chair and get a soothing and rejuvenating massage in the comfort of your own home without adjusting your schedule.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Intensity: Well, you can adjust the level of intensity of the massage as per your preference as it offers you 3 levels. High, medium and low.
  • Massage Chair Operation: In order to operate the massage chair, you can use the App or the wireless controller. Use the option which you are more comfortable with.
  • Massage Types: All thanks to the 4 rollers mechanism and C massage rail on the back. These integrate tapping, kneading, shiatsu and percussion.
  • Shoulder Position Detection: Once you sit on the massage chair, it automatically detects your shoulder position.
  • Airbags: Featuring airbags for your thighs and buttocks.

10) Skywalker Trampoline

The Skywalker Trampoline is a convenient alternative for all the great jumpers. It boosts your cardiovascular health, relieves stress, tension and improves endurance. With a galvanized steel frame and innovative safety features, create memories that will last a lifetime. One bounce at a time, you can reconnect with your family.

Key Features:

  • Health Benefits: It helps you develop and improves your coordination, balance and motor skills. The trampoline not only targets your back, leg and core muscles but also your arms, neck and glutes.
  • Enclosure Netting: The patented “no-gap” enclosure net is equipped with a dual zipper and latch clip closure system. Therefore, keeping kids safe while they jump.
  • T-Sockets: All thanks to the re-inforced T-Sockets. These increase stability and also prevent structural twisting.
  • Springs: For added safety, the tightly coiled springs are fixed around the outside of the enclosure net. Further, each spring is made of steel and also possess a rust-resistant coating for prolonged life.
  • Spring Pad: The spring pad is coated with extra thick vinyl and therefore it is fade resistant.

Fitness at your Doorstep!

Wooooooooow!!!! Aren’t these products amazing? Moreover, what have you got to say about these crazy loaded discounts offered on this Prime Day on Amazon UAE. Bring home one or more of these fitness gadgets today. You can’t afford to miss these deals at any cost. You’re just a click away from achieving fitness at your doorstep.

8 Whacky Things on Sale this Prime Day in UAE

The internet can be an oddly alternative universe. This year, Amazon has brought whacky to a new level in its 2020 Prime Day Sale in UAE. The internet in general has really whacky things for you to come across on a daily basis without even looking for it. From cray-cray political news to questionably weird and mind-boggling things which can keep you awake for nights to come. And now Amazon. But hold your horses because Amazon’s whacky is a good whacky. As they have things you never knew you wanted. And now you do!

Prime Day 2020 is Over, Deals may have Changed
Prime Day 2020, the second one in UAE, was on 13th and 14th October 2020. This event is now over and the deals mentioned in the page may have changed back to the original prices.

1. Thicken you Hair for the Evening

Insecure about your premature hair loss or those bald spots? Then this is the product for you. As you can tuck away your insecurities and ensure that you have a good hair day every day. Style your hair however you want without the fear of your scalp showing.

Nanogen Hair Thickening (25% Off)

Say no to baldness with this instant hair thickener. Which covers your scalp giving you perfect looking hair anytime. This product has been made keeping in mind that your scalp can be sensitive. Thus, using 100% natural keratin and it contains no parabens. No matter what gender you are this is the perfect item to hide your premature hair loss. And wave goodbye to your insecurities.

2. Sling Bag to Carry your Dog – Howzzat

For all the doggy moms and dads. Leaving your furry-kids home alone can be a tough choice. Definitely not because you love them too much to leave them alone. And slightly maybe because they could wreck your favourite vase or couch. But, walking them around too can be tiresome to your ‘fur-kids’ as well as yourself. Well here is a solution for that.

ANTOLE Pet Sling Carrier (15% Off)

Getting this bag can be quite handy but make sure your pet would fit in first. As the size is 17 x 5 x 11 inches and can take up to 10lbs. It has an adjustable padded strap for you to feel comfortable. Furthermore, the straps have additional hooks to secure the bag and your pet. The material of this bag is durable since it is made of leather and mesh. And yes, not to worry as it’s completely breathable for your pet. Although it is wide, this product is ideal for smaller pets.

3. Mini Bag for your Sunglasses that Hugs your Bag

Add your own touch of fashion and personality to your fashion with these cool and fancy sunglasses’ bag.

Gneric Glasses Case (15% Off)

Only the best quality PU leather is used in the making of this sunglasses bag. This product has a length of 14cms and is soft not to mention waterproof. This stylish product can be clipped on to your bag or directly to your clothing to add a touch of funk into your wardrobe. The bag is strong with an inner lining to protect any glasses from damage and ensure that your glasses won’t slip as it has a magnetic flap.

4. A Watch Winder for your Automatic Watch

If you do not own an automatic watch this device isn’t for you. An automatic watch is one which doesn’t need a battery replacement or anything of that sort it works with the help of movement. And when not it use can be pretty annoying to wind such watches. Thus this winder, which makes your work easier.

Watch Winder (15% Off)

At first look, this winder gives you a classy look. Since it is made with PU leather and black memory foam. This box has 3 modes namely ‘A’ mode is off, ‘B’ mode suitable for short term use. As it rotates clockwise for 2 minutes followed by a 6 minutes break then rotates counter-clockwise for 2 minutes, rest and repeat. Finally, the mode ‘L’ for long term use which rotates clockwise for 5 minutes then rotates counter-clockwise for 5 minutes. This repeats for three hours and then takes a rest for nine hours and repeats. This winder works with the help of a DC adapter or a USB cable.

5. Trimming at Home? You Need this Self Barber Cape

Conveniences is what is to be looked for in everything. Hence this product to add to your convenience while trimming. So, you can leave no mess behind.

JINN Shave Apron

You can call this a sort of a bib for men. As it prevent any hair from dropping on the floor and messing the area. This apron is made of 100% Polyester. And it has no specific sizes since one size fits all. You won’t have any problem if any water falls on the material as it is waterproof. You have suction cups to hang the ends while shaving to allow easy usage.

6. All you need is these John Lennon Glasses

Imagine all the people, living life in peace; along with these glasses. You may say I’m a dreamer, but these glasses are what the millennials would call LIT!

Vintage Oval Sunglasses (15% Off)

Let’s bring these retro vintage glasses back into the limelight. No, not because they are on sale but because they are actually on fleak. They have a red tint and metal frame. They provide protection against UV lights and have a transparent rubber nose pad. What more can you ask for?

7. Learning the Guitar? Fingers Hurt? Work them

Finger Strengthener (15% Off)

Practice makes perfect and workout makes you stronger. This holds firm for your fingers while playing the guitar as well. This device helps you do just that. As it gives you more practice and a richer fingertip span practice. It is comfortable to use with one hand as it has soft buttons. Yet, it’s lasting because of the copper core. Besides that, you have 2 buckles to hold down and practice specific fingers at a time.

Chill your Drinks in 60 secs

No, there is no mistake in what you read. As you can chill your drinks in a jiffy with this device.

HyperChiller Beverage Cooler

Without the use of gels or chemicals, this cooler cools your drinks using just water. It saves you time and the cost of getting a drink just because you wanted it chill. You can chill any beverage into this chilling glass and get non-diluted content right away. The capacity of this glass is 12.5 fluid ounces.

Catch ’em All!

No sale can get as whacky as this 2020 Prime Day sale in UAE. Offering a variety of products you didn’t know existed until today. And to top that, they are on sale for Prime day 2020 in UAE. So, don’t be left in the dark. Catch-up and make your life more convenient and fancy. Leaving everyone wanting what you have. Make sure you catch all the deals this Prime Day.

11 Ayurvedic Immunity Boosters you can Buy in Dubai

In these troubled times, Ayurvedic immunity boosters are the best go-to option in Dubai. Which can help keep you fit and fine. Especially during the pandemic. When sneezing leave alone getting sick is not a good sign. Therefore look no further as ayurvedic medicine-also know as Ayurveda- is here to help.

Why ayurvedic immunity boosters in Dubai you ask? Mainly because Ayurveda uses components from nature to cure and treat illnesses. Which ultimately means no side effects in the long run. Besides that, this medical practice has been prevailing for a very long time. Making it safe and reliable. In terms of reliable, ayurvedic medicines work as a permanent cure since it targets the root of sickness. Furthermore, Ayurveda is much less expensive and pro-environment. So, why not?!

Herb Essential Shatavari Powder

This Shatavari powder is also known as asparagus Racemosus. Which is especially good for women as it helps to tone and nourishes the reproductive system. But even though, it is good for men as well since this powder helps boost immunity and is rich in vitamin A. This Ayurveda powder is natural and is in the Indian Ayurveda practice. Besides that, this powder has many other uses to keep your healthy at all time.

Kapiva Aloe Vera + Amla Juice

The use of Amla and Aloe Vera is only from fresh ones so you get a natural and safe juice. Every ingredient is prepped and mixed under hygienic conditions. Moreover, you have no adulteration, but original flavours and sweetness. This mix allows you to have the much-needed detox every day. As this herbal extract has a whole lot of health benefits. Some of which include improved digestion and metabolism which in turn helps in weight loss. Thus making you fit from the inside out. Get this 1-litre bottle for around AED 70.

Oladole Natural Amla Powder

The use of Amla or Gooseberry in this powder is nothing but the best tree-ripened berries. Which are dried and then ground. Using no added flavour and preservatives makes it completely safe and healthy with unique flavours. And not to mention nutrients for your health. These berries are a great source of Vitamin C. Which helps to pump-up your immunity and also rejuvenates your body with the needed antioxidants. This powder will taste best mixed with fruits and fruity flavours. Thus making it a good breakfast as well as snacking ingredient. All this and yet it cost only around AED 50.

Himalaya Ashvagandha Tablets

A good supplement to boost your energy levels and reduce stress. Which in turn can help you sleep better. These food supplements are great and have no side-effects since it is free from preservatives, added colours, sugar and dairy ingredients. Moreover, every ingredient is 100% natural, organic and vegetarian. Get these 60 capsules at the approximate rate of AED 50.

Herb Essential Turmeric Tablet

Turmeric, Haldi or Curcumin whatever you may call it the properties of this plant remains the same. Since a very long time, this plant is known to have medicinal properties. Especially because it has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Moreover, it also has antimicrobial properties. All this helps in protecting the cells from damage and boosts immunity as well. These capsules are 100% herbal with no added artificial ingredients. At the rate of around AED 50, you get a set of 2 bottles. Each containing 60 tablets of 500mg.

Dhootpapeshwar Swamala Chywanprash

This 500gms of this Swamala Chywanprash is a good and natural mix to boost your health and the nutritional requirements of the body. Regular consumption of this mix gives you vitamin C. Which helps to keep the body strong and fit. Especially, by promoting cell regeneration and development. This immunity booster also makes sure you have a good mental and physical wellbeing. The amla in the mix helps soothe acidity, insomnia and other illnesses. Furthermore preventing them from coming back. And it is available for around AED 100.

Eastern Chukku Kappi Coffee

Yes, a morning coffee as one of the ayurvedic immunity boosters in Dubai. Kick-start your morning with the dry ginger coffee that will keep you fit and healthy. With a very tasty sweet and spicy taste with no added preservatives nor flavours or colours. Proving you with comfort from nasal congestion, slight cold or fever and even reliefs throat infection with just one cup. This 150g of coffee is available at around AED 10.

Himalaya Wellness Triphala

This pack of 60 tablets gently helps relieve constipation. Moreover, helps in the detoxification of the bowel and promotes the bowel movement. Which will make you fit from within. Furthermore, a bonus is that with this pack you will get a free 100gm Rajam dry ginger coffee powder. Which is good to relieve colds and congestions. And to find that both these are available for around AED 60 is a great catch.

Leeve Dry Fruits Candy

Not every medicinal item you eat should be boring. Like for instance this dry fruit Amla candy of 400gm. Made with the best quality of amla to tingle your taste buds and packed in hygienic conditions. Delicious, sweet, crispy and crunchy all packed in this candy. Furthermore, these candies with medicinal property cost approximately AED 90.

Terzo Tea

A tea made with a ton of medicinal ingredients which will ensure you no harm and boost your immunity in the process. With the use of turmeric, tulsi and ginger health is guaranteed with the best flavours. Turmeric has been known as a golden herb for a long time. Whereas, tulsi is considered the queen of herbs with innumerous medicinal properties. This tea powder set consist of 25 tea bags at the rate of around AED 20.

AIMIL Ayush Kwath Powder

A medicinal tea (Kadha) packed with ingredients such as tulsi, sunthi (ginger), dalchini (cinnamon) and kalimirch (pepper). The making is followed religiously to the original traditional methods. All blended to the perfect amount to ensure that you have good health. With the aforementioned ingredients, you have plenty of medicinal values. The main purpose of this tea is to fight infections making it an anti-viral and anti-bacterial solution. And is available at just around AED 60.

Try it to Believe it!

Adopting traditional and natural medicinal measures won’t be that bad. Almost nothing can go wrong. Besides, if you do take up these and you see an improvement of any sort its just a plus point for you. Unless you won’t try it you will never know it. So, take your pick and try out some Ayurvedic immunity boosters in Dubai.

Cold Brew Coffee Is Taking Dubai by Storm. Here’s All You Need

Cold brew coffee isn’t just making a huge impact in Dubai but worldwide. Who would have guessed that a slight tweak in an ingredient would cause such a big wave of demand for a drink? The drink is that good and you always have to rush if you want to get this cold brew coffee drink. Now, rush no more as you can make your own cold brew coffee at home.

What is Cold Brew Coffee & Is It Better?

Surely, you have come across cold brew coffee more than just once. Especially in recent days. But, really what is cold brew coffee? Is it the same as iced coffee? Well, a simple answer is no they are not the same. A cold brew coffee refers to the way the coffee is prepared rather than just the final temperature of the coffee. In a cold brew coffee, you leave the grounds of the beans in room temperature water for a long time. From which you get a smooth, low acidic as well as highly caffeinated coffee. Drink it cold or warm but it’s still cold brew coffee.

The pros and cons of an iced coffee and cold brew ones later depends on your preferences. Since the acidity is less in a cold brew coffee it is better on the stomach and has a rich taste as well. Whereas, iced coffee is thin as a result of adding the ice in the coffee. Furthermore, Iced coffee can only be served chilled. But cold brew can be both warm as well as cold. And then the caffeine levels which are higher in a cold brew coffee. Which works to leave you refreshed much faster than a regular coffee.

All the Cold Brew Gear You Need

With the cold brew coffee on a rise in Dubai, it is best for you to get yourself all the equipment you need to prepare your own cold brew coffee at your own home. To save you a little time and energy of ordering every day from your local café.

Cold Brew Maker – Jar

Up your cold-brewed coffee game in Dubai with your very own cold brew coffee maker. Leaving everyone thinking about how you managed to make the best tasting cold-brewed coffee at home. Check a few of the cold brewers here:

Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew

A cold as well as hot brew coffee maker to quench your coffee thirst. Holds up to 4 servings and the fine mesh makes sure that the coffee grounds don’t mix with your coffee. Furthermore, made of durable BPA-free Tritan. And has an airtight container along with the silicone no-slip handle. Moreover, this pitcher is dishwasher safe and can easily fit into your fridge. And to get this item at just around AED 90 is a great catch.

Ovalware Iced Coffee Maker

Brewing your own coffee has never been easier, especially with this cold brewer. 1.5 litres of freshly brewed coffee for you to enjoy the whole day long. Made of lab-tested borosilicate glass, medical-grade stainless steel filter & cap. Furthermore, the cap has a BPA-free silicone airtight seal. It also has an easy-access handle for you to hold and you can even place it in the dishwasher. And is available for just around AED 270.

Cold Brew Dripper

A cold brew dripper can be an alternative to your cold brew jar. This process can be a bit less time consuming as compared to the previous one. Yet, it has its own pros and cons. Therefore it’s on you to see which one works the best for your home.

Willy Cold Brew Coffee Dripper

With a drip coffee brewer, you can have the perfect cup of coffee at home according to your taste buds. Since you can adjust the drip rate which controls the strength of the coffee. This device can brew two perfect cups of coffee for you in about 2-3 hours depending on your adjustment. The usage of borosilicate glass is so that the material doesn’t give out any odour and neither absorbs any odour as well. Making it lasting and durable because the glass is thick and strong. Moreover, the filter is of stainless steel with food-grade silicone seal which will allow only the coffee and its flavour to pass through the filter. This cold brew dripper is for approximately AED 150.

Soulhand Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Every part of this coffee dripper is washable. And uses only premium quality material which lets no flavours to mix and add into your coffee. This coffee maker has a capacity of around 4 cups. For which this machine would depend on how you set the adjustment of the coffee dripper. Available at the rate of approximately AED 660.

Portable Cold Brew Maker

Getting your workout or heading out for work and you need coffee? Obviously taking the cold brew coffee jar or dripper in Dubai isn’t convenient at all hence the portable cold brew maker.

Asobu Portable Cold Brew Maker

With this one of its kind, cold brew coffee maker all you have to do is fill coffee ground into the filter and make sure the water covers the grounds. Once the coffee has brewed take the carafe cover the lid and you’re ready to go. You can get this product in 4 colours and all of them are 40 ounces. What’s more interesting is that you can find this at around AED 340.

GROSCHE Marino Travel Infuser

This infuser is lightweight. And the use of this device can be not just for cold brew coffee but also to infuse water with a fruity flavour. The capacity of this infuser is around 550 ml. Moreover, it is made of 100% BPA and lead-free borosilicate glass and has a stainless steel filter. The filter works as a double seal therefore this prevents leakage. Get this water bottle/ infuser at just around AED 90.

Cold Brew Coffee Filters

While you brew your coffee you will be in need of filters. So not to worry we got you covered right here.

HOMYHEE Coffee Filters

These filters are made of natural commercially compostable fine fibre. Which can filter out even your fine ground coffee. Moreover, it is tear-resistant and strong. These filters are disposable and have 120 pieces per pack of the size of 4 inches x 6 inches. So, what are you waiting for? Get these filters for only around AED 100.

Santo Reusable Filter

This filter is made of good-grade polyester material. Which gives good toughness to it making it durable and even reusable after washing. Furthermore, since it is handcrafted, which makes it effective and lets only the liquid to pass through. Therefore you will have no grains in your coffee. This 26 inches x 22 inches filter bag is available at around AED 40.

Cold Brew Coffee FAQs

Is it possible to cold brew coffee at home?

A big fat YES! making your own cold brew coffee is really very easy. It’s almost like making any regular coffee. Only thing is that you will have to remember to steep your coffee ground the night or around 12 hours before for best results. Once that’s done add your desired amount of ice or milk or water. And voila!

Why is cold brew coffee expensive?

Cold brew coffee is unlike your hot coffee. Hot or normal coffee requires no prior planning and can be done on the spot. Whereas in terms of cold brew coffee you have to plan in advance and start steeping the coffee. Since it can take up to 6 hours to get the perfect blend. Besides this, there is no turning back when you’re done with the supply of cold-brewed coffee. So, it is a risky business for these coffee makers. Make too little and you can have customers leave empty-handed, make too much and it’s wasted. Therefore the prices are a tad bit higher than your regular coffee which can be restocked in a few minutes.

How is the caffeine concentration compared to regular coffee?

Well, we wouldn’t go as far as to say that the cold brew coffee has a high concentration of caffeine. But in the raw stage, it does. Raw is before you add in your water or milk. In the first stage, the coffee does have a higher concentration compared to your regular coffee. But to be fair this isn’t the final product of the cold brew coffee. Once you add milk or water that becomes the final stage and that’s also where you reduce the concentration of the caffeine.

How long can cold brew coffee last in a refrigerator?

If you are going to be preparing your own cold brew coffee at home which is advisable. Since after all homemade is always healthier. Then you can refrigerate your coffee for around 24-48 hours. Whereas, if you are still getting yourself a store made coffee. then it would vary from coffee to coffee and on the concentration of the coffee. So, make sure to check the instructions given on the label.

Perfect Cup for a Fresh Start.

Making the perfect cup of cold brew coffee which has such godly taste might have been tricky before. But with these instruments, you are sure to make your own cold brew coffee as good as the café ones. You will no longer have to make do with the week, watery coffees anymore. Nor wait in lines and yet come out empty-handed as you can have the best cold brew coffee at your own home in your own comfort. Kick-start every morning with the perfect cup of coffee.

8 Succulents Pots to Perk-up your Desk in Dubai

Change your monotonous desk setting by adding a succulent plant with pretty pots to perk-up your desk in Dubai. As we understand your situation to feel fresh with a pop of life and colour to your tabletop. What better way than to have a good distraction for a split second just to admire your plant. And have a better more organised and productive workday.

What is a Succulent

Succulents are plants which are just growing on the popularity scale. As a result, these plants are not known by everyone. But generally, these plants are sort-of close to the cacti family. These plants survive best when in warm temperatures. This is because they have fleshy leaves which store water in them. They can go on for quite a long time without too much water. Succulents do not require too much care but the only thing to keep in mind is the water amount. As too much water can cause them to rot and too less water can cause the plant’s health to deteriorate as well.

There are a various types of succulents. All in different shapes, sizes and even color. And they are a perfect gift as well as a decorative piece for your home. Especially your work area, to give that touch of elegance. But, why have a boring outlook to this fascinating plant. Spice it up with some fancy pots and other accessories. Here, have a look at these pots for your succulent to perk-up your desk in Dubai.

Mandala Style Ceramic

These are a deep detailed and colorful pot to add a hint of color to your desk succulent. The intricate detailed shapes and designs will be the aesthetic depth to your working environment.

Dsben Succulent Plant Pots

These mini pots are perfect for mini plants for display, like the succulent. The ceramic plant holder has dimension of 3.2 inches H x 3.15 inches W. With an additional bamboo tray so that the excess water from the plant doesn’t spill everywhere. This set of 3 pots are available for around AED 90.

Urban Potsy

Add a modern twist to your room and even desk while you work with this urban outlook plant holder. Spelling out elegance and fancy altogether to help brighten your mood. Or should we say desk?

Umbra Potsy Planters for Succulent

These pots come in threes, so you can pair them together or separate them in any room. An elegant design with brass wires to prop the pots on. And even adjust and tilt the pot towards any side giving it an asymmetrical outlook. These small and light-weighted succulent pots will be a good addition to your desk in Dubai. And it cost around only AED 90.

Owl Planters

A touch of fancy and pretty with a this cute little owl pots. For your home indoor garden, desk and even as a gift.

FLORO Owl Planter

These owl pots make for good decorative pieces be it indoor or outdoor. In addition to these, you can fill just enough amount of soil to fit your plant into it. These owl planters are a set of 6 with each different owl face. Made of ceramic material with a strong glaze which will not vanish or fade away. A great bargain deal with these 6 pots just at the cost of approximately AED 50.

Ikea Planters

You can never go wrong with the classic and simple designed pots. As they can blend and match into any setting you put them into.

IKEA Potted Plant

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This classic planter is made of plastic so you can assure that it will last you a very long time. These pots come in a set of 3 and are light weighted to place anywhere around the house. Get them at approximately AED 40.

Tri Hexagon Planters

A little shape, a little asymmetrical definition and a whole lot of elegance. What else can you ask for in a vase decorative piece for your desk.

HowRU Succulent Planter

A set of three strong ceramic pots. Which are stronger then the rest making it durable and easy to clean. Furthermore these pots come with a bamboo tray which when added gives the pots a bit more style. Each of different sizes perfect for any small plants. Get these pot planters for anywhere in your home at the approximate price of AED 80.

Flowing Glaze Ceramic Planters

Brajttt Succulent Planter Pot

A great display item for your home be it on a shelf or a desk. These 2.5 inches pots are of ceramic material. Available in a set of 6. Furthermore, each one of these pots have a different designs. Colourfully glazed with 3 pots of stand base and the others of a flat base. Moreover, these planters come with a drainage hole and a bamboo tray so that there is no leakage of water. These vase can blend in any setting you put them and since they are available for around AED 70 it’s definitely a great bargain.

Hanging Planter

Hanging plants always gives a different outlook to an area. But better is one which can do both hanging as well as stand. Ofcourse hanging succulent pots would make your Dubai desk look less cluttered. Have a look:

VOSAREA Decorative Succulent Plants

This piece can be used as decorative pieces for any part of the house. You would need no much care and maintenance for this plant since it is a faux one. Although you might think its an artificial plant, it looks completely life like. And the planter is made of marble like ceramic vase. Whereas the holder itself is strong iron, making it durable and long lasting. Pay only almost AED 70 for this hanging planter.

White Elephant Planters

If you are looking for something cute to perk-up your work place than look no further. As a perfect animal planter will do just the trick. With minimal effort have an elegant working environment.

Sea Star Elephant Flower Pot

Add this minimalist yet modern elephant pot to your desk and make it more pleasing to work at. These are a set of 2 both of which come in two different sizes. The making is of ceramic white design and is light weighted. Moreover, it is best for living plants as it has a drainage hole at the bottom. Get these cute little planters at only around AED 60.

How to Grow a Succulent in Dubai

Succulents are easy to care for and even easier to grow on your own. All you need is a succulent. You can use the leaves (petals) which fall off of the plant or you can simply gently cut off a petal from the succulent plant. After you get a leaf of the succulent you have to simply place the plant in a dry medium for it to callus. Once that happens you simply place the leaf in the mud with a light sprinkle of water, till it starts to grow out roots. When that happens your succulent is ready to plant. Another way is to simply separate pre-grown baby succulent from the mother plant and re-plant it in another pot. Furthermore, you can check out this video to get in-dept knowledge on how to grow a succulent to perk-up your home and desk.

Nature’s Wonder

Get your own low maintenance table plant for your work desk. Adding a bit of aesthetics to your work area so you can have a healthy attention break from the regular work routine. Either ways nature does work wonders to help you relax a bit from your stressed out and anxious day. But you can’t go out for a nature’s walk every time, now can you? So why not bring the nature to your working environment. Try getting succulent pots and plants and let nature work it’s magic at your desk in Dubai.

Amazon Prime Day UAE Coming in October. Are You Ready?

UAE is no stranger to flash sales. And Amazon Prime Day in UAE also popularly known as Prime day is another such poplar worldwide event. But what really is this ‘Prime Day’? Well, for Amazon it is the day of their anniversary. The day they came into being. Whereas for the Amazon customers, especially the prime users, this day is a the most awaited day to grab great deals.

This two day event is the one to look forward to every year. To grab high discounts on almost all products. Right from apparels to electronics to edible items. But, the only catch being that you can avail these high discounts and deals if you are a Amazon Prime Member. Wait! Don’t lose hope and click out just yet. As being a prime member has its own perks way more than what you think there are. Have a look and make sure to sign-up for the exciting offers.

10 Benefits of the Prime Membership

You might be thinking, what if you do get a prime Membership then what? It will be used once a year during the Amazon Prime Day in UAE. But no, here are a few points of why you should get yourself the Amazon prime membership.

Free 1-Day Domestic Delivery

With a prime membership you can get one of the most wanted feature while shopping online. Free delivery! Exciting right? Domestic delivery options are made available for you to shop more without thinking of the delivery charges. Therefore, last minute gifting and even shopping is made possible with this membership pass.

Free International Delivery

What’s better then free domestic delivery, is that you can have free international delivery! Yes, you can travel anywhere and still order anything off amazon. Only to have the delivery cost as low as nil. Besides, gifting your overseas family and friends has never been easier and affordable with online shopping.

FREE Shipping on International orders over AED 100

Amazon Prime Videos

One of amazon’s most well known feature is at your fingertip, just a click away. As you have access to Amazon Prime Videos for your daily dose of movies and TV show entertainment. Without any limitations.

Original Video Content

Just like the poplar video streaming platform Netflix. Is Amazon’s Prime videos. Which has and makes its very own and exclusive shows programs and movies. That you can have access to from no where else. All for your watching pleasure on any device. Only with the amazon prime membership.

Peek into Deals

Amazon allows its prime members with a sneak peek into the lightning deal which are suppose to happen before they actually happen. This is in case of most price drops and discounts. So that you have enough time to check out the product and decide weather you would buy it or not.

Game Pass

With amazon prime membership you have access to more games and if you also have Twitch, a gaming application where you can play, watch and share recorded game videos. You can avail more game options and in-game loots. Just by linking your prime and twitch account.

Exclusive Discounts

Yes! You heard me right you get exclusive discounts with the membership. Right from apparels to groceries to other deals. If you are a prime member you can avail all these exclusive discounts and more for everyone in your family. Despite the heavy discounts you can still be assured to get quality products at a reasonable rate.

Reading Services

You now have access to Amazon Prime Reading for e-books and magazines with no additional charges. Making it your own personal library. Furthermore, you have access to Amazon First Reads. Where you have access to not yet published books and you can choose one for keeps sake. And last but definitely not the least, Audible too is owned by Amazon which you get to use. This is a audio book platform. All this only for your entertainment purpose.

Prime Wordrobe

Your prime membership lets you have a special feature. Where you can order a few desired clothing options and return the ones not up to your liking within 7 days with a full refund system. Pretty cool right? Getting options to your doorsteps for you to select from is a pretty good option to choose from. Basically making it like your very own shopping centre at your doorstep.

Storage Services

At this point really what does Amazon not offer? Especially in your prime membership package. As they also let you use their Amazon Drive App. To store files, photos, videos. Where you can have unlimited photo storage and up to 5GB of file and video storage.

How to get Amazon Prime Membership

As you know of almost everything the prime membership has to offer you. Get on the membership bus before you miss the big upcoming Amazon Prime Day Sale in UAE. So, you can avail exciting offers and benefits. But wait… How can you do that?

This is an easy task. Simply sign-up to be a prime member at the amazon site. But we went ahead to make it a step easier for you. Therefore, you can sign up at the click of the button below. When you do you will get a free 30 days trial period. You can use that or you can directly upgrade to the paid version. Whose payment isn’t too much considering the many benefits you can reap from the membership.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

With October here, so is the fourth quarter of the year. Which means its almost time for Amazon Prime Day 2020. The dates are out and this yearly bonanza is scheduled to happen in the second week of the quarter. Which is 13th – 14th October 2020. Everything well planned and spaced out for Black Friday and the holiday season. So, gear up, mark your calendar and get ready for the best lightning deals of the year. As the countdown to Prime Day 2020 begins!

As a way to celebrate their anniversary, Amazon Prime Day in UAE was introduced. Originally held in July every year for quite some time now. But, due to the on-going pandemic this year, this massive event was postponed. Due to the surge in online shopping. But your wait is finally almost over with now, as the Prime Day 2020 is happening soon.


Sign-up now for the Amazon Prime Membership to avail exclusive prime benefits. Especially because the biggest sale Amazon Prime Day is almost here in UAE. Sign-up and make sure to get your fingers into the practice of quickly clicking and buying the various lightning deals for the upcoming sale. Make sure you get them before they sell out. You don’t want to miss out or be left behind in the marketing trend once they disappear. After all, they are called lightning deals for a reason. Ready. Set. Gear-up!