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Possessing a smart home in the UAE is not just a trend or a luxury. It is a necessity and safety measure nowadays. When more and more work adds up, when you have responsibilities to cater to, life gets hectic. Hence, you need to THINK BIG and GET SMART! In this category, check out the best CCTV cameras to protect your household, valuable assets, business establishments, residential apartments and much more. Besides CCTV cameras, we have also put forth Thermostats, Smart Locks, Video Doorbells, and Smart WiFi Plugs. And Philips Hue Smart lights to offer you an increased level of control from an app on your SmartPhone.

Best CCTV Camera in UAE

Installing the best CCTV camera in UAE can help protect your valuable assets in your home, shop, office, restaurant, residential apartment, complexes, mall, gym, jewellery shop and other business establishments. Gone are those days when people would have a noticeā€¦

How to Setup a Smart Home in Dubai

Setting up a smart home in Dubai is not all what TV commercials portray it to be. There aren’t robots that’ll have pancakes ready as you wake up or an automated shower and dressing facility, well not yet anyway. However,ā€¦

Guide to Philips Hue Lights for Dubai

The IoT has changed the way we live, from programming washing machines to printing photos remotely. Philips Hue smart lighting takes the front line when it comes to innovative smart lighting to bring into your home. Although smart lighting hasā€¦