Ultimate Cooking Range Guide: Safety, Maintenance, Accessories, and More

Welcome to this ultimate guide offering some quick tips and tricks on how to use your cooking range safely and efficiently. A cooking range is a common appliance needed to cook a variety of dishes in homes and restaurants across the UAE. Right from making breakfast and simple meals to festive delicacies, a cooking range can do it all if handled the right way. However, we often make mistakes while using our cooking range effectively. This is because we are not aware of many important things about this appliance. Don’t fret, we have your back. Plus, we have also penned down a lot of points on cooking range maintenance, accessories that you can buy for your cooking range, and so on.

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Say hello to a delightful cooking experience by using your cooking range efficiently and following these safety tips. Additionally, this will also help you to save energy and costs without compromising on cooking tasty, mouth-watering meals.

Choosing the Right Cooking Range for Your Home

First things first, in order to use a cooking range effectively and obtain great cooking results, it is very important to choose the right cooking range that suits your needs. Since there are various types of cooking ranges available, to make it easier for you to purchase a cooking range and to avoid mistakes while buying it, consider your cooking habits like how often you cook in a day, the quantity of the food, how many members you have in your family, and other preferences and requirements before you make a purchase. Firstly, if you cook a lot, especially heavy meals or large quantities then you will need a cooking range with a large number of burners.

Secondly, if you prefer cooking with gas rather than electricity, you will need to purchase a gas range. Further, if you are concerned about energy efficiency then choose an electric cooking range that comes with an energy-saving feature. Furthermore, once you have narrowed down your options or have chosen the right cooking range to suit your needs, it is important to read the user manual provided by the manufacturer carefully. The user manual provides instructions on how to use your cooking range properly and effectively. This will help you avoid accidents or damage to the cooking range and will also give you great cooking results. Additionally, it also includes important safety measures.

Simple Tips to Follow Before and After Cooking

  • Note that if you are using a small pot then using a large burner will lead to a waste of energy. Therefore, ensure you make use of the right size burner for the pot or pan that you are using. A small pot can be placed on a small or mid-size burner.
  • Set a timer to help you keep track of the duration of cooking. We know that every recipe or food item has a different cook time. Sometimes, we place the utensil containing water on the gas to boil it and forget about it. Or, you may place something that would take only 3-4 mins to heat, but it is there for more than 10 minutes. Besides wastage, this can also lead to unfortunate accidents. Setting a timer is the best thing you can do to avoid overcooking the food and prevent waste of energy.
  • Note that preheating the oven is not required for every recipe. In fact, it is necessary for only certain recipes. Don’t worry, if you’re not sure whether to preheat the oven or not, simply check the recipe instructions and you will get a clear idea.
  • Lastly, once you finish cooking, simply turn off the burners that were on. Also, let the oven cool down completely before you start cleaning it. Avoid touching the oven till it is cool.

General Safety Precautions While Using a Cooking Range in UAE:

Taking safety precautions is important when using a cooking range. What you need to do and how you need to do it is mentioned below. Ensure you read through all these safety tips and precautions mentioned in this guide and use your cooking range confidently without any fear.

  • UAE has more of a hot arid climate indicated by extremely high humidity, hot weather, and hot winds. This increases the risk of fires. Therefore, you need to limit your oven usage. Try using the oven less often to save energy. This strategy is worth trying out during this season as it is summer. August is one of the hottest months in Dubai. Alternatively, you can try grilling or cooking outdoors.
  • In case of a grease fire, never make use of water to extinguish it. The best thing you can do is cover the fire with a lid or use a baking sheet to trap the fire.
  • If you are using a gas range, ensure you ventilate the kitchen properly as this will help to prevent the buildup of grease and fumes, which can cause a fire hazard. Additionally, it will also help to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • If food particles or grease build-up, it can catch fire. Hence, ensure you always keep the cooking range clean and free of debris.
  • Keep cooking oil and gasoline much away from the cooking range.
  • Next, never ever leave a cooking pot unattended. If you need to go to the other room and nobody is in the kitchen then simply turn off the burner. Or, you can also remove the pot from the heat, but the safest thing to do is turn off the burner before leaving the kitchen. This will help avoid any risk.
  • Install a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector in your kitchen. Don’t forget to test the detectors daily to ensure they are working properly.
  • If you are using a gas range and are planning to clean it then ensure you turn off the gas supply to the cooking range before you start cleaning it.

What are Energy-efficient Cooking Ranges?

Energy-efficient cooking ranges are those that help you save money on your utility bills. Several features make a cooking range energy-efficient, some of which include:

  • Convection ovens: A convection oven circulates hot air around the food thereby helping it to cook quickly and more evenly.
  • Self-cleaning ovens: These types of ovens utilize a high-heat cycle to burn off the food residue. This, in turn, helps to reduce the amount of energy that is needed to clean the oven.
  • Automatic shut-off burners: These burners shut off automatically after a certain period of time provided they are not in use.

Cooking range maintenance in the UAE

Cooking ranges require regular maintenance to keep them working properly and to prevent fires. Here are some tips for cooking range maintenance in the UAE:

  • Get an annual servicing done for your cooking range by a professional technician. This is one of the most important cooking range maintenance tips since it will help to identify potential problems if any and will also be able to fix them. If you don’t get an annual servicing done then there is a higher risk of a fire or other safety hazards.
  • Clean the burners and oven daily or at least thrice a week. Make use of a mild soap and water solution to clean the burners and oven. Avoid using harsh chemicals because these can damage the range.
  • Store flammable materials away from the cooking range. This includes things like cooking oil, gasoline, and cleaning products.

Best Cooking Range in UAE in 2024 – Brands & Prices Compared

A good cooking range is an essential in every UAE home. We’ve researched for almost 60+ ranges in the market and found that top brands like Midea, Whirlpool, Super General, Nikai and chosen the bext for your. Gas cooking range or electric, we have you covered.

Quick List

Midea Gas Cooker
Best Overall

Feature Set
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Space Utilization
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

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Super General Gas Cooker
Best Performance

Feature Set
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Space Utilization
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

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Whirlpool Electric Cooker
Also Good

Feature Set
4.0 out of 5.0 stars

Space Utilization
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

4.5 out of 5.0 stars

4.0 out of 5.0 stars

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Cooking ranges are a boon to combat the early morning rush. This is especially true for working women who are in a race against time. With the right range, one can bake a cake and prepare breakfast at the same time without any hassle. Read below to know which size, the number of burners and the type of cooking range to opt for as per your requirements and budget.

Choosing the Best Cooking Range Available

Gas or Electric

The choice between gas and electric cooking ranges depends on what you possess. You require to have either natural gas or propane service at your home, for gas ranges. An electric range will work in any house, provided you have a 220-volt electric line in your kitchen. You can always call the electrician to install one if u don’t. An electric cooking range is always expensive compared to a gas cooking range.

Oven Size

This refers to the size of the oven cavity where you place the container to cook, bake, or heat. A larger capacity oven is essential if you have a large family and often need to bake or cook large quantities of food. Else you can get one that has a smaller size.

Number of Burners

This feature depends upon the number of members in your family and the quantity of food that you prepare. If u cook more than 4 to 5 items each day, then go for a range having at least 4 burners. A cooking range can have all burners or a combination of burners and a hot plate. Hot plates are used for heating food and they work on electricity. Having a hot plate can be very useful, especially if you run out of gas.


This is an important feature for roasting meat, baking, and preparing other food items like kebabs, paneer tikkas, etc. They ensure a uniform grilling effect of the food.

Without further ado, here are the rankings for the best cooking range in UAE based on quality, specifications, and budget. Take a look at all of them and find the most suitable one as per your requirements and budget.

Rank 1: Midea Gas Cooker – 4 Gas Burners

Model: BME55007FFD

  • Cast Iron Pan Support: The cast iron pan support provides maximum stability. Additionally, it enhances the safety of this Midea cooking range. Moreover, it is stylishly designed and the cooktops can heat pans and pots of various sizes without sliding, tilting, or moving.
  • Flame Failure Device: Featuring a special flame failure device. Each individual burner of this cooking range is fitted with this flame failure device. Accidentally, if the flame extinguishes, then the flame failure device will block the flow of gas to the individual burner. Thereby preventing the risk of gas leakage, accidents, and injuries.
  • Sure shot Compliments from Guests and Family Members: You will definitely experience pleasure and joy while using this Midea cooking range for your cooking tasks. It helps you cook like a master chef comfortably and conveniently in no time.
  • 4 Gas Burners Including High-Performance Gas Oven: This cooking range possesses 4 gas burners of different sizes and heat intensities. These come to your rescue to help you prepare several dishes simultaneously without compromising on the optimal cooking requirements. Plus, the high-performance gas oven helps you cook various meals with ease, in one particular place.
  • 40L Massive Capacity: You can prepare a large quantity due to a massive capacity of 40L.
  • Mechanical Timer: A big thanks to the mechanical timer that is equipped in this cooking range. It helps the user to prepare their meals or a particular dish in time.
  • Auto-ignition Technology: Turning on this gas cooker is quick and hassle-free due to the auto-ignition technology.
  • Price: Bring home the Midea Gas Cooker with 4 gas burners for a price of around AED 700.

Rank 2: Super General Gas Cooker – 5 Burner

Model: SGC901FS

  • Thermostat: A thermostat is a switch that opens and closes depending on the temperature it senses. In other words, by opening and closing, it responds to the temperature that it senses. The oven of this Super General cooking range is equipped with this thermostat which makes it a plus point. It ensures the maintenance of the internal temperature of the oven by circulating the heat to one and off.
  • Rotisserie: A rotisserie is best used for poultry and cuts of beef. It is also called spit-roasting. And as you know, this roasting style involves skewing meat on a spit. The Super General gas cooker is equipped with an oven tray and a rotisserie.
  • Large Oven Cavities: You can prepare bread, casseroles, and cakes quickly due to the practical oven tray and the large oven cavities of this cooking range. These gas ovens are extremely efficient and also heat rapidly.
  • Glass Top-Lid: When the oven is not in use, the glass top-lid serves as a cover for all the burners. And when the oven is in use, it serves as a practical splash shield which is extremely handy while making sauces or cooking any dish with oil.
  • Euro-Pool Burner: This gas cooker features a total of 5 high-quality Euro-Pool burners which helps you prepare meals in no time.
  • Cast-Iron Grid: The Super General cooking range is equipped with cast-iron grids. These retain more heat, last longer, and also provide you with better non-stick properties.
  • Easy to Clean: The cast-iron grids are also easy to clean. All you need to do is soak them in water for a couple of minutes. Then, make use of some olive oil as well as a paper towel.
  • Push Button Knobs: The freestanding gas ovens are equipped with push-button knobs. These add to the design and aesthetics of this cooking range and are also easy to use.
  • Auto-Ignition: Auto-ignition is a safer alternative since you need to turn the knob to ignite the gas burner. So, a lot easier and safer than you think.
  • Price: Purchase the Super General Gas Cooker with 5 Burners for an estimated cost of AED 1,420.

Rank 3: Whirlpool Electric Cooker

Model: ACMT6533/IX/2
Type: Electric Cooking Range

  • Convenient to Use: Cook for your family in a flash even on a busy day with the help of this Whirlpool Electric Cooking range. It has 4 radiant cooking zones that allow you to multitask with great ease. In addition, is an oven space that you need not monitor, but simply set the timer for.
  • Frozen Bake Technology: Skip preheating and cook frozen foods like pizza and lasagna with preprogrammed settings that automatically adjust cooking times for you.
  • Flex Heat Dual Radiant: Get two elements in one with this handy range. A 6-inch inner ring that’s great for smaller pots and pans and a 9-inch expandable outer ring that makes room for larger cookware. So whether you are cooking for 2 or 20 your dishes come out spectacularly with even heat dispersion.
  • Price: Bring home the Whirlpool electric cooker for an estimated cost of AED 2,410.

Rank 4: Nikai Gas Cooking Range 4-burners

Model: U6068FSE1
Type: Gas Cooking Range

  • Special Feature: This Nikai Gas Cooking Range is special as it helps you bake your favourite cakes and desserts. Still, it works great for cooking regular meals in a jiffy.
  • Catalytic Cleaning Feature: This works on absorbing food remains and oxidizing them when the oven is working at over 200°C. This ensures that your oven will be clean at all times.
  • Bakelite Stainless Steel Black Knobs: A big thanks to the bakelite stainless steel black knobs. It helps you switch on and switch off the burners and also adjust the heat.
  • 4 Cup Burners: With the help of these 4-cup burners, you can cook multiple dishes simultaneously. Thus, saving you time and helping you combat the early morning rush.
  • Integrated Oven: Featuring an integrated oven below the burner section. The oven of this Nikai cooking range is equipped with grill, bake and rotisserie functions. You can prepare more and try out various recipes as it offers you more cooking and baking options.
  • Sleek Look: Featuring a matte stainless steel finish and silver along with silver sides that offer a sleek look.
  • Value for Money: This cooking range equipped with 4 burners is available at a price of around AED 980.

Rank 5: Super General Gas Cooker with 4 Burners

Model: SGC 6470MSFS

  • Cook like a Masterchef: This high-quality freestanding 4 burner gas oven makes it easy for you to cook like a Masterchef. That too in the comfort of your own kitchen at any time.
  • Large Oven Cavities: The large oven cavities help you in preparing bread, casseroles and cakes easily and quickly. Besides this is also the practical oven tray of this cooking range that contributes to the same. These gas ovens are extremely efficient and also heat rapidly.
  • Practical Drawer Element: Beneath the oven is a practical drawer element that aids you in organizing your accessories, as well as, your utensils for the purpose of cooking.
  • Push Button Knob: This cooking range consists of push-button knobs which make it easy for you to use this appliance.
  • Automatic Ignition: A much safer alternative as it helps you to minimize accidents and operational mishaps.
  • Ensures Durability: While looking out for a suitable kitchen appliance, there are two factors/terms that we start checking for or we are more concerned about. These factors/terms include durability and being long-lasting. Since this Super General cooking range is made from premium quality heavy-duty steel, it ensures durability and reliability for several years to come.
  • Space-saving: Since this cooking range occupies very less space in your kitchen, it is perfect for cottages, trailers or efficiency apartments.
  • Glass Top Lid: The glass top lid is of great help when you’re cooking something with too much oil or while preparing sauces. Additionally, it also works as a cover for the burners when you are not using the oven.
  • Price: The Super General Gas Cooker with 4 burners is available for an estimated cost of AED 950.

Cooking Ranges Best Sellers on Amazon.ae

Popular Cooking Range Size and Dimensions in Dubai

When it’s time to remodel the kitchen, dimensions of an appliance play a major role, besides the features and aesthetics. The length and breadth are the most important to check for when it comes to cooking range size and dimensions. The most common dimension of cooking ranges in UAE is 60cm x 60cm. This is the most ideal dimension that fits in any kitchen in UAE. You can select a gas variant or an electric one whichever suits your lifestyle best. It has 4 burners to offer you an amazing cooking experience.

In the end, it’s totally your choice and comfort. Besides the above-mentioned dimension of 60cm x 60cm, there are cooking ranges available in other dimensions too. The next popular cooking range dimension is 90cm x 60cm. This will fit into your kitchen’s design with ease. Equipped with 5 burners, this too is available in the gas as well as an electric variant. Further cooking range dimensions of 50cm x 50cm, 55cm x 55cm, and 55cm x 50cm exist, although not that popular. These are comparatively smaller in size and ideal for small families. Nuclear families consisting of 3 to 4 members will benefit from these cooking ranges.

The height of these cooking ranges is usually 85cm. But to add to your convenience, adjustable feet are available. Enhance your cooking experience with these comfortable adjustable feet. All the 4 feet on your cooking range are adjustable. You can adjust the feet 1/4″ to 1/2″ inch up or down. This varies from model to model. Remove the storage drawer, in order to make an adjustment in any of the feet. With the help of a wrench or pliers, turn the legs/feet clockwise to raise the leg. In order to lower it, turn it anti-clockwise. Now that you know about the popular cooking range size and dimensions. Purchasing the best cooking range in UAE is simpler.

Freestanding vs Slide-in Cooking Range

Understanding the differences between a freestanding and slide-in cooking range will help you figure out which one fits better in your kitchen. The main differences lie in their installation, control location and cleanability. This will help you select the best cooking range in UAE.

Freestanding Cooking Range

Firstly, freestanding ranges consist of a back guard with the oven controls as well as the burner controls. They are designed in order to be stand-alone or be installed directly within your cabinetry. In addition to this, they have finished sides. Hence, they are a little more flexible with the installation. The control panel on top of the device is a few inches tall. It is of great help as it gives you the ability to control the oven below and is located at the back of the range. Moreover, the freestanding cooking range can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. Further, considering the price and budget, a freestanding range proves to be a little cheaper compared to its counterpart. Since the freestanding range is easy to install and replace, it is more commonly used in Dubai and affordable too.

Slide-in Cooking Range

On the other hand, slide-in ranges feature the burner and oven controls upfront. Although it is much similar to its freestanding counterpart. In addition to this, they are a little bit wider on top to overlap the countertop. They are comparatively flat too. Thus, creating a built-in look in your kitchen. Slide-in ranges have their own benefits which include style and easy to clean and maintain functionality. The food and crumbs can’t drip down the sides, unlike the freestanding range. Although freestanding and slide-in ranges require a 30-inch cabinet modelling. Slide-in models, however, have unfinished sides, unlike freestanding ranges.

Cooking Range Safety

Electric cooktops take time to heat up and take longer to cool down. As a matter of fact, there are chances of burning by accident. When it comes to temperature control, there can be sudden spills on the iron coil or glass-ceramic top. This is because temperature control is difficult in electric cooktops. Besides this, the electric elements get really hot and retain high levels of heat even after being turned off. The maximum temperature that an electric cooktop is found to reach is 741.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it takes very long to cool the electric cooktop down and to switch from high heat to low heat.

Gas cooktops aren’t faster, but it definitely cools off faster after cooking or reheating your food. Although gas cooktops have an open flame, you can adjust it how much you want. When you light a gas burner, it offers instant heat which you can adjust low or high. Moreover, it responds immediately by altering the temperature. Moreover, while using a gas cooktop, you’re adjusting a flame that is visible to you. Thus it is easier for fine control.

Avoid touching the oven surface as the heating elements will be hot. The interior surfaces of the oven become hot enough to cause burns. While using and even after you finish using it, do not touch it. Besides this, don’t let clothing or other flammable materials come in contact with the heating materials. Keep children away from it, not just the exterior but also the interior surfaces of the oven. Until and unless the appliance had a sufficient amount of time to cool. Be careful of the other surfaces of the appliance too. This is because it gets hot enough to cause burns. Among these surfaces are the oven vent openings, oven doors and the windows of these oven doors. Therefore, you really need to keep mischievous children away from this.

Induction Cooktops – Pros and Cons

This section will give you a complete view of the pros and cons of using an Induction cooktop. It will guide you in purchasing the best cooking range in UAE. Let’s discuss the safety, controls, features, budget, and the cookware needed in using the same.


Indeed, there are many great things about an induction cooktop. It can work wonders and make your life easier. Let’s see how.

Safe to Use

The best thing about an induction cooktop is that there is no risk of burning since there is no flame. The heating element emits no radiant heat to the cookware hence they are safer to use. In an induction cooktop, the cookware is the only heat source. Further, you can easily switch it on and off. Since the induction remains cool in other parts, accidentally touching it won’t cause any burns. In addition to this, there is no fear of gas leaks. You don’t have to worry about the gas fumes or leaving the electric socket on. This is because it will only work with cookware on top. Moreover, the built-in sensors will automatically switch off this appliance if an empty cooking vessel is kept on it.

Precise Temperature Control

Induction cooktops are known to heat up immediately and cool down quickly. Thus, they are highly responsive and can be considered as the best cooking range in UAE. In addition to this, induction has a better temperature control in comparison to the electric cooktop. This is because the strength of the electromagnetic field can be controlled easily. You can use induction to cook at low temperatures (including simmer) for a longer time. The maximum temperature of an induction cooktop was found to reach 665.5 degrees Fahrenheit. An induction cooktop works best when you need to cook quickly. Similarly, it offers consistency in cooking for a long duration.


An induction cooktop requires a higher initial investment and induction friendly cookware. Below lies the in-depth information on the same.


In order to buy a good quality induction cooktop, you will have to shell out more money. The initial cost of purchasing will be very expensive. Nowadays, due to the well-known benefits of cooktops, the prices have relatively reduced. Another reason is its superior cooking technology. Besides the initial cost of purchasing and installing the induction, you need to purchase induction friendly cookware. This cookware can be very expensive as it should contain ferrous materials like iron and stainless steel. Thus adding up to your cost. Above all, you need special tools and equipment to repair an induction cooktop. It relies completely on solid-state circuitry. With all these points it is clear that

Requires Induction Specific Cookware

As a matter of fact, induction cooktops can’t heat copper, aluminium, glass or ceramic. This is due to the failure of the magnetic field to produce a concentrated current. Therefore, induction cookware requires cookware of ferrous materials such as cast iron, enamelled cast iron and stainless steel. In addition to this, the cookware must have a flat bottom for full contact with the surface. It should be smooth and magnetic too. In some cases, the cast iron cookware has a rough base and may cause many scratches to the induction surface. In this case, you can use a parchment paper in between the cast iron cookware and the induction surface. Keep aluminium, glass and copper cookware away as these can’t be used at all for inductions.

The Science Behind a Cooking Range

This section will explain in detail the science behind the working of a cooking range. We know that skill plays a crucial role in cooking. However, skill is not the only thing that can make you a great cook. The ingredients that you select and add, the recipes that you follow, and the pans and pots that you utilize make an impact on your cooking. Unfortunately, even these can vary. The one constant is the best cooking range in UAE. Read further to know the working of a gas cooking range.

Working of a Gas Cooking Range Explained

A gas stove burner consists of a burner assembly. This is attached to a small gas valve which in turn is connected to the main gas line. What happens on turning the knob is that the intake valve opens and the gas flows through a venturi tube. A venturi tube is a wide pipe that narrows in the middle. The gas enters through one of the wide ends and its pressure increases as it passes into the narrowed section. The section where the pipe widens again has a small air hole. The pressure releases as the gas moves into this section. Thereby sucking oxygen into the air hole.

Further, the oxygen mixes with the gas thus making it combustible. Also, the oxygen-gas mixture flows into the burner. To increase the flow of gas and air, you need to turn the knob to a higher heat setting. The flame gets larger after doing this. Gas burners can work with both natural gas or propane. Both, natural gas as well as propane are hydrocarbon fuels. Their content of hydrogen makes the gas flame appear blue. A yellow or orange flame means that there is an excess of oxygen and a slightly cooler temperature. The orange colour of the flame comes from unburned carbon.

The tips of the flames on a gas burner can naturally appear yellow-orange, especially where the flame is cooler. However, if the entire flame appears yellow then the ratio of gas to oxygen is extremely low. And the gas burner or the intake valve may be clogged might need cleaning as it may be clogged.

Popular Cooking Range Brands in UAE

The following are some of the best and well-known cooking range brands in UAE. I have penned down some points on brand history, appliances they deal with, and more.


Robert Bosch in short known as Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany. This company was found by Robert Bosch in the year 1886, hence the name. A Bosch cooking range will definitely make a difference around your kitchen. Moreover, service is their quality, no matter what and when. They provide outstanding service both before as well as after the purchase. You will discover not just quality, but also perfection and reliability in their appliances. Bosch cooking range makes cooking a totally de-stressing experience for you. Enjoy the impeccable design, high-efficiency levels and great performance along with the safety provided.


The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. It is headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States. As a matter of fact, Whirlpool designs cooking appliances engineered with advanced technology. Thus, making it easier for you to care for your family. Whether you’re preparing a birthday dinner, whipping up comfort food, baking a cake and more. You need appliances that help you to care for your family every day. Their collection of cooking range appliances is designed to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. In order to provide the best experience no matter what you’re making. Whirlpool’s line of cooking ranges has the combination of capacity and flexibility that is essential for the cooktop to handle whatever the day brings. The innovative cooking technology gives you accurate control whether you’re baking, broiling or simmering.


Nikai is a brand that offers reliability throughout. Nikai’s success is due to the fact that it is one of the very few brands that have a dedicated local service center. This famous Nikai brand is led by the visionary and diplomat-turned-entrepreneur Paras Shahdadpuri. In addition to this, the record turnaround time is 72 hours within the notification. They have been able to delight all their customers in UAE, and other parts of the world too. Cook and bake to perfection with the Nikai cooking range. The complete range of products is available in over 60+ countries.


Cooking is fun and easy with Midea’s power-packed line of small cooking appliances. Midea Global was established in the year 1958. Midea is known to create a better life in homes across the world. Mr. He Xiangijan is the founder of Midea Group. From cooking ranges to pressure cookers, slow cookers, air fryers, and rice cookers. The list of appliances and products under each of these categories is unending. It offers diversified products comprising consumer appliances. These appliances are mainly kitchen appliances, refrigerators, laundry appliances, and various small home appliances. As a matter of fact, Midea is committed to improving lives by clinging to the principle of “Creating Value for Customers”. That was the year in which it stood alone as the first washing machine manufacturer in China. It is the world’s leading technologies group in consumer appliances.


Electrolux AB is a Swedish multinational home appliance manufacturer, headquartered in Stockholm. As a matter of fact, it is ranked as the world’s second-largest appliance maker by units sold after Whirlpool. The brand Electrolux is known to shape living for the better by reinventing taste, care, and well-being experiences. Thus making life more enjoyable and sustainable for millions of people. Unlock your creativity with the Electrolux cooking range appliances.

Reduce, simmer, boil and melt at the same time with their versatile electric ranges. The possibilities are endless with Electrolux and are yours to explore. Now, you can whip up any dish with their cooktops. Moreover, it works with 3 different sizes of cookware. Get repeat requests for your food items with these amazing appliances. It has the latest features such as Glide 2 Set control panel. This enables you to change the temperature with a swipe of your finger.

Cooking Range FAQ’s

What is a cooking range?

Basically, a cooking range is a stove with added advantages. It has room for cooking several different things at one time. Baking your favourite cake as well as grilling meats simultaneously is possible.

What is the price of a cooking range?

Firstly, the price depends on whether it is a gas cooking range or an electric cooking range. Secondly, it depends upon the oven size and the number of burners. The features it possesses such as the Rotisserie function also matter a lot. The price range is usually between AED 1000 – AED 3000.

What is a cooking range used for?

It is a fact that cooking ranges are a boon to combat the early morning rush. It is an ideal appliance for working women who have to cook multiple dishes. Likewise, one can make breakfast, as well as, bake a cake simultaneously without any hassle. Additionally, it can be used for grilling meats and preparing paneer tikkas and kebabs.

Where to buy a cooking range in UAE?

Buy cooking range appliances online on Amazon.ae at affordable prices. You can save time and effort by browsing online. Select one of your choice depending on your budget and requirements.

How is cooking range different from cooktop or hub?

With the help of a cooking range, you can prepare a number of dishes at a time. On the contrary, a cooktop is a drop-in unit that offers many similar functions as that of a cooking range. The difference is that it doesn’t include an oven below, although it is similar in size to a cooking range. However, both will accomplish the same task. To clear your doubts, consider reading Dubai homes: cooking range or cooktop article.

So, Crank Up the Heat

In today’s world with such little time to spare, we all need a cooking range that is good at multitasking. So many dishes to prepare in the least amount of time, we rely on a good cooking range. With more knowledge about the best cooking range in UAE, you now can make an informed decision. Consider the options and information above.

The perfect cooking range is one that suits your requirements by keeping the budget in mind. You never need to compromise on performance and quality especially when it comes to enjoying a wholesome meal. Bon Appetit! Consider reading the best cooking range hood in UAE to improve the ventilation in your kitchen.

Best Induction Cooker in UAE – Features & Brands Compared [2024]

The best induction cooker in UAE is something you should be on the prowl for. Homes over the years have reduced gas connection and have switched over to electric cooking ranges for a number of reasons. While a cooking range can help you prepare meals effortlessly it does come with a couple of limitations. The best induction cooker allows you to cook food without being confined to one area. The small kitchen appliance can be easily transported and is extremely handy if you enjoy travelling/camping or live in a hostel or places with limited kitchen access.

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Induction cookers are a lot safer than conventional stoves as there is no flame or risk of getting burned. The appliance transfers the heat to the utensil in which your food cooks. Well, this is an oversimplified understanding of it.

Induction CookerPowerBurnersCheck Price
Prestige Smart Cook
1800 Watts1 BurnerPrice on Amazon.ae

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How does an induction cooker work?

Electrical induction heats a cooking vessel with the help of heat from an electric heating element. The vessel must be built using a ferromagnetic metal such as cast iron and stainless steel. You see, an induction cooker underneath the ceramic plate conceals a coil of copper wire. When a cooking utensil is placed on top, an alternating electric current is passed through it. This changes the magnetic field and gives an electrical current known as the eddy current. These are loops of electrical current in the conducting material constantly changing from positive to negative.

When it comes to choosing a vessel to cook in, copper and aluminium pans simply won’t do the trick, unless they have a layer at the bottom that makes them magnetic. Induction cookers are clearly smaller than gas ranges that have multiple cooking stations. What do they offer that makes them worth the purchase? This question brings me to the next section.

Pros and cons of an induction cooker

Weighing out the pros and cons of even the best induction cooker in UAE helps you decide whether it is the right appliance for you. This alone can help you understand whether you require an induction cooker or not.


  • Faster: Induction cookers are known to have shorter cooking time. In fact, if you set water to boil it would take 50% less time to boil on induction than on an electric cooking surface.
  • Precise: Due to the flat surface of the utensil and appliance the current runs right through. Improving longevity and ensuring every part of your meal is cooked evenly.
  • Safer: The surface of the induction plate is only heated from contact with the vessel. This reduces the chances of burns significantly.
  • Energy-efficient: Induction hobs transfer about 84% of energy due to their magnetic fields while gas transfers about 74%.
  • Easy to clean: Induction cookers are small and compact. They are simple to clean and do not require you to deal with tough stains that accompany gas ranges. They also are easy to maintain and are easily moveable, so you can clean underneath with ease.


  • Needs special cookware: You need ferromagnetic utensils in order to cook as it uses magnetic fields to operate. This means you may need to invest in a separate set of utensils. Not to mention induction cookers are not the cheapest. The setup is likely to cost you a little more than an electric or gas stove.
  • Flat bottom cookware: Since the base is flat and heat is generated from the coil, even ferromagnetic utensils that do not have flat surfaces do not work too well. There is a chance that they may slip or have food cooked unevenly.
  • No area to protect spillage: Unlike other hobs, on an induction cooker it’s easy to mess up your kitchen floor or countertop. If you over boil or overcook food then the spilt amount runs straight down as there is no place for it to go.

Now that you have a clearer picture of what you’re signing up for when you buy the best induction cooker in UAE, take a look at the top pick.

Prestige Smart Cook

  • Watts: The cooker comes with 1800W of power used to prepare a variety of dishes.
  • Weight: It weighs only 2.8kg which is rather light making it easy to move about. You can have it in your kitchen one moment and then in the car heading to a cookout at the next.
  • Burners: The appliance comes with a single burner.
  • Child Safety: Yes the appliance has an auto shut down feature when a cooking pot is not detected. Even though food should never be left unattended while cooking it has a timer feature that you can use if you have mini errands to run. It comes with a lock feature so that even if your child gets their hands on it, they cant injure themselves.
  • Touch Control: The touch control panel has four buttons neatly spaced out. It is in a sleek black colour that is both functional and pleasant to look at. The display helps you see your current settings with the temperature adjustment buttons on either side.
  • Price: You can add this Prestige Smart Cook Induction Cooktop to your kitchen for an estimated cost of AED 190.

Choosing the right induction cooker

If you think investing in an induction cooker is worth it then we are on the same page. However, making a choice shouldn’t be impulsive. Despite going through the rankings above there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before taking the plunge.

Smallest induction cookers begin from a size of 30cm. This can hold a maximum of two cooking zones. On the other end of the spectrum, the largest induction cooker reaches up to 90cm. As you can imagine, it is common to find ones in the middle at 60cm while offering you two cooking zones.
If you intend on replacing an old cooktop with the best induction cooker in UAE, be sure to measure the available space in your kitchen. If you are living in a shared apartment or hostel room, I would recommend one of a smaller size that you can keep in your room.

Touch controls
Instead of knobs, induction cookers have touch control. Undoubtedly they too contribute to a more futuristic look but their presence goes well beyond aesthetics. With a portable piece of equipment, knobs could get easily damaged rendering your appliance useless. Touch the glass to change temperatures and select a cooking mode with just one finger. As a bonus, they are much simpler to clean and blend well with your kitchen.

Auto-switch off
One of the most appealing features is the auto-switch off function. Based on the mode you select, the appliance shuts itself down if it detects the utensil has spilt over or run dry. Keep your eye open as the best induction cooker in UAE is one that has an auto-switch off feature when it detects that the utensil is not resting on the cooker surface. This really boosts safety and avoids accidental damage.

Pan detection
A default feature in most induction cookers. Pan detection allows the appliance to identify the size and shape of the utensil placed upon it. This heavily contributes to the energy efficiency measure claimed.

The feature is reserved mainly for advanced models. The timer function allows you to program the best induction cooker in UAE to switch off / reduce the temperature at a specified time. This gives you room to focus on other items that you wish to prepare.

Child lock
Certain modes come fitted with a child lock. This is an added safety feature but at no point should your utensil or child be left unsupervised near the induction cooker.

Induction Cooker FAQs

How does an induction cooker heat without a flame?

An induction cooker contains a coil of copper wire under the ceramic plate. When a ferromagnetic utensil is placed on top, an alternating electric current is passed through it.

Does one need special utensils for the induction cooker?

An induction cooker cannot cook food in just about any utensil. Glass, copper or aluminium pans simply don’t work. You need a ferromagnetic utensil in order to cook food. This means pots and pans made out of cast iron and stainless steel. If you intend on sticking to aluminium and copper then ensure you coat them with a layer to make them magnetic. You can search for induction-compatible cookware.

Is the induction cooker surface hot when touched?

Since the surface of an induction cooker doesn’t get hot, people can touch it without getting burned. In addition, it also means that if you spill sauce or other liquids onto the cooking surface, it won’t burn, making cleaning easier.

Is the induction cooker more economical than a gas cooker?

There are two parts to this question. Induction cookers are far more efficient at energy consumption than both gas and electric cooktops. They cook food faster and lose less heat in the process. However, they do come with an increased price tag. Yet with off-late price has become less of an obstacle with multiple offers and financing options.

Just how fast is an induction cooker?

To boil 5 gallons of water, a 12,000-BTU gas burner takes roughly 36 minutes. Now an 1800-Watt induction cooker can do that in a mere 22 minutes.

Are there any accessories?

You can add pieces of equipment such as drop-in units that are installed directly into the cooker or slide-in units.

Gas-free Cooking

A bonus you eliminate the daily exposure to flames and its byproducts that can affect the health of an individual over the years. Carbon monoxide does not pollute your home when you adopt induction cooking. The best induction cooker in UAE isn’t one with a single burner or 2 burners. It also isn’t one that weighs less when compared to another. The best induction cooker in UAE is simply one that fits your exact cooking needs. If you are someone who is always mobile then choose a smaller cooker that is easy to carry around.

If most of your meal prep happens in a single location then you can go for a larger and heavier appliance since it won’t be moved about enough. Be sure to invest in induction-compatible cookware if you’ve decided to buy an induction cooker. Undoubtedly you shall save a lot of time and energy once you bring home the best induction cooker in UAE. Before we wind up, we would also like to show you some of the best electric pressure cookers since they offer uniform distribution of heat. Spend less time cooking and more time with your family.

Best Gas Stove or Hob in UAE – In-built Vs Free Standing [2024]

I hate food, said NOBODY ever! With the best gas stove or hob UAE, you can cook scrumptious meals quickly and easily. After exploring through 100+ freestanding gas stove and in-built hob options, we found that brands such as Bosch, Hitachi, Teka and more are best in class with power-packed functionalities and aesthetics. Each of these appliances consists of 3 to 4 burners, thus benefitting working women since they need to cope up with family responsibilities as well as career. Through this guide, you will get to read some FAQs and also figure out how to make the right choice with some factors to consider. Remember, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

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Best In-Built Gas Hob UAE – Quick List

Gas HobNo. of BurnersWeightDimensions (WxDxH)Check Price
Teka 515 Kgs86 x 50 x 3.3 cmPrice on Amazon.ae

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Best Free Standing Gas Stove UAE – Quick List

Gas StoveNo. of BurnersWeightDimensions (WxDxH)Check Price
38 Kgs75.5 x 42.5 x 11 cmPrice on Amazon.ae

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Free Standing Stove Vs In-Built Hob

So what’s the difference between a free-standing stove and an in-built hob? Let’s begin the best gas stove or hob UAE with the most important question. Understanding the difference is of utmost importance especially if you’re planning a new kitchen. And also if you are renovating your old one. A free-standing stove is a stove with a frame that is placed on top of the counter. It is most commonly used since it is portable. On the other hand, the in-built hob is permanently fixed inside the kitchen countertop with screws. Hence, you need to keep in mind the ease of use, efficiency and maintenance while purchasing the best gas stove or hob UAE. Since this is required for the smooth functioning of the appliance.

Which one to opt depends on your requirements and lifestyle. Hence, it’s all your choice. A freestanding gas stove is easy to install, easy to clean, and less expensive. However, it looks bulky, especially in small kitchens. On the other hand, an in-built hob offers a seamless look. A special feature of in-built hob is that it’s available in both gas as well as electric variants. They are available in standard sizes such as 60 cm for 4 burners and 90 cm for 5 burners. Additionally, these hobs come with special features like alarm systems and timers. They are programmed thus preventing overcooking and burning of food. In-built hobs are slightly expensive in comparison to freestanding gas stoves.

Best In-Built Gas Hob in UAE

Now that we have seen the differences between both types. Let’s begin with the best in-built gas hobs in UAE. Read through all the features and check the budget too of each appliance. This will give you a clear idea and help you make the right purchase. Furthermore, the images will help you decide which one will better suit your kitchen.

Rank 1: Teka 90 cms Built-in Gas Hob

  • Cast Iron Cooking Grids: The cooking grids of this built-in gas hob is made of cast iron and are well adjusted thus featuring a professional look. These are incredibly durable, strong and tough.
  • Extra Large Pan Surface: As the name says, an extra-large pan surface indicates that you can cook a large amount of food in it without overcrowding the pan. Additionally, it also provides greater heat retention due to the fact that more material is available to hold the heat.
  • Auto-ignition: The best part about this feature is that you don’t have to worry if the lighter is not working or if you are running out of matchsticks. Auto-ignition automatically ignites the high-efficiency burners of your built-in gas hob.
  • Auto-Lock Safety Device: Once the ignition is turned on, this technology automatically locks this built-in gas hob after it reaches a certain temperature and a set interval of time to avoid accidents.
  • 5 Cooking Zones: This built-in gas hob features a total of 5 cooking zones which include 1 double ring burner (4.00 kW), 1 fast burner (2.8 kW), 2 semi-fast burners (1.75 kW), and 1 auxiliary burner (1kW).
  • Frontal Knobs: The frontal knobs are metallic and glossy black.
  • Value for Money: This built-in gas hob is very convenient to use and has a powerful ring in the centre. Plus, the knobs are installed vertically.
  • Price: Teka 90 cms Built-in Gas Hob is available for an estimated cost of AED 2,100.

Best Free Standing Gas Stove in UAE

For all those in UAE who prefer purchasing a freestanding gas stove for their kitchen. Below lie 2 best freestanding gas stove in UAE. These are ideal for bachelors, couples and families consisting of 3 members.

Rank 1: Geepas Triple Burner Gas Cooker

Model: GK6759

  • Automatic Ignition System: This appliance has an automatic ignition functionality. Autoignition mode has an in-built igniting option that works through a battery. No need for a gaslighter or lighted matchstick. All you need to do is turn the knob in a particular position.
  • Glass Top: The break-resistant glass cooktop of 8mm thickness is not only durable but also extremely attractive. It’s capable of withstanding extreme heat. Additionally, the powder-coated body is heat retardant. This indicates that there’s no emission of heat when you stand near it while cooking your food.
  • Fuel-Efficient: This gas stove comes with 3 fuel-efficient brass burners that give out a high-efficiency blue flame and function with LPG.
  • Heavy Cast Iron Mixing Tube: A big thanks to the heavy cast iron mixing tube as it adds safety as well as speed to cooking.
  • Price: Geepas Triple Burner Gas Cooker is available for an estimated cost of AED 170.

Choosing the Right Gas Stove or Hob

While choosing the right gas stove or hob. There are certain things or factors that you need to consider. Here is a list of all of them. You can consider this as a buying guide before you make your purchase. Moreover, it will make your work easier of hunting for the best gas stove or hob UAE.

Number of Burners

This is one of the most important factors you need to consider while purchasing the best gas stove or hob UAE. The number of burners depends upon your family size and the amount of food you cook. So, if you cook a minimum of 4 dishes daily. Then a 4 burner gas stove or hob is a must. Also, if your family consists of more than 3 members then you should purchase one with 4 burners. A family consisting of 5 or more members should opt for the 5 burner gas stove or hob. Especially if more than 1 member will be using the gas stove or hob at the same time to cook.

A family consisting of 3 members can purchase the 3 burners gas stove or hob. However, for a working woman who’s in a rush to prepare breakfast as well as lunch to carry to your workplace. Then a 4 burner gas stove or hob will suit you best. Besides cooking, a gas stove or hob with more than 3 burners is essential. If you want to heat the food simultaneously, thus saving time and effort.

Type of Ignition

There exist 2 types of ignition. The first is the manual ignition and the second is the auto-ignition mode. If you’re using the manual ignition. Then you need a gas lighter or a lighted matchstick to ignite the gas stove. On the other hand, the auto-ignition modes come with an in-built igniting option. And works through a battery. Therefore, when you adjust the knob in a particular position, you get a spark. Hence, you don’t need a gas lighter or lighted matchstick if you’re using the auto-ignition mode. As a matter of fact, the auto-ignition mode is safer in comparison to the manual mode. This is because you don’t have to rely on your timing while using the matchstick or lighter.

Also the latest gas stoves, gas hobs and cooktops have the auto-ignition mode. Further, ensure you change the battery after a span of time. If you don’t do so, then you may not be able to use the auto-ignition mode. Besides this, there are chances of the battery leaking. However, it won’t affect the stove in any way. Neither will it cause any damage to it, nor will it cause any change in its performance. The only thing is that you will have to switch to the manual mode until you replace the batteries.


When it comes to material, some metallic gas stoves are made of aluminium, brass, or stainless steel. However, nowadays the modern-day gas stoves have ergonomically designed heat-control knobs, and shatter-proof tops. Additionally, they have high-efficiency brass burners, sturdy pan support features, powder-coated sheet metal base. Spill-proof designs and stainless steel dip trays add to it.


Most of the older gas tops had a simple look as they had nothing besides the burners. But, today you get to see the best features when it comes to the design in gas stoves and hobs. The tough glass countertop, stylish glass finish, match the looks of your modular kitchen. Also, you get to see more aesthetic designs such as elegant black designs. These add to the look of your kitchen.

Gas Saving

The burners should emit an even flame as that’s the most efficient thing. Always remember, burners which don’t give out strong flames consume more gas. Therefore, ensure the burners give out a blue-colour, robust flame.

Gas Inlet Connection

It’s always better to go for a gas stove or hob that suits your kitchen. Instead of making changes to your kitchen platform. Hence, make sure of the position of the gas inlet in your kitchen before you purchase a gas stove or hob. Or else you will have to make structural changes to your kitchen.

Safety Tips for Gas Stoves

Although making use of gas stoves to cook your meals is easy and safe, you need to keep in mind certain safety tips. We have penned down all the safety tips and precautions to keep you well informed. Consider all these tips for a safe and convenient cooking experience in UAE.

  1. Switch off the corresponding knob BEFORE removing the hot utensil or dish from the burner.
  2. Never allow your children to enter or play in the kitchen while you’re cooking. Also, don’t allow them to touch the gas stove and the hot utensils.
  3. Anytime, if you feel that the gas is leaking or if you start getting the smell (gas leakage) then immediately turn off the control knobs. Secondly, open all the windows in your house. Thirdly, don’t switch on the lights and fans till the gas smell goes away.
  4. Contact your gas dealer for help if you’re finding it difficult to connect the stove to the gas cylinder. Also, never connect the stove to the gas cylinder if you are not sure how to do so. This is because it can cause leakage if you don’t connect it the right way.
  5. Ensure that you and your family members never place any plastic bowls, cardboard boxes and other non-cooking equipment on the burners of the gas stove.
  6. To be on the safer side, close the cylinder valve when the gas stove is not in use.
  7. In order to clean the burners and the pan supports, remove them from the gas stove and then begin your task. Soak the burners and the pan supports in hot water containing liquid soap.
  8. Never use flammable sprays, aerosols and liquids to clean a gas stove.
  9. After you finish washing the burners, keep them for drying under sunlight. Once they dry completely, place them in their position on the gas stove.
  10. Avoid heating or boiling the food for a prolonged time as it can put out the flame which in turn can increase the chances of explosion.
  11. For safe handling of the gas stove and to use it appropriately, ensure you thoroughly read the manual and the booklet provided. In addition, always follow all the instructions and the warnings provided by the manufacturer.
  12. If you sense gas leakage and get the smell, then don’t light cigarettes or any other flammable things. Not even the gas stove. Since this can be extremely hazardous
  13. Suppose a burner gets clogged, make use of a straight pin or opened paper clip to unclog each hole of the burner.
  14. Don’t ever line the burners or cover the burners with foil since it can inhibit airflow to the burners.

Warnings Associated with Built-in Gas Hobs

1. Gas Poisoning

While using the gas hob, ensure you open the windows or turn on the exhaust fan for good ventilation around your gas hob. Note that if you are using the gas hob for prolonged hours in a closed kitchen with no ventilation then it may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Fire

In case you haven’t placed a pan on the gas hob or if you have placed an empty pan (without any food) on the gas hob then do not ignite it. This is because it may lead to overheating which can cause the extraction hood over the gas hob to be damaged. Or, even cause a fire if the residual grease in the extraction hood is ignited.

3. Explosion

Suppose you detect a gas leakage while operating the gas hob, then immediately turn off the indoor main gas valve. Next, open the windows and doors for ventilation. Also, don’t use matchsticks or lighters at this time. The flame that the gas hob gives out after you light it at this time may ignite the residual gas in the room and cause an explosion. In case of a leakage, contact your local service centre immediately.

4. Burns

Never allow kids to stand near the gas hob when it is in use. Even when the gas hob is turned off, it remains very hot for some time which can be very dangerous to you as well as your kids if they are around. Hence, you need to avoid touching the supports, hot burners, and the faceplate around the burners with your hands and not let it come in contact with any other part of your body. Also, while using the gas hob, avoid external air since it can extinguish the flame and even cause uneven heating. Further, when you cook food with animal fats and vegetable oils, you need to be extra vigilant as overheating oil in the pan can cause a fire.

If it so happens that overheated oil causes a fire then immediately use an iron pot lid or any other large metal object to cover the fire. Also, turn off the indoor gas valve. Avoid using water to grease fire or put out the oil. This will help you in keeping accidents at bay. Lastly, if the burner is extinguished, regardless of the reason. Simply turn it off and wait for at least one minute before reigniting the burner. If you notice something strange or experience any unusual sound from your gas hob then contact your local service centre.

Best Ways to Clean Built-in Gas Hobs – Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Glass

A very important section that you can’t afford to skip once you purchase the best gas stove or hob UAE. Ensure you read through it carefully.

Tools you Need for Cleaning a Stainless Steel Gas Hob

First and foremost, you need a bucket to soak the removable parts of your hob. Although you can clean these removable parts in your sink, it is easier to do so in a large bucket. Next, you need a multi-surface cleaner to loosen any grime or burnt food. Further, to clean the body of the hob, you need a soft microfibre cloth. If you don’t have a soft microfibre cloth then you can use a very soft cloth so that it doesn’t leave scratches.

To target those hard to reach areas on your stainless steel gas hob, you can utilise a toothbrush or any other small and soft brush. Additionally, you will need a soft scrubber to remove the lingering dirt from the rings, burners and grate. Lastly, you will need a dry rag to just wipe it once you are done cleaning the hob and baby oil to make it sparkle.

Step by Step Process to Clean a Stainless Steel Gas Hob

  • Firstly, remove the burners, grate and rings.
  • Secondly, soak the burners, grate and rings in a mixture of dish soap and hot water and also set it to one side.
  • Make use of the multi-surface cleaner to spray it on the stainless steel hob. Ensure you leave it on for a minute or two.
  • Next, wipe down your hob with a soft microfibre cloth or any other non-abrasive cloth.
  • Then, target the difficult to reach areas and spots with your toothbrush.
  • Further, wipe away any debris and buff the hob with a dry cloth.
  • A soft scrubber is something you need to use to clean any remaining dirt from the rings, burners and grate.
  • Dry the rings, all the burners and grates properly before you place them back.
  • Lastly, apply a little baby oil to your hob to bring shine and make it look new.

Step by Step Process to Clean a Ceramic Hob

Although ceramic hobs are stunning and add to the beauty of your kitchen, they are a little hard to maintain compared to stainless steel hobs. However, don’t fret as we have penned down easy ways in which you can care for your ceramic hob.

  • Firstly, remove loose debris and clear it off completely.
  • Make use of cleaning fluid that is made for or safe to use on ceramic and glass hobs. Spray your hob with this cleaning fluid and leave it on for some time preferably according to what is specified on the bottle.
  • Further, make use of a microfibre or another soft cloth similar to this to wipe away the cleaning fluid.
  • To target those hard to reach spots and areas, try cleaning them with a scrunched up newspaper.
  • Stop immediately if you notice any scratches appearing on the hob.

Glass Hobs – Cleaning Procedure

As a matter of fact, a glass hob is less delicate (slightly) compared to ceramic hobs. They are easier to maintain than ceramic hobs, but you need to handle them with care as these are also prone to scratches. Hence, you can follow the same steps as that of ceramic hobs to clean glass hobs.

Gas Stove FAQs

In order to keep you well informed and leave you without a doubt, we have penned down certain FAQs before you make use of the best gas stove or hob UAE. We are sure you had at least one or two of these questions in your mind. Ensure you read through all these FAQs without skipping any of these.

What is the standard size of an in-built gas stove or hob in UAE?

The standard size of an in-built 4 burner gas stove or hob is 60 cm. Whereas the standard size for a 5 burner in-built gas stove or hob in UAE is 90 cm.

Which burner is better, brass or aluminium alloy?

Brass burners are better due to their higher thermal efficiency. Since brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, it’s corrosion-resistant. They provide superior heat retention and hence are always better than aluminium alloy. Besides distributing heat more evenly, they also have a higher life span. Additionally, the Tri Pin brass burners ensure even distribution of flames. Thus saving precious fuel.

Why do you have swivelling gas inlets today?

The reason behind having the 360-degree swivelling gas inlets today is as follows. It enables you to place the gas stove or hob anywhere on the kitchen platform. Also, due to this, you don’t have to alter the kitchen structure. Hence, swivelling gas inlets in UAE are very beneficial.

Is the glass top gas stove durable enough?

Yes, the glass top gas stove is durable enough. Today’s stoves come with toughened glass which is heat resistant. This toughened glass has high endurance levels and is therefore durable. Moreover, they are easier to clean and look good.

Which is the better option, manual or auto ignition?

Both manual and auto-ignition are equally efficient. For using the auto-ignition mode, you just need to turn the knob in a particular position. Hence, you don’t need a lighted matchstick or a gas lighter in putting it on, unlike the manual mode. This makes the auto-ignition mode convenient. However, you need to replace the batteries at frequent intervals, since auto-ignition runs on batteries. If you don’t replace the batteries, then you’ll have to switch to the manual mode.

Do I need to change the gas tubes frequently?

Yes, it’s always better and safer to change the gas tubes frequently. Doing this avoids leakage as it can be disastrous.

What colour should the flame on a gas stove be?

The flame on a gas stove should always be blue. A gas stove burner that is adjusted properly burns with a blue flame. However, if the gas stove burner is not adjusted properly then the gas flame will be yellow.

What does orange flame indicate on a gas stove?

If you notice an orange flame instead of a blue flame, then your gas stove burners need cleaning or adjustment. The orange colour is an alert that indicates improper combustion of your gas stove. This improper adjustment emits unsafe levels of carbon monoxide gas which can be extremely hazardous.

What to do if the colour of the flame on my gas stove is orange?

If you notice an orange or yellow flame on the burner of your gas stove then you need to clean the burner potholes and also free them of debris. The ignitor also needs to be clean. Generally, cooking grease and spillovers tend to block these openings. This, in turn, affects the colour of the flame. Which is why cleaning the burner potholes, ignitor and freeing them from debris is mandatory from time to time.

Get Cooking!

Purchasing the best gas stove or hob UAE will enable you to cook delicious food items in one go. No need to wait till the previous dish is cooked. Also, no need to wait to reheat the food. You can warm up 4 to 5 food items simultaneously without any hassle. Moreover, no more compromising on career and family responsibilities. Thanks to all the 4 burner gas stove or hob UAE. Also, consider reading about the best cooking range and cooktops for Dubai homes. Another amazing thing you should consider reading is gas stove vs. electric stove in Dubai. This article will help you determine which stove is better for your Dubai home. Impress your guests and relatives with delicious food cooked in less time.

First Look: Siemens Free-standing Electric Cooker Review

Presenting to you a review of the Siemens free-standing electric cooker. Who doesn’t want to enjoy restaurant-style food in the comfort of their own home? Be it breakfast, snacks, lunch, or dinner, this newly released Siemens electric cooker is a professional. With 4 high-speed cooking zones and amazing features, functionalities, and technologies, you will notice your cooking tasks getting easier and easier day by day. All that you need to do is purchase this Siemens electric cooker for your home in UAE.

Before we proceed with the first look and review of the Siemens free-standing electric cooker, we decided to highlight a few points about the Siemens brand. Well, Siemens is the Number 1 home appliances brand in Germany and is one of the world’s largest producers of resource-saving and energy-efficient technologies. Besides cooking ranges, washing machines, dishwashers and a wide range of home appliances, it is also a pioneer in infrastructure and energy solutions. Additionally, it is also a leader in medical diagnosis and a pioneer in automation and software for the industry.

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As a matter of fact, all Siemens appliances make cooking and baking a pleasure. Their convenient functions and innovative technologies take work off your hands. Additionally, they also inspire you to create scrumptious dishes. Moreover, their captivating design and high-end materials set new standards. Get geared with this new release appliance.

Siemens Free-standing Stainless Steel Electric Cooker

Model: HK6L00070M

1. Ceramic Cooktop

Featuring a modern freestanding electric cooker with a ceramic glass cooktop. It is best equipped not just for the purpose of cooking, but also for baking, frying, and roasting.

Benefits of Ceramic Cooktops

  • Counter Space

Two of the biggest benefits of ceramic cooktops include added counter space and the ease with which you can clean them. As a matter of fact, counter space is always at a premium especially when it comes to smaller kitchens. A cooktop or smooth-top stove can add much-needed space.

  • Aesthetics

Another major benefit of ceramic cooktops is that they offer an ultra-modern look. This is because ceramic cooktops hide all those old coiled and ugly heating elements. Thus, giving your kitchen a sleek and modern look as that of an urban home.

2. 4 High-Speed Cooking Zones

The 4 high-speed cooking zones help you cook scrumptious meals in no time. The standard zone of each of these cooking zones is as follows.

  • front left: Standard zone 1.2 KW
  • front right: Standard zone 2.2 KW
  • rear left: Standard zone 1.8 KW
  • rear right: Standard zone 1.2 KW

3. fastPreheat

The fastPreheat function helps the oven reach the required baking temperature sooner. This is an optional function that you need to use especially when you want to heat the oven rapidly. Therefore, the waiting time until your oven is ready is reduced to a minimum. The best part is that it does the job without consuming more energy.

4. 3D hotAir Plus

This mind-blowing feature known as the 3D hotAir Plus offers perfect baking results on up to 3 shelves.

5. Innovative Heat Distribution

Regardless of biscuits, cakes, or pizza on one, two, or three levels at the same time, the innovative heat distribution system inside the oven produces perfect results.

6. 4-Fold Residual Heat Display

This Siemens electric cooker is equipped with a 4-fold residual heat display for each cooking zone to show the ones that are still hot.

7. Cooking Method

With regards to the cooking method, Siemens free-standing electric cooker includes bottom heat, conventional heat, full-width variable grill, and half-width variable grill.

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8. Hydrolytic Cleaning System

Also known as hydrolysis or steam cleaning, the Hydrolytic cleaning system is a simple, quick and ecological cleaning aid. Based on the steam bath effect, this system combines evaporation and condensation. The dirt that is present turns soft which, in turn, makes it detach easily from the appliance. Thus making the cleaning process hassle-free.

9. Drop-down Door

Lastly, this electric cooker is equipped with a drop-down door that closes in a gentle and silent manner.

Key Specifications:-

Built-In or Free StandingFree Standing
Fuel TypeElectric
Material/ColourStainless Steel
Cooktop TypeRadiant
Dimensions (H x W x D)850 x 600 x 600 mm
Number of Burners/Hobs4
User InterfaceKnob Control
Range of Temperature50-275°C
Pan SupportYes
Cooking MethodBottom heat, Conventional heat, Full-width variable grill, Half-width variable grill
Oven Capacity71 Litre
Energy Input9.25 KW
Hook-in Racks/RailsShelf support rails
Telescopic rails retrofittable
Adjustable FeetYes
Accessories1 x Enamel Baking Tray, 1 x Grid, 1 x Universal Pan

Comparison Products

Here are similar cookers from Siemens that we have considered after comparing them with the new release Siemens iQ300 free-standing stainless steel electric cooker. Do check them out. You will get to know how the new release has been upgraded and improved.

Explore the Chef in You!

We are glad that you have made it to the end of this review for the Siemens free-standing electric cooker. Purchase it and see for yourself how convenient and hassle-free it makes your cooking process. Cook, bake, fry, and roast to your heart’s content.

Cooking Ranges in Dubai: Standard Sizes & Measurement Guide

When it comes to cooking ranges in Dubai and their standard sizes, most cooking range styles are 30-inches wide. But, this doesn’t mean that there are no other sizes available. Each individual and family have their own requirements and preferences. In fact, you don’t always have to opt for the standard size. Choosing a cooking range totally depends on one’s lifestyle, the available space and budget. You know your lifestyle and preferences, but do you have the right requirements in mind? Whether you are shifting to a new home or purchasing a new cooking range, you need to be 100% sure about the amount of space available for it in your kitchen and that your cooking range will fit in perfectly there.

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Don’t fret, stay here as we have the answers and solutions to this. We have penned down all of that here in detail. Let’s read step by step.

Cooking Ranges and their Sizes

Consider the different types of cooking ranges including the standard sizes available in Dubai. A space-saving cooking range is as small as 20-inches wide. These are best for those living in apartments or homes where the kitchen space is limited. On the other hand, high-end and professional cooking ranges can be from 36 inches to 60 inches wide. When it comes to the height of cooking ranges, the common height is 36-inches (almost the same height as that of a kitchen countertop). The depth of a cooking range varies depending upon the size and also the size of its door handles.

Gas, as well as electric cooking ranges, are available in various styles i.e. free-standing, slide-in, and drop-in styles. As a matter of fact, each style has its own benefits. The most preferred styles are free-standing and slide-in. A free-standing cooking range works well and suits more in kitchens with limited floor space. It can either stand alone or slide in at the end of a cabinet. Generally, the standard size in terms of the depth for a free-standing cooking range is 25-27 inches deep.

Note that if there are cabinets or a back wall, a free-standing cooking range needs to be about 1-inch away. In other words, there should be a space of 1-inch between the free-standing range and the cabinets or back wall. On the other hand, a slide-in cooking range offers a custom look. A slide-in cooking range will overlap a counter, thus exhibiting a true built-in effect. It should fit securely. Ensure you always check the user manual provided by the manufacturer for specific measurements of a cooking range. Let’s proceed to the most important sections of this article, the measurement guide.

Measuring the Height

To measure the height of your new cooking range, begin measuring from the floor to the top of the cabinet. Or, instead of the top of the cabinet, you can measure it from the floor to the position where the cooktop of your new cooking range will be. Don’t measure to the top of the back of the cooking range. It is crucial for your new cooking range to be level. Without being level, the new cooking range won’t be able to cook any dish properly, no matter how good you are at cooking. Hence, you need to know how to measure a cooking range appropriately.

Since floors can get curved, in other words, they can warp. Therefore, to be on the safer side you’ve got to take 3 measurements. First measurement on the right side, the second measurement in the middle and the third measurement on the left. Once you take these measurements, write them down on a page or note them on your phone. Nowadays, most of the cooking ranges have adjustable legs which, in turn, enable you to level the range so that it can function appropriately. Most importantly, you must allow space in order to prevent any heat damage above the cooktop. Further, for an electric or gas range, you should leave up to 6 inches of space between the cooking surface and the range hood.

Measuring the Width

Okay! So, you need to take 2 measurements in order to get to know the width of the space that is available for your new cooking range. Measure from left to right. Simply place your measuring tape or ruler on the bottom of the space and note down the measurement on a page or on your phone. The next thing that you need to do is measure the width at the top of the opening. You can do this in the same way by making use of your measurement tape. Note down this measurement too. Just in case these two measurements don’t match, then don’t fret. You can use the lower measurement for the width. Also, you can fill in gaps (if any) with cabinet trim. Consider adding 1/4-inch to your width measurement. Your new cooking range should fit well, however, it should slide in easily.

Measuring the Depth

Measuring the depth is simpler. Take your measuring tape or ruler, place one end of it on the back wall of the proposed space. Then, note down this measurement. Ensure you take the measurement to the front of the cabinet only. The door of the oven will extend beyond the opening. But, you don’t have to worry, it is fine. At this point, you don’t need to worry about the handles or knobs. Another crucial cooking range dimensions i.e. one of the most important and you can’t neglect is the amount of space your oven door will need when you open it. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to factor in this.

Think about this, when you open the oven door fully to place any items or remove any of the items, there should be enough room. And for this to be possible, you will need to allow the same by taking the amount of space into consideration. Here is a good rule of thumb. Do you want to know what it is? It is better if you know. Well, this is to allow a gap of 42 inches-48 inches between your cooking range and a cabinet. In addition, if more than 1 person will occupy the kitchen and cook meals, then it is always a better idea to opt for a higher value. In other words, the more the gap, the better.

Be 100% Sure

Did you find this easy? We hope you did. So, the next time you are purchasing a new cooking range or moving into a new home, ensure you follow these steps mindfully. Rightly said, knowing how to measure a cooking range properly is a crucial step in making a great purchasing decision. The next step is figuring out the right size cooking range keeping your lifestyle, available space and budget in mind. A good quality cooking range will serve you for long years to come. So, whether you cook several dishes every single day or only on occasions, we have a cooking range to match your requirements. Do take a look as these cooking ranges are the best ones available in Dubai including the standard sizes.

9 Ways to Extend your Cooking Range Oven Lifespan

In order to extend the lifespan of your cooking range oven, appropriate routine maintenance from time to time is mandatory. Here are 9 ways that will show you how you can reduce the occurrence of common breakdowns and costly replacements. In other words, how you can make this less likely. We know that each and everyone wants to prolong the life of any appliance that they have invested in But not everyone knows how to do so, what to do, what not to do etc. Save your hard earned money by following all these tips.

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1. Don’t Allow a Small Spill to Become a Big Mess

When you spill something on your cooking range, wipe it right away. A slight delay in wiping off spills will need more effort and time for cleaning. If anything sugary spills then clean it while it is still warm else it will stick or be glued to the cooking range. This, in turn, will cause pitting or permanent marks on enamel and porcelain finishes. Therefore, as soon as something spills clean that particular cooking range area with hot and soapy, foamy water and then rinse.

2. Clean/Replace Oven Vent Filters and Drip Pans

Oven vents are extremely beneficial since they suck away smoke and also reduce lingering odors. In order to keep your cooking range as well as the oven vent filters running to the fullest and to maximum perfection, cleaning them on a regular basis is mandatory. Additionally, using soapy water, a degreaser and replacing the charcoal filters periodically is also necessary. This is one of the most important ways you should implement to extend the lifespan of your cooking range oven.

Additionally, ensure you keep the drip pans of your stovetop clean at all times like your oven racks. What you need to do for caked-in crusts is cover them with distilled white vinegar for around 30 minutes. Next, sprinkle some baking soda on top of the vinegar. Then, rub it into crusts with the help of your hands. Let it settle for 15 minutes and then start to scrub. Repeat the process as necessary. If you feel that the drip pans look old and worn out then it is time you go ahead replacing them. Here is a good option.

3. Inspect the Oven Door Gasket Regularly

The next thing we need to consider is the gasket of the oven door. This gasket is responsible for keeping the heat inside. After a period of time, the gasket can tear off or become deformed. Unfortunately, this will let the heat escape. Therefore, inspecting the gasket of your oven door regularly is mandatory to ensure that it is in good condition.

4. Clean the Ports Periodically

A tiny clog in the gas burner is more troublesome than you think. Therefore, you need to be very mindful with your gas burners. Ensure you clean the ports periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This will also maintain the cooking efficiency throughout.

5. Take it Easy On Your Glass Cooktop

In order to avoid scratches, ensure you don’t slide cookware. Also, don’t store cans or jars on the glass cooktop as these items are prone to falling or dropping. This, in turn, can crack the glass. If you leave hot pan lids on the cooktop then it can trap the air and also crack the glass cooktop as it cools.

6. Avoid Spraying the Knobs of Your Cooking Range or Oven

Note that if you spray cleaning solution directly on the knobs of your cooking range or oven, it can lead to the burning out of the electrical elements of the oven. This, in turn, can cause corrosion and shorts. Spraying the cleaning solution directly also tends to reduce the life of the oven way too early. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to take a damp cloth, spray some cleaning solution onto it. And then use that cloth to clean the knobs and buttons of your oven.

7. Clean your Cooking Range with the Appropriate Tools

Using a heavy-duty cleaner is fine for cleaning only certain types and brands of cooking range ovens. However, it can ruin the protective coating and the heating elements of other cooking range oven brands. Hence, make use of a lighter cleaning agent such as vinegar or baking soda. These are the safest to use when it comes to cleaning your cooking range oven. NEVER make use of a metal scraper to take off the baked-on food from your oven. You can rather use a silicone scraper or plastic scraper since these are the best and safest tools for this particular task as it doesn’t damage the appliance.

8. Avoid Putting Foil on Your Oven Drip Pans

Never ever put foil on the oven drip pans, under the baking elements or on the stove top. Even if you or any of your family members were putting foil all this while then you should stop doing it. The reason behind this is as follows. When you use foil on your drip pans, the foil tends to melt. This, in turn, can throw too much or too little heat at the temperature sensor. The foil is extremely reflective of heat and can overcook or even undercook the food. Apart from this, it can even damage the oven or create a fire hazard.

Also, never put foil under surface units since it can ruin the drip pans beneath. With regards to a gas oven, the foil can cover up vents and also cause a build-up of carbon monoxide. And if you talk about an electric oven, the foil could short circuit the heating element.

9. Use a Surge Protector

Consider plugging your oven into a surge protector. As a matter of fact, a sudden power surge could even fry your oven. This simple step proves to be a very wise one in prolonging your oven’s lifespan.

Protect Yourself Against the Unexpected

Cooking ranges along with ovens generally last for about 13-15 years on average. If it is a good quality one, then it can work longer than that. If you follow these 9 ways, you will definitely be able to extend the lifespan of your cooking range oven. We want to see you using your appliance for long years. After all, you have spent your hard-earned money. Don’t hesitate from calling a professional home if you are in doubt or if you find something strange with your cooking range. As discussed above that it is of utmost importance to purchase a good quality cooking range, take a look at these. These are equipped with the latest features and enhance your cooking experience.

Common Cooking Range Problems You Can Fix Yourself

If you are one of those who face problems with your cooking range occasionally/frequently then you can fix them yourself at home. Yes, the good news is that it is simple and you can do it all by yourself without seeking the help of a professional. Here are the common cooking range problems that you can fix yourself at home. You are just one step away. Follow this guide and read through it till the end without skipping any of the points. Be glad as much as you can.

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1. Burner Doesn’t Turn On

If you use a gas cooking range and the burner doesn’t turn on in spite of you trying several times then try lighting it with a match stick. This is because your lighter may have stopped working or has an issue. So keep it simple initially. However, if the burner doesn’t turn on even by using a match stick to light it. Then, you will have to try out other alternatives that you can DIY. See if the following tips help. Begin lifting off the burner grate, burner cap and burner base. Next, clean your stovetop thoroughly from the burner grate to the burner case. This will remove all the food debris.

With the help of a toothpick or little compressed air, you can clean all the difficult-to-remove food debris out from the burner. Then try turning on the burner. If this doesn’t work then check the wires that connect the igniter to the control module. Ensure you reconnect and tighten any of the wires if loose. If the burner still doesn’t turn on then it is time you call a professional and allow them to inspect properly. If you use an electric cooking range and the burner isn’t turning on then it could be due to an electrical issue. Else, it could be due to a power outage. Try troubleshooting it. If you figure out that it is not due to any of these reasons then request a professional to come and check the range.

2. Burner Doesn’t Get Hot

Well, the next most commonly seen cooking range problems is that the burner comes on but it doesn’t get hot and if you experience this then here’s what you can do to fix it yourself. Ensure your stove is connected to a power source if it is an electric one. Yes, electric range burners require electricity to heat up. In fact, you should disconnect it from the socket and then reconnect it. A major reason why your burner doesn’t get hot or is not heating properly is because of a poor connection. But, if this doesn’t work that means the problem is something else. Don’t fret, we have a solution for those issues too. Firstly, switch out the faulty burner with a burner that is in working condition.

All you need to do is unplug the faulty burner from the burner socket and plug the working burner in. On doing this, if the working burner heats up that means the issue is with that faulty burner itself. So, you’ve got to replace it. However, if the working burner doesn’t heat up then that means the issue is with the infinite switch or the socket. Another thing you should consider checking is the socket as it can get burned or damaged after a while. Hence, if you notice that your socket is damaged or burned, replace it immediately. Once you replace the socket, test the burner again. If the burner still doesn’t work, then taste and replace the infinite switch.

3. Oven Light Won’t Come On/Interior Light Goes Out

If the oven light (also referred to as interior light) doesn’t come on after several attempts, simply change the bulb. Always remember, when the interior light goes out the next time you need to change the bulb. This would fix the issue. To remove the old bulb, turn it quarter-turn anti-clockwise and then pull it straight out, like any other bulb. Your new bulb should be of the same type as that of the old bulb. Wear gloves or use a dry cloth while inserting the new bulb in its place. Ensure you don’t take off the gloves or cloth till you are done handling the bulb. There you go, your oven will light up.

4. Door Doesn’t Shut

In order to have a safe and effective functioning of your oven at all times, it is necessary for the door to be shut throughout its operation. If you notice your oven door isn’t closing then in most cases it is due to a spring that needs replacement. However, follow all the steps below to not make any mistake. Simply unplug the oven and turn off the gas. Next, take the door off by simply pulling it straight up and out. If the oven door won’t pull up then unscrew any screws that are holding the hinges in place inside the oven. Carefully check the springs, hinges and under the bottom of the door to see whether any of the parts need to be replaced.

Mindfully look for broken door springs by sliding out the bottom drawer and change them accordingly if they need replacement. If you find broken springs then remove them with pliers. You should wrap the ends around two bolts. Replace these broken springs with new springs by rewrapping the ends of the new springs around the bolts. Lastly, replace the silicone or rubber gasket around the door. Your door will definitely shut. However, if the oven door still doesn’t shut then the issue might be due to the door’s sensor. Once it is confirmed that the problem is with the door sensor, go ahead and replace it.

5. Oven Doesn’t Heat Up at All

No matter how long you leave the oven of your gas cooking range on, if it is not getting hot then you’ve got to check the igniter. And just in case the electric oven of your electric cooking range is not getting hot then in most cases it could be because of some problem with the heating element. If your gas burners, as well as, the gas oven have stopped working then most probably the issue is with the gas line. However, if the issue is with the igniter or heating element then you can definitely fix it yourself. Here is what you need to do, follow this step by step.

First and foremost, make use of a screwdriver to remove the old igniter (gas range) or the heating element (electric range). Generally, you can access an igniter from underneath while heating elements are located inside the oven. To access your igniter, remove the broiler or storage drawer. Ensure you turn off the power to your oven before you give it for servicing. Try your hands to see what is the issue and try fixing it yourself. If it is a major issue then call a professional to check your gas line or electric heating element or connection and fix the issue.

6. Oven Doesn’t Heat to the Right Temperature

When you have set your oven to a certain degree and it doesn’t turn as hot as it should be. In other words, if it doesn’t attain the temperature you had set it to then that means there is something wrong somewhere. First and foremost, when you come across a situation like this where your oven doesn’t heat to the right temperature, it could be because the temperature sensor is too close or is touching the inside wall of the oven. This could be the reason your oven is not reaching the desired temperature. So, make some changes, shift the temperature sensor a little and avoid it from touching the oven wall.

If this doesn’t work for you, then consider checking the temperature sensor if it is functioning properly or not. Simply utilize an ohmmeter to check the temperature sensor. It is easy to test the temperature sensor probe on your oven. Remember that the resistance should increase as the temperature of the oven increases. Simply measure the resistance between the 2 prongs at the end of the sensor connector by keeping the sensor at room temperature. The resistance of the temperature sensor should read approximately 1080 – 1090 ohms at room temperature. If you get a reading that is far off from this that means the temperature sensor is not working and you will have to replace it. Replacement is mandatory if necessary.

Also, check for the heating element and gas igniter and replace them if they are faulty. Further, after you replace the temperature sensor/heating element/gas igniter, you will need to recalibrate the oven. By utilizing an oven thermometer you can whether the temperature is rising. Simply turn the oven to a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit and check it every 20 minutes. Do check every 20 minutes for the next 90 minutes to 2 hours. In order to obtain the average temperature of your oven, simply divide the total number of temperature readings by the number of times a particular reading was performed. In other words, divide it by the number of readings that you took. And then adjust the temperature dial of your oven accordingly.

7. Oven Stops Self Cleaning

One of the main benefits of owning a modern range is that they are loaded with features that make your life easier. You will also find it easier and quicker to cook thus saving you time. One of the best features is the self-clean cycle. Yes, these modern ranges are capable of cleaning themselves on their own. But, it’s sad when this self-clean option stops working as you will have to invest a lot of time and energy in cleaning it with your hands. Therefore, the minute you notice your self-clean option is not working, or if you experience the slightest trouble with it. Get to work.

Firstly, ensure that you are starting the cycle correctly. Secondly, check your knobs and timers and set them correctly. It may have so happened that something large in quantity spilt inside your oven. This will leave a layer of ash which you will need to clean manually. Once you check all these and fix/adjust/clean it (including the large spill) and if it still doesn’t work then you might be facing an issue with your control board, thermostat, door lock motor, switch or some other component. These issues might be responsible for keeping your oven from running the self-cleaning cycle. Try fixing it on your own but if you feel that it is a major issue then it is time you seek help from a professional.

You Can Do it Yourself (DIY)!

With all the step-by-step procedures and points, you have finally made it to the end of this DIY guide. Yes, you can fix your cooking range problems all by yourself. Just be mindful and vigilant while doing so. Please don’t rush as one single wrong step can be dangerous and increase/worsen the problem. Don’t hesitate to call the professional for major issues. Seek help when in doubt for your safety and the safety of your family members. Remember the phrase, better safe than sorry. Last but not least, here are some of the best cooking range brands for you in UAE. You’ve got to take a look at all of them as these will make a great addition to your kitchen.

Gas Stove vs. Electric Stove: Which is Better for Dubai Homes?

Confused between gas stove and electric stove? We’ve got you covered in this article. The durability, safety, quality, energy efficiency and instant control of heat determine which is better for you. So, let’s get started.

Quick Summary

Gas Stove

[+] Open flame gives more flexibility
[+] Cost Efficient Fuel
[+] Quicker Temperature Control
[+] More Durable
[-] Blackening of Pots
[-] Risk of Gas Leak
[-] Poor Ventilation… discomfort

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Electric Stove

[+] Sleek & easy to client
[+] Consistent heat
[+] New features like grilling etc.
[-] Slower to heat up
[-] Risk of burns
[-] Expensive fuel
[-] Risk of damage

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Pros and Cons of a Gas Stove

As a matter of fact, a gas stove is a conventional cooktop that many families select. Over the years, gas stoves have repeatedly proved themselves effective for preparing various delicious dishes. That too without any hassle. To know whether a gas stove or an electric stove is better for your Dubai home, continue reading. But first, let us start with the pros and cons of a gas stove. We bet you won’t have to go anywhere else for your answers.


1. Open Flame for More Flexibility

All thanks to the open flames of the gas stove, you can transform the burners into a high flame grill or barbeque smoker pits. Thus, offering you a flexible and hassle-free cooking experience. If you are one of those who loves to cook and experiment with various recipes then a gas stove is ideal for you. Besides this, another advantage of the open flame is that you can utilize both, flat pots as well as ones that have circular bottoms. Hence, this feature makes it one of the most important deciding factors in making your choice between a gas stove and an electric stove.

2. Cost-Effective Fuel

Generally, gas is considered a cheap fuel option. Plus, if the gas line is already installed in your kitchen then setting up a gas stove won’t be high-priced. When you cook with a gas stove, you save 10%-30% of energy costs. Using gas can help you save costs in the long run especially if you cook a lot or if you love to experiment with recipes. Moreover, large families benefit from a gas stove.

3. Quicker Temperature Control/Adjustment

The next thing to consider is whether a gas stove or electric stove proves better in controlling the level of heat. And the most amazing part is that once more a gas stove excels. Yes, a gas stove is highly preferred in comparison to an electric stove since it makes it much easier for you to control the heat. It allows you to instantly control heat from high to low. There’s nothing complicated. All you need to do is control the knob to increase or decrease the flame. Simply do this and there you go, you will be able to readjust the heat intensity quickly.

4. Durability

Another feature that will help you in making your decision faster is comparing the durability of gas stoves and electric stoves. Hence, if you want to base your decision according to the durability then a gas stove wins. Yes, you are better off picking gas stoves as its components last longer in comparison to. The fact is that electric components wear out sooner. Thus, a gas stove proves to offer more durability.


1. Increased Clean up Time due to Blackening of Pots

The pots are exposed to flames directly. This, in turn, results in the blackening of pots thereby involving the additional chore of cleaning the blackened pots. The additional clean up time makes it one of the major drawbacks of gas stoves. On the other hand, electric stoves are a little easier to maintain in terms of cleanliness. Besides this, if something boils over on gas cooktops then it can block the holes in the burner. Thus, affecting the intensity of the flame for a little while.

2. Risk of Gas Leakage

Well, gas stoves come with the risk of gas leakage. Unfortunately, this can result in accidents in enclosed kitchen settings which is why you need to be mindful and cautious. However, if you are vigilant and take care throughout then you won’t face any issues with a gas stove. So, you see, just a little bit of extra care and attention makes the gas stove safe to use.

3. Restricted Kitchen Ventilation

If you have a window close to the gas stove then you can’t keep it open while cooking since it will make the flame unstable. Also, you can’t install a fan right above the stove or close to it due to the same reason. A gas stove works better in open set-ups. On the other hand, an electric stove is a better option for an enclosed kitchen since they keep the environment cooler.

Pros and Cons of an Electric Stove

Now that you have seen the pros as well as the cons of a gas stove, it is time you take a look at the pros and cons of an electric stove for your Dubai home. We have penned all of them down for you so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. The following points will help you figure out whether an electric stove will be a good fit for your kitchen or not.


1. Sleek Design & Easy to Clean

An electric stove is an ideal option for you if you are hunting for a sleek and modern appearance. An electric stove utilizes coils. Generally, these coils are hidden within a glass top thereby displaying a glossy and even surface. Due to this reason, the surface of the electric stove is easier to clean since they lack the spokes and ridges of a gas stove.

2. Consistency of Heat

If you don’t want your kitchen to be heated up and feel hot, then you should opt for an electric stove. This will avoid the temperature from getting high every single time you cook something. An electric stove spreads the heat more evenly. Thus, making it a great buy if you prepare something that needs a lot of simmering.

3. New Features in the New Electric Stove Models

Nowadays, with electric stoves come various advanced technologies and modern innovations. This makes electric stoves a little superior than gas stoves today. For example, nowadays most of the electric stoves come with grills, warming drawers, fans etc. that make preparing multiple types of food more convenient.


1. Slower to Ignite

No wonder, an electric stove is slower than a gas stove as it takes more time to cook food. Generally, an electric stove requires additional time to reach the desired temperature in order to cook the food, unlike a gas stove. This indicates that the cooking time associated with an electric stove exceeds the cooking time of a gas stove.

2. High Risk of Burning Yourself

Further, it so happens that the burner (electric stove) you turned off a few seconds ago tends to appear in the same manner as that of other unused burners. Hence, you can’t make out if it is on or off. Therefore, you or your family members are at a higher risk of burning yourselves. Moreover, once you turn off an electric stove, it takes a lot of time to cool down. Therefore, it can lead to accidents or major harm although it is turned off. This is a major concern if you have kids who tend to enter or play in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the contents of the pot that you left on the electric stove will continue cooking and eventually burn although the burner is turned off. This is another reason you should avoid purchasing an electric stove.

3. Electricity is an Expensive Fuel

So, which is cheaper? A gas stove or an electric stove. Well, if we compare the cost of both the stove types on the basis of fuel consumption then electricity is more expensive than gas or propane. As a matter of fact, an electric stove utilises about three times more energy compared to gas. Therefore, an electric stove costs more in the long run compared to a gas stove since you will end up paying more. Think how much you are going to spend for years to come if you have an electric stove.

4. No Electricity, No Cooking

A power cut can stop you from cooking meals using an electric stove, unlike a gas stove. As a matter of fact, you need electricity throughout the cooking process with an electric stove. This could be troublesome if a power cut occurs unexpectedly during your cooking process. An interruption like this could be a major issue on special occasions when you need to cook several items. Firstly, ensure that you don’t experience power cuts like this. If electricity is stable in your area at all times then opt for an electric stove. Else, opt for a gas stove. A gas stove is best at all times since you don’t need electricity at all.

5. Risk of Damage if Something is Dropped

You can damage your electric stove permanently if you drop or spill a heavy or hard object on it. Or, this could crack the glass. Even if water gets into the electric components, it could be troublesome. And the parts of an electric stove are highly priced. Depending upon the damage caused you will have to replace the parts or purchase a new electric stove altogether. If the impact is minor, then you don’t have to worry too much. Therefore, you need to be extra vigilant while using an electric stove.

Cook, Eat and Repeat!

Most of the rental apartments and complexes in Dubai only provide the option for a gas stove and some of the new buildings only permit an electric stove/cooktop. Whether you have an open kitchen or a closed kitchen will impact your decision of the stove type you should opt for. However, you can’t deny the fact that a gas stove offers you more options and is a far better option due to its open flame, it helps you adjust the temperature easily and quickly with the help of a control knob. As well as the fact that gas stoves are durable and cost-effective thus serving you in the long run. But, its your choice. If you’re impressed with gas stoves and are keen on seeing some of the best gas stoves in UAE, then go ahead and take a look at these.

Nikai Cooking Range Expert Reviews for UAE

Nikai is here for all your freshest daily needs. Well, getting home a Nikai cooking range can save you significant time and effort in the kitchen. Besides this, you can cook and bake to perfection with the Nikai cooking range. The Nikai Group is a global conglomerate with business interests in electronic appliances and information technology. Moreover, their activities expand into general trading and food. Nikai has everything that you can think of since it offers 400+ products. Not just for your kitchen, but for your bedroom and living room as well with its state of the art products. Likewise, the complete range of products is available in over 60+ countries.

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As a matter of fact, one happy customer leads to another. Fortunately, this is the story behind Nikai becoming one of the most successful brands. Similarly, Nikai is known for its reliability. It’s a brand that one can trust to deliver a superior product at an affordable price. Besides this, it has a strong service policy too. Early mornings can have a notorious rush that most people encounter at some point in their lives. Be it running to work after laundry or dropping your kids to school after a late night. Cooking can increase the number of hours spent in the kitchen which is the last thing you need at this point. It doesn’t end there does it? Family members are sure to go; What’s for lunch? and don’t even get me started on varied tastes.

There may be a quick fix to this, Nikai offers an amazing variety of cooking range to make your life easier. Choosing a Nikai cooking range that fits your lifestyle, needs and budget is not a monumental task and brings in tremendous ease to your daily routine.

Below lie some of the best Nikai cooking range products for amazing cooking and baking experience. Using expert reviews choose your preferred Nikai cooking range. Read through the pros, cons, specifications, and budget to get a clear idea of each product. This will, therefore, make it simpler for you to make the best buy.

Nikai Gas Cooking Range

Model: U6068FSE1
Range Type: Gas Cooking Range
This product stands as the #1 Best Seller on Amazon in the cooking range category.

  • Matt Stainless Steel: This Nikai gas cooking range is made of matte stainless steel material. The matte finish gives the cooking range a well-spread uniform look and stylish finish. Moreover, the stainless steel makes this product sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
  • Enamel Pan Support: This feature makes it durable, thus it can last for long years. Besides this, it is heavier and sturdier. Since it is made of enamel, it can be used on a variety of heat sources. A perfect one to use under the grill, oven or on your stovetop easily.
  • Full Auto Ignition: To operate it, just turn the knob at an angle and there you go. The burners are ignited through electricity. Hence, there’s no need for a lighter to light the burners.
  • Heat Retention Capability: Enamel has the capability of both spreading and retaining heat very well. This, in turn, helps meals to remain warm for an extended period of time.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: Since the enamel surface has non-stick properties, it is very easy to clean and maintain it. It only needs a non-abrasive sponge, lukewarm water, and mild soaping in most cases.
  • Matt Aluminium Handle: Since this handle is made of aluminum it provides convenience and ease of use. Firstly, it is a lot lighter making it practical to use. Moreover, aluminum is durable by nature and is able to withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Price: The Nikai gas cooking range is available approximately for AED 715.

The specifications for the same are as follows:

Type of Installation: Free Standing
Number of Burners: 4
Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm
Burner and Fuel Type: Gas

Nikai Electric Cooking Range

Model: NCR66S4HTR
Range Type: Electric cooking range

  • 4 Electric Hot Plates: This appliance is equipped with 4 electric hot plates. This, therefore, enables you to multitask by cooking various dishes simultaneously. Further, it offers the most stable work surface for pots and pans.
  • Robust Oven Door Handle: The oven door handle is robust enough to withstand the wear and tear with everyday use.
  • Good Quality Insulation Material: Insulin stops the extreme heat produced in the oven to carry over to the frame. This is really useful as it avoids and saves users from vulnerable skin burns.
  • Captivating Design: The glossy finish and creative design of this appliance make it a must-have product in your kitchen.
  • Turnspit/Rotisserie Function: If you cook large joints of meat then this function is very essential in a cooking range. This appliance is equipped with this feature. Further, the Rotisserie function can cook a whole chicken or turkey for you and your family.
  • Price: The Nikai electric cooking range is available for around AED 1,000.
  • Unable To Use During Power Cut: NO electricity = NO cooking. The 4 electric hot plates are unusable if you live in an area experiencing power shut down often and do not have a power back-up. Electricity is a must in order to use this appliance.

The specifications for the above appliance are as follows:

Type of Installation: Free Standing
Number of Burners/Electric Plates: 4 Electric Plates
Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm

Nikai Gas Cooking Range With 5 Burners

Model: U6090EG
Range Type: Gas Cooking Range

  • Bakelite Circular Black Knobs: Since bakelite is highly heat resistant, it is used in this appliance. Besides this, it possesses tremendous electrical, thermal heat resistance and chemical resistant properties.
  • Cast Iron Pan Support: This appliance is made of cast iron pan supports. Preventing breakage thus making it virtually indestructible. Moreover, it has a non-stick coating that ensures your food does not break and stick to the surface.
  • Timer: The digital timer serves as a helpful reminder that notifies you when the timer runs out. Additionally, it enables you to set a brief amount of time, for example, 15 to 20 mins. This reminds you to check on your grub in order to avoid over-cooking and risk burning.
  • Price: This 5 burners Nikai appliance is costing around AED 1,770.
  • Slightly Expensive: The cooking range comes with 5 burners instead of 4, however, this it demands an added AED1000 for the same basic features.

The specifications for this appliance are as follows:

Type of Installation: Free Standing
Number of Burners: 5
Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm
Double Glass Door: Yes

Nikai Cooking Range Service Center in UAE

Nikai’s success is attributed to being a brand that offers reliability throughout. As a matter of fact, Nikai is one of the very few brands that have a dedicated local service center. While the products offered are of great quality, every appliance goes through wear and tear. Nikai’s dedicated team of experts ensure that you receive immediate assistance without any hassles.

Besides this, Nikai is reputed for its record turnaround time which is 72 hours within the notification. To add to its credibility, the customer satisfaction level is estimated to linger around 98%. In other words, they follow a policy of service with a smile. Nikai and their products consistently prove to delight customers not only in UAE but across the globe.

Contact numbers:
Toll-Free: 800-64524

Nikai: An Ultimate Solution for Your Cooking and Baking

If you want to make your life easier by getting your cooking done faster, then Nikai is the ultimate solution. You’ve seen how great the Nikai cooking range appliances are through the expert reviews. To make it simpler, here are some more tips before you purchase. If you live in an area that experiences frequent power cuts, then ensure you have a power-back up. If you do not have a generator or inverter facility then consider buying a gas cooking range. This ensures your cooking does not stall halfway through.

Secondly, no need to go for a cooking range consisting of 5 burners if your family composes of only 3 members. Since you don’t need to cook a lot for 3 people. Moreover, only 1 or 2 people would be cooking. Further, if your family consists of 4 or more people. Then I recommend that you choose one with 5 burners. Last but not least, buy one that is within your budget. HAPPY COOKING!