How to Make Your Laser Printer Last for More Years

Are you ready to know some of the best tips to make your laser printer last for more years? We are sure you are. Let us dive into this article loaded with information to help keep your printer functioning for several years to come.

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1. Regularly clean the printer

This includes cleaning the rollers, the paper path, and the print head. The rollers are responsible for feeding the paper through the printer, and they can become dirty and dusty over time. The paper path is the area where the paper travels through the printer, and it can also become dirty and dusty. The print head is the part of the printer that applies the toner to the paper, and it can become clogged with toner dust. use a lint-free cloth and a mild cleaning solution to clean the rollers. To clean the paper path, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. To clean the print head, you can use a cleaning kit that is specifically designed for laser printers.

2. Replace the toner cartridges when they are low

Running a toner cartridge low can damage the print head

The toner cartridge contains the toner that is used to print, and it will eventually run out. When the toner cartridge is low, the printer will start to print poorly. To avoid this, you should replace the toner cartridge when it is low.

3. Avoid printing on damp or wrinkled paper

Damp or wrinkled paper can damage the print head. The paper should be dry and flat before you print on it.

4. Keep the printer in a cool, dry place

Extreme temperatures and humidity can shorten the lifespan of the printer. The printer should be kept in a place where the temperature is between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is between 40 and 60%.

5. Unplug the printer when you are not using it

This will help to prevent power surges and other damage. When the printer is not in use, you should unplug it from the power outlet. This will help to protect the printer from power surges and other electrical problems.

6. Have the printer serviced regularly by a qualified technician

This will help to catch any problems early on and prevent them from getting worse. A qualified technician can clean the printer, replace worn parts, and make sure that the printer is operating properly.

7. Use the correct type of paper for your printer

Laser printers are designed to work with high-quality paper that is free of dust and debris.

8. Avoid overfeeding the printer

This can cause jams and damage the print head.

If you are not going to be using the printer for an extended period of time, store it in a cool, dry place.

Best Thermal Barcode Label Printer in UAE

The best thermal barcode label printer UAE is what you need to print different types of barcode labels. When it comes to tracking anything, right from basic inventory to patient data, selecting the right type of thermal barcode label printer makes a difference in the working of your system. The best thermal barcode label printer UAE is great for printing shipping labels, product labelling, parts tracking. As well as equipment tagging and lots more. Now, you want to know why barcode labels are of immense importance nowadays? That’s because they can help you to see the product details, stock on hand. As well as complete a sale if they’re connected to your sales and inventory management systems.

Here is an in-depth guide that I have put forth to help you in selecting the right one that fits your business requirements. You are really lucky since you’re here. Moreover, I have provided all the information about a thermal barcode label printer in this article. Take a deep breath before you dive into the best thermal barcode label printer UAE. Done? Ok, here you go.

Thermal Barcode Label Printer UAE – Quick List

Thermal Barcode Label PrinterPrint SpeedBarcode Type SupportedResolutionCheck Price
102 mm/sec1D and 2D including QR code203 DPIPrice on
160 mm/sec1D203 DPI Price on
102 mm/sec1D and 2D including QR code 203 DPIPrice on
LF Stores80 mm/sec1D and 2D including QR code 203 DPIPrice on

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Evaluating a Barcode Label Printer

So before we proceed to the best thermal barcode label printer in UAE. You need to read and understand the evaluation of a barcode label printer. As a matter of fact, businesses can make use of a variety of printers to print barcode labels. The standard desktop inkjet or laser printers are suitable only for occasional. Or I would say low-volume barcode label printing projects.

However, the best solution for high-volume barcode label printing is the use of thermal barcode label printers. The reason behind this is that thermal barcode label printers offer a cost-effective as well as a more convenient solution. Thus catering to the needs/requirements of high-volume barcode label printing. Apart from this, if you’re using a POS system, then you can connect your barcode printer to it. This, in turn, could help streamline the sales and inventory.

Integration with Software

First and foremost, while evaluating the barcode label printer, you need to check for the integration of the software. To be more specific, this particular integration is with business management and inventory software. Some of these features include smooth functioning, maximum performance level, reliability and efficiency. Apart from these, the other services include inventory control, warehouse and asset management, garment production tracking, and work-in-process.

As a matter of fact, barcode integration along with inventory management speeds up the process on a real-time basis. SAP Smart Forms, SAP script and Adobe Forms are amongst the most common. These SAP software tools will design and print barcode labels, forms and documents.

Printer Speed

The second most important factor while evaluating a barcode label printer is the print speed. As a matter of fact, different barcode label printing models have different printing speeds. The speed of the barcode label printer indicates how fast it can provide you with the results. I’m sure that nobody would want to own or use a printer that takes its own time Generally, the printer speed lies within the range 2 inches to 6 inches per second.

On the other hand, the printing speed of the high-end barcode label printers lies within the range 8 inches to 12 inches per second. Always opt for a high-speed barcode label printer. This is the case especially in this fast-paced culture in UAE.

Barcode Types supported

Another thing you need to check on is the type/types of barcode supported by the thermal barcode label printer. Most of the thermal barcode label printers support 1D (linear) barcode or 2D barcode. If you consider 1D barcode then the main type is UPC and EAN which is commonly used. 1D barcodes are necessary if you have a retail business, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging. UPC and EAN codes are preferable for labelling consumer goods in the retail industry.

On the other hand, If you consider 2D barcode then a QR code, Datamatrix code, PDF417 and Aztec are the types of 2D barcodes. Out of which, the more commonly used 2D barcode is the QR code. Its benefit lies in the fact that it can carry information in both the vertical as well as the horizontal direction. Most often, QR codes are used in marketing and tracking initiatives. These include magazines, advertisements and business cards. On the other hand, Datamatrix codes are best for labelling electronic items, documents and small goods.

Some thermal barcode label printers support both 1D as well as 2D barcode types. Thus, making them a must buy. But, it also depends on the business you have or I would say the nature of your business. On the other hand, some thermal barcode label printers support either of the two. This means that they support either 1D or 2D barcode types. So, before you decide on the best thermal barcode label printer UAE, see which one fits your business requirements.

Label Longevity

In other words, label longevity refers to the durability of the barcode label. In UAE, a thermal barcode label will be readable and last for 6 to 7 months. This is because it is sensitive to the exposure of heat. So it will start fading in 6 months. But, if you want the barcode label to stay on for long periods or permanently. Then consider purchasing a thermal barcode label printer with the option of direct thermal as well as thermal transfer. Using the thermal transfer method will give you results that are extremely durable. And when you want a label that lasts for only 6 to 7 months, then you can use the direct thermal feature.

Rank 1: Zebra Thermal Barcode Printer

Model: GK888t

  • Printing Method: This creatively designed printer offers a comprehensive choice of Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printing method. Both these printing methods contains distinctive characteristics which ensure that your application is fully satisfied.
  • Excellence: It is well known for being reliable and providing excellent performance.  
  • Supports: This barcode printer supports EPL and strong ZPL programming language.
  • Printing Applications: Being applicable to all kinds of low and middle quantity printing applications, this printer is worth purchasing.
    • These include government departments, evidence tracking, health care such as laboratory samples and blood bank tags.
    • Additionally, it also integrates printing price tags and receipts as well as documents.
    • Further, the other areas of application include transportation and logistics. As well as products and freight tags, boarding pass and parking cards.
  • Resolution: Firstly, with a resolution of 203 DPI (Dots per Inch), it prints faster. Secondly, it provides an acceptable image for most of the applications.
  • Compact: Due to its compact design, this device is space-saving. So, you can place it on your desk without worrying about your other devices.
  • Rapid Printing: With a 32-bit processor, it can process faster and prints quickly.
  • Large Capacity Memory: In addition to its capability of processing faster and printing quickly, it can store more pictures. Also, it can store more of those with a longer tag format.
  • Print Speed: With a print speed of 102 mm/sec, this printer can rapidly print thus reducing your waiting time.
  • Media Type: It prints on label paper, reel or folding paper and tag materials. As well as wrist strap and receipt paper.
  • Button Flash Sequence: This printer supports button flash sequence which configures the darkness, sets defaults, configures the print widths and also calibrates the levels.
  • Interface: With serial, parallel and USB interface. This barcode printer can meet different connection requirements.
  • Barcodes: This barcode printer is capable of printing all types of barcodes. Thus, it can print 1D, 2D and QR codes with ease.
  • Price: Zebra Thermal Barcode printer is available approximately for AED 710.

Rank 2: Festnight Thermal Barcode Label Printer

Model: GP-3120TL

  • Auto Paper Positioning Function: All thanks to the modularized printing software. It helps you to adjust the barcode, so you can enlarge or rotate it without any hassle.
  • Printing Paper Width: The width range of the wide printing paper is 23mm – 80mm. It works with a thermal sticker, thermal paper roll, thermal label etc.
  • Voltage Range: This thermal barcode printer comes with a built-in power adapter support. The 100-240V wide voltage range is suitable for various districts.
  • Thermal Printing Media: Fortunately, to use this device, all you need is a thermal paper and thermal sticker. Moreover, there’s absolutely no need for ribbon, ink or a carbon transfer.
    • Thus, it is not only convenient but is also cost-saving.
  • Fast Printing Speed: A speed of 160 mm or 5 inches/second makes this device highly efficient.
  • High Resolution: With a resolution of 203 DPI (dots per inch), it can print quite fast. Moreover, it provides you with clear printing results, without making you wait too long.
  • Fantastic Office Helper: You can use it widely in various businesses. These include logistics, restaurants, cafes, apparel and bars.
  • Supports: It supports barcode, Graphic (PCX, BMP), label, and font 0 to font 8. Besides, it also supports English, Korean and Chinese printing.
  • Graphics: It supports Mono PCX and BMP files and can download it into flash or DRAM.
  • Enlargement and Rotation: It offers 1 to 10 times enlargement. And a rotation of 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 270 degrees and 360 degrees rotation.
  • Price: Festnight Thermal Barcode Label printer is available for around AED 300.

Rank 3: Honeywell Barcode Printer

Model: PC42T

  • Solves Toughest Printing Challenges: Although this device is the latest in Honeywell’s extensive range of printer and supplies. Its focus lies on solving all your toughest printing challenges.
  • Interface: The serial connectivity or interface that it supports is USB, Serial and Ethernet.
  • Economical Choice: This streamlined thermal transfer printer is an economical choice. That too for media up to 110 mm, 4.3 inches wide.
  • Direct Thermal+Thermal Transfer: It’s creatively designed for printing labels in both direct thermal as well as the thermal transfer method. This enables you to select between permanent and temporary labels as per your preferences. Thus able to match costs while meeting your needs.
  • Label Making Operations: Since this printer is capable of accommodating large size ribbons, it can print longer with the same. This indicates that you don’t have to replace the ribbon often. That too before needing media replenishment lifting productivity.
  • Simple yet Effective: It’s ideal for all those businesses who require printing a handful of labels. That too on a daily basis.

Additional Benefits of Honeywell Barcode Printer

  • Easy to Install: A barcode printer that’s super easy and quick to set up or install. Thus, it’s best for businesses who don’t want to deal with complicated barcode label printers. Within a few minutes, your printer is ready to use and prints at a fast pace.
  • Aesthetics: Featuring an attractive dark grey colour that is sure to blend with your office interior. Moreover, it won’t look dirty due to its dark colour, as stains won’t be visible. So, you won’t have to clean it often. Wiping it with a dry cloth is more than enough.
  • Price: Honeywell Barcode printer is available for an estimated price of AED 650.

Rank 4: LF Stores Barcode Printer

  • Automatic Paper Measurement: This barcode printer features a built-in drive that measures the paper automatically. Additionally, it also comes with editing software that facilitates one-click printing.
  • Visual Window: You can see the internal operation of the printer at any time through the visual window.
  • Save Time & Effort: This barcode printer eliminates the hassle and waste of sheet labels. Moreover, it can also customize and print the address, file folder and barcode labels.
  • Clarity: It maintains the clarity in each and every barcode label by printing crystal clear.
  • Auto Cutter: All thanks to this barcode printer. It features an optional automatic stripping or tear off function. Hence, this auto-cutter improves work efficiency and saves you time.
    • So, it’s your choice if you want to tear off the barcode label manually. Or want it to be done automatically.
  • Portable: Since this barcode printer is lightweight and compact in design. You can take it along with you anywhere. This portable printer is here at your convenience.
  • Dual Mode Printing: With the help of dual-mode printing. It can switch easily between receipt and label mode. Thus, it can print on thermal receipts as well as barcode label sticker pages.
  • Multi-Functional: A perfect travel partner that you carry along on your business trip. And also benefit smart label printing in no time. Moreover, you can also use it as your shipping label wireless printer or your office label maker.
  • Graph: It enables you to download the image files PCX and BMP to FLASH and DRAM.
  • Extension and Rotation Character: You can extend the characters 1 to 10 double in crossing and portrait. As well as the printing rotation to 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 270 degrees and 360 degrees.
  • Price: LF Stores Barcode Printer is available approximately for AED 550.

Let’s head on to the next important sections that you can’t afford to skip. Ensure you read through carefully in order to purchase the best thermal barcode label printer UAE.

2D and 1D Barcodes

So, why are barcode labels so essential? Barcodes are a crucial element when you run your own logistical, retail or manufacturing business. That’s because they can help your business in organizing its supply chain and inventory. In fact, barcodes enable your business to keep track of your various products efficiently. A barcode consists of a product number, manufacturer’s name, contact number and more. When this information is printed on a product, it makes it easy to track the product in your own inventory system. As it moves throughout the world.

Since there are different types of barcode labels available. You need to know and make sure which barcode label will serve your needs. Here is a section I have penned down after careful and thorough research. The most common barcodes available are 1D (1 Dimensional) and 2D (2 Dimensional). This section will guide you through and explain how each of the two work.

2D Barcodes

First and foremost, let’s discuss the 2D barcodes. 2D barcodes are an update to the older 1D barcode technology. Firstly, 2D barcodes increase data storage in a barcode. They contain more information besides the numerical information. This is because they use patterns and shapes like squares, hexagons, and dots to encode the information. 2D barcodes contain names, contact numbers, addresses, website URLs, images and more. Hence, a 2D barcode is always better and preferred over a 1D barcode as it can carry a lot of information at once. Moreover, 2D barcodes are more durable in comparison to 1D barcodes and are readable even if a part is damaged.

Besides this, you can also print the 2D barcodes smaller, with 0% COMPROMISE on the amount of encoded data. Now, you must be wondering why this barcode label is termed as 2D or 2 Dimensional. The reason behind this is you can read the pattern both vertically as well as horizontally. Also, you may not need data connectivity. For instance, the QR code which is a popular 2D barcode will not only identify the object. But it will also store the manufacturer’s website, an image, the tracking information. As well as the history of the item and much more.

However, the downside of the 2D barcode is that you will need special equipment to print it. Additionally, keep in mind that it can be read by an imaging scanner only. But, 2D barcodes excel in labelling delicate and small components. These components include test tubes and circuit boards.

1D Barcodes

1D barcodes are commonly known as linear barcodes. Although 1D barcodes are an older form of technology, they are used more commonly. Most often, they’re seen on packages and consumer goods, such as UPC barcodes. To give you a better understanding, a UPC code or symbol is in the form of alternating black vertical bars (lines) with white spaces. These black lines are in varying widths. As a matter of fact, these black lines along with the white spaces, together encode the data. The numbers that are present at the bottom of the symbol represent the data that’s encoded in that particular symbol. Additionally, 1D barcodes get longer with more data.

Moreover, the usefulness of 1D barcodes comes with their ability to connect to a dynamic database. For instance, if the UPC code identifies an item. And its database (DB) connection allows or enables the seller to change the item’s price without re-printing new barcodes. How wonderful that is. Isn’t it? Therefore, 1D barcodes prove useful and successful in giving the items new data without replacing the code.

The use of 1D barcodes is declining in small industries. This is because the small size of 2D barcodes or symbols makes them a more attractive option. However, linear barcodes still remain a critical element in many industries and applications. Such as pharmaceutical packaging, clinical diagnostics, and shipping labels. Due to the benefits of universal recognition, simplicity, low cost and ability to be printed & decoded easily. 1D symbols are still widely popular across the globe.

However, the downside of 1D barcodes lies in the fact that they’re limited by the number of characters it can hold. As you have seen, 1D barcodes carry numerical information i.e the product number. Secondly, they can’t store a lot of information which indicates that it carries only limited information. And it’s only useful when the numerical information is tagged along with the information from a database. On the other hand, camera-based imaging scanners and traditional laser scanners can read 1D barcodes. Therefore, owning one or two at your store or in your warehouse would be a good idea.

Barcode Label Printer FAQs

What are the different barcode label sizes?

The different barcode label sizes are as follows:
1) 100mm x 150mm x 1, M46 2) 50mm x 50mm x 1, M221 3) 25mm x 25mm x 4, M114
4) 75mm x 75mm x 1, M33. As well as 5) 50mm x 25mm x 1, M211 6) 50mm x 25mm x 2, M212 7) 100mm x 40mm x 1, M440 8) 34mm x 20mm x 3, M113. 9) 100mm x 50mm x 1, M42 10) 100mm x 100mm x 1, M44.  

How much maintenance does a label printer need?

In order to avoid expensive repairs or replacements and keep the thermal barcode label printer UAE running properly, good maintenance is crucial. Here are some simple tips to follow to maintain your label printer. And to keep them working in top form. Firstly, you should clean your printhead. Secondly, you should clean your other printer areas. Thirdly, you should check your heat and darkness settings.

In addition, you should keep your media sensor clean, perform a PAUSE test, and set up a maintenance contract. Moreover, you should select the correct media, and change the settings with caution. As well as update the software and replace the batteries in time.

Does Thermal printer use ink?

No. Thermal printers (direct) don’t use ink, toner or ribbon. They only use chemically treated paper which darkens when heated by a thermal print head. Hence, they are totally inkless. Additionally, thermal printers help you to save your hard-earned money since you don’t need to spend on ink cartridges and printing ribbons. Hence, investing in a thermal printer or barcode label printer saves on operational costs.

Organize & Track your Products with Unique & Custom Barcodes

I’m glad that you have made it until the end of this article. Indeed, when it comes to the success of your business, using the right devices are of utmost importance. If you have read through this entire article, then I’m sure the best thermal barcode label printer is just a step away. All you need to do is identify your requirements and follow each and everything that I have provided in this article. Also, you need to keep your budget in mind while making your purchase.

Personally, I feel that you should purchase a good quality thermal barcode label printer with maximum features and functionalities. That’s because you may expand your business or you may benefit an increase in sales. You never know. So, if you purchase a better one, then you won’t have to replace the barcode label printer. Ensure you maintain the thermal barcode label printer by keeping it clean. And also by using it the appropriate way. You may also want to know about the best barcode scanner UAE. These little flash lighting machines can scan various types of barcodes during billing.

Best Laser Printer in UAE – Price & Features Compared [2024]

The best laser printer in UAE is the most reliable to use and can print everything, thus offering beautiful results. Well, I understand, with so many brands available online, making a choice is really confusing. Have no fear, since I have demystified it all in this article. I’m here to guide you in purchasing the best laser printer in UAE for your home and office. If you’re on a hunt for a laser printer that can carry out any type of printing. Right from tax forms, labels, envelopes to corporate reports. Or if you just need to print some images for your child’s school/college assignment or major projects. Everything is in store here for you including scanning, copying and faxing functions.

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Best Laser Printer for Home Use – Quick List

Laser PrinterType of PrinterPages Per MinuteCheck Price
HP Laserjet Pro
(Print only)
19Price in
HP MFP Laserjet Pro
Monochrome Multi-Functional
(Print, Scan and Copy)
18Price in
Samsung Color Laser
(Print only)
19 Black and 4 ColorPrice in
Brother Laser
(Print only)
34Price in

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Best Laser Printer for Office Use – Quick List

Laser PrinterType of PrinterPages Per MinuteCheck Price
HP LaserJet Pro
Monochrome Multi-Functional
(Print, Scan and Copy)
19Price in
Brother All in One Duplex
Monochrome Multi-Functional
(Print, Copy, Color Scan, High-Speed Faxing & Auto Duplex Printing)
27Price in
XEROX Work Centre 3 in 1
Monochrome Multi-Functional
(Print, Scan, and Copy)
21Price in
HP OfficeJet Pro
Color Multi-Functional
(Print, Scan, Copy and Fax)
20 Black &White
10 Color
Price in

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Types of Laser Printers

Before you purchase the best laser printer in UAE. You need to know the different types/categories of laser printers and understand the difference between them. I have penned down the different categories so that you can take a look at all of them and also understand the meaning. Ensure you read the descriptions as well since this will make your purchasing journey easier.

Monochrome print-only

A monochrome printer is one that prints using black ink only. As a matter of fact, monochrome laser printers are less expensive as compared to the colour laser printers. Thus, they are cost-efficient in comparison to their colour counterparts. In professional environments, many prefer monochrome printers, due to their fast printing speed. In addition, is the superior text quality that they offer.

Hence, to carry out the heavy day to day printing needs quickly, a monochrome printer is what you need. This is because it can print and provide you with a lot of output quickly. However, it is not as versatile as a colour printer. But, if you’ll don’t print colour. Then this can be your choice for business use.

Color print-only

Coloured printers are expensive compared to inkjet and monochrome laser printers. Earlier, coloured laser printers were considered a luxury or extravagance, especially for home use. Firstly, this is due to the high upfront costs of the printer. Secondly, because of the cost of the colour toner or in other words cartridge. However, they have reduced the prices now into an acceptable range. Hence, coloured printers are not as expensive as before.

If you’re an individual or a business which needs a lot of coloured printouts, then possessing a coloured printer is a must. This will offer you a trouble-free printing experience. If you’re a graphic designer then sure shot you need to have a coloured printer. Also, if your kids need to submit coloured pictures in assignments and more. Then you know which one to purchase.

Monochrome multifunction

For some people, a print-only machine is sufficient (a printer that can only print). However, many others such as business owners and stationary shop owners desire a copier and scanner as well. That’s when the need for a monochrome multifunction printer rises. A monochrome multifunction printer (also known as all in one device) combines a monochrome laser printer, colour scanner, copier, and fax machine into a single device. However, some monochrome multifunction thermometers don’t have the fax function. Hence, if faxing is very important to you, then ensure you purchase a monochrome multifunction printer that has the fax function.

Moreover, monochrome multifunction printers support Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile apps, duplex printing. And also an automatic document feeder (rather than just a flatbed scanner). So, if you don’t need to print colour graphics or photos often, then you can opt for the monochrome multifunction printer.

Color multifunction

A colour multifunction printer is also equipped with a colour scanner, copier, and fax machine. An advantage of this device is that unlike the monochrome multifunction printer, this includes a colour printer. It is a high-end all in one colour laser that fulfils home as well as office needs. Firstly, colour multifunction printers are fast and flexible. Secondly, they have a great print and scan quality. Moreover, if you require coloured printouts often, then a colour multifunction printer is what you need.

Now that you know the different types/categories of printers available and the difference between each. You’re ready to move on to the next section in the best laser printer in UAE. After thorough research, I came to the conclusion that these are the best laser printers for home use. Each of them has its own features and functionalities. Additionally, each of them differs in terms of their price too.

Best Laser Printer for Home Use

Rank 1: HP Laserjet Pro

Model: M15W
One of the best laser printer in UAE since it’s ideal for business users who want to spend less energy on printing. Secondly, it helps them devote more time to their business.

  • Reliable Performance: HP Laserjet Pro offers you reliable performance from the start to the end of the task.
  • Uncompromising Professional Quality: Once this device is out of the box, it lets you print anything. Moreover, it delivers professional and exceptional quality page after page.
  • HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology: This technology saves energy by turning the printer on only when you need it.
  • Intuitive Control Panel: This lets you select the options quickly with ease. This, in turn, lets you get your job faster.
  • HP Smart App: You can now stay connected to your business. With the HP Smart App, this printer lets you print and scan anything from your smartphone. Additionally, you can also easily order toner.
  • Fast Speed: It can print 18 to 19 A4 size pages per minute. Thus, offering you results at lightning speed. Furthermore, it saves you time and effort in your busy schedule.
  • Compact: Experience fast performance from the world’s smallest laser in its class. This compact device is so small that it can fit almost anywhere. And it enables you to quickly finish projects.
  • Ready to Work Right Away: Featuring a pre-installed original HP toner cartridge. Hence, it’s ready to work right away without any delay. Moreover, it speeds through print jobs to give you the results.
  • Price: HP Laserjet Pro is available approximately for AED 240.

Rank 2: HP MFP Laserjet Pro

Model: M28W

  • Enhanced Productive Features: Now you can easily tackle projects with the intuitive print, scan, and copy solutions. All thanks to the versatile performance of this HP MFP Laserjet Pro.
  • Fast Printing: This wireless monochrome functional printer is capable of printing 18 pages per minute of size A4.
  • Easy ID Copy: Through this feature, you can easily copy both the sides of identification cards onto 1 side of the paper.
  • Wi-Fi Direct: Simply connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your printer. You can easily print without accessing a network.
  • Efficient Energy Use: The HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology saves energy as it turns your printer on only when you need it.
  • Best in Class: Featuring a highly rated HP Smart App that enables you to print and scan from your mobile phone.
    • It also enables you to print from the cloud, Google Drive as well as Dropbox.
    • Additionally, this app also supports easy device setup and toner ordering.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Due to built-in wireless capabilities. You can easily access, print and share resources on a network.
    • Further, those without a network also have an option. They can connect mobile devices directly to the all in one wireless laser printer by using the Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Intuitive Control Panel: Effortlessly and conveniently manage all your printers features with an icon LCD.
  • Simply Scan to Email: Features multi-destination digital sending.
  • Uncompromising Laser Quality: This surprisingly small and compact laser delivers exceptional quality page after page.
  • Price: HP MFP Laserjet Pro is available for around AED 370.

Rank 3: Samsung Color Laser Printer

Model: SL-C430W
An all-rounder with the best in class wireless technology and power-packed with major features and functionalities. Thus making it one of the best laser printer in UAE for home use.

  • NFC: All thanks to NFC. It enables your mobile to connect as well as communicate with your printer. To begin, simply tap your NFC enabled phone/tablet to this particular Samsung device and start printing. Please note that it works with Android devices only.
  • Easy Mobile Printing: You can now print directly from your mobile through this wireless laser printer. All you need to do is download the free Samsung Mobile Print App, AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. Use one of these apps and there you go.
  • Rapid Printing: This Samsung color laser printer can print up to 19 pages per minute in black and white. And up to 4 coloured pages per minute. The recommended volume is 100 to 500 pages.
  • Get Print on Tap: All thanks to the apps since they allow you to print images and PDF’s. As well as the full suite of Microsoft Office documents. These include Word, Powerpoint and Excel.
  • Wireless Setup: Experience hassle-free wireless setup without a USB connection or CD. Thus you can get going with ease with a quick 3 step installation. Here, the SPSI (Samsung Printer S/W Installer) selects the OS automatically and installs the driver without a CD.
  • ReCP Technology: Equipped with a unique technology of Samsung known as the Rendering Engine for Clean Page (ReCP). It produces sharp text and clear images on a range of media sizes and weights.
  • One-Touch Eco Button: Simply press the Eco button and save on toner, paper and energy. Additionally, you can print multiple pages on one sheet with this option. Further, it enables printing in draft mode. Moreover, it also skips blank pages and helps you customize these settings as per your preference.

Additional Benefits of Samsung Color Laser Printer

  • Power Device: Firstly, this Samsung single-function colour laser printer features superior print quality. Secondly, it contains the NFC + WiFi connectivity, fast print speed and built-in Ethernet.
  • Innovative Imaging Technology: Achieve professional image quality with Samsung’s innovative imaging technology. It prints out everything in vivid colours with exceptional clarity.
  • Wide Range of Paper Support: It supports printing on plain paper, recycled paper, label. As well as cardstock, coloured, glossy paper and more.
  • Smart Colour Management System: Smart (CMS) improves the quality of mobile printing with an automatic image adjustment function. This, in turn, enhances sharpness and removes white gaps.
  • High Yield Toner Cartridge: The high yield toner cartridge provides you up to 1000 standard pages. This helps in increasing productivity while reducing the cost per page.
  • Faster Workflow: This printer is equipped with a 400 MHz processor and 64 MB memory. Hence, it can print up to 19 pages per minute without any hassle.
  • Price: Samsung color laser printer is available approximately for AED 800.

Rank 4: Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Since cost is a key factor for many, this device is cost-efficient.

  • Impressive Mono Print Quality: At high-quality resolution, this printer creates impactful, professional documents with crisp text and graphics.
  • No Disturbance: It operates at the lowest decibel in class (under 50 dB). Thereby, printing without any noise and it doesn’t compromise on speed and quality too.
    • Additionally, it’s creatively designed to fit on your desk.
    • And print quietly at full speed while working without interruption.
  • 250 Sheet Paper Tray: Due to the large 250 sheet paper tray, you don’t need to refill the paper tray often.
  • Outstanding Print Speed: Brother desktop friendly printer provides outstanding print speeds of up to 34 ppm. It also offers an impressive monoprint quality and ensures that you never have to wait long for an important document printout.
  • 2 Sided Printing: The high yield toner cartridge in combination with automatic 2 sided printing. Hence, reducing the cost of each print job.
  • Manual Feed Slot: This slot can handle a wide variety of paper types such as envelopes, labels and thicker media. Thus, you can benefit flexibility and laser-quality documents. All from one compact machine.
  • Durable: This printer is built to perform for years to come. Since it is made from robust and hardwearing materials. Moreover, it is also supported by outstanding service as standard.
  • Price: Brother Monochrome laser printer is available approximately for AED 300.

If you need to purchase the best laser printer in UAE for office use, then here are the best options for you.

Best Laser Printer for Office Use

Rank 1: HP LaserJet Pro Multi-Functional Printer

Model: M130a-G3Q57A

  • Anti-fraud Authentication: This feature helps protect your business from frustrating quality issues and costly reprints.
  • Simple Connectivity: No problem if there’s no network. It enables you to easily print from your laptop or PC using a USB cable. All you need to do is connect this printer directly to your PC via the included Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Port.
  • Energy Saving: All thanks to the HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology. This HP multifunction laser printer is designed for efficiency and helps save energy. It prints, scans and copies while keeping energy costs low, thus you save resources.
  • Print Gauge Technology: This technology tracks toner levels and produces maximum prints possible.
  • Auto Seal Removal: You can quickly replace your cartridges with the help of the auto seal removal function. As well as the easy-open packaging.
  • Rapid First Page Print Time: It can print up to 22 pages per minute. As a matter of fact, the first pages are ready in as fast as 7.3 seconds.
  • AirPrint: With Airprint app, you can print from your iPhone and iPad. It automatically scales the tasks to the correct paper size.
  • JetIntelligence: Achieve consistent results with the Original HP Toner cartridges. In combination with the JetIntelligence, they’re designed to work flawlessly with this HP Laserjet Pro.
  • Precision Black Toner: Produce sharp text, bold blacks, and crisp graphics with the precision black toner.
  • Price: HP Laserjet Pro Multi-Functional printer is available for an estimated price of AED 380.

Rank 2: Brother All in One Duplex Wireless Laser Printer

Model: MFC-L2700DW

  • Automatic Duplex Printing: It features a fast print speed of up to 27 pages per minute and automatic duplex printing. Hence, it is ideal for printing business documents including multi-page report spreadsheets, invoices and more.
  • High-Quality Color Scanning: It offers a wide variety of ‘scan-to’ and advanced features. This includes ID Scan, Blank Page Skip and more.
  • 250 Sheet Paper Tray: This paper tray can hold 250 sheets of paper, thus saving you time and effort. Since you don’t need to refill the paper tray every time.
  • Automatic Document Feeder: With a 35-page capacity mobile device printing and automatic document feeder. It’s convenient for copying, scanning or faxing multi-page documents (up to legal size).
  • Cloud-Based Services: You can print from and scan to multiple cloud-based services directly from the 2.7 colour touchscreen. Including Google Drive, DropBox, EverNote, OneNote and more.
  • Connection/Networking: This printer supports both wireless as well as wired networking. Moreover, it can connect locally via USB too.
  • Touch to Connect: This all in one laser printer offers touch to connect printing and scanning. All thanks to the NFC feature that permits added consumer convenience.
  • Price: Brother All in One Duplex Wireless Laser Printer is available for around AED 700.

Rank 3: XEROX Work Centre Laser MFP 3 in 1 Printer

Model: 3025V_BI

  • Handles Heavy Workloads with Ease: It prints 21 pages per minute without any hassle. That too at a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. Thus, your customers spend very less time waiting.
  • Incredible Results: Achieve incredible results and a rich set of standard features with this printer. It features USB connectivity as well as built-in WiFi.
  • Duty Cycle: The absolute number of pages that can be printed over a 1 month period is known as the duty cycle. This XEROX Work Centre Laser printer can print up to 15,000 pages per month without any error or jams. Moreover, it depends upon the print quality of the printer.
  • Multiple Office Device Functions: Featuring one of the smallest footprints in its class, this printer saves space and reduces energy consumption. It also reduces supply costs via consolidation of multiple office device functions.
  • First Page Speed: This printer prints the first in 8.5 seconds only. hence really fast.
  • Higher Response: With a processor of 600 MHz and a large memory of 128 MB. It offers you a higher response/result to the task assigned to it.
  • Secure Connection: You need not worry if you don’t have an existing wireless network. That’s because mobiles, tablets and laptop computers can make a secure connection through Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Price: Xerox Work Centre Laser MFP 3 in 1 printer is available approximately for AED 400.

Rank 4: HP OfficeJet Pro Wireless Printer

Model: 8023-1KR64B

  • HP Smart Tasks: With the help of HP Smart Tasks, this HP OfficeJet Pro increases productivity. It does so with fast colour performance and also helps in saving time.
  • Mobile Print App: This printer gets your work done whenever and wherever you want. With the HP Smart best in class mobile print app, you can easily print, scan and copy from your phone.
  • Security: Benefit from best in class security since it maintains privacy and control. This helps protect devices, data and documents.
  • Original HP High Yield Cartridges: Print more pages and change cartridges less often. Thanks to these original HP High Yield Cartridges.
  • Dropbox and Google Drive: Quickly access and print documents and images through your smartphones and from Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • HP Smart App: Get helpful notifications and count on chatbot support with the HP Smart App.
  • Tap and Swipe Ease: Take control of the print, scan and copy tasks by using the colour touchscreen. All thanks to the Tap and Swipe Ease feature.
  • Networking: You can easily share resources, access and print with wireless and Ethernet networking.
  • Reliable Connections: It benefits you with self-healing Wi-Fi that reduces interruptions. Thus, it keeps you connected always and never disappoints you.
  • Professional Quality: This printer is ideal for office printing and also for presentations. It creates vibrant, and best in class professional-quality colour graphics.
  • High-Quality Scanning: Achieve high-quality scanning to share to Dropbox, Google Drive, email or the Cloud from virtually anywhere.
  • Pages per Minute: It is capable of printing up to 20 black and white pages per minute. And 10 coloured pages per minute.
  • Rich Print: Get the rich black text for all your business documents with the help of this HP OfficeJet Pro Wireless printer.
  • Price: HP OfficeJet Pro Wireless Printer is available approximately for AED 450.

How to Choose the Best Laser Printer

Below lie all the important factors that you need to consider while purchasing the best laser printer in UAE. I have taken the time out to research on this section and put forth to you. This will make your journey of purchasing the best laser printer in UAE hassle-free.

Monthly Duty Cycle

For all those who are not very familiar with the term “duty cycle”. I’m going to brief you on it first. Well, duty cycle is a term that represents the absolute number of pages that can be printed over a 1 month period. This depends upon the rated print quality of a machine. In other words, it indicates how much a particular printer can print per month without any errors or jams. As a matter of fact, printers are designed to carry and complete a particular workload.

If you compare your expected print volume to any printer’s monthly printing capacity. Then you are reducing the chances and risks of unexpected breakdowns as well as repairs. If any individual goes beyond the technical expectations of a printer on a regular basis. Then it leads to frequent breakdowns and a shorter lifespan of the unit. Hence, first and foremost, before you consider any other factor. You need to determine how much you print on a monthly basis. Further, this also helps you avoid purchasing more printer power than you need. It also pairs up your needs directly with a printer that can handle your workload.

Speed (Pages Per Minute)

The print speed is also referred to as PPM or pages per minute. This factor varies widely between the different laser printer models. Most of the printers today can print at speeds between 25 and 50 pages per minute. This is more than adequate for most business purposes. The high-end printer models can produce 100 pages per minute or more. Giving thought and determining your printing habits will help you know how fast you need to print. And also how much you need to spend in order to get that speed.

Some printers are capable of printing extremely fast. For instance, they can print around 500 words per second. I’m sure that not everyone needs that level of output. Very few may need this speed and keep in mind that this type of speed is very expensive. Hence, you need to determine how many pages you need per minute.

Cost Per Page

Another important factor to consider while shopping for an efficient laser printer is the cost per page. It determines how much you’ll be spending on toner cartridges in the long run. You should purchase a cost-efficient laser printer with a low cost per page. As a matter of fact, every toner cartridge has a different price tag and page yield. Wait, you may not know what page yield means. So, before we proceed I shall tell you what it means. Well, page yield is the number of pages that you can expect to print with one cartridge. So, in order to determine or calculate a printer’s cost per page. You need to divide a printer’s page yield by the cost of the ink cartridge.

However, calculating the cost per page for a colour cartridge is slightly more complex. Firstly, you’ll have to calculate the cost per page for each individual cartridge by using the same formula as mentioned previously. Remember, most of the cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges have the same page yield. Next, add up the cost per page of all the 4 cartridges (black, cyan, magenta and yellow).

Wi-Fi Connected Printer

A wireless connection is incredible for networking printers among multiple devices or employees. Many laser printers of today feature built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. On the other hand, there are a number of printers that still rely on wired Ethernet or USB connections. The reason behind this is the speed. Wi-Fi is extremely versatile as it enables the different devices to link up from anywhere. However, Wi-Fi tends to cut into the speed at which your unit can print. In many offices, the speed of printing is more important than versatility.

Laser Printer FAQs for UAE

Is a Laser Printer better than Inkjet?

A laser printer is better than inkjet for printing documents, both black and white as well as coloured. But, when it comes to printing photos, inkjets are a better option. If you want the cost per page to be as low as possible, then a laser printer is a better option. Unlike, inkjet printers, laser printers don’t use ink. In fact, they use a toner cartridge which lasts much longer. Also, laser printers make use of a heat transfer method while printing. Hence, the print is completely set and smudge-proof from the moment it comes out of the printer.

Can Laser Printers print in color?

Yes, of course, laser printers can print in colour. Provided you purchase a coloured laser printer. It can print text, documents as well as photos.

Do Laser Printers dry out?

No. Laser printers don’t dry out because they use a toner cartridge for printing. Hence, it doesn’t require ink. Thus, no ink means nothing to dry up. The toner present in a toner cartridge is a fine powder that forms the text and images that you print on the paper. Unlike the ink used in inkjet printers, the toners from laser printers don’t dry up even if left for a long time.

How long does a Laser Printer last?

Most of the laser printers have an expected lifetime of about 5 to 7 years. Generally, the major components of the laser printer can be replaced when they wear out. Therefore, you can keep the printer going long after its warranty expires. Besides this, how well you treat the printer and the environment you keep it in also makes a difference.

Quality Printing: Value Beyond Words

I’m amazed and glad that you have made it till the end of the best laser printer in UAE. Indeed, with numerous brands available online, it is confusing to make the best choice. But, I have demystified it all here, to make it easier for you in purchasing the best laser printer in UAE. If you’re still confused or have a second thought, then all you need to do is carefully read through this article once again. Keep all your requirements in mind while doing so. What features and functionalities you need as well as the budget. This will make your process of purchasing the best laser printer in UAE trouble-free.

I would advise you to not compromise on quality since a good quality laser printer will last you for several years to come. In addition to quality, it’s always better to opt for a printer that has more functions and technologies. You won’t regret, since in the near future if you need these functions and technologies. Then you won’t have to replace your laser printer. Thus, you save time as well as the effort of looking for another one again. HAPPY PRINTING!!!