Best Mini Projector in UAE – Cinema at Home or Portable [2024]

You wish to have a home theatre setting. But the cost of the whole set-up is overbearing? Considering to get a projector? The best mini projector in UAE is much cheaper and an equally worthwhile alternative. So, why a mini projector you ask? This is because a mini projector is completely portable and easy to use. These features make it completely adaptable in any setting. Now you can watch whatever you want wherever you want.

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Best Mini Projector in UAE – Quick List

Mini Projector BrightnessResolution Check Price
FunLites 4030 Projector 4000 lumens 1920 x 1080pPrice in
Anker Nebula Apollo 200 ANSI lumen 854 x 480pPrice in
FunLites 4010 Projector 3000 lumens 800 x 480p Price in

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Important Specs of a Mini Portable Projector

Brightness in Lumens

Brightness depends on the way the projector displays the image quality on the screen. This especially holds true in cases where you try to project something on the screen when in any condition other than total darkness.

Firstly, the basic thing to know while purchasing a projector even a mini one is that brightness is in lumens (lm). Despite this, some companies use their own brightness measuring scale to indicate brightness intensity projected also at lumen. Yes, I know it’s confusing. But the most trusted brand’s criteria aims to use ANSI lumens also known as the American National Standard Institute. This is as the measurement is much easier, specific and accurate for the brightness of the projector. Just remember that the higher number indicates a higher brightness level.

Native Resolution

Resolution is the pixels being displayed on the screen. The more the pixels the deeper and detailed the output of the image. A particular image or video may look great on a smaller sized screen but once the screen size changes so does the quality. Which happens to drop as per the size, the bigger the screen the more the quality drops.

This is why a mini projector has a feature called native resolution. When I say native resolution this means that the projector offers a feature to change the resolution of the matter viewed. So as to keep intact the quality of the matter displayed. Therefore by selecting the feature of native resolution the actual resolution of the displayed matter will be projected for best results.

Connectivity- Bluetooth, USB, HDMI

Factors like these purely depend on you and your needs in your mini projector. What sort of connectivity do you want and would prefer? Since the most common of connectivity option available is the HDMI. Hence, this option will be available for every projector you purchase or consider purchasing.

The best mini projector in UAE will have the option of various ways of connecting or projecting any matter that needs to be displayed. The availability of these features will depend from device to device. The benefit of having all that is, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, etc. Generally, his means that you have a wide variety of choices to make in terms of projecting any matter at any given point of time as per the availability.

For your needs, the best mini projector in UAE must fulfil every condition in the books ever known to mankind on purchasing a mini projector. And the research performed to accomplish just this is here. I’m here to help you make the best purchase for your needs. Have a look at the shortlisted few of the best on the list.

Rank 1: FunLites 4030 Projector

Model: 4030

For all your fun time needs is the FunLites Projector. Offering extremely good picture resolution. In fact, also makes it suitable for your entertainment needs in any surrounding.

  • Dimensions: The machine size is 223 x 172 x 81mm. Which is quite handy and small to move around with. Be it within the rooms of the house or outside your home.
  • Resolution: The resolution offered by FunLight is 1920 x 1080p resolutions. Native being 1280 x 720P.
  • Purpose: The best use of this projector can be achieved only while screening videos, images, video games, etc and not while screening worded files, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Brightness: This device provides 80 per cent more brightness as compared to others in the market. At 4000 Lumens LED light, you can expect nothing less.
  • Placement: As opposed to regular projectors, this FunLight projector does not require to be placed vertically but also can be placed facing the ceiling. Making it easy for you to rest on your back and relax while you are entertained.
  • Inputs: This device is nothing short in terms of input as you can now assure that you have the best with inputs which include HDMI, VGA, USB, AV interfaces. And multimedia devices like tablets, laptops, digital cameras, Xbox, etc.
  • Price: AED 440 is the approximate price of this product.

Rank 2: Anker Nebula Apollo

Model: D2410V11

The stylish outlook of this mini projector is one which is a sweet treat for your eyes to feast on. Since it could be easily mistaken to be a simple speaker. Read more below to unfold the stunning features this product has to offer.

  • Weight: This product is weighing not more than 581g. The weight of this device has taken portability to the next level. Being super lightweight you wouldn’t mind taking this product anywhere.
  • Batteries: Perfect for your binge-watching habits as with just one charge you can project for four hours straight. The batteries being rechargeable they are made up from Lithium-ion.
  • Touch Controls: With a transparent touch panel offered by the company allows you to navigate menus and more with ease, directly from the device.
  • Operating System: Yes you heard me right. This projector offers phone like features to download apps on it. This is made possible with the Android 7.1 which lets you screen content straight from the source like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.
  • Clarity: With audio so clear you won’t have the needs to connect an external speaker to boost the audio.
  • Picture Quality: With the picture quality at 200 ANSI lumen, DLP lamp and expansive 100” image. How can you not be impressed with the outputs you receive.
  • Resolution: Besides all these features, the native resolution which is 854 x 480, must be kept in mind while purchasing the product.
  • Price: With features so great the bit pricy factor can be overlooked as the set price is at AED 1800.

Rank 3: FunLites 4010 Portable Projector

Model: 4010

Another FunLites projector on the list for you to consider to invest in and make sure that you have some of the best features on deck.

  • Weight: The set weight of the device makes up almost 1.5KG with the dimensions at 30.5 x 11 x 20 cms. Which is suitable to be moved around anywhere you want to place it.
  • Resolution: With the good resolution that it offers 800 x 480p, supporting 720p/1080p. With these resolutions that it offers you wouldn’t get a chance to complain about the resolution of the product.
  • Speakers: The inbuilt speakers offered by the company is loud enough so you wouldn’t have the need to connect additional external speakers to it for a clearer listening experience.
  • Brightness: The home theatre projecting system offers the users a clearer and better viewing experience with the 3000 Lumens LED light.
  • Power Saving: This device is more efficient on your electricity bills. As it saves power and consumes less electricity.
  • Radiations: The radiations that electronic devices tend to exert into the surrounding can be harmful. But not in the case of this device, as there is no radiation from the product and is safe for children and even pregnant women.
  • Input: Accepting any input be it HDMI, VGA, USB, SD, AV, TV and even connecting to a laptop, digital cameras, DVD, XBOX, hard drives anything. Making it really flexible to use.
  • Price: The price for this device is really reasonable at AED 250.

The best mini projector in UAE is just a click away. Now that I have listed out some of the best projectors, it’s on you to choose the one most suitable for your needs. But, before you go ahead with that here are a few more features to look into and consider while purchasing your very own mini projector.

Important Features of a Mini Projector

Supported Resolutions

Resolutions of any image defines the details that a particular image showcases. Resolutions consist of pixels which add the details to the image. Generally, projectors can project any resolution image without the guarantee that the outcome will be great. Also, keeping in mind that the further the projecting screen is placed the quality decreases. It also depends on the way the content is projected on the screen. That is if the projection is displayed in a higher resolution then it actually is, the quality will drop.

Therefore native resolution is the best as it displays the same quality of the image as it is. Besides the native being the best, every projector supports and produces decent quality for a few other resolutions besides the native.


The portability aspect of every mini projector makes it the key stand out feature. This is only possible because of the size and weight of the projector. Which generally means that the lighter and compact the weight and size, the easier it is to move the projector around as and where you want to without any constraints. Obviously, no one wants to carry around normal-sized, bulky projectors. Especially when every other device is getting more compact in size. Therefore to cater to just this need is the portability feature. And with A mini projector, now make every occasion and event lively with the big screen display of any content.

Built-in Sound

Sound the most important feature and element to consider while purchasing the best mini projector in UAE. No one would like or prefer to watch anything without some audio content. This audio might be in terms of audio for movies, a game or anything for that matter. Keeping this in mind, one must consider is the sound quality which the device has to offer.

Portability is a good factor and also the star player in a mini projector. Thus looking for a great in-built sound system is another feather to the cap. Not all mini projectors offer a good in-built sound system and so this brings the need to connect external speakers. But if you do have an in-built sound system the weight and hassle of carrying around the additional speakers will be no more.

Indoor Vs Outdoor Use

Projectors, in general, aren’t portable as they require electricity to work and project. But that is not the case in terms of mini projectors. As with the coming of more portable devices, it is time that even projectors evolve. Then came mini projectors which work on previously saved power. Some of the mini projectors still work with the help of cords connected to an electricity point. But the convenience is within the battery-powered ones. In fact they are much more portable and carrying it around be it indoors and outdoors is not a difficult task at all.

The features of not just battery life but inbuilt speakers and special designs suitable for portability makes it easier to take it out. Be it a business meeting across the globe, a party, at the pool or otherwise, night outs, dates you name it you can take it.

Now those were some great additional features that could take your experience of using a mini projector to the next level. If you have most or all of these features you already have selected the best mini projector in UAE which the market can offer to suit your choice.

Mini Projector FAQs

Can I watch movies in a Projector?

Yes, you most definitely can. This is because a projector is built for all purposes of viewing any sort of content. Be it images, presentations, games and even videos even in the case of a movie. So you can watch any content you want to without worrying about anything.

How long does a projector last?

This question is totally dependent on how do you use the projector yourself. In general, the projector is bound to last for a long time. But this lifespan can be affected if and when like any other electronic device due to overheating, rough use and even in case of dust which can settle onto the gadget.

But in case of a projector, it’s not just the body of the projector at risk. It is also the bulb which works to project content onto the screens for you. This bulb depending on the device has a fixed number of uses before it can fuse. Although in the case of the fused bulb, this can be replaced. And no need to panic as you wouldn’t have to replace the whole device.

What is Projector Aspect Ratio?

A projector’s aspect ratio is the ratio between the height and the width of the screen. This ratio defers depending on the content being displayed and is pre-fed into the setting of every projector. The 3 most common aspect ratio used is the 4:3 (XGA & SXGA), 16:10 (WXGA & WUXGA) and 16:9 (standard HDTV, 1080p). All of which gives the shape of a square, rectangle and the HD TV respectively.

Depending on the content being displayed, this aspect ratio needs to be adjusted. The closest to the matter to be displayed will give the best results. If you don’t change it as per the content matter then it won’t create a problem as such. But it will display a border for the rest of the extra part of the film which isn’t what you want, now do you?

Can a Projector be used outdoors?

Yes, a projector can be used outdoors. The only thing to be kept in mind is the fact that there is no projector which will be able to display content in bright daylight. Therefore your best bet to project any content will be when it is darker outside.

A mini projector is easy to use and completely portable and that the audio of the projector is loud enough. So, as to lighten up the load and hassle to carry an alternative exterior speaker to enhance the sound. It is much easier to carry around the screen of a projector than of a TV screen itself.

Relax and pamper yourself.

I am sure by now that you have made your choice after considering all the details put forth in this article. Go get clicking and bring home the best mini projector in UAE. What can even go wrong? You can now spend your time watching your binge shows and movies all as if you are at the theatres. Sit back relax and pamper yourself with those girls night outs or the game nights whatever works for you. Don’t forget to get yourself some snacks and any drink of your choice to gush down the snacks. Wear the comfiest clothing and voila you got yourself a perfect night spend with your loved one or some ‘me time’ ready to look up to.

First Look: HERILIOS 9-in-1 USB C Hub Review

HERILIOS USB C hub with 9-in-1 ports helps you to get things done effortlessly. Nowadays, most modern laptops are equipped with only a couple of USB-C ports. This is because they have tried to make them as compact and slim as possible. However, this can be very restrictive if you need to connect many accessories. So, the next time you don’t have sufficient ports or you’re struggling with cable spaghetti, you know you can count on this USB C hub. Purchase one today, add it to your workflow, and see how much you can do henceforth.

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Benefits of a USB C Hub

The USB-C hub expands the number of ports on your device and gives you access to all the ports you need. USB-C hubs allow you to plug more devices into a given port because they work as splitters. It has the ability to charge smaller-scale components such as cell phones and tablets and larger devices like laptops. Additionally, they are also portable, small, and light enough. Hence, you can easily keep it in your laptop bag or any other bag all the time.

Also, a USB-C hub lets you connect your laptop to an external display and you can also add a wired keyboard and an ergonomic roller-ball mouse. With multiple ports at your fingertips, you can easily attach backup hard drives and graphics tablets. Further, you can even sync your camera without removing the memory card.

HERILIOS USB C Hub with 9 in 1 Ports

What’s New? Top 10 Features of the HERILIOS USB C Hub (9 in 1 Ports)

1. Advanced 4K HDMI Display

Now, establishing a multi-monitor setup is so easy to do. Stream high-resolution videos (4K@30Hz) seamlessly and effortlessly by the HDMI port to a compatible display. You can mirror or extend your screen to multitask or watch wide-screen movies through this 4K UHD video output. Additionally, you can also watch a high-quality 2K video at 60Hz. Benefit from a new video experience.

2. Efficient Documents Transmit

It is equipped with 4 high-speed data transmission ports. These include TF 3.0 card reader, SD 3.0 card slots, 2 USB 3.0 ports. These are prepared to transmit large files at extremely high quick transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbps (USB 3.0) and 480 Mbps (USB 2.0).

3. Effective PD Charging Port

The PD 3.0 port goes up to 100W, that too with power delivery charging for compatible laptops, by the USB C adapter.

4. 9-in-1 Ports

The main highlight of this product is the 9 in 1 ports feature, which includes the following.

  • 4K HDMI adapter – 1
  • TF 3.0 card reader/slot – 1
  • SD 3.0 card reader – 1
  • USB 3.0 ports – 2
  • USB 2.0 port – 1
  • 1000Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet port – 1
  • 100W Type C PD 3.0 Charging Port – 1
  • 3.5mm Audio Port – 1

5. Improved Internet Transmission

Featuring a smooth, stable, and efficient network connection that supports speeds of up to 1000Mbps by its Ethernet port. Thereby, improving the internet transmission. A guaranteed approach for resolving the disconnection of the Ethernet.

6. Micro SD and SD Card Slots

Without any hassle, you can read, transfer, and backup all your files or whichever you want to. Doing this is possible due to the multiple micro SD and SD card slots. It supports various memory card formats like SD, SDCH, SDXC, Micro SD, and MMC.

7. Compatible Devices

Now, here is what you need to know about the USB-C device’s connection. You can pair it seamlessly with MacBook and any other USB-C laptop or tablet. The compatible devices are as follows.

  • Apple MacBook (2015/2016/2017/2018/2019)
  • Dell, ASUS, HP, Lenovo, and several other Type C laptops
  • Apple MacBook Pro (2015/2016/2017/2018/2019)
  • Apple iMac/iMac Pro (21.5 in & 27 in)
  • Google ChromeBook Pixel (2016/2017/2018/2019)

Note: USB C Hubs don’t support iPad Pro 2018. Also, the USB ports are intended for data transfer. This device supports multiple flash drives, however, it can support only one external hard drive at a time due to the power requirements.

8. Dual Screen and Multi-tasking Mode

Simply share your screen or split it into two in order to multi-task. Therefore, you can make your work easy-breezy through the dual-screen and multi-tasking mode.

9. Optimized Date Transfer

Now, you can directly sync and swap data with USB-C phones if it meets the USB 3.1. Power delivery and Display Alt Mode protocol are also beneficial.

10. Aesthetics

Featuring a smooth and elegant metal frame that goes well and matches perfectly with any MacBook or laptop. The HERILIOS 9-in-1 USB C hub is modern, sleek, and looks professional.

Revolutionize your Workspace

Finally, you’ve seen how the HERILIOS USB C hub equipped with 9-in-1 ports adds a ton of convenience. See the magic as it excels in adding one port into many. You will be glad as it gives you access to new devices and a whole lot more screen space. Indeed, it is a saviour. You may also want to check out the best power bank available in UAE.

HUAWEI Mate X2 Review for UAE

Here is a complete review for the HUAWEI Mate X2 that was announced by HUAWEI Consumer Business Group on the 23rd February 2021 in Dubai, UAE. This new-generation foldable flagship smartphone unfolds all the latest and exciting experiences with a brand-new Falcon Wing Design. Thus, introducing new policies in the area of mobile technology. Not just the Falcon Wing Design, but also many new unfolding experiences that you will come across in this review. Without further ado, let’s dive into this review for the HUAWEI Mate X2 in UAE. But first, take a deep breath.

The HUAWEI Mate X2 features an all-new compact design with an intentionally shifted point of balance. Regardless of whether it is folded or not, The HUAWEI Mate X2 handles exceptionally. The unfolded display is one of the largest in the industry. Thereby offering a consistent user experience across the two forms. As a matter of fact, the HUAWEI Mate X2 unfolds elegantly into a flat display. It folds to perfection into a compact form factor without any flaw. A big thanks to the steel of high-strength and the carbon fibre composite chassis. These make the HUAWEI Mate X2 light yet robust.

The Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera, blazing fast Kirin 9000 5G chipset and powerful dual-speaker stereo sound system combined together make the HUAWEI Mate X2 represent some of the best technologies that the industry has to offer. Richard Yu, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of HUAWEI Consumer BG said the following. The HUAWEI Mate X2 exemplifies a giant leap forward and establishes the desired level of competence or quality required for foldable devices of the future. In other words, this device met the expectations that were required.

The HUAWEI Mate X2 has achieved this with some of the best hardware and software innovations at its core. Despite the fact that the HUAWEI Mate Xs was largely considered as the best-in-class foldable device to a great extent. Richard Yu also mentioned that they continued to find new ways for further improvement of the foldable experience. The hinge utilises a multi-dimensional interlocking mechanism. When folded, it produces a near-seamless fold. With pioneering innovations and a truly amazing user experience across the board, the HUAWEI Mate X2 represents the future of smartphone technology.

Falcon Wing Design

Beauty that belies sophistication! Very impressive, isn’t it? The seamless foldable design of the HUAWEI Mate X2 folds flawlessly into a compact shape that too with smooth corners all around. On the other hand, when unfolded, its rear side is slopy. This makes the device as thin as 4.4 mm3 on one end. Regardless of whether it is unfolded or closed, it is perfectly balanced as the point of balance is shifted slightly away from the centre of the device. The flexible inner display of this device measures 8 inches diagonally which is one of the largest of its kind. To add to this is its dual-screen design.

Apart from this, the HUAWEI Mate X2 also introduces a magnetically controlled nano-optical layer that you will see in this review for UAE. This minimises reflection. Moreover, this device works smoothly and continuously with the 6.45-inch OLED display on the outside. Both the displays feature a super high resolution, a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a high touch sample rate to offer its users a consistent experience as they switch from one mode to another. Apart from this, the HUAWEI Mate X2 is an elegantly engineered smartphone when it is folded. Another good thing is that the aspect ratio of the outer display’s 21:9 which makes it compatible with most of the mainstream apps.

On unfolding, this device expands and transforms into a broad, wide and smart one with the golden aspect ratio of 8:7.1 which in turn offers an impactful and more immersive visual experience regardless of whether it is held vertically or horizontally. The HUAWEI Mate X2 has hidden another industry-first innovation underneath its minimalist appearance. This innovation is none other than an intricate Multi-Dimensional Hinge on which HUAWEI spent over 5 years to perfect it. The multi-dimensional hinge creates a water drop-like cavity through a multi-dimensional interlocking mechanism for putting the display away when the device is folded.

This enables the device to fold perfectly with a gap that is too small to be seen or noticed and it also minimises the crease on the outer screen when the device is not folded. Also, the openings along the sides are hidden to prevent dirt and dust from entering the system and also possibly damaging the screen.

Unfolding New Experiences

The HUAWEI Mate X2 offers the best of both worlds that too with two displays. The larger display offers a broad and extensive area whereas the foldable nature of this device maximises portability. Leveraging wide and in-depth research on human factors, HUAWEI has designed the foldable form factor from the ground then up to support the unique smart experiences. From browsing the internet and completing all your productivity tasks in the office to online gaming, online shopping and the consumption of media at home, the HUAWEI Mate X2 delivers incredibly immersive experiences.

After getting inspired by the “long-take” camera technique, HUAWEI made the user interface transition effects more responsive and smoother on the HUAWEI Mate X2. Further, the exclusive dynamic theme elevates the unfolding experience. So, whenever the users (every single time) open up the HUAWEI Mate X2, it features a bed of flowers that bloom. Amazing right? To add to the large display of this device is a suite of smart features that are designed around multitasking. Moreover, the users can multitask effectively on a single display also with the Floating Window, App Bubble, Smart Multi-Window, App Multiplier and more.

Multi-window enables the users to preview the content rapidly on another app. The best part is that it allows you to do this without minimising the active app. For instance, you can open a hyperlink on Notepad or you can preview an email attachment on the Email app. App Multiplier is something that lets the users open multiple instances of a single app like Notepad. This comes in handy in situations when you want to reference another document saved in apps. You can share content between contacts rapidly. You can do this through MeeTime and besides being quick it is also easy since you can drag the files onto the chat interface without any limitation on file size, format, or quantity.

Besides being resizable, Active Floating Windows can also be stowed into the App Bubble. Additionally, they can also replace any active Multi-Window at any particular time. Regardless of whether you need a smartphone for your work needs, study purpose, or shopping and entertainment. Then, don’t fret, the HUAWEI Mate X2 is what you need to purchase as it meets all your needs.

Next-Generation Smartphone Performance – HUAWEI Mate X2 Delivering its Best

The HUAWEI Mate X2 is a highly versatile powerhouse. It combines a power-efficient and blazing fast chip with flagship audio-visual capabilities. This not only supports high-speed but also stable connectivity. This is beyond its first-class and excellent aesthetics. The HUAWEI Mate X2 features the Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera. This enables the users to document and share their lives whenever they wish and at any time that too in crystal clarity. Additionally, this device is equipped with a 50MP Super Sensing Wide Camera and features one of the first sensors to include a RYYB colour filter array (CFA). And also 4-in-1 pixel binning, Full Pixel Octa PD Autofocus capabilities for a sharp focus and also captures high-quality images even in areas with low light.

The 10x Telephoto camera supports optical zoom (10 times), a periscope optics design, 20 times hybrid zoom and 100 times digital zoom. Thus, providing you with convenient long-range photography. The 16MP ultra-wide camera supports the macro mode for shooting objects which are as close as 2.5cm from the lens and also offers an amazing field of view for attractive and impressive shots. The unique and foldable design of the HUAWEI Mate X2 enables the users to take advantage of the powerful Ultra Vision Leica Quad Camera for self-portraits. HUAWEI guarantees that selfies will never be the same again. A big thanks to the ultra-wide selfie camera that supports a high resolution and a high dynamic range capture.

Welcome your personal pocket cinema, the HUAWEI Mate X2 is fully equipped even in terms of audio. Further, the dual-speaker stereo sound system makes use of ultra-thin and large-amplitude drivers with ultra-light carbon fibre domes and also supports the HUAWEI Histen sound effects which in turn deliver clean highs and deep lows and help you achieve the most delicate details from any source. Furthermore, powered by the Kirin 9000 chipset, the HUAWEI Mate X2 provides high- speed connectivity, outstanding performance and power efficiency. The Kirin 9000 is the most versatile and integrated 5G system on a chip (SoC) with the most transistors to date.

The HUAWEI Mate X2 also features an all-new smart antenna system. This system selects the best antenna dynamically with respect to the mode of the smartphone and the changes in signal strength. Regardless of whether this device is held horizontally or vertically or it is folded or unfolded, this smart antenna system ensures strong signal reception for an excellent and flawless user experience. The HUAWEI Mate X2 features a massive 4500 mAh battery and also supports 55W HUAWEI SuperCharge. Therefore, it benefits from HUAWEI’s leading industrial design expertise. This is the fastest charging solution that is available on foldable devices.

Building a Fully Connected and Intelligent World

So, what is your opinion about this smartphone? Are you inspired by this HUAWEI Mate X2 review for UAE? You can read through this review once again if you’re confused about purchasing it. Take your time and make an informed decision. Indeed, HUAWEI helps build a fully connected and intelligent world. Since you’ve seen this newly launched smartphone, you may also want to take a look at the expanded tablet line up. Well, it is the HUAWEI MatePad and here is its review.

Best Wifi Router in UAE – for Streaming, Office & Gamers [2024]

The best wifi router in UAE ensures you receive optimal coverage anytime and anywhere you need. Say goodbye to buffering Netflix streams and TV shows, degraded, choppy video calls, choppy voice and official calls as well as uninterrupted and laggy gaming issues. After thorough research of 120+ hours, we have successfully managed to find the best ones for you to choose from. We bet you won’t be frustrated anymore as brands like Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys, and ASUS offer you rapid speed, connectivity and performance. Whether you need it for your office, business establishment, home or if you are a hardcore gamer and need it for gaming, these brands are available here at your service.

Go, get yourself the best wifi router in UAE today and experience seamless wifi. We have put forth three quick list tables for home use, office and gamers respectively. This will make it easier for you to find out the one that suits your requirements quickly. Ensure you glance through all the quick list tables before scrolling down.

Best WiFi Router for Homes in UAE – Quick List

Wifi RouterFrequency BandRAMWifi StandardWifi CoverageCheck Price
Netgear Nighthawk
Tri-Band1000 MBWifi 6 5,000 sq. ft.Price on
Netgear Orbi
Tri-Band512 MBWifi 56,000 sq. ft.Price on
Linksys Velop
Tri-Band512 MBWifi 5 5,000 sq. ft.Price on
Linksys Smart
Dual-Band256 MBWifi 52,500 to 3,000 sq. ft.Price on

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Best WiFi Router for Office and Small Business UAE- Quick List

Wifi RouterFrequency BandWifi StandardRAMWifi Coverage Check Price
Linksys Max-Stream
Tri-BandWifi 5256 MB3,000 sq. ft.Price on
Archer C3150
Dual-BandWifi 5256 MB25+ devicesPrice on
Netgear Nighthawk
Tri-BandWifi 61000 MB5,000 sq. ft.Price on
Linksys Velop
Tri-BandWifi 5512 MB5,000 sq. ft.Price on

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Best WiFi Router for Gamers UAE – Quick List

Wifi RouterProcessorFrequency BandWifi Speed & StandardNo. of AntennasCheck Price
ASUS Rapture
1.8GHz Quad-Core Tri-Band11 Gbps
Wifi 6
8Price on
TP-Link Talon
1.4GHz Dual-CoreMulti-Band7.2 Gbps
802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11g
8Price on
Linksys Max-Stream
1.4GHz Dual-CoreTri-Band5.3 Gbps
Wifi 5
8Price on
Netgear Nighthawk Pro
1.7GHz Dual-CoreDual-Band2.6 Gbps
802.11n, 802.11b, 802.11g
4Price on

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Features Important for Home Use

Simplicity to Setup

Well, when it comes to home use, the best router in UAE should be simple to setup. Thus, making it one of the most important features to consider. You don’t want to struggle with the router facing issues installing it or finding it tedious to setup, isn’t it? Nowadays, setting up a router is simpler than you think. This is possible because it offers you the option of setting it up or installing it through an app. Yes, some routers offer you the option of connecting a node to your ISP equipment after which you can proceed the installation through the app installed on your Android/iOS device.

For instance, it is a snap to set up the Linksys router with the Linksys app and the TP-Link tether app for TP-Link routers. This allows you to connect, monitor and control your home network remotely from your Android or iOS device. Moreover, some of the apps are compatible with Amazon Alexa, thus helping you control your home network via voice commands. Besides these, some routers are equipped with the mesh WiFi system which aids in setting up these routers without any hassle. This system features the plug and play simplicity that works by handling two separate units, the router and the satellite. Therefore, you can set up the best WiFi router in UAE without calling the technician or any networking expert home. It is easy so you can install it all by yourself.

Long Range

Next, comes long-range Wi-Fi. Acquiring fast and reliable Wi-Fi coverage in each and every corner of a large home is not impossible, but it is challenging. Not all routers are capable of providing long-range Wi-Fi with much-needed performance when you live in a large house. Nowadays, it is not just about computers or laptops. We need Wi-Fi when our smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, smart TV’s, door locks, lights, thermostats and a lot more need access to the Internet. Keep in mind that if a router is capable of offering a fast performance then it doesn’t always mean that it can deliver best speeds over a wide area.

Hence, you need one of the best wifi router available in UAE for your home as it serves long-range wifi with fastest performance and speed in each and every corner and covering every edge of your home. So before you make your purchase, look for the best one as it can deliver a strong and fast signal to help you experience and enjoy reliable group video calls and high-quality 4K streaming.

Parental Controls

Next comes parental controls or parental filtering which is a feature important to consider when you have kids at home. Through the parental control feature, set up security features, blocks websites and content that is inappropriate for your kids to view as it filters the web. You can easily check for which security options you can take control of by accessing your router’s web interface once it is setup. Also, parental controls enable you to filter Internet access to the specific devices at a particular time of your choice during the day or night. Moreover, you can monitor your kid’s screen time with ease. Besides these features are content filtering, time limits and bedtime settings.

Better Streaming

Listen! If you want to do a lot of binge-watching then you definitely need to get the best connectivity that you can for your devices. Note that when it comes to improving your streaming performance, setting up your Wi-Fi properly with the best wifi router in UAE will go a long way. It doesn’t matter if you desire better picture quality or less buffering or for multiple family members to watch what they want to simultaneously. Additionally, better streaming isn’t just limited to one room of your house or just 1 device.

Regardless of how many smart TV’s you have in your house, whether you have one in your living room, the other in your bedroom. Or, whether you want to watch a program or series on your tablet or laptop or phone, maybe even from one corner of your home or your kitchen too. All this is possible when you possess better streaming with the best wifi router in UAE. Ensure you set up your router in such a way that it provides the best signal. Keep in mind that you need at least 25 Mbps speed, for streaming 4K content from Netflix. And for a 1080p HD video, you will need a speed of at least 10 Mbps for smooth performance.

Best Wifi Routers for Home Use

Rank 1: Netgear Nighthawk Wifi Router

Model: RAX200-100EUS

  • USB Connection: You can share a storage drive with any device that is connected. All thanks to the 2 x 3.0 USB ports. It also helps you to create personal cloud storage that you can access from anywhere. Moreover, it is safe and secure.
  • Latest WiFi Technology: Netgear Nighthawk is equipped with WiFi6 which is the latest WiFi Technology. The speed is 5 times faster and capacity is 9 times more. Thus, it is the best wifi router in UAE.
  • Loaded with Advanced Technology: Firstly, it is designed with a 64-bit 1.8 GHz quad-core processor. Secondly, it is power-packed with 8 amplified antennas, Beamforming+, MU-MIMO. As well as Dynamic QoS, Smart Connect, and OFDMA.
  • Ethernet Ports: Simply plug in gaming consoles, computers, streaming players and other nearby wired devices. All this is possible due to the 4 x 1G and 1 x 2.5G Ethernet ports.
  • 12 Simultaneous Streams: This router provides additional capacity so that more devices can make use of Wifi simultaneously. Further, it works with existing Wi-Fi devices and new Wi-Fi 6 devices such as iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy S10.
  • Recommended For: It is recommended for medium to large homes (2500 sq.ft.) and 40+ WiFi devices. As well as Fiber or Internet Plans up to 2Gbps.
  • Price: Netgear Nighthawk Wifi Router is available for a price of around AED 2,100.

Rank 2: Netgear Orbi WiFi System

Model: RBK53S-100UKS

  • Unparalleled WiFi Coverage: In addition to the Orbi WiFi router, this Orbi WiFi system comes with 2 satellites. Thus, delivering unparalleled WiFi coverage. Moreover, it covers homes with area up to 7,500 square feet and strong WiFi signals.
  • Innovative Tri-Band: To maximise the speed of the internet in your home, the innovative tri-band WiFi (2.4GHz – 5GHz) does its job.
  • Technology: MU-MIMO technology, FastLane3 technology, and Beamforming technology constitute the technologies of this WiFi system.
  • Package: The package includes 1 x Orbi AC 3000 Router, 2 x Orbi AC 3000 Satellites, 1 x 6.5 ft Ethernet cable and 3 x 12V / 3.5A power adapters.
  • Price: Purchase the Netgear Orbi WiFi system today for an estimated cost of AED 1,700.

Rank 3: Linksys Velop Tri-Band WiFi System

Model: WHW0303

  • Velop: It is a flexible whole-home mesh WiFi system which delivers flawless WiFi that is ultra-fast and full of strength wherever you need. A long-range option for you.
  • Linksys App: All you need to do is connect one Velop node to your ISP equipment and then use the Linksys App for completing the simple setup in minutes.
  • Speciality: Firstly, the Linksys Velop Tri-Band WiFi system is one of the best wifi router options in UAE since it offers long-range. Secondly, it works with all the internet/broadband providers. Thirdly, it is compatible with Alexa and is creatively designed to perfectly suit any environment. Lastly, it offers you a 3-year warranty and 24/7 customer support.
  • Fast and Reliable 4K Streaming, Gaming: You won’t experience any buffering. Secondly, you won’t find the need to manually switch between networks. This is because the Velop nodes all the work smoothly and continuously together in a mesh system.
  • Linksys Shield: All thanks to the Linksys shield. Now, you can protect your family against online security risks. And have great control over your network.
    • Additionally, it also provides you access to Parental Controls. This aids you in managing your family’s connected life with ease as it filters the content selectively.
    • Further, the Linksys shield also helps you manage screen time on certain devices (specific ones). And also enables you to pause the Internet whenever you wish to or during family time.

Additional Features:

  • Voice Control for Amazon Alexa: Velop provides you access to a variety of convenient voice commands. This is possible when it is paired with Amazon Alexa. One example is turning Guest WiFi on or off. Simply say “Alexa, ask Linksys to turn on my guest WiFi”.
  • Linksys Aware: Without using any cameras or any sort of additional hardware, the Linksys Aware uses your existing Intelligent Mesh WiFi network in order to sense motion. Thus, ensuring not only privacy but also convenience throughout your home. Linksys Aware is a WiFi motion-sensing subscription service.
  • Price: Linksys Velop Tri-Band WiFi system is available for a price of around AED 1,300.

Rank 4: Linksys Dual-Band Smart WiFi Router

Model: EA6900-ME

  • Beam Forming Technology: The beam forming technology follows your smartphone, tablet, and notebook thus ensuring uninterrupted services and a great connection as you move from one corner of your home to the next. Ensure you refer to the user manual before usage.
  • Print, Share and Store Content: For printing, sharing and storing the content, a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port is available. Additionally, it contains 3 adjustable external antennas that provide a maximum range.
  • Linksys Smart WiFi: It provides easy CD free set up, parental control, remote networking management, and app-enabled networking.
  • Platform Compatibility: Windows Vista 32/64, Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8 32/64, Mac 10.5.8 Leopard, Mac 10.6.1 Snow Leopard, Mac 10.7 Lion or later.
  • Simultaneous Dual-Band: All thanks to the simultaneous dual-band which offers you speeds of up to N600 Mbps (2.4 GHz) + AC1300 Mbps (5.0 GHz).
  • Extended Battery Life: Beamforming helps to extend the battery life of the connected devices. As well as reduces their power consumption since it transfers the data more quickly.
  • Price: Linksys Dual-Band Smart WiFi Router today for an estimated cost of AED 370. Thus, making it a budget option.

Features Important for Office or Small Business

Number of Connections

The number of connections possible depends upon tri-band, fast processor and RAM. Ensure you read through all the important features needed for an office before you purchase the best wifi router in UAE.


So, what is the difference between dual-band and tri-band? Well, dual-band router operates on both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands. On the other hand, a tri-band router offers a single 2.4Ghz band and 2 separate bands in the 5GHz range. This means that tri-band routers feature an extra 5GHz band in addition to the 2.4Ghz band and 5GHz bands of a dual-band router. The 3rd band enables more devices to connect simultaneously without slowing down the network too much. Therefore, newer devices that support both 2.5Ghz and 5GHz can make use of whichever band they want to, depending upon which band offers the best signal at a particular time.

Tri-band helps in spreading your devices across multiple frequency ranges. This in turn avoids any sort of congestion. Further, if tri-band is combined with the powerful arrays of beamforming antennas, MU-MIMO, and QoS then every device is sure to get an equal share of the wireless bandwidth. In other words, the tri-band technology assigns each of your devices to an optimal Wi-Fi band. Thus, ensuring that these devices connect to the maximum speed possible.

Fast Processor and RAM

Even if the radios that broadcast the wifi are great, it is of no use if your router has a slow single-core processor. Since it can cause you a great loss due to its bad performance. Especially if you live in a large home or if there are dozens of devices that need to be connected. Hence ensure you check for a fast processor and RAM before you make your purchase. Opt for a wifi router with at least a dual-core processor and 256 MB RAM. Note that the quad-core processor would be the best. The best wifi router in UAE features a speedy multi-core processor and extra RAM that can not only connect more devices but also improve the performance.


Throughput (network speed) is a feature that is closely associated with the type of network of the router. Generally, one of the first things listed on router boxes and specifications is the router’s throughput. In order to know and spot the throughput of the router, look for Mbps since it indicates the speed at which the router will transmit data from your connection to the devices and users. Note that if you have a 100 Mbps internet connection and a router with 80 Mbps then the total speed provided will be the lower figure. In this case, it will be 80 Mbps. Hence, you need to opt for a wifi router that has higher throughput so that it can accommodate faster connections.


High-end routers especially the long-range ones are equipped with advanced security features. These advanced security features include current encryption standards such as WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and firewalls which perform the task of blocking suspicious activity on your network. In addition to these, you need to look for support for router level Virtual Private Network (VPN) implementations. On using it, it sends your data through a secure, encrypted connection that hides your identity from intrusive eyes.

Moreover, you don’t have to install VPN software on individual devices if you implement a VPN on the router level. All the devices can make use of it if you do so. Long-range routers also offer you the option of implementing parental control. You may also set up a guest network to implement controls and security features for the visitors as well as the kids. In order to figure out which security options you can access and control, all you have to do is access the router’s web interface after you set up your router.

Multi-User, Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MU MIMO)

So what is MIMO? Well, it is the use of multiple antennas for the purpose of increasing performance and overall throughput. Routers that are enabled or equipped with MU MIMO ensures that more devices can connect to 1 router. That too, the best part is that it involves less interference. Also, if the antennas are configured and aimed properly, then it leads to an improvement if not a lot of improvement then at least slight. MIMO routers achieve higher performance by transmitting and receiving data across a Wi-Fi link.

It organises the network traffic which flows between Wi-Fi clients and the router into individual streams. Next, it transmits the streams in parallel and allows the receiving device to re-assemble the streams into single messages. Multi-user, Multi-Input, Multi-Output (MIMO) technology works on 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks. Also, MU-MIMO antennas manage connections with several clients in parallel. Therefore, it improves the performance of the connections. Note that both the Wi-Fi client device, as well as the Wi-Fi router, should support MIMO to get connected to each other successfully.

Best WiFi Router for Office or Small Business

Rank 1: Linksys Max-Stream Tri-Band WiFi Router

Model: EA9500

  • 8 Antennas for Optimal Wi-Fi Performance: Featuring 8 adjustable external antennas. These provide powerful streams of data to your devices. Therefore, ensuring you far-reaching or in other words long-range WiFi coverage. Get your hands on this one today as it is the best wifi router in UAE for office usage.
  • 4 Simultaneous Streams: This router delivers 4 simultaneous streams on each of the three WiFi bands. Therefore leading to a stronger and faster performance.
  • Easy to Setup: First and foremost you don’t require any installation CD. To get this router up and running is easy. Simply plug the router into a power source, connect it to your modem and your laptop/computer. Next, just connect to the Linksys secure network. You will see this in the quick start guide hence all you need to do is follow the instructions.
  • Powerful Dual-Core Processor: This router is power-packed by a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. Thus, delivering the necessary performance for activities such as multiplayer online gaming. Without any interruption, you can enjoy gaming from other networked devices.
  • Handles Multiple High Speed: What more? you ask. Well, its capability of handling multiple high-speed data streams at once. Thus, offering faster speed to many devices.
  • MU-MIMO: The Next-Gen AC WiFi is made possible by MU-MIMO that enables you to power-stream, game and work without any interruption. Hence, if any of your family members are streaming 4K video or playing any online games upstairs. Then MU-MIMO ensures that despite all this you will still experience rapid file sharing and smooth video calls downstairs in your home office.

Additional Features:

  • Beamforming Technology: This technology improves the wireless signal range by sending focussed WiFi signals to each and every mobile device. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the WiFi in your home. Thus, helping all the members of the house to enjoy simultaneous high bandwidth WiFi activities such as surfing, streaming and gaming.
  • Create a Guest Network: Now, you can share your home WiFi with your guests. Simply create a separate guest network by using the app. Once you do this, share the WiFi password with them via a text message or an email.
  • Price: Linksys Max-Stream Tri-Band WiFi Router is available for a price of around AED 900.

Rank 2: TP-Link Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router

Model: Archer C3150

  • MU-MIMO Technology: The Multiple User – Multiple Input, Multiple-Output is a technology that enables multiple devices to connect simultaneously. That too without compromising on the speed (with no loss of speed).
  • TP-Link Tether App: Setting up the network effortlessly is guaranteed. All thanks to the TP-Link Tether App on iOS and Android.
  • Lag-free Experience: Not to forget, the 1.4 GHz dual-core processor along with 2 co-processors and XStream processing architecture creates a lag-free experience, especially while gaming.
  • Uninterrupted 4K Streaming: Benefit 4K streaming without any interruption. 1024 QAM and 4-Stream technology deliver/provide lightning-fast speeds up to 3150 Mbps (1000 + 2167 Mbps).
  • TP-Link HomeCare: This is powered by Trend Micro and makes your router a 3-in-1 solution with WiFi, antivirus and parental controls. Additionally, the TP-Link HomeCare also includes QoS.
    • It blocks sites, sets time limits and also keeps kids safe online with Parental controls.
    • Further, it protects every device in your home automatically. Thes devices also include IoT and smart products from viruses and hacking.
  • XStream Architecture: Due to the XStream architecture, this router dedicates one processor to each of its WiFi bands. These processors not only handle the WiFi traffic but also free the router’s dual-core CPU in order to take care of everything.
    • This, in turn, keeps your Wi-Fi running smoothly. Thus, everybody in your home can enjoy doing what they love most.
    • This includes watching Netflix, streaming your favourite online, gaming online and more.
  • Price: TP-Link Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit router is available approximately for AED 600.

Rank 3: Netgear Nighthawk Tri-Band Wireless Router

Model: RAX200-100EUS

  • Advanced Technology: Netgear Nighthawk is loaded with power-packed advanced technology. It features a creatively designed quad-core processor with 64-bit 1.8 GHz. Additionally, is the Beamforming+, MU-MIMO and 8 amplified antennas. Not to forget, the contribution of the Smart Connect, Dynamic QoS and OFDMA.
  • USB Connection: Now, you can share a storage drive with any connected device. This is due to the 2 x 3.0 USB ports which also help you create personal cloud storage. That too you can access it from any corner and you don’t have to worry as it is safe and secure.
  • Ethernet Ports: With the 4 x 1G and 1 x 2.5G Ethernet ports, you can plug in computers, gaming consoles, streaming players and the other wired devices nearby.
  • Latest WiFi Technology: Another reason for purchasing this router is that it is equipped with WiFi6 (the latest WiFi technology). With WiFi6, experience speed that is 5X faster and capacity that is 9X more.
  • Ideal For: The Netgear Nighthawk is recommended for medium to large homes (2500 sq. ft) and for 40+ WiFi devices. And also Fiber/Internet Plans up to 2Gbps.
  • 12 Simultaneous Streams: 12 streams offer additional capacity so that multiple devices can make use of Wi-Fi simultaneously. Moreover, it works with both, existing Wi-Fi devices as well as new Wi-Fi 6 devices. These include iPhone11, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10.
  • Price: Netgear Nighthawk Tri-Band Wireless Router is available approximately for AED 2,100.

Rank 4: Linksys Velop Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

Model: WHW0303

  • Perfect Wi-Fi System: The Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi system is creatively designed to fulfil your household’s Wi-Fi needs. It is natural for your Wi-Fi needs to expand with time, so you can add more nodes without any hassle.
  • Velop’s Intelligent Mesh Technology: This technology adapts to all your Wi-Fi needs by performing behind the scenes. Thus, providing flawless Wi-Fi everywhere. It self organizes, self optimizes and self heals.
  • Fast and Reliable: You will be extremely happy when you notice no buffering. And you won’t find the need to switch manually between networks too. This is due to the Velop nodes that work seamlessly together in a mesh system. Thus, providing fast and reliable gaming, Wi-Fi coverage, 4K streaming and more.
  • Flexible and Adaptable: Wherever you go and wherever you need, it delivers ultra-fast, flawless and full-strength Wi-Fi. It adapts well in any environment regardless of how big or small your house is. Moreover, it works with any internet service provider.
  • For an Apartment/Single Story Home: You need just 1 node for an apartment or a single story home. But, incase your neighbour’s Wi-Fi is interfering with yours, then all you have to do is add a second note.
  • 2-Story/Modern/Contemporary Home: If you reside in a 2-story, modern or contemporary home with metal construction. Then make use of 2 nodes for access to Wi-Fi free from obstruction.

Additional Features:

  • Multi Story Homes: If your home contains lots of bricks and concrete or basements. For example, multi story homes such as mid terrace, 3 nodes are necessary for unobstructive Wi-Fi. All you need to do is place a node on each floor.
  • Large Detached Homes: Long homes that contain a lot of square footage need Velop system with 3 nodes. Since this will provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi throughout your home.
  • Price: Linksys Velop Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi system is available for an estimated cost of AED 1,300.

Key Feature for Gamers

Gamers! Attention!! Here are the key features that we have put forth for you to read and understand before purchasing the best wifi router in UAE.

High-Bandwidth Range

Purchasing a faster router equals faster speeds is a common misconception. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get the speed that is faster than what you are paying your ISP for. Irrespective of how fancy, expensive or multi-featured your router is. Increased strength and high-bandwidth range enable the router to serve larger areas and also enable more users to connect/share that network. Note that signals in the 2.4GHz frequencies travel over a longer distance as compared to 5GHz signals. But, 5GHz frequencies are better as they offer more bandwidth for faster speeds. Moreover, nothing much can affect it especially interference from anything. This is because very few households operate in those frequencies.

Quality of Service

QoS (Quality of Streaming) is an important feature beneficial for better streaming as it enables you to prioritize traffic on your system. In other words, it acts as a bandwidth management tool that enables you to prioritize and allocate devices and applications based upon your preference. Thus, you can get the speed that you want. It enables the router administration to limit certain types of traffic. For instance, you can make use of the router’s QoS feature to block all the torrent traffic completely or limit it so that the other users benefit equal bandwidth. QoS improves the performance of the most critical network traffic. Always opt for a wifi router that is reliable and fast for 4K streaming and 8K streaming for multiple devices.

No buffering, no lag and no need to manually switch between the networks. This depends on how efficient the antennas are, the simultaneous streams and combined throughput. With a great QoS setup, you can play games while streaming a video and also download stuff. We bet, your family members won’t question you why the Internet is so slow.

Wi-Fi 6

The common name given to the IEEE 802.11ax wireless standard is Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is the sixth version. Being a new version, its goal is to not only make the Wi-Fi faster but also make it more reliable. It still involves the access point that delivers Wi-Fi to the devices connected to it. However, the main thing is that Wi-Fi 6 comes with so many improvements over the older standards. Some of these improvements include better security, more reliable connections during congestion, faster speeds and longer battery life. When it comes to communicating with more than one device at a time, Wi-Fi 6 is better than all the older versions. Despite the heavy activity over the network, it focusses on maintaining speed over time. Thus, you obtain longer reliable connections.

As a matter of fact, Wi-Fi 6 is nearly 3 times faster as compared to Wi-Fi 5. Also, there is a reduction in latency by 75%. Wi-Fi 6 provides you with maximum transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps unlike the older version Wi-Fi 5 that offers a maximum speed of up to 3.5 Gbps. With Wi-Fi 6, you can download files and apps faster and also stream movies without any buffering. It also enables you to have real-time video chats with fewer delays and also allows you to use more devices on the same network. Wi-Fi 6 enables all the connected devices to have an equal share, doesn’t matter where the devices are located physically.

Best Wifi Routers for Gamers

Rank 1: ASUS Rapture Wireless Tri-Band Router

Model: GT-AX11000

  • Front-line Network Security: Before any of the Internet threats hit your network, you can neutralise them through the front-line network security.
  • Triple-level Game Acceleration: Right from device to game server, you can accelerate game traffic every step of the way. Wow! Hence, it tops the list of the best wifi router for gamers in UAE.
  • ROG Gaming Centre: Simply rule your network now. This router’s mission is to make your gaming network as great as possible. It is packed with powerful gaming optimisations and delivers Wi-Fi performance with rock-solid stability. As well as state-of-the-art security.
  • Point and Click Control: ROG themed Gaming Centre interface offers an easy point and click control. That too over every incredible feature.
  • Port Forwarding in 3 Steps: As a matter of fact, port forwarding is critical for gamers. However, to avoid the situation of not being able to team up with friends requires only 3 steps. Yes, now you don’t have to go through any complicated process which will frustrate you. All you need to do is select which game to play, next select your gaming device and finally activate and done.
  • More Bandwidth, More Gaming: Tri-band networking enables you to dedicate a 5GHz band especially only for gaming purpose. This avoids situations wherein you have to compete for bandwidth with other devices on your home network.
    • Additionally, this router also unlocks 15 channels in the least-congested 5GHz bands. Thereby, providing additional bandwidth for all your wireless devices.

Additional Features:

  • Recommended for Multi-Device Households: 802.11ax technology offers up to 4X greater network capacity as well as efficiency in traffic-dense environments. This is with the revolutionary combination of OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology.
    • The OFDMA support in the 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard divides each channel into small sub-channels. Therefore, enabling the signals from multiple devices to be bundled together and transmitted simultaneously. Thus, reducing latency for a smoother and more responsive Wi-Fi experience.
  • Price: ASUS Rapture Wireless Tri-Band Router is available for an estimated cost of AED 1,930.

Rank 2: TP-Link Talon Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router

Model: AD7200

  • Multiple Connections and Nonstop Entertainment: All thanks to the Multi-User MIMO and Wireless AC Technologies. These technologies enable this router to serve multiple devices simultaneously. This device provides speeds that are 3X faster for all your devices on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
  • Multi-Band Technology: This TP-Link router features enhanced multi-band technology. Its speciality is that it is capable of running 3 Wi-Fi bands at once.
  • No Compromise on Performance: Further, this router aids in creating a network that supports several devices without compromising on the performance. This is possible due to the combined Wi-Fi speed of up to 7200Mbps.
  • Wi-Fi Band: It supports 802.11ad Standard and 60GHz Wi-Fi band. By making use of advanced technologies, it provides your devices with a bandwidth of up to 4600Mbps. This 60GHz wireless router is more rapid than you can imagine.
  • Dual-Core Processor: Regardless of the number of users that are connected simultaneously to the network. The device’s 1.4GHz Dual-Core CPU powers you and helps you carry out all your tasks. Without compromising on the performance, this CPU enabled router enables everybody in your home to surf, stream and play games simultaneously.
  • 8 External Antennas: Featuring 8 external antennas that are high in performance and also maximize coverage and enhance stability.
  • Price: TP-Link Talon Multi-Band Wi-Fi Router is available for a price of around AED 1,450.

Rank 3: Linksys Max-Stream Wi-Fi Router

Model: EA9500

  • Easy to Setup: Well, you don’t need any installation CD. All you need to do is plug the router into a power source and connect it to your modem and then to your computer/laptop. This will set the router and get it running. After you do this, connect it to the Linksys secure network. Simply follow all the instructions given in the quick start guide.
  • Handles Multiple High Speed: It offers faster speed to numerous devices due to its capability of handling multiple high-speed data streams simultaneously.
  • Power-packed Dual-Core Processor: This router features a powerful 1.4GHz dual-core processor. Therefore, delivering the required performance for your activities. Some of which include multiplayer online gaming. You can also enjoy gaming without any interruption from other networked devices.
  • 4 Simultaneous Streams: To offer you a rapid and stronger performance, 4 simultaneous streams are delivered on each of the three Wi-Fi bands.
  • MU-MIMO Technology: MU-MIMO allows you to power stream, game and works with zero interruption. It also makes the next-generation AC Wi-Fi possible. You or your family members can stream 4K videos as well as play online games upstairs. And regardless of this, another family member can benefit smooth video calls and rapid file sharing downstairs in their home office.
  • 8 Antennas for Optimal Wi-Fi Performance: Your devices can access powerful streams of data due to the 8 (adjustable) external antennas. Guaranteeing you long-range (far-reaching) Wi-Fi coverage.

Additional Features:

  • Guest Network Creation: As the name says, you can share your home Wi-Fi with your guests by creating a separate guest network. Simply create it easily by making use of the app. Once the guest network is created, you can share the Wi-Fi password with them. You have options via text and email.
  • Beamforming Technology: This great technology sends focussed Wi-Fi signals to every device thus improving the wireless signal range. Thereby increasing the effectiveness of your home Wi-Fi. Hence, every individual can carry out all the high bandwidth activities such as gaming, surfing and streaming simultaneously.
  • Price: You can purchase this Linksys Max-Stream Wi-Fi Router for a price of around AED 900.

Rank 4: Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming Wi-Fi Router

Model: XR500-100EUS

  • Prioritise Gaming Traffic: In order to eliminate lag, you can prioritise gaming devices and also distribute bandwidth according to your device. Additionally, you can control the maximum upload and download speeds per device with ease on the network. This minimises or terminates the unexpected lag that can occur during gaming.
  • Geo-Filter: Benefit an assured local connection and blacklist all the laggy components through the geo-filter. Additionally, you can also whitelist your friends. Geo-filter enables you to fix the lag in your gaming by limiting distance to servers and other players.
  • Personalise your Dashboard: In order to view how much real-time bandwidth each device utilises, you can customise your gaming dashboard. Besides the bandwidth, you can also view many other parameters including ping on a single screen.
  • Security: Ensure your family and privacy is safe throughout when you are online by maintaining high security across your network. WPA/WPA2, VPN and the Gaming VPN client support protects your network identity. In addition, it also prevents DDoS attacks.
  • Smoother Performance: For all the devices that you connect, the dual-core 1.7GHz powerful processor maintains the speed reliably and consistently. Further, it supports many devices for improved 4K streaming, VR gaming, surfing and lots more.

Additional Features:

  • Ethernet LAN Ports: You can connect all your gaming devices throughout the day. All thanks to the 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports as these maximise the wired speeds. This, in turn, is ideal for high-quality streaming and fast-paced gaming.
  • Wireless Speeds Up to 2.6Gbps: MU-MIMO offers Quad-Stream, simultaneous streaming, and 160MHz for acceleration in speeds. Moreover, the 4 external antennas offer faster Wi-Fi speeds, Wi-Fi coverage as well as less interference.
  • Price: Netgear Nighthawk Pro-Gaming Wi-Fi Router is available for a price of around AED 990.

Wifi Router FAQs

Is it okay to leave the wifi router on all the time?

Nowadays, most of the modern routers are creatively designed so you can leave them on all the time. Hence, there’s no harm if you keep your router on all day long or all night. But, note that, if you leave your router on all the time, you will have to reboot it regularly to prevent issues in internet connectivity. Further, many offices, establishments and businesses especially with open Wi-Fi hotspots turn off their routers when they close at night. They prefer doing this since it won’t be used for 10 to 12 hours or even more. Additionally, this conserves power and increases the level of security.

Do wifi routers work on multiple floors?

Yes, wifi routers work on multiple floors. A dual-band wireless router will help in this case. You may notice a slight degradation on certain floors if the number of users is large and also due to high-security settings. You may also face network intrusions if you keep the settings open. But, otherwise, if you install the router on the third floor, it works fine till the ground floor.

Why do I not get wifi in some places in the house?

It so happens that if you live in a large house and your wireless router is in one corner of the building. Then there might be a dead zone in the opposite corner of the house where the wifi signal is unable to reach. Remember, anything that interferes with wifi radio waves produces a dead zone. If the house you live in was built before wifi was innovated, then the floorplan and building materials might interfere with your wifi. This is due to the fact that old houses may have thick plaster walls and the metal wiring tends to interfere with the wifi and block it. In addition are the large metal objects such as filing cabinets or metal walls that also block a wifi connection.

Besides these reasons, is the interference of competing networks which create slow wifi zones. Yes, competing networks tend to cause slow connectivity in an area due to the same or overlapping channel. Note that when a wifi channel has a lot of active users on several networks, that time the speed decreases for every user.

How many users can a wifi router support?

Well, a wifi router can support 250 users. Yes, the latest wifi routers and access points can support about 250 devices that are connected simultaneously. These 250 devices can includes tablets, computers, smartphones, cameras, appliances and various other internet enabled devices.

No More Buffering! Stay Connected!

Phewwwwww!!! Indeed, the best wifi router in UAE is a bundle of joy. Say goodbye to buffering today. It helps you stay connected anytime and anywhere. Ensure you handle your router gently and keep it in a clean environment. Keep it clean and don’t drop it on the floor. By doing this, your router will serve you for long years to come. Also, don’t compromise on the technologies and features to save costs. The latest wifi router will offer you the best performance and will help you do more since these are equipped with the latest technologies and functionalities. If you do this then you won’t have to purchase another wifi router soon. You may also consider checking out the best wifi extenders UAE to boost your range and get rid of wifi dead zones.

Ideal Work From Home Setup for Dubai

Here’s why creating the ideal work from home setup for Dubai is the need of the hour. Devastated by the massive Corona Virus outbreak? I’m sure everyone in Dubai is. Since the government has called for a complete lockdown, all the offices have been shut in Dubai. But, most of the companies have asked their employees to work from home, isn’t it? That’s exactly why the ideal work from home setup Dubai becomes the need of the hour. If you’re one of those employees who’s asked to work from home, then don’t fret. I have come up with the ideal work from home setup for Dubai.

You no longer have to stress over the “work from home setup” requirements. Even if you’re an employer, this is the right place for you. The purpose of this article is to make the current lockdown phase easy for you in terms of your work or business. After countless hours spent on research, I have put forth the ideal work from home setup for Dubai. Moreover, the products listed below are the best in town. I bet, you won’t regret purchasing these. It will help you to retain your work productivity in the same manner as you would in the office.

And trust me, you don’t have to worry if you live in a small house. These products are a perfect fit for every Dubai home. RELIABILITY, PRODUCTIVITY and DURABILITY and are what you can expect from these products. Therefore, you won’t have to compromise on your work performance, quality and speed if you opt for this ideal work from home setup for Dubai. Well, let’s not waste time. Since the best work from home setup Dubai is the need of the hour, let’s dive into this article to the best products in store for you. I shall guide you step by step.

External Monitor for Laptop

An external monitor for your laptop should be first on your priority list while considering the ideal work from home setup device for Dubai. Here is a creatively designed external monitor from Samsung. Besides making use of it for your official work purpose. You can also watch your favourite shows, play games, and a lot more in your free time. Head down to this amazing device and purchase yourself the ideal work from home setup Dubai.

Samsung LED Monitor

Model: LS27F350FHMXUE

  • Contemporary and Stunning Design: Featuring a slim and stylish design, I bet you can’t take your eyes off this Samsung masterpiece. Great performance along with its design makes this Samsung LED monitor worth purchasing.
  • Eye Saver Mode: The eye saver mode helps in reducing eye fatigue. This is because it reduces the blue light emission. And keeps the eye stimulation optimal.
    • This, in turn, protects your eyes by minimizing instances of eye strain. And helps you to spend countless hours in front of the screen.
  • AMD FreeSync: With image frame rate, the AMD FreeSync dynamically syncs the screen’s refresh rate. Thus minimizing lag or stutter to offer you faster gameplay that’s also flawless and smooth.
  • View Angle: Featuring an excellent viewing angle of 178 degrees. This monitor from Samsung enhances your visual experience. Moreover, it minimizes the distortion even when you’re gaming or watching something from extreme positions.
  • Flicker-Free Technology: This technology reduces the flickering of the screen. Therefore, you can work on it for longer without any distraction.
  • Stability: Besides being incredibly slim, this panel also has a circular stand to offer unwavering stability. Moreover, this monitor is built with exceptional care.
  • LED Display Picture Quality: Firstly, the size of the LED screen monitor is 27 inches. Secondly, at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the LED display provides/displays the content on this sleek screen. Therefore offering you an in-depth picture quality and great working experience.

Additional Benefits of the Samsung LED Monitor

  • Response Time: The 4ms (milliseconds) video response time enables the fastest on-screen movements.
  • High Contrast Ratio: Due to its high contrast ratio. It delivers vibrant images that are close to reality.
  • Brightness: With a brightness level of 250 Cd/square metre. It displays every visual with expertise.
  • Visual Appeal: Featuring a 10 mm ultra-thin border, this monitor enhances the overall visual appeal.
  • Game Mode: Another essential feature is the game mode. Since it optimizes the screen colours instantly. And also delivers better game scenes. Experiencing an amazing gaming experience than ever.
  • Best Seller: This Samsung LED Monitor has a large 27-inch screen. The fact that it’s the number 1 Best Seller on makes it worth purchasing.
  • Price: Samsung LED Monitor is available for approximately AED 430.

Ergonomic Chair or Kneeling Chair

Firstly, before we move on to the features and functionalities, I shall brief you on ergonomic chairs. An ergonomic chair is designed to help you develop the right posture while you sit. You spend almost 8 to 9 hours on your desk and you can’t afford to hunch and slouch while working. Your health is equally important and hence you need to avoid negligence. Therefore, an ergonomic chair is a solution to this problem as it maintains the alignment of your spine in its ideal position. And it also prevents rounded shoulders. As a matter of fact, sitting straight and maintaining a good posture develops confidence and improves productivity in every individual.

Ergonomic Chair

Mahmayi is a brand that’s concerned about the health and the well-being of the people. Take a look at this world-class ergonomic chair. Bring it home and give your back and body the support and superior comfort that it needs.

Mahmayi Gumi Ergonomic Chair

  • Adjustable Seat Height: You can adjust the seat’s height of this ergonomic swivel chair. That too with Stage 3 hydraulic. This is SGS/EN1335 (TUV) certified. Thus, making it a perfect executive office chair for your work from home purpose.
  • Reclining Backrest: This chair is designed in such a way that you can recline it to 135 degrees. Thus, enabling the user to adjust the backrest position as per his/her preference to the best angle.
  • Armrest: You can adjust the armrests in 3 dimensions. These 3 dimensions include height adjustment, angle adjustment and forth-back adjustment. In addition, these armrests are wider and thicker.
  • Dual Caster Wheels: With the help of the 60mm dual caster wheels. You can move freely as well as rotate. These dual caster nylon wheels are heavy duty.
  • Extreme Comfort: Experience superior comfort with a high back and winged seat design. Additionally, it allows you to adjust the headrest.
    • And it also offers lumbar support as well as PU padded armrests.
    • Hence, you can stay comfortable during your working hours and all day long.
  • Aesthetics: Featuring a modern black/white colour and leather material. This ergonomic chair is sure to catch your eyes. Also, for excellent durability, it’s upholstered in leatherette (PU) material and nylon base.
  • Support Pillow: It also comes with an added support pillow to help you maintain your posture.
  • Price: Mahmuyi Gumi Ergonomic chair is available for around AED 550.

Kneeling Chair

Another work from home setup option is the kneeling chair. I shall brief you on a kneeling chair and show you how it can benefit you in the long run. Kneeling chairs are special chairs that are creatively designed. Firstly, kneeling chairs remove the pressure from your back and help you to maintain the natural curve of your spine. They help you to sit straight and maintain a good posture. All this leads to improvement in your creativity and productivity. Moreover, it can also help you to concentrate better.

I would highly recommend you to purchase the Sleekform Tokyo Kneeling Chair. First and foremost, it promotes comfort and has an inbuilt adjustability feature. It improves your posture and improves back, neck and shoulder pain. Moreover, it’s also portable so you don’t need to lift the chair. All thanks to the fitted wheels. You can just move it around with ease.

Also, consider checking out some more options for the best kneeling chairs that suit your preferences as well as budget. They are power-packed with amazing features and functionalities and are robust and durable.

Laptop Stand

Here is another solution for perfect efficient work. This laptop stand from Artikel is a must work from home setup Dubai. Since it helps you to use your laptop comfortably for long hours, purchasing it is of utmost importance.

Artikel Uni-Lite Laptop Stand

  • Robust: Firstly, this laptop stand is built of high strength nylon fibre. As well as stainless steel reinforcement and a triangular load-bearing structure.
  • Quality: Besides the fact that it’s robust, it is also of great quality. This laptop stand is also capable of withstanding the weight of your laptop. So, you don’t have to worry even if your laptop stand is heavyweight. Moreover, it has the capability of withstanding daily wear and tear too.
  • Foldable: This Artikel Uni-Lite laptop stand is foldable for your convenience. You can open or fold it with ease as per your preference.
  • Compact: When you fold it, it becomes as sleek as a stick. I know it’s unbelievable, but it’s a fact due to its creative design. Thus, it occupies very little space in your home, so you don’t require a special desk or area to store it.
  • Portable: Since it weighs only 350 grams, you can carry it along with you without any hassle. Besides this, you can also keep it in your bag.
    • In addition, it also comes with a free carry pouch which in turn increases the ease of storage and portability.
    • Moreover, it’s ideal for all those who travel regularly for business trips.
  • Universally Compatible: It’s a fact that it’s compatible with all the laptops of sizes 11 to 17.3 inches. These include MacBook, Notebook, Touch screen laptops, Ultrabook, Think Pad, gaming laptops. As well as Chromebook, Apple, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Sony, LG and much more.

Additional Benefits of Artikel Uni-Lite Laptop Stand

  • Ergonomic Design: Indeed, this laptop stand is ergonomically designed to maximize the work health balance.
    • Hence, you can raise or adjust the laptop without any hassles to the desired height.
    • By doing this, you get a comfortable, eye-level viewing position. Which prevents neck, back and wrist pain.
    • Additionally, it also helps you to maintain a good posture. This is due to the fact that it keeps your spine aligned in the right way while working. So, you’re relaxed and comfortable throughout your working hours.
  • Enhances Laptop Ventilation: The baffle is capable of holding laptops of various weights and thicknesses. This is due to its height-adjustable feature.
    • The laptop stand is designed in such a way that its contact area with the laptop is minimal. This, in turn, enables the laptop to dissipate the heat naturally.
  • Price: Artikel Uni-Lite laptop stand is available approximately for AED 60.

Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard

Model: L5V-00018

  • Reverse Tilt: In order to facilitate a straight and neutral wrist position, this feature positions the keyboard at the correct angle.
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES): Moreover, this keyboard features 128-bit encryption which is the advanced encryption standard. It protects your information by encrypting your keystrokes.
    • None of the key information is ever shared over the air. Since each keyboard is permanently paired with its receiver at the factory.
  • Separate Number Pad: When you need to use only numbers for a task. This separate number pad offers great flexibility. And also for workspace setup.
  • Domed Keyboard Design: The design of the domed keyboard positions the wrists at a relaxing natural angle. It works in such a way that it reduces and corrects the wrist pronation. Because it leads to pain and limited mobility.
  • Natural Arc: This natural arc keyboard layout mimics the curved shape of the fingertips. It facilitates this by following the curve of your fingertips for a natural way of typing.
  • Split Keyset Design: The creatively designed split keyboard layout helps in naturally positioning and relaxing the wrists. As well as the forearms.
  • Cushioned Palm Rest: Besides providing support it also promotes a neutral wrist position.
  • Price: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard is available for around AED 400.

VicTsing Ergonomic Wireless Mouse

Unfortunately, a traditional mouse leads to the bending of the wrist bone and causes discomfort. Hence, you need a vertical mouse since it’s ergonomic. And keeps your wrist in a natural state and reduces strain.

  • Verticle Angle Design: It features an exclusive 54 degrees vertical angle design. This helps the user to reduce the strain on the wrist muscles. Thereby, resulting in a healthy wrist. As well as a forearm posture which reduces the muscle strain.
  • Plug and Play: Fortunately, you don’t have to download any drivers or software for using this mouse. All you need to do is plug the USB into your computer/laptop port. Once you do this, the vertical mouse is ready to use immediately.
  • High Precision Control: You can change the 4 DPI levels 1000/1600/2000/2400 for cursor speed and sensitivity of the mouse. All you need to do is press the DPI switch. Hence, you can complete your tasks efficiently with effortless cursor control.
  • Independent Power Switch: This mouse has an independent power switch. So, you can switch on or off the mouse as and when you want to. Totally according to your needs. Switching the mouse off, when not in use will reduce the replacing of the battery frequently.
  • Compatibility: This vertical mouse works with Windows 7/8/10/Linux/XP/Mac OS X.
  • Power Saving Mode: After 10 minutes of inactivity, this mouse automatically enters into the power-saving mode. Simply press any button to wake it up without any hassle.
  • Skin Friendly: This mouse is made of skin-friendly materials. Thus it is smooth to touch and is suitable for most hand shapes and sizes.
  • Ideal Working Companion: Now, you can effortlessly complete all your work tasks with this ergonomic mouse. This ideal working companion is a perfect blend of style and functionality.
  • Price: VicTsing Ergonomic Wireless mouse is available approximately for AED 60.

Microsoft Sculpt Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

  • Thumb Scoop: It helps to ergonomically maintain the proper hand and wrist position. Therefore, the advanced design maximises wrist comfort while making navigation effortless.
  • Windows Button: Yes, even I was astonished that this mouse has a Windows button. But it’s a fact that besides being ergonomic, this mouse perfectly integrates with Windows. Simply press this Windows button, for one-touch access to the Start Menu of your PC/laptop.
  • 4 Way Scrolling: With the help of this functionality you can scroll left, right, top as well as down. It helps you to easily and quickly navigate through the pages and your entire project. That too with speed and efficiency.
  • Angle and Height: The angle and height of the mouse are designed in such a way that it places the wrist in a comfortable position. And also reduces the pressure on the carpal tunnel area.
  • Batteries: This Microsoft mouse needs 2 AA alkaline batteries to function. You don’t have to purchase these batteries separately since it’s included with the package.

Additional Features of Microsoft Sculpt Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

  • Connectivity: Wireless. Yes, you read it right, this mouse is wireless, thus offering you an added advantage of comfort.
  • Prevents Stress Injuries: In addition to facilitating the ideal hand, wrist and forearm posture. This mouse also helps in preventing the pain caused by repetitive stress injuries.
  • Price: Microsoft Sculpt Wireless Ergonomic mouse is available approximately for AED 190.

Strong WiFi with WiFi Extender

One of the most important devices you need to have to avoid interruption while working is a WiFi Extender. A WiFi extender’s importance lies in the fact that it rebroadcasts the WiFi signal by increasing the signal coverage of the main WiFi router. So, if you experience WiFi dead zones in your home, purchasing the best WiFi extender will solve your problem. You can’t afford to disappoint your boss or manager by not completing your work on time, just because of the weak WiFi signal in your house.

Of course, no one can survive without the Internet these days, especially in this fast-paced culture in UAE. Your world revolves around the Internet. Besides handling your work, you may need to access the Internet for browsing the news online. As well as some online shopping or some personal reasons. If you’re an IT professional, you may want to expand your knowledge and skills by learning some new programming languages through tutorials. It’s impossible without the Internet unless you opt for over budget professional courses in Institutions.

One of the best WiFi Extenders in UAE is the Tp-Link Universal Dual Band WiFi Extender.

Firstly, it features high-speed dual-band and easy to use interface and compact size. Additionally, it’s equipped with an intelligent signal light and ethernet bridge. To add to this are the advanced network management, built-in access point mode and sharp memory. In addition to this one, here are the WiFi extenders available in UAE that are worth purchasing.

Noise Cancelling Headphone

Attend official calls and other work-related commitments with the help of this JBL noise-cancelling headphone. In addition, you can use it to listen to some of your favourite tracks while you work. Or, when you take a coffee break. There’s a lot you still need to know about this creative JBL headphone. Let’s move on.

JBL Live Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • JBL Signature Sound: JBL Live Wireless headphones are equipped with powerful 40mm drivers. These headphones function with enhanced bass so that every track on each playlist pops.
  • Noise Cancelling Technology: With the help of this active technology you can block out ambient sounds.
    • This, in turn, ensures that nothing disturbs your groove when music is the only thing that matters.
    • Hence, you can keep the noise away, mute distractions and stay focussed on the music.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: All thanks to the lightweight, cool and comfortable design. You can enjoy up to 30 hours of music streaming with Active Noise Cancelling turned off. And 20 hours with Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling turned on.
    • Also, it offers 2 hours of recharging time and multi-point connection capabilities.
    • As well as a convenient detachable cable with remote/mic. This lets you play even when the battery goes off.
  • Super Comfy Fabric Headband: With a fitting fabric headband and soft ear cushions. These headphones are shaped around your head.

Additional Features of JBL Live Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • JBL App: You can easily set your preferred voice assistants by using the all-new JBL app.
  • Multi-Point Connection: This enables you to switch from one Bluetooth device to another, without any hassle. Moreover, it will never let you miss a call since you can simply switch from a video on your tablet to a call on your mobile phone.
  • Quick 15 Minute Charge: With a quick 15-minute charge. These headphones let you extend the fun for an additional 2 hours.
  • Amazon Alexa/Google Voice Assistant: Simply tap the ear cup to activate Amazon Alexa or Google voice assistant. By doing this you can check the weather, play your favourite music. As well as text someone and much more.
  • Hands-Free Calls: Stay in touch with your closed ones by handling calls with the buttons on the ear cup.
  • No “Battery Low” Stress: In case the battery drains, don’t fret. Simply plug in the audio cable and continue listening and chatting.
  • Soft Pouch: In order to keep the headphones safe when not in use. Use the soft pouch that serves as protection as well as storage when you’re travelling.
  • Price: JBL Live Wireless Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones are available approximately for AED 460.

Home Printer

So while you’re working from home, it’s obvious that you need a printer. Due to the lockdown phase in UAE, absolutely no xerox or printing shop is open. That’s why you need a laser printer for home use. The best part about owning one is that it is reliable to use and can print almost anything. Corporate reports, tax forms, envelops as well as labels. With its advanced technology, a laser printer can also copy, scan and fax documents. High speed and precision are what you can expect from a laser printer. Here is a laser printer that’s specially designed for home use. It’s ideal for both employers as well as employees working from home.

HP Laserjet Pro

Firstly, this HP M15W Laserjet Pro enables you to spend less energy on printing. You don’t have to struggle with this printer and hence it helps you to devote more time to your work. It features an intuitive control panel and offers a fast speed. Moreover, it’s ready to work right away and the HP Smart App facilitates connecting to your work and printing tasks from your smartphone. If you want to consider more options of laser printers that are worth the purchase, then check best laser printers in UAE.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

I’m sure since you live in Dubai, you might be quite used to drinking coffee. Even if you’re not fond of it, I’m sure this cold brew coffee maker will make you fall for it. Here is an insulated portable brewer offering you coffee that tastes the best. It is smooth as silk and is less. Also, it has a lower acidity level as compared to hot brewed coffee. Thus, making it one of the ideal work from home setup Dubai. Take a break from work and sip some coffee.

Asobu Cold Brew Coffee Maker

  • Benefits: This cold brew coffee maker from Asobu offers you coffee with a lower acidity level. Thus, it has a sweeter taste and no bitterness.
  • Cool Brew On the Go: One of the best parts of owning this coffee maker is that it’s portable. Secondly, it makes use of a vacuum insulated way to brew the coffee.
  • No Need to Refrigerate: This portable 2 in 1 cold brew coffee maker is the only one that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Therefore, it’s the most convenient option available.
  • Steps: I have put down the steps in order so that you don’t find it difficult to use the appliance.
    • Simple to Use: Simply add the coarsely ground coffee and the cold filtered water in a circular motion. This ensures that all the coffee is covered in water.
    • Brew and Drain: Next, allow it to steep for at least 12 hours. Since the longer you let it brew, the stronger will be the taste.
    • Add Ice/Milk: Once you brew and drain. You can go ahead and add some ice cubes to make it nice and cold. Do this only if you need it this way. Else, you can add milk or cream too.
    • Final Step:
  • Robust and Durable: This brewing carafe is made from 100% BPA free and non-breakable Tritan. Along with this is reusable and easy to clean 18/8 rust-free superfine stainless steel mesh to give you that purest smoothest coffee brew.
  • 40oz Mug: The mug is made of copper, doubled walled vacuum insulation. This will retain your beverage cold or hot as per your requirements.
  • Capacity: With a capacity of 6 servings, you can keep the brew in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Moreover, you will still experience that great taste of rich and fresh concentrate.
  • Tea: For all those tea lovers, this appliance also works great with loose leaf tea. You can, therefore, enjoy a nice hot cup of steeped tea on the go.

Stay Safe!

I hope I made your life easier by providing you with this ideal work from home setup Dubai. As a matter of fact, possessing the ability to work from home is extremely valuable. In other words, you can’t put a price on that. With a 9 to 7 job, I’m sure you were not able to make time for your loved ones all this time. So, grab this chance and make the most of this lockdown by spending some time with your family members while you work.

Keep in mind that you need to balance your work schedule and the much-needed breaks. In other words, you need to focus on both, your work performance as well as your health. HEALTH IS WEALTH! Don’t delay. The ideal work from home setup Dubai is just a click away. Make a list of what all you require and make your purchase online. Another thing is that you tend to eat more when you’re home. Don’t do that, keep a track of what all you eat. Munch on some healthy snacks. Also, consider taking a look at the best treadmill or exercise bike to burn those calories, lose weight and stay fit. Lastly, STAY HOME! STAY SAFE!

Creating the Best Home Office on a Budget

No matter how old you are, where you live and what you do – having the ability to work from home by creating the best home office is something you can’t put a price on! This is a wonderful chance to spend most of your time at home and be around your family, and that’s an opportunity everyone can appreciate.

This is particularly true for working parents who value every moment with their loved ones. Which is why more and more people all over the world are starting to think about creating the best home office for themselves.

This sounds like a very hard and challenging project, but it’s actually surprisingly easy, as long as you know what to do. If you too are trying to create the best home office without spending too much money in Dubai, here are a few ideas that might help you do that.

Find the Right Spot

This is probably the most important part of this entire process. Finding the right spot for your home office will ultimately define everything else about it. Its size, its purpose, its practicality and, ultimately, its ability to motivate you and help you do more work in less time depends on where your home office is.

Of course, this has everything to do with the size of your home and the number of people living in it. So you have to think long and hard to find the perfect spot for your home office. Also, consider purchasing the best WiFi Extender. This device is of great help if your WiFi signal is too weak or poor. In other words, it rebroadcasts the WiFi signal by increasing the signal coverage of the main WiFi router.

Luckily, there are lots of options you can choose from and a number of ideas that might work for you. While having a spare room is the perfect scenario, not everyone can afford that kind of luxury. Hence, different people opt for different solutions. Most of them find a way to utilize their living room because this is usually the biggest space in their home.

It’s all about finding the right desk and positioning it so that you don’t disrupt your current layout but still have enough space to work. You need to keep your living room airy and properly ventilated as well. Or the high temperatures will slow you down while you’re working.

Design a Separate Office

As mentioned above, possessing a spare room at home is the setup we’d all like to have. And if you’re lucky enough to have a room you don’t use. Turning it into a home office is the best way to make the most of it. This room doesn’t have to be too big or particularly well-decorated – as long as it’s empty and has no purpose. You can turn it into an office in just a couple of easy steps.

First, repaint it and fix the floors. This will make it look brand new and you’ll feel like you’re in a real office instead of at your home. Also, check the doors and windows, and make sure they’re functional. Being so close to your family means you can get easily interrupted and distracted, which is why you need to make sure your home office is as insulated as possible. Finally, check the ventilation and update it regularly to keep the perfect temperature while working.

Keep in mind that you can probably do all of these things on your own without spending too much money. Just ask a few friends to give you a hand, and you can design your home office in a matter of days.

Find the Right Style

If you’re expected to spend eight or nine hours a day working from home, you need a home office that looks and feels like a real one. That’s why finding the right style for this space is crucial if you want to feel inspired and motivated to bring your A-game. What’s great is that you can choose between dozens and dozens of different styles and will surely be able to find one that fits you the most.

While women generally prefer calmer colours and comfortable furniture. Men opt for simpler ideas and a more masculine design. Therefore, some of them could even look into materials like different types of timber, for instance. And build a home office that looks like a log cabin. This is the ultimate look for a productive man. And this idea is surprisingly suitable for people in UAE because timber will help their home office stay cool all year long.

Be Creative and Imaginative

When trying to create a new home office without wasting too much money, you need to get creative and ready to think outside the box. This means looking into spaces that might not seem perfect for an office. But can still turn out to be quite suitable for your working area. These spaces are sometimes small and almost invisible. So discovering these hidden gems and utilizing every inch of space they have is an essential part of this entire process.

What you need to remember is that even the tiniest corners and areas in your home can have a giant potential when it comes to creating a home office. Your attic and your basement, for instance, are among the most popular spots for a budget-friendly office. And you won’t have to invest too much money to turn them into working areas.

Also, don’t forget your closet or space under your staircase – you can easily fit a desk and a chair in there and work without interruptions. Finally, you can simply turn a corner of your bedroom into an office by using a corner desk. Or place your desk by your pool and spend your workday in the open, which is something people in Dubai love doing!

As you can see, creating a brand new home office without spending too much money isn’t as hard as most people think. You just have to be practical and resourceful, utilizing all the free space you already have in your home but don’t really use.

However, you need to talk to your family first and hear them out. Introducing such a massive change in your life will affect them as well, so you’ll need everyone’s help to make this idea work. Once you do that, you’ll be more productive than ever, and your family will be happy to have you around more often.

Since you’ll be working from home for a couple of weeks or months, I would advise you to check out the best laser printers in UAE too. These top brands will help you carry out any type of printing right from corporate reports, tax forms, labels and envelopes. In addition, these laser printers can also scan, copy and fax.

Final Wrap up

Michael has been working in marketing for almost a decade and has worked with a huge range of clients, which has made him knowledgeable on many different subjects. He has recently rediscovered a passion for writing and hopes to make it a daily habit. You can read more of Michael’s work at Qeedle.

Best Thermal Barcode Label Printer in UAE

The best thermal barcode label printer UAE is what you need to print different types of barcode labels. When it comes to tracking anything, right from basic inventory to patient data, selecting the right type of thermal barcode label printer makes a difference in the working of your system. The best thermal barcode label printer UAE is great for printing shipping labels, product labelling, parts tracking. As well as equipment tagging and lots more. Now, you want to know why barcode labels are of immense importance nowadays? That’s because they can help you to see the product details, stock on hand. As well as complete a sale if they’re connected to your sales and inventory management systems.

Here is an in-depth guide that I have put forth to help you in selecting the right one that fits your business requirements. You are really lucky since you’re here. Moreover, I have provided all the information about a thermal barcode label printer in this article. Take a deep breath before you dive into the best thermal barcode label printer UAE. Done? Ok, here you go.

Thermal Barcode Label Printer UAE – Quick List

Thermal Barcode Label PrinterPrint SpeedBarcode Type SupportedResolutionCheck Price
102 mm/sec1D and 2D including QR code203 DPIPrice on
160 mm/sec1D203 DPI Price on
102 mm/sec1D and 2D including QR code 203 DPIPrice on
LF Stores80 mm/sec1D and 2D including QR code 203 DPIPrice on

Jump to Detailed Reviews

Evaluating a Barcode Label Printer

So before we proceed to the best thermal barcode label printer in UAE. You need to read and understand the evaluation of a barcode label printer. As a matter of fact, businesses can make use of a variety of printers to print barcode labels. The standard desktop inkjet or laser printers are suitable only for occasional. Or I would say low-volume barcode label printing projects.

However, the best solution for high-volume barcode label printing is the use of thermal barcode label printers. The reason behind this is that thermal barcode label printers offer a cost-effective as well as a more convenient solution. Thus catering to the needs/requirements of high-volume barcode label printing. Apart from this, if you’re using a POS system, then you can connect your barcode printer to it. This, in turn, could help streamline the sales and inventory.

Integration with Software

First and foremost, while evaluating the barcode label printer, you need to check for the integration of the software. To be more specific, this particular integration is with business management and inventory software. Some of these features include smooth functioning, maximum performance level, reliability and efficiency. Apart from these, the other services include inventory control, warehouse and asset management, garment production tracking, and work-in-process.

As a matter of fact, barcode integration along with inventory management speeds up the process on a real-time basis. SAP Smart Forms, SAP script and Adobe Forms are amongst the most common. These SAP software tools will design and print barcode labels, forms and documents.

Printer Speed

The second most important factor while evaluating a barcode label printer is the print speed. As a matter of fact, different barcode label printing models have different printing speeds. The speed of the barcode label printer indicates how fast it can provide you with the results. I’m sure that nobody would want to own or use a printer that takes its own time Generally, the printer speed lies within the range 2 inches to 6 inches per second.

On the other hand, the printing speed of the high-end barcode label printers lies within the range 8 inches to 12 inches per second. Always opt for a high-speed barcode label printer. This is the case especially in this fast-paced culture in UAE.

Barcode Types supported

Another thing you need to check on is the type/types of barcode supported by the thermal barcode label printer. Most of the thermal barcode label printers support 1D (linear) barcode or 2D barcode. If you consider 1D barcode then the main type is UPC and EAN which is commonly used. 1D barcodes are necessary if you have a retail business, clinical diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging. UPC and EAN codes are preferable for labelling consumer goods in the retail industry.

On the other hand, If you consider 2D barcode then a QR code, Datamatrix code, PDF417 and Aztec are the types of 2D barcodes. Out of which, the more commonly used 2D barcode is the QR code. Its benefit lies in the fact that it can carry information in both the vertical as well as the horizontal direction. Most often, QR codes are used in marketing and tracking initiatives. These include magazines, advertisements and business cards. On the other hand, Datamatrix codes are best for labelling electronic items, documents and small goods.

Some thermal barcode label printers support both 1D as well as 2D barcode types. Thus, making them a must buy. But, it also depends on the business you have or I would say the nature of your business. On the other hand, some thermal barcode label printers support either of the two. This means that they support either 1D or 2D barcode types. So, before you decide on the best thermal barcode label printer UAE, see which one fits your business requirements.

Label Longevity

In other words, label longevity refers to the durability of the barcode label. In UAE, a thermal barcode label will be readable and last for 6 to 7 months. This is because it is sensitive to the exposure of heat. So it will start fading in 6 months. But, if you want the barcode label to stay on for long periods or permanently. Then consider purchasing a thermal barcode label printer with the option of direct thermal as well as thermal transfer. Using the thermal transfer method will give you results that are extremely durable. And when you want a label that lasts for only 6 to 7 months, then you can use the direct thermal feature.

Rank 1: Zebra Thermal Barcode Printer

Model: GK888t

  • Printing Method: This creatively designed printer offers a comprehensive choice of Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer printing method. Both these printing methods contains distinctive characteristics which ensure that your application is fully satisfied.
  • Excellence: It is well known for being reliable and providing excellent performance.  
  • Supports: This barcode printer supports EPL and strong ZPL programming language.
  • Printing Applications: Being applicable to all kinds of low and middle quantity printing applications, this printer is worth purchasing.
    • These include government departments, evidence tracking, health care such as laboratory samples and blood bank tags.
    • Additionally, it also integrates printing price tags and receipts as well as documents.
    • Further, the other areas of application include transportation and logistics. As well as products and freight tags, boarding pass and parking cards.
  • Resolution: Firstly, with a resolution of 203 DPI (Dots per Inch), it prints faster. Secondly, it provides an acceptable image for most of the applications.
  • Compact: Due to its compact design, this device is space-saving. So, you can place it on your desk without worrying about your other devices.
  • Rapid Printing: With a 32-bit processor, it can process faster and prints quickly.
  • Large Capacity Memory: In addition to its capability of processing faster and printing quickly, it can store more pictures. Also, it can store more of those with a longer tag format.
  • Print Speed: With a print speed of 102 mm/sec, this printer can rapidly print thus reducing your waiting time.
  • Media Type: It prints on label paper, reel or folding paper and tag materials. As well as wrist strap and receipt paper.
  • Button Flash Sequence: This printer supports button flash sequence which configures the darkness, sets defaults, configures the print widths and also calibrates the levels.
  • Interface: With serial, parallel and USB interface. This barcode printer can meet different connection requirements.
  • Barcodes: This barcode printer is capable of printing all types of barcodes. Thus, it can print 1D, 2D and QR codes with ease.
  • Price: Zebra Thermal Barcode printer is available approximately for AED 710.

Rank 2: Festnight Thermal Barcode Label Printer

Model: GP-3120TL

  • Auto Paper Positioning Function: All thanks to the modularized printing software. It helps you to adjust the barcode, so you can enlarge or rotate it without any hassle.
  • Printing Paper Width: The width range of the wide printing paper is 23mm – 80mm. It works with a thermal sticker, thermal paper roll, thermal label etc.
  • Voltage Range: This thermal barcode printer comes with a built-in power adapter support. The 100-240V wide voltage range is suitable for various districts.
  • Thermal Printing Media: Fortunately, to use this device, all you need is a thermal paper and thermal sticker. Moreover, there’s absolutely no need for ribbon, ink or a carbon transfer.
    • Thus, it is not only convenient but is also cost-saving.
  • Fast Printing Speed: A speed of 160 mm or 5 inches/second makes this device highly efficient.
  • High Resolution: With a resolution of 203 DPI (dots per inch), it can print quite fast. Moreover, it provides you with clear printing results, without making you wait too long.
  • Fantastic Office Helper: You can use it widely in various businesses. These include logistics, restaurants, cafes, apparel and bars.
  • Supports: It supports barcode, Graphic (PCX, BMP), label, and font 0 to font 8. Besides, it also supports English, Korean and Chinese printing.
  • Graphics: It supports Mono PCX and BMP files and can download it into flash or DRAM.
  • Enlargement and Rotation: It offers 1 to 10 times enlargement. And a rotation of 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 270 degrees and 360 degrees rotation.
  • Price: Festnight Thermal Barcode Label printer is available for around AED 300.

Rank 3: Honeywell Barcode Printer

Model: PC42T

  • Solves Toughest Printing Challenges: Although this device is the latest in Honeywell’s extensive range of printer and supplies. Its focus lies on solving all your toughest printing challenges.
  • Interface: The serial connectivity or interface that it supports is USB, Serial and Ethernet.
  • Economical Choice: This streamlined thermal transfer printer is an economical choice. That too for media up to 110 mm, 4.3 inches wide.
  • Direct Thermal+Thermal Transfer: It’s creatively designed for printing labels in both direct thermal as well as the thermal transfer method. This enables you to select between permanent and temporary labels as per your preferences. Thus able to match costs while meeting your needs.
  • Label Making Operations: Since this printer is capable of accommodating large size ribbons, it can print longer with the same. This indicates that you don’t have to replace the ribbon often. That too before needing media replenishment lifting productivity.
  • Simple yet Effective: It’s ideal for all those businesses who require printing a handful of labels. That too on a daily basis.

Additional Benefits of Honeywell Barcode Printer

  • Easy to Install: A barcode printer that’s super easy and quick to set up or install. Thus, it’s best for businesses who don’t want to deal with complicated barcode label printers. Within a few minutes, your printer is ready to use and prints at a fast pace.
  • Aesthetics: Featuring an attractive dark grey colour that is sure to blend with your office interior. Moreover, it won’t look dirty due to its dark colour, as stains won’t be visible. So, you won’t have to clean it often. Wiping it with a dry cloth is more than enough.
  • Price: Honeywell Barcode printer is available for an estimated price of AED 650.

Rank 4: LF Stores Barcode Printer

  • Automatic Paper Measurement: This barcode printer features a built-in drive that measures the paper automatically. Additionally, it also comes with editing software that facilitates one-click printing.
  • Visual Window: You can see the internal operation of the printer at any time through the visual window.
  • Save Time & Effort: This barcode printer eliminates the hassle and waste of sheet labels. Moreover, it can also customize and print the address, file folder and barcode labels.
  • Clarity: It maintains the clarity in each and every barcode label by printing crystal clear.
  • Auto Cutter: All thanks to this barcode printer. It features an optional automatic stripping or tear off function. Hence, this auto-cutter improves work efficiency and saves you time.
    • So, it’s your choice if you want to tear off the barcode label manually. Or want it to be done automatically.
  • Portable: Since this barcode printer is lightweight and compact in design. You can take it along with you anywhere. This portable printer is here at your convenience.
  • Dual Mode Printing: With the help of dual-mode printing. It can switch easily between receipt and label mode. Thus, it can print on thermal receipts as well as barcode label sticker pages.
  • Multi-Functional: A perfect travel partner that you carry along on your business trip. And also benefit smart label printing in no time. Moreover, you can also use it as your shipping label wireless printer or your office label maker.
  • Graph: It enables you to download the image files PCX and BMP to FLASH and DRAM.
  • Extension and Rotation Character: You can extend the characters 1 to 10 double in crossing and portrait. As well as the printing rotation to 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 270 degrees and 360 degrees.
  • Price: LF Stores Barcode Printer is available approximately for AED 550.

Let’s head on to the next important sections that you can’t afford to skip. Ensure you read through carefully in order to purchase the best thermal barcode label printer UAE.

2D and 1D Barcodes

So, why are barcode labels so essential? Barcodes are a crucial element when you run your own logistical, retail or manufacturing business. That’s because they can help your business in organizing its supply chain and inventory. In fact, barcodes enable your business to keep track of your various products efficiently. A barcode consists of a product number, manufacturer’s name, contact number and more. When this information is printed on a product, it makes it easy to track the product in your own inventory system. As it moves throughout the world.

Since there are different types of barcode labels available. You need to know and make sure which barcode label will serve your needs. Here is a section I have penned down after careful and thorough research. The most common barcodes available are 1D (1 Dimensional) and 2D (2 Dimensional). This section will guide you through and explain how each of the two work.

2D Barcodes

First and foremost, let’s discuss the 2D barcodes. 2D barcodes are an update to the older 1D barcode technology. Firstly, 2D barcodes increase data storage in a barcode. They contain more information besides the numerical information. This is because they use patterns and shapes like squares, hexagons, and dots to encode the information. 2D barcodes contain names, contact numbers, addresses, website URLs, images and more. Hence, a 2D barcode is always better and preferred over a 1D barcode as it can carry a lot of information at once. Moreover, 2D barcodes are more durable in comparison to 1D barcodes and are readable even if a part is damaged.

Besides this, you can also print the 2D barcodes smaller, with 0% COMPROMISE on the amount of encoded data. Now, you must be wondering why this barcode label is termed as 2D or 2 Dimensional. The reason behind this is you can read the pattern both vertically as well as horizontally. Also, you may not need data connectivity. For instance, the QR code which is a popular 2D barcode will not only identify the object. But it will also store the manufacturer’s website, an image, the tracking information. As well as the history of the item and much more.

However, the downside of the 2D barcode is that you will need special equipment to print it. Additionally, keep in mind that it can be read by an imaging scanner only. But, 2D barcodes excel in labelling delicate and small components. These components include test tubes and circuit boards.

1D Barcodes

1D barcodes are commonly known as linear barcodes. Although 1D barcodes are an older form of technology, they are used more commonly. Most often, they’re seen on packages and consumer goods, such as UPC barcodes. To give you a better understanding, a UPC code or symbol is in the form of alternating black vertical bars (lines) with white spaces. These black lines are in varying widths. As a matter of fact, these black lines along with the white spaces, together encode the data. The numbers that are present at the bottom of the symbol represent the data that’s encoded in that particular symbol. Additionally, 1D barcodes get longer with more data.

Moreover, the usefulness of 1D barcodes comes with their ability to connect to a dynamic database. For instance, if the UPC code identifies an item. And its database (DB) connection allows or enables the seller to change the item’s price without re-printing new barcodes. How wonderful that is. Isn’t it? Therefore, 1D barcodes prove useful and successful in giving the items new data without replacing the code.

The use of 1D barcodes is declining in small industries. This is because the small size of 2D barcodes or symbols makes them a more attractive option. However, linear barcodes still remain a critical element in many industries and applications. Such as pharmaceutical packaging, clinical diagnostics, and shipping labels. Due to the benefits of universal recognition, simplicity, low cost and ability to be printed & decoded easily. 1D symbols are still widely popular across the globe.

However, the downside of 1D barcodes lies in the fact that they’re limited by the number of characters it can hold. As you have seen, 1D barcodes carry numerical information i.e the product number. Secondly, they can’t store a lot of information which indicates that it carries only limited information. And it’s only useful when the numerical information is tagged along with the information from a database. On the other hand, camera-based imaging scanners and traditional laser scanners can read 1D barcodes. Therefore, owning one or two at your store or in your warehouse would be a good idea.

Barcode Label Printer FAQs

What are the different barcode label sizes?

The different barcode label sizes are as follows:
1) 100mm x 150mm x 1, M46 2) 50mm x 50mm x 1, M221 3) 25mm x 25mm x 4, M114
4) 75mm x 75mm x 1, M33. As well as 5) 50mm x 25mm x 1, M211 6) 50mm x 25mm x 2, M212 7) 100mm x 40mm x 1, M440 8) 34mm x 20mm x 3, M113. 9) 100mm x 50mm x 1, M42 10) 100mm x 100mm x 1, M44.  

How much maintenance does a label printer need?

In order to avoid expensive repairs or replacements and keep the thermal barcode label printer UAE running properly, good maintenance is crucial. Here are some simple tips to follow to maintain your label printer. And to keep them working in top form. Firstly, you should clean your printhead. Secondly, you should clean your other printer areas. Thirdly, you should check your heat and darkness settings.

In addition, you should keep your media sensor clean, perform a PAUSE test, and set up a maintenance contract. Moreover, you should select the correct media, and change the settings with caution. As well as update the software and replace the batteries in time.

Does Thermal printer use ink?

No. Thermal printers (direct) don’t use ink, toner or ribbon. They only use chemically treated paper which darkens when heated by a thermal print head. Hence, they are totally inkless. Additionally, thermal printers help you to save your hard-earned money since you don’t need to spend on ink cartridges and printing ribbons. Hence, investing in a thermal printer or barcode label printer saves on operational costs.

Organize & Track your Products with Unique & Custom Barcodes

I’m glad that you have made it until the end of this article. Indeed, when it comes to the success of your business, using the right devices are of utmost importance. If you have read through this entire article, then I’m sure the best thermal barcode label printer is just a step away. All you need to do is identify your requirements and follow each and everything that I have provided in this article. Also, you need to keep your budget in mind while making your purchase.

Personally, I feel that you should purchase a good quality thermal barcode label printer with maximum features and functionalities. That’s because you may expand your business or you may benefit an increase in sales. You never know. So, if you purchase a better one, then you won’t have to replace the barcode label printer. Ensure you maintain the thermal barcode label printer by keeping it clean. And also by using it the appropriate way. You may also want to know about the best barcode scanner UAE. These little flash lighting machines can scan various types of barcodes during billing.