Buying Rotimatic in Dubai – Fully Robotic Roti Maker

Rotimatic is the only complete Roti making robot out there. And, it is available in UAE. Sure, it’s a bit expensive, but it is the only machine that gives you a roti start to finish.

You can enjoy fresh rotis in minutes by buying the rotimatic in Dubai. Moreover, it ensures that it measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks, and puffs well. Hence, an all in one appliance!

World’s First Fully Robotic Roti Maker

Rotimatic - Automatic Roti Maker Machine with 2 Years base warranty (230 Volts)
World's First Fully Robotic Roti Maker
Load flour, water, oil. Get fresh, hot, puffed rotis at the press of a button
Super easy to clean
Manufacturer 2 year warranty

What is Rotimatic?

To begin with, Rotimatic is the world’s first fully automatic robot roti-maker. A kitchen appliance weighing 39 pounds automates the entire process of roti making. This 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm device looks like an oversized breadmaker. However, it bakes rotis at a pace of about 1 per minute. All you need to do is press a button. Furthermore, this piece combines 10 motors, 15 sensors and 300 parts to bake rotis.

Rotimatic in Dubai

Subsequently, Rotimatic will do everything to make fresh puffed rotis within minutes. Rotimatic is a product of Zimplistic- a Mountain View, California based company of 20 people. It is well known for measuring, kneading, mixing, flattening, cooking, and puffing. Also, it receives software updates to its elaborate hardware. Enjoy endless possibilities with the one and only one Rotimatic.

The Pros

Rotis with Zero Effort or Skill

With less time and busier schedules, it becomes difficult to dedicate time to prepare meals. Rotis are a staple food, so why not streamline the process where possible?. Doing so not only increases your time saved but with the Rotimatic every roti is made with zero effort or skill.

This appliance operates on dozens of motors and patents with artificial intelligence and IoT capabilities. Thus contributing to making your life really simple. With Rotimatic, you can say bye to waking up an hour earlier each day. Also, arriving last at the dinner table. Additionally, Rotimatic is capable of churning flour into a hot and puffed roti in 90 seconds. Avail endless possibilities with your Rotimatic.

Roti Version Supported – Roti, Paratha, Puri

Not just rotis, but relishing yummy parathas and puris too with the Rotimatic. Pizza dough is a type of flatbread too. Since we all know that puris are the food of festivals, rotimatic is a professional in making them. Similarly, people can’t do without parathas too. With Rotimatic you can create any type of flatbread. Next, it connects to the Internet. In turn, it upgrades with features that add more variety to your table and parties. Masala roti and tortilla are also what add to its collection of prepared assortments.

Use Various Flours

The Rotimatic works best with various brands of flour as it’s pre-programmable. You don’t have to stick to only one type of flour to make rotis. Use the Grand Mills or Al baker available in Dubai. Multigrain flour/atta and wholewheat work best.

Fresh Rotis always

Above all, Rotimatic automatically measures, dispenses and mixes the ingredients added. It kneads one dough ball at a time right in front of you. Moreover, it mimics human judgment. This, in turn, adjusts the proportion of flour and water to create a perfect dough ball. Once the dough ball is ready, the Rotimatic presses the dough into a flat roti. Each roti is then roasted until puffed deliciously. There you go. Rotimatic is at your service always to give you those fresh rotis every single time you use it.

Pita bread or Khubz for Shawarma fans

Khubz is an Arabian pita bread/flatbread that is made with wheat flour or all-purpose flour. Do you like Pita bread but dislike purchasing it from the store? For all Shawarma fans out there, the Rotimatic is here to give you soft and puffy pita bread. The perfect kneading makes the khubz/pita bread soft and puffy when it’s cooked. All you need to do is mix the flour and add it to the Rotimatic flour container.

The Rotimatic will knead the dough and roll it out for you. After this, take the rolled bread and keep it in a clean bowl or glass. After 2.5 hours you can see the expansion of the bread slightly. It’s ready to bake now. Placing the pita bread on the hot surface yields a nice crust around the edges. As well as soft and moist bread in the middle. There you go! Your pita bread/khubz is ready.

Pizza base ready in minutes

Now you can make a pizza base using Rotimatic. Just place the pizza base on a baking tray lined with baking paper. You can also use a pizza stone if you wish to. However, if you’re using a pizza stone then preheat the stone for 30 minutes in the oven. Get as many pizza bases as you want as the Rotimatic in Dubai gets it ready in minutes.

The Cons

Cleaning seems complex

Cleaning a Rotimatic in Dubai may not be the way you prefer to spend your time, yet caring for your Rotimatic is important. You can’t skip cleaning. Failing to do so results in the Rotimatic giving you a warning, this would be horrible just before a meal, isn’t it? Moreover, the dough kneading part requires daily cleaning.

The Rotimatic comes with a cleaning kit that includes a cleaning stick to clean the pans. Additionally, it includes a cleaning brush to dust off any flour residue on the machine. Besides this, you need to ensure it is dry before fixing it. There are 3 methods for the purpose of cleaning your Rotimatic. They are daily cleaning, weekly cleaning and advance cleaning. Cleaning the parts right after the Rotis are made is easier. It becomes progressively tougher to scrub if you put off the cleaning. The concept of the Rotimatic is “NO CLEANING = NO ROTIS”. So, before you’re hungry, ensure you do the needful.

It’s a luxury item and priced accordingly

Although this appliance is a great purchase for your kitchen, it’s on the higher end. It’s available on for approximately AED 4,400 so consider your needs carefully. After all, it differs from your perspective. This differs from individual to individual depending upon the lifestyle and comfort level. Another issue that people are facing is power consumption. Some people said that it’s a bit on the higher side. They even feel that it’s equal to using a multi grained geyser.

The Rotimatic site mentions the power consumption to be somewhere between 1.6 kW to 1.8 kW. But it’s hard to quantify how much power is consumed by Rotimatic alone. The power consumption is high even when you compare it with a mixie. Buying this device means you are signing up for a slightly higher price and power units consumed.

On the plus side, you know and choose what goes inside your Rotimatic roti. Unlike the frozen rotis where you have no clue about the additives. So, if you’re very health-conscious and want to consume fresh rotis then buying the Rotimatic in Dubai makes sense.


The Rotimatic is heavy. You can’t carry it around like an instant pot or wet grinder. You need to make space for it in your kitchen. Plus, you need to have an electric connection as well as the internet connection there. Besides this, if you want to carry your Rotimatic when you’re on a vacation, it’s quite hard. But it isn’t impossible though.

Rotimatic FAQ’s

Is the Rotimatic available in Dubai?

Yes, you can purchase the Rotimatic on It’s available for approximately AED 4,400. It is available in Dubai and the whole of UAE through the brand’s website as well. Besides this, it is available in Singapore, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Surprisingly it isn’t available in India yet because of the high price point.

Does the Rotimatic Roti puff up?

One of the biggest things that the couple Pranoti and Ishan Israni were obsessed about when designing Rotimatic is roti quality. They wanted every single roti from the Rotimatic to puff up. Moreover, every roti is fully cooked both inside and outside. Additionally, every roti is perfectly round.

Is the Rotimatic Roti soft?

Yes, every single roti from the Rotimatic is fresh and soft. Secondly, it feels homemade. The best part is that the rotis remain soft when packed for lunch. So you can enjoy these freshly prepared and soft rotis in the afternoon too.

What types of flour can I use with Rotimatic?

Rotimatic works best with wholewheat and multigrain flour/atta from selected brands. From the Rotimatic website, you can view as well as select your preferred flour type. The couple will add new flour types through regular software upgrades based on community feedback. Grand Mills and Al Baker would be ideal options for citizens of Dubai.

Does the Rotimatic make parathas?

Yes. The Rotimatic is capable enough of making tasty parathas too. Rotimatic is a smart appliance so it continues evolving via regular software upgrades. Although Rotis are the core purpose behind the invention, it doesn’t stop there. It can help you in cooking puris and parathas too by making flattened dough through the software upgrade.

What is the warranty on Rotimatic?

Each Rotimatic has a free 1-year limited warranty. This is valid in that particular country where your machine was purchased. Thereby, supporting you in case of breakage related to regular use. Moreover, after your 1-year warranty period, you can purchase an extended warranty from

Does Rotimatic have service centers in Dubai?

Chat support is available 24/7 via the Rotimatic app. Moreover, they can remotely connect to your machine. Further, they can troubleshoot and send software fixes via the cloud. If you’re facing any hardware problems within the warranty period. Then they will either repair or replace your unit free of charge. Therefore, this ensures you don’t miss out on fresh hot rotis.

Indian Couple Behind Rotimatic

Rotimatic Inventors

Now since you know that Rotimatic is an automated kitchen appliance that makes flatbread. Aren’t you curious to know the smart heads behind this creatively designed appliance? I’m sure you are. Rotimatic was invented by an Indian origin couple Mrs. Pranoti Nagarkar Israni and Mr. Rishi Israni in 2008. Today, people in Dubai are saving a lot of time and putting less effort while cooking. All thanks to this talented couple. This amazing device uses machine learning/artificial intelligence to make bread. The best thing is that it takes only a minute to make one roti.

Pranoti Nagarkar Israni - Rotimatic
Pranoti Nagarkar Israni

So from where did the idea of inventing Rotimatic come? Daily routine led this Singapore couple to come up with this idea. The idea of automating the making of the Indian flatbread was on their mind. Here’s why. After marriage, Pranoti, co-founder of Rotimatic would painstakingly make chapati for her husband. The tedious task of kneading the dough made her think of developing Rotimatic. Also, slaving behind the stove every single day contributed to the same.

Rishi Israni - Rotimatic
Rishi Israni

Pranoti and her husband Rishi are graduates of the National University of Singapore. Rishi is a computer science graduate and ran his own mobile security company. He figured out the software technology for Rotimatic. On the other hand, his wife Pranoti is a mechanical engineer. She took charge of figuring out the mechanics of the roti maker. Thus they were perfect for this task. The name of this couple’s company is Zimplistic Pte. Ltd incubated in Singapore. Rotimatic is the flagship of their company and is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Rotimatic To Your Rescue

As you’ve seen, there are limitless or endless possibilities with Rotimatic. Not only can your Rotimatic in Dubai make delicious rotis, parathas, and puris. But hot pizzas, pita bread (khubz) and other exotic recipes too. With Rotimatic, enjoy homemade food that is as tasty as restaurant food. What more do you want? A Rotimatic connected to the Internet enables adding more value to your cooking experience.

As a matter of fact, Rotimatic gets smarter with time. This is due to the awesome software updates which offer you lots more features. Also, lots of new recipes with one device. Simply cook everything at home with this device. One of the great reasons behind healthy and wholesome meals at home is Rotimatic. Surprise and impress your guests and family members with scrumptious homemade food.

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