Best Wireless Earbuds in Saudi Arabia

Tired of your earphones getting entangled? Your problem is solved now with the Earbuds. Earbuds are the wireless earphones with a Bluetooth connectivity coming in two pieces for your ears. Want to know more on which one to buy? Have a look at the Best Wireless Earbuds in Saudi Arabia. Whether noise cancelling, convenience or battery life whatever may be your preference, you have it all here below.

Quick List

Wireless EarbudsBest forBatteryCheck Price
Xiaomi MI True Wireless Earbuds Value for Money12 hoursPrice on
Samsung Galaxy Buds Sound Quality13 hours Price on
Joyroom Wireless Earbuds Budget3 hours Price on
Jabra Elite Active Jogging & Sports28 hours Price on
Apple Airpods Pro iPhones24 hours Price on
Sony Noise Cancelling24 hours Price on

Features of Wireless Earbuds to be Considered


Earbuds should fit your ear like a glove to your hand even when you are doing intense workout or running or doing any other vigorous movements, without popping out or causing any trouble and feel completely normal. For which you need to choose the right size. Yes, these earbuds come in different sizes, which are small, medium and large and you need to find your fit.

Battery Life

Being wireless they work on rechargeable batteries that use lithium-ions for constant power supply. Hence, while purchasing make sure to check out the battery life of the wireless earbuds. This will ensure better usability of the wireless earbud with lesser charge time.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a recent feature that has been added to some earphones and earbuds. This helps you to comfortably listen to your songs and even make phone calls without any disturbance. It ensures that you can experience the best audio quality.

Sound Quality

Looking up for the best earbuds clearly shows that you want to enjoy the best sound quality while listening to your music or attending your important phone calls. Therefore you should look for the stereo sound quality with a sound bass, to have a more synchronized hearing experience in both the earbuds and that too without any distortion.


While outside doing some rigorous and sportive activity, you are sure to sweat. So to protect your earbuds from water and sweat, look for IP-X4 or IP-X7, which makes sure that your earbuds are splash and sweat resistance. This gives your earbuds a longer life and you can be sure that these earbuds are the best for the gym and even from any unforeseen mishaps which include your earbuds and water.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless earbuds use Bluetooth and hence make sure to check the Bluetooth version before purchasing, to ensure that your would-be earbuds are compatible with your phone and or any other device. Also, check the distance up to which the earbuds will function without any hassle. Said that at least a 30m range would be the best so that you can roam freely while listening to your songs.

Considering the different uses and wants of yours, here is a well-classified list of the earbuds that you can purchase in Saudi Arabia:

Best Value for Money Earbuds in Saudi Arabia

Well, purchasing a good wireless earbud means that you would have to spend a good amount too. However, if you are on a strict budget and is concerned about the money, then here are some affordable earbuds that offer some of the best features at an affordable price. You won’t have to save or spend way too much on these.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds

Model: TWSEJ04LS

  • Battery: 4 hour battery with one charge and 12 hour with the charging box. 40mAH battery with a micro USB Charging Cable.
  • Intelligent Noise Reduction: Enjoy the HIFI Sound quality and clear calling with the 7.2mm dynamic unit and DSP intelligent environment noise reduction
  • Bluetooth v5.0: Faster and stable connection with new generation Bluetooth v5.0 with double rate of data transfer than the previous version. Here’s to the smoother listening of songs.
  • Multi-functional Physical Button: Convenient usage with reduction in false touches and activating phone voice assistant.
  • Price:  It is the perfect choice for value of money with price of SAR 85. A decent piece with decent price.

Joyroom Wireless Earbuds

  • Battery:  2-3 Hours of playtime with 180mAh battery
  • Physical Noise Reduction: Physical sound isolation through ear tips fitting tightly to buds and reducing the passive noise around.
  • Ear Fit Convenience: Available with 3 size Silicone Eartips for all types of ears and long time wearing.
  • Automatic in ear detection:  Smart Sensor IC to detect the earbuds for usage. Pauses as and when removed from ear and resumes when inserted to ear.
  • Wireless Charging:  Wireless charging when placed on the casing and through the lightning cable
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS phones
  • Price: It’s available at SAR 119 which is quite affordable.

Best Earbuds for Sound Quality

If sound quality is the ideal feature that you are looking in your would-be earbuds, then look no further than this one. With this wireless earbud get ready to have the best audio quality in Saudi Arabia.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Model No: 2724746204567

  • Battery: Upto 6 hours of usage time for one charge. Battery case capacity is 252mAh and battery bud capacity is 58mAh.
  • Ergonomic Design:  Very convenient for use and fits properly to ear and is lightweight with about 109g weight. Slim fit makes it comfort and stylish.
  • Connectivity: Easy to connect to all Galaxy devices and with Bluetooth v5.0 its faster and uninterrupted.
  • Connection Pop -Up Window: The connection pop up window comes only for Samsung Devices running Android 7.1.1 or larger and the SmartThings app should be installed.
  • Sound Quality: Ambient sound with 2 MIC and acoustic sound specialists by AKG. High Resolution Live sound to make you moving.
  • Price: SAR 435

Model No: JR-T03S

Best Earbuds for Jogging & Sports

If you are into sports and fitness here is the best pick for you as these earbuds are designed especially for your needs to endure vigorous actions. These will ensure that you can enjoy your music while doing your workout sessions. So now you can push your limits and pull it off.

Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Earbuds

Model No: 75t

  • Secure Active Fit: Special Grip coating with IP57-rated protection from dust and sweat. Perfect for running and sports.
  • Battery: Upto 7.5 hours of usage for single charge and with charging case it gives about 28 hours of playtime.
  • Jabra Sound+ :  Jabra Sound+ App connectivity to control the levels of audio and other preferences for convenience.
  • HearThrough Mode:  You can hear voices around your surroundings through hearThrough Mode with the 4 built in microphones picking up the audio amplifying and filtering noises.
  • Warranty: A 2 year period of warranty ensuring against the dust and sweat.
  • Price:  It comes at a price of SAR 866 and is totally worth it if you are a fitness freak and a gym regular

Best Earbuds for iPhones

Own an iPhone? then why to settle for anything less than these earbuds which are specially designed for your iPhone. As they will be more compatible with your phone and will leave you with the best audio experience.

Apple Airpods Pro

Model No: MWP22

  • Dynamic Range Amplifier: Immersive sound experience with custom high excursion Apple driver and adaptive equalizer. High dynamic range of amplifiers allows you to enjoy all types of music with a high quality bass extending the battery life for hours.
  • Siri Connectivity:  The earphones have outstanding H1 chip for low audio latency. With a force sensor it enables volume control, pause play function easily with single touch. AirPods Pro can easily read the messages through Siri and share the audio stream with friends while watching movies, playing games.
  • Design & Performance: Flexible Silicone tips enable perfect fit for any type of ears. Transparency mode allows us to listen to external voices while operating. It also provides terrific resistance from sweat and water suiting for sports/ jogging.
  • Compatibility: Despite its compatibility with Android devices, Airpods Pro work best with iPhones with features like automatic on/off and assistance and personalization.
  • Price:  Its available at a higher end ranging at SAR 1199

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Had a hard day? Or feeling stressed? Want to escape your surroundings or relax? Music is your answer. So to enjoy your music while relaxing, you need to cut your surrounding noise and lose yourself into the clean sound without any disturbance. Saying so, what could be a better option than this for you?

Sony Noise Cancelling  Wireless Earbuds

Model No: WF-1000XM3

  • Dual Noise Sensor Technology: Advanced noise cancelling with HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1e. Dual microphones filterall the noise providing ambient listening experience to you. Its the best noise cancelling earbuds in the market.
  • Battery: it provides upto 24 hours of noise free listening and with the noise cancellation off you can listen to it upto 32 hours of playtime. It offers 6 hours of playtime with a single charge. Total allowing 3 charges.
  • Adaptive Sound Control:  It sets sound settings according to your movement: sitting, walking, running , climbing thus suiting the situation and providing comfort to you. There is also an option to customize your preferences.
  • Price:  It’s available for SAR 935 making it totally the worth for the money for the features it provides.

Now let’s have a look into the functionality of these earbuds, for a better understanding of the features one needs to consider before buying one.

Functioning of Noise Cancelling

The noise-cancelling feature in the earbuds clears any unwanted sound and is really interesting to know. It is especially useful in public or crowdy places, for attending uninterrupted calls or for listening to music without any disturbance. 

Based on this feature, earbuds are of two types: active and passive type. The passive type, with the help of sound reduction material, cancels out the noise in the range of 15 to 20 decibels (dB). Additionally, the material makes the earbuds a bit heavier. 

Whereas in active noise cancelling earbuds a type of ‘anti-noise’ is generated which cancels out the ambient sounds via destructive interference. In simple words, a sound of the equal frequency to that of the noise is generated which phases out the ambience sound resulting in sound cancellation. And to do this the earbuds depends on several components such as:

  • Microphone: Microphone inside the ear cup of the earbuds detect the surrounding ambient sound which cannot be cancelled passively. Meanwhile, the passive voice cancellation works its charm.
  • Noise-Cancelling Circuitry: This mechanism works along with the microphone and generates the ‘anti-noise’ for active noise cancellation (ANC).
  • Speaker:  After the anti-noise is generated, it is transferred via speakers to cancel out the original noise and results in uninterrupted music and call.
  • Battery: Active noise cancellation requires constant power delivery which is derived from the rechargeable source of power.

This mechanism cancels off about 70 per cent of the ambient noise very effectively, providing you with the best listening experience without any disturbance. Other than the noise cancellation you should also check the IP of the earbuds to assure its water resistance capability.

What is Water Resistance IP Rating

Another in-demand feature in earbuds, these days is its water resistance. Water-resistance is the level by which these earbuds can endure some amount of water without malfunctioning. And not so simple feature is indicated by its IP rating. IP stands for â€śIngress Protection” and is also known as IP code. 

IP code is a two-digit code associated with the IP part. These digits display the tolerance level for the dust and the water respectively. Dust/solid protection is measured on a scale of 0-6; where 6 is the ultimate protection and protection against water is measured on a scale of 0-9; 9 being the best.

You might also come across a rating scale like IPX7 or IP6X or something similar. ‘X’ denotes the incapability of the earbud for the corresponding feature. In simple terms, an earbud with rating IPX7 shows that the earbud does not resist dust. And similarly, IP6X indicates that it is not water-resistant. It is advisable to take care of your gadget even if it has a good IP rating, as resistance is a property that can deteriorate after a certain time frame. 

I understand that picking your would-be wireless earbuds can be a tedious task. And even after going through all the above suggestions and features, you could be having some doubts or questions. To help you with your research, here are some questions commonly asked by people across Saudi Arabia:

Wireless Earbuds FAQs

How to ensure earbuds fit properly?

Indeed it is very uncomfortable if you earbuds do not fit properly. With the help of the various silicon or foam tips, you can ensure a better fit. Also, ensure that you are using the right earbud for the right ear as they are marked with the L and R which stands for the left and right ear respectively. You can know that the earbud is a right fit for you when you use them and almost forget that you have them plugged in.

Another reason that you need to have earbuds that fit is for better sound quality or it will lose bass leaving you to compromise with the poor sound. And also besides this, you have the risk of losing your earbud while moving around.

Are earbuds safe to use?

The low frequency emitted by the earbuds is as safe as Wi-Fi to humans. However, Prolong exposure to low-frequency radiation is also as harmful as high-frequency radiation. But the makers have kept the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) in control so that the use of it will not harm you in any way. Still, excessive use can. So, you can keep your usage to the minimal and when necessary and not as an accessory.

How does earbud mics detect my voice?

Every earbud technology has a different way of capturing sound. Some sense the vibration in the jawbone as a person talks. But generally, the idea used is to fit more than just one speaker to the earbuds with a little engineering which is done with the help of the frequencies difference in the sound and the spoken voice of a human.

Can I use my earbuds while driving?

You can wear them but it is not ideal to do so. As it can cause or lead to road accidents and mishaps. Which in-turn not only puts your life in danger but also the people around you. Anything which can distract the attention of the driver is a big no on the streets be it while riding or driving. We do not have a law stating this but still, as a responsible citizen, we shouldn’t do so.

Are earbuds chargeable?

Charging earbuds. just like other gadgets, is pretty simple. Every earbud you purchase will have a chargeable case and USB port. So, all you have to arrange is a micro-port. Now. you just have to connect the micro port of the case and the charging USB cord. Then connect it to an electrical outlet of your choice and there you have it. 

Also, some earbuds are equipped with a digital screen, whereas some have a light flashing indicator, via which you can keep a tab on the charging. The light flashing indicator works in such a way that: When turned on, the earbuds will flash a blue light twice means high battery, two means medium and once means low. Whereas when it is almost going to drain off the light turns red.

So That was all about the questions asked commonly. I hope it was useful for you.

Switch to Wireless Earbuds

Now with everything covered, it is your job to invest in the right wireless earbuds in Saudi Arabia, as per your needs. Bring yourself the right earbuds and never get bored again. Switch to music whenever and wherever you want, and dance to your beats while pulling off your tasks without any disturbance and with no strings attached. Still, if you think that a headphone can suit you better then visit our Best Noise Cancelling Headphones in Saudi Arabia.

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